I haven’t checked the PoDW section in a while, and there have been some definite updates–namely, the trivia section.

My first reaction: WHOA. Who wrote this? (I have a few theories, based on the main contributors listed there, a number of whom have contacted me through this site over the years.) Whoever it was is incredibly perceptive because s/he’s noticed a lot of stuff I have never seen or realized in the many times I have rewatched these episodes.

My second reaction: On the whole, it’s more of a bloopers/errors/continuity-questions page, but still fun. 🙂

And a question: The second point under “The Beast and the Bell” references an interview “four years ago” with a writer who worked on this episode. Which writer? Where is this interview from and who conducted it, and was this really done as recently as 2004-05? (I’ll eventually start asking around on, but if anyone reads this who knows the answer, I would really appreciate if you could tell me!)

And I’m still looking for any suggestions or input from all of you, as per the previous post. Thanks again!

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