PoDW official DVD release: do me a favor…?

Firstly, those of you who’ve been regular visitors know that I rarely ask you guys for anything, and I have never solicited monetary donations (and have no intention of doing so).

If you have not yet purchased the DVD set but have plans to, or if you know anyone planning to, could you (or they) please use this link to do so? (It’s the same as the large link to the upper-right of the main page.)

I just signed up to be an affiliate of WBshop.com. What this means is that if you use the link above to make a purchase (a special one tied directly to me), I’ll get a few dollars as a referral fee.

If you could do this for me, I would be really grateful. 🙂 This is my first-ever attempt at monetizing any aspect of the site. I’ve also considered Google AdSense (and still want to look into it when I have time)…ways I can make a bit of side money without imposing on any of you would be fantastic.

Thanks so much!

3 Responses to “PoDW official DVD release: do me a favor…?

  • I see the link to buy the DVD brings me to a site where I can only get it if I’m a USA citizen. I live in Canada – where else can I buy it from?????

  • Mike–I’m sorry I didn’t make that bit of news more clear. 🙁 Unfortunately, this release is only available within the US at this time. I got in touch with a WB rep, who said that they’re very much aware of the international demand, but I don’t know what plans they have at the moment.

    So, for now…hang tight, I guess. :/ I’m not “supposed” to encourage downloading the series or buying bootlegs now that there’s a legal copy, but…what can one do if there isn’t a version available for purchase in your area, right?

  • This title will very likely eventually show up at Amazon.com and other online retailers like past Warner Archive releases (ie: Flight of the Dragons), so it most likely will be available to international customers then.

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