Internet Explorer 6

Recently I (finally) implemented Google Analytics for this site, and it has revealed some very interesting things. The most interesting (and alarming) has been that a non-negligible number of visitors to this website use the Microsoft Internet Explorer 6 web browser.

This is in no way meant as an insult or attack, but I have to know: why? Are you viewing this site at work, where you’re required to use it? Or do you have it installed at home?

I ask because Internet Explorer 6 has been horribly outdated for many years now. IE8 has been available for quite a while, but even IE7 would be a huge advancement. There are so many online technologies and advancements that IE6 does not support (read: butchers horribly). Virtually nobody supports IE6 anymore–YouTube is dropping support shortly, too. I can only imagine how horrible this site looks in it…

I also ask because the site redesign I’m working on (slowly but steadily) WILL NOT WORK with Internet Explorer 6. The minimum standard will be Internet Explorer 7 (though Firefox and Safari are recommended). If you are using 6, I would HIGHLY ENCOURAGE you to upgrade to 7, or just use Firefox if you can.

Far more importantly, though, beyond just being able to view this site properly, using Internet Explorer 6 is a major security hazard. An alternative like Mozilla Firefox is proven to be pretty stable and far more secure–as opposed to IE6, which has some major issues with security that can lead to you being hacked and exploited. For your own good, it would be a REALLY good idea to change your browser.

(Don’t let this lead you to think the site redesign is anywhere near complete, though…sigh. Maybe this summer. Hopefully!)

In other news, I actually (sadly enough) had a dream the other night where I was anxious about having to miss the upcoming Warner Home Video Chat in April because of a conflicting orchestra rehearsal. Such is my life these days. At least it’s spring break now (the “break” part is negotiable, but it’s still been really nice). Hope you’re all doing well, and don’t forget about that home video chat–the more people we can have in there to inquire about the possibility of a PoDW DVD, the more effective we can be!

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