An honest-to-goodness update!

Yes! Seriously! I did make a few content updates tonight. (There are many more to come, though–this was by no means comprehensive.)

– I uploaded the rest of the style guides. Jacob, the guy who’d scanned and mailed me the second half (pages 33 onwards), actually hand-delivered all his scans–we had a chance to finally meet in person a few weeks back. 🙂 The blurb on the Buried Treasure page is updated, as is the Series Bible section, which has a link to the directory where I’ve been uploading scans of the character sheets accompanying the World Book RPG.

– The “miscellaneous” section is no more. I moved the Washington Post article and advertisements to the Buried Treasure section, and the Dark Water v. PoDW section under Episodes.

– I also took down the links to the lengthy episode synopses, because seriously, who actually read those? All they did was show off my (embarrassing) high-school-era writing style.

– The years have finally (FINALLY) been changed to 1996-2009 on every page, except the Comics pages (I currently don’t have a text editor on this machine that reads PHP files, but I’ll fix that).

I think that’s it for now. To those of you who’ve sent in content over the months/years, thank you so much–I have not forgotten about it! With any luck it’ll go up in the next month. Let’s all keep our fingers crossed. 🙂

3 Responses to “An honest-to-goodness update!

  • Brilliant, brilliant~ I’m late, but it always makes me happy to see you update this site. Hoorah for PoDW fans~! <3

    Anyway, this just occurred to me, but do you find it odd that almost every animal living in Mer is carnivorous? Wouldn't they all die out…?

  • Haha–thank you for the comment!

    And…hmm. The first two animals that came to mind were monkeybirds and the margar (the 8th Treasure), both of which are herbivores. As for the rest…I think I need to go rewatch some of the episodes to see. Besides the constrictus, what other animals did you notice as being carnivorous? Not to question you–just trying to remember!

  • Mainly from the RPG book: all the creatures are carnivorous. Even in Magic: The Gathering, the beasties weren’t ALL meat-eaters. Hehehehe~

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