Warner Home Video chat, and another Star Wars/PoDW update

Nathan has kindly passed on this excellent piece of news. If you are interested in an official PoDW DVD release, check this out. We as the fans have a chance to make ourselves heard.


“…a new Warner Home Video Television and Animation Live Online Chat has been scheduled at last. The official announcement will be made next week at their own website, but they didn’t have a problem with us breaking the news that this event is finally on the way! The scheduled date is Monday, April 5th, from 5PM Pacific Time to 8PM Pacific Time. Topics, of course, will be strictly limited to Television and Animation questions.”

Technically, it’s Turner Home Entertainment that has been releasing the old Hanna-Barbera series on DVD. They all are part of Warner Bros., though, so this could be a window in to see who we can go to about this.

I will try to be there. If any of you are around and willing to check in, that would also be great–the more voices, the better. Spread the word! But please do be good representatives of our rather ragtag fandom. 😉 It’s rare that we have chances for people to pay attention to us as a group!

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In other news, it turns out that the Star Wars: Legacy comic is not the origin of the “Loz noy jitat” curse. In fact, its first mention was in a short story by Michael Reaves and Steve Perry, titled “Medstar: Intermezzo,” an interlude short story between the novels in the Medstar duology in the Star Wars expanded universe novel series. This short story appears in Star Wars Insider Magazine #83, which was released in July 2005 and predates the comic by at least a year. So this pair of authors are the actual closet PoDW fans in the Star Wars universe. 🙂

Have a good weekend, everybody!

3 Responses to “Warner Home Video chat, and another Star Wars/PoDW update

  • http://www.omdb.si/index.php/ofilm/complete?i=407426

    Look what I Found ! 😐 Is this was really the cast for seazon 2 which never aired ot it’s falce this ?

  • Nope–this is the cast for the episodes that are already out. Season 2 = episodes 8-13 (or maybe 8-21, depending on who you ask). There were a lot of guest voices to play the minor characters.

    To reiterate, there are no “missing episodes”–production halted after episode #21 and nothing was done after that. Check the FAQ for more info. 🙂

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