New redirecting domain names!

Wow…as of a few days ago, thanks to the supreme generosity of a very kind fan, this site now has two more redirecting URLs: and!

I had been on the fence about buying myself (I went with originally because had been taken for years), but due to a combination of laziness, figuring was highly enough ranked on Google already, and wondering if a website for show as old and relatively obscure as this one really needed this extra attention…but it still is pretty awesome. 🙂 And for the people who may not be as familiar with the URL, this now pretty much covers all the bases!

Many thanks, Steven. 🙂

Video clip of the Dishonor cut scene!

Hey, everyone! I’m excited to offer you something the web has never seen before (as far as I know). 🙂

So I mentioned that I left my English-language Dark Water DVD rips at home. However, I discovered the Japanese Dark Water DVD rip on my hard drive! Which happens to include that one very insightful cut scene from episode 2!

The original file and one with English subtitles are now available for download (and the English subtitled one is on YouTube). They’re Quicktime .mov files.

The subtitles are actually the original English dialogue, as opposed to translations of the Japanese. (Why translate a translation, right?) It’s probably useful to know, though, that while the Japanese dialogue is a solid translation of the English, there are differences. I will edit this with a faithful translation of the Japanese, once I clarify some points. The translation follows after the jump.

(In hindsight, perhaps I should have made a standalone subtitle text file. If you’d really like one, to subtitle this file in other languages, let me know and I’ll see what I can do.)

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