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There may be more submissions that need to go up (and if you sent me something but it either isn’t up or I never responded, please tell me!), but this is most of them.

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DOWNLOADS: movies – three Russian torrent files (TSB, episodes 6-15–I’ve checked these and they do work)
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A little rant: Warner Bros. is yanking copies of the PoDW episodes off YouTube. (The previous guy hosting them had all the episodes yanked and his account suspended. Somebody new is hosting them, but WB has started yanking his episodes now, too.) It bothers me, since there’s no legal way to watch the show and they seem to be in no rush to rerelease it. There are still plenty of other ways to get the show, but it still is very annoying and offputting.

Anyway…good night!

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  • hei cefaci sunt fanul
    tau rend itlegi?

  • RavnDream
    12 years ago

    Yeah, ticked me off, too, when I found out DML (PODW uploader) had his/her videos deleted and then suspended long after that indignity.

    What “other ways to get the show” would you recommend? I’m a bit leery on, y’know, virus pits…

  • Cody4258
    12 years ago

    I love that people are still fans of this show/story. I loved it when it was running in the early 90s.

    I’m truly shocked that there is no re-syndication on WB Kids or something.
    Hopefully, if the outcry is large enough, some of the execs at WB or their subsidiaries and/or affiliates will at least pull together and release a DVD for the series.

    The realist in me doesn’t see any extra episodes to totally end the show- Maybe WB could hire on a few writers to finish the story with a two-hour finale or something, but I just don’t see them hiring an entire production company to finish the story in succession as intended. I would assume that WB would consider this “costly overhead,” without any guarantee that its sales would garner a profit.

    To me, any closure would definitely be more pleasant then just an abrupt ending, as it is now.

    The nine limited edition comics that were released were really interesting, and I guess that could still be a possibility; but closing the show out through print would be a last resort, in my opinion. I think the series episodes should end with real animation as it was intended.

    Glad this site is up. I will be sure to return soon. Thanks.

  • Ravn–so far I haven’t run into (or heard about) any issues with most of the BitTorrent downloads out there. There are also streaming versions of the episodes–I have links to a few in the sidebar here on the main page. And there are bootleg DVDs (there are links to those on the links page)–I’m technically not supposed to advocate them, but in light of there not being any releases…

    Cody–I do agree in that I also prefer an animated end to the show. 🙂 As for WB Kids, it feels like it’s rare for older shows to appear on any major network these days, but it baffles me why they don’t even include it on Boomerang anymore. The comic continuation was an interesting idea and a nice way to revisit some characters and locations, but I do have some issues with it (too much flowery rhetoric, for one) and kind of expect “more” from any future revisitation of the show (that’s just me being picky, though–I’d love a revisitation but would not be cool with just anything that came out, you know? There are so many bad readaptations out there right now).

  • You know, a strange thing happened recently. There was a report on the internet about WB creating a remake of Thundercats. Loved that show. My only concern is that it will be broadcast on Cartoon Network in 2011.

    Now I want to give CN a fair chance. But when they aired the New He-Man series, that show didn’t get attention it deserved. And it was actually one of the better shows at that time.

    But anyhow, maybe by some sheer luck we can see a remake of PODW. Right?

  • Cass–one can only hope! I loved the 2000s He-Man remake, and I did hear about the Thundercats remake. There have been rumors of various kinds of remakes over the years, and there was a comic a few years ago that must’ve paved the way…it was one of those shows that was never truly forgotten, though.

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