NEWS: PoDW DVD release via Warner Archive Collection – 8/31/2010!


The Warner Bros. Archive Twitter account–which reports on DVD releases of movies, TV shows, and short films–has posted the following:

@ryangallagher We got TV animation: Pirates of Dark Water 8/31 + Thundarr the Barbarian + Josie & the Pussycats in Outer Space in late sept


Ryan’s original tweet was requesting more WB animated films from the archive.

More updates to come, hopefully!


[Edit #1, 6:45 AM] @warnerarchive has confirmed it: the series is coming out on DVD on August 31st.

@samosamancer Argh! 8/31/10 – The Pirates of Dark Water – the series, will be released on the Warner Archive.

(The “Argh!” is in response to my own tweet, which reads, “AAAAHH! Thousands of fans have been asking for a Pirates of Dark Water DVD release for almost a decade, and I think it’s actually happening!”)

There is no news about it anywhere else online, though, not even on their own website (yet?). I’m obviously getting excited about this–it’s a very concrete lead, the most concrete we’ve had since the mid-90s–but we should wait till we have some other confirmation as well.


[Edit #2, 6:00 PM] The DVDs will consist of episodes 1-21, with no extras. Pre-ordering will begin later this week.

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