PoDW reference in Star Wars: Legacy #5!

Apparently John Ostrander, the writer of the Star Wars: Legacy comics, is a closet Pirates of Dark Water fan!

I was going through the site’s referral logs and came across a Wizards of the Coast forum thread, where a fan named Brian brought up a possible PoDW RPG and also referenced the show’s similarities to Star Wars. (I love the Yuuzhan Vong reference, by the way–darker and more deadly than most PoDW biotechnology, but still a fun parallel.)

He also mentioned that a character in the comic, Jariah Syn, actually says “Noy Jitat.”

I asked around, and it turns one of my online friends happens to own the comic. She was able to confirm it: in issue #5, there is a dialogue blurb coming from a ship that reads, “Loz noy jitat.” (A number of people have mistaken/mis-remembered Ioz’s name as “Loz” over the years, soooo…)

My mind is BLOWN. In all my years of maintaining this site, I have NEVER heard of any references to PoDW in any popular media. How awesome!

In searching around, tvtropes.org even mentions it on their Star Wars: Legacy entry–PoDW is one of a number of series whose vernacular are referenced in this series (yay, BSG and Farscape!). I’m still trying to ascertain the actual context, but this is pretty cool even without that!

Do any of you keep up with SW: Legacy? (It’s about Cade Skywalker, a descendant of Luke, in the distant and dark future of the Star Wars galaxy–I’ve heard of it but never read it.) Are there any other PoDW references, swear words, etc. that you know of? Or even better, have you come across any other PoDW references in other places over the years? I’d love to hear about anything you’ve found.

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  • Hello,

    A few years ago, the comic 8-bit theater made a funny reference to PoDW. I haven’t kept up with 8BT much since then, and I can’t seem to find the actual comic anywhere (tho I didn’t try TOO hard), but I at least have a bit of proof to show for my efforts:

    I swear I’ve seen PoDW mentioned other places as well, but right now this was all I could recall…

  • Ohh, yeah, I forgot about that one. I was thinking in more professional and mainstream media outlets, but that of course isn’t meant to discredit the series, etc. that have become popular online.

  • CrackedMan
    10 years ago

    Is it just me, or does anyone else think that Ren and Cade look strikingly similar?

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