A VHS-to-DVD success story

Hey, everyone! I have very exciting news to share. (Well, I find it exciting, and I suspect a few of you might as well. Some of you might roll your eyes, but it’s all good.)

A couple of weeks ago, I finally ordered a DVD/VHS combo recorder/player. It came in last week, and I tried it out tonight with one of my Japanese PoDW VHS tapes, and it worked really well!

I now have a DVD copy of the Japanese equivalent of the Dark Water miniseries. (And this also answers that query from a few posts back, for the end credits for episodes 1 and 3, as it includes the credits for each of the 5 episodes.) It’s also now possible to make DVD copies of the English-language Dark Water miniseries and The Saga Begins.

This opens a lot of doors (or at least leaves the doors ajar, as the one big doorjamb left is time…I’m quitting my job and moving to Pittsburgh within the next month!). I can capture DVDs of the various PoDW videos I have been wanting to digitize for years, and I can also rip screenshots and video clips for the site, especially of the more rare content, like the Dark Water opening (though it’s already on YouTube) and the cut scene from the end of “Dishonor,” as well as screencaps of the differences between DW and PoDW.

And…time permitting, once again…I may be able to offer DVDs for sale. (I’d been avoiding trying to make money off this site for many years, but I’m looking for fairly painless ways to make some side cash while I’m in grad school. Google Ads is something else I’m thinking about trying.) We’ll see how it goes, though. I have no idea if they’d be bare-bones, or if I’d find the time to create disc art and DVD covers, but I’m thinking about it.

Man…so much potential, so little time. But this is still a big stride forward, after all these years of stagnancy!

4 Responses to “A VHS-to-DVD success story

  • !!!

    Omgoodness I’d be so thrilled to buy some DVDs. You have no idea how long I’ve been wanting to get DVD versions of this series <3

  • Web Pirate
    10 years ago

    Thanks for having this awesome site. I was watching the eps on youtube last night and I remembered how much I loved this series as a child. I think Cartoon Network will be at Comic-Con this year. If I have time, I’m gonna swing by their booth and see if they have any plans on putting it on DVD. I’m a part of the entertainment industry so hopefully they will hear me out..

  • Milli–actually, other sellers have been offering bootleg DVD versions of the show for a while. 🙂 Whatever they offer is probably better than whatever I might be able to, since they’ve had the time to come up with proper menus, cover art, and all that, so check it out!

    Web Pirate–nice, keep me posted. 🙂 Since Cartoon Network’s part of AOL Time Warner, who technically owns the rights to the show (since they acquired Hanna-Barbera), it doesn’t hurt to ask! Thank you for the comment!

  • I pop by the site occasionally to see the new updates and I was happy to hear that you had a successful VHS-DVD conversion! What format is it in? PoDW is a show I’ve always wanted to make music videos for, but I’ve never been able to find good quality footage D=

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