RPG character sheets: addendum + YouTube finds

It figures that within an hour of writing my last post, I discovered the Scan to OCR feature on my scanner, and it works really well, though it’s a bit time-consuming. So…just ignore my question in the previous post. (But still do read the post, as there’s another question there that I hope some of you may be able to answer!)

I’ve scanned the cover, the introduction/information pages, and character sheets 1-6. They are available here, as hi-res scans. (I must say, these character designs are kind of cheesy…)

It will be a while since I can put together the text and images into a PDF. But at least I can start to get the files up for those of you who want to look through them. With any luck, I can scan a few a night.

I am so anxious to work on this site. I have so many updates to put up, but I really want to clean up the code and possibly redesign the site all over again before adding to the content clutter. (Though maybe at some point I can at least update the copyright date to say 2009. Good grief.) I’ve put a fair amount of time into trying to organize the content more logically, reduce some sections and introduce some new ones. But I’m juggling several projects at work and have plenty of other stuff going on, and before long I have to start preparing to move to Pittsburgh. Hopefully I can find some time this summer before the move to get some good work done, finally!

EDITED TO ADD: while scanning more pages, I started browsing YouTube and made some pretty awesome PoDW finds:

PoDW theme, on guitar and violin – wow! Some intonation issues, but this is a great effort, and the arrangement is actually very folksy and pretty! I’m assuming the musicians are Romanian, since they use the Romanian show title. Wow…I am so happy to have stumbled across this little gem.

Japanese opening theme music – I can’t stop cracking up. This is so bad it’s great. (I believe I’d linked to this a while ago, but it’s been a while!)

PoDW opening in Russian. I love coming across clips of the show in other languages.

Soul Caliber 4: PoDW mods – someone created Ren, Ioz, and Tula with the Soul Caliber 4 character editor (as well as characters from other shows/series). The PoDW bit starts around 3:15. Pretty cool!

5 Responses to “RPG character sheets: addendum + YouTube finds

  • These are brilliant~ Thanks for keeping up with the site diligently~ It makes fans like myself very happy to come across new information. I’m excited to see the rest of that book of yours.

  • So was the 5 part Dark Water miniseries actually an official part of FoxKids or did it just air in syndication and happen to be on a lot of Fox stations?

  • Referring to a much older post:
    I’ve finally seen the light that is Avatar, and am greatly dissapointed that Katara and Sakka(?) are being played by anglos. Not only that, but the actor playing Sakka is 25…is 25 the new 15, and no one told me?

  • Milli–aww, thank you. 🙂

    Nathan–I’m not 100% sure about that. (Are you the same one who’s e-mailed me about the syndication info before?) From what I understand, at least according to epguides.com, episodes 1-5 aired on ABC, and then 1-21 aired on Fox Kids. But I could be wrong–I’m not really sure where to obtain that info.

    Aravis–well, to play devil’s advocate, often times older actors portray younger kids, but…yeah. The teaser trailer came out last week; what did you think of that?

  • Smitha, yeah I did e-mail you once about that. I put this post up to see if any of your readers might know. You accidently switched ABC and Fox around in your post.

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