Notice something different?

Same site…different name. Farewell, Andorus’s Pirates of Dark Water Page. Hello, Always The Quest.

(At last!)

I’d put out a call for a new name a little while ago. This was one I’d thought about, then revisited after a couple of you guys also suggested it (thank you very much!), and realized that it just…works.

Not to mention, “Andorus’s Pirates of Dark Water Page”? Seriously? That name has not changed since the inception of this site in the summer of 1996–ancient history in web years! And this is no longer simply a “page,” nor has it been in nearly 14 years. (For those who are unclear about the distinction, a page is one individual part of a site. What you are reading now is on its own page. The larger whole of which it is a part is a website.)

Anyway, moving on!

Thank you very much for your suggestions for my paper! I submitted it yesterday–my professor had suggested I rework it into a letter, which ended up feeling far more natural–and will be posting that here once I get it back and make any edits he suggests. 🙂 This could very well be the seed needed to start a full-fledged letter-writing campaign…especially since I was able to track down an address for Warner Home Video…

We’re in the middle of “finals week”–I have no final exams, per se, but plenty of final projects and papers. There’s still a lot more coming up, but I’m giving myself a break tonight and hope to update a few other things on the site, to attempt to chip away at this massive backlog of updates. I have started experimenting with different online plugins and tools for a more streamlined site redesign and to give myself a chance to mess around with modern web technologies as well–maybe that’ll finally come to fruition this summer.

On a general animation note, I was lucky enough to purchase a copy of The Illusion of Life by Frank Thomas and Ollie Johnston at a used bookstore today for only $20! It is said to be one of THE best books on character animation, as well as animation generally, and it was written by two of Disney’s Nine Old Men, or a team of their original animators who created so many of their original characters. I am so thrilled about this, and can’t wait to have a chance to really read/look through it!

So, anyway. Yay, new name! This has been a long time coming and I’m glad for it. Hope you all like it!

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