Storyboards and concept art online

It took a few hours of work, but it’s just good to have it out of the way. 🙂 I’ve just uploaded over 150 photos of storyboards from The Quest and some concept art, like of Bloth’s pirates and the like, to a collection on my Flickr account, and included some commentary/analysis, some of it serious and some of it joking. 🙂

The storyboards are mostly of cut/deleted/edited material. The concept art is mostly of Bloth’s pirates, but also includes a couple of pages with alternate spellings. The crazy thing: some of Bloth’s pirates actually had names! But ironically, those were the pirates that showed up maybe twice and had no lines–the ones that did make regular appearances were just named “Pirate #3”. Oh, well.

And I apologize that these photos are unedited and not the greatest–I took these all the night before I left Atlanta to return to Pittsburgh, and since there are over 500 pages in this packet, scanning them would be an immense undertaking. (As if I’m not behind on keeping the rest of the site updated already…)

Anyway, enjoy!

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  • Wow, really nice to see the storyboard! Awesome that you had the time and patience to upload them all. 😀 We love you for it!

  • Oh~! How thrilling~! This will actually help a lot in the comic I’m doing. Thank you~! This site is excellent and I’m very, very happy it’s being kept up with.

  • I love you for this. I recently fell back into love with this show and I can’t tell you how much this site has helped me remember it. You’re a doll. <3

  • Aww! I’m glad you all enjoy them!

  • This is great, thanks very much. I can see the underlying all-around images from some of the pirate pictures. Do you plan to eventually post all the drawings? that would be great

    10 years ago

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  • How on earth did you get these??? Would you consider selling / duplicating them? This was my all time favorite cartoon. I literally had tears in my eyes when they released the DVDs lol

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