Want to help me with a paper?

As part of a writing seminar course, I have to write an “argument” paper. As part of a little bet I had with myself to see if I could work PoDW into my coursework somehow, I’m arguing that PoDW should be revisited and/or released on DVD.

The question is: why?

Beyond just helping me out, this could be a good exercise in general. Why do we want PoDW out on DVD, or why do we want a remake? Is it to have a high-quality version for ourselves and revisit old memories? To introduce new audiences to the show? To hopefully get some insight on how the story would have ended through some kind of “extras” reel? To honor the fact that it was this great (if slightly obscure) jewel of American TV animation? What other reasons come to mind?

Please post away–it would be interesting to see your input and your motivations for wanting this. 🙂 Thanks!

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  • I would love to see Pirates of Dark Water on DVD. I have great memories of this show and I loved the animation. I felt the visuals were great and as an animator, I think a release would be great reference material. Please release it! Is there a petition we can sign?

  • I don’t understand – if we show why we want a remake of the show nad DVD release and show our motivations – is this help to really make DVD release for PoDW ?

  • Dave–there was one floating around a while back, but I think it really lost steam a few years ago: http://www.petitiononline.com/mod_perl/signed.cgi?powd&1

    Slashhh–this request of mine isn’t part of an active campaign to bring PoDW back or release it on DVD. I’m writing a paper for a class and have decided to write about PoDW, and just wanted some feedback from other fans on why it’s important. And then it got me thinking about how, if somebody asked us, “Why do you want this? Why is it important? Other shows were more popular, so what is it about this one that makes it worthy of revisiting?” that it would be good to have an answer for that. That’s all this is. 🙂

  • Littlenorwegians
    9 years ago

    I just came upon this site and I’m more than impressed with what I see. I’ll gladly sign any petition, bother any right holder, etc.

    I really want this, and the lust for a DVD is even bigger when I see that others are motivated.

    Hmmm, as for your paper, well. I think there are a few points you could make.
    You’ll have to point out the qualities of the series well and point out that these are treasured childhood memories as well as original story that still holds water to this day. Also point out that it’s actually profitable for the rights keepers to distribute it (See it from both sides).
    That it’s unfinished and it would be good to interview the original developers for some closure.

  • Off the top of my head

    Social messages
    -It’s one of a few shows about ecological damages to a planet – dark water contaminating the world
    -It shows how greed can prevent people from doing the right thing – Bloth wanting the artifacts for himself
    -It shows a diverse cast, including animal rights and equality of females
    -It focuses on slavery and freedom – that one episode of monkeybirds

    -Hand drawn animation as oppose to CGI
    -Had several moral stories throughout the series
    -Written for audiences of all ages to understand
    -The all important feel good show – and how many shows today can claim that? Other than The Last Airbender, not many.

  • Littlenorwegians
    9 years ago

    Sounds great, but point out that the show is subtle, please. A lot of shows (Forgotten shows) had pretty much the same messages, but were very preachy and boring.

    Make sure that it doesn’t sound like a pirate themed Care Bears 😉

  • Thanks, everyone! These are fantastic! 😀 I’ve run a draft by my prof, who’s really liking it so far, too.

    Littlenorwegians–there’s huge interest in a DVD release. 🙂 I will say that I have never really made an attempt to mobilize the fans, but the vast majority would love to see the show released or revisited somehow.

    Your points are really valid–I’m not sure how to back up the profitability side, besides just saying that lots of people would buy it…though bootlegs do sell pretty well (all the DragonCon vendors I’ve talked to who stock them say that they always sell quickly).

    And I definitely did emphasize the “subtlety” part, don’t worry!

    Cass–oh, the ecological point is a good one! There’s a lot of symbolism with water, too, since water represents purity in many cultures and myths. I have worked those and the moral angle in (the gender/animal equality one is intriguing–how rare is it that you see a character being so blatantly chauvinistic, only to have her fight right back?), and showed that they’re three-dimensional characters, not flat good and evil.

  • like a few comments above me, i too just stumbled on to this site, quite nice by the way.

    a dvd realese would be great, with one of the creators giving diclosure would be awesome, i say though,maybe they could do a comic series on the events ofter the last episode. lol wishful think i think.

  • Kensan_Oni
    9 years ago

    Why do we want Pirates of Dark Water on DVD?

    Pirates of Dark Water is a lot of things to me. It represents the best effort ever done by the Hanna Barbara company, with a quality and a story better then any other they have produced before or since. It also represents the best Fantasy Animated Series, one that is only matched by the more recent Avatar: The Last Airbender series. It also represents the last of the great Western Developments before Eastern Cultures rise and dominated in the studios.

    PODW needs to have the respect to digitize and preserved for future.

    I think a re-envisioning might destroy a beautiful thing, but I wouldn’t mind seeing it done for a new generation anyway. Pirates of Dark Water is the best Fantasy Animated Series, and this needs to be done.

  • Another thing I thought about is how similar PODW and Avatar are.

    -They both have 3 main characters – 2 males, 1 female
    -Both females have ecological powers/ water bending
    -Both shows have a balance of Humans and Nature
    -Both shows have monkeys in it – a monkeybird and a lemur
    -Both shows involve traveling – either by sea or by air
    -Both shows involve ethnic characters

    In many ways, PODW was a predecessor to Avatar. By seeing the entire series of Avatar, we can sort of imagine what the ending would have been with PODW.

  • Deathtone–thank you! A comic continuation or some other form of disclosure would be cool, for sure.

    Kensan_Oni–thanks for the comment! I kind of agree that I’d rather not have it be “revisited.” Continued, sure…in an ideal world, they’d try to do it in a similar style to the original. I’m nervous that any possible continuations won’t preserve the look and feel of the original, though. But this is all obviously hypothetical.

    Cass–hmm, those are interesting parallels, but I don’t know that I agree that A:TLA could suggest the ending of PoDW. I’ve joked with some friends that Tula is almost like an Avatar herself, since she can control the elements (and nature, beyond that), but beyond those basic surface similarities among the casts, the series and details diverge from there. Plus, the A:TLA creators have no ties to the PoDW production team that we know. Their idea for the show came from their interest in martial arts and eastern cultures, and it all evolved from there. PoDW does have Asian and Middle Eastern influence in the character and concept designs, but I haven’t seen anything detailing what truly influenced it. What some people HAVE pointed out, though, is that Titan: AE (by David Kirschner, the creator of PoDW) does bear a striking resemblance to PoDW, so if you’re looking for a “that’s how the show might have ended” example, I’d suggest checking that out instead. 🙂

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