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It figures that during the couple of weeks where there is actually REAL SUBSTANTIAL PIRATES OF DARK WATER NEWS, I have to keep going out of town. I’m studiously avoiding asking my roommates in Pittsburgh if the DVDs have come in. 😉

However, if you pre/ordered a DVD set on or before the 31st of August, you probably have received it by now! If you have, what did you think of it? How was the video quality and the DVD packaging/art? Did the show live up to how you remembered it? Post your reviews here. It’d be great to get the scoop from real fans!

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  • I just got mine in the mail today! My best friend and I were super excited (she saw the first run of the show as a child while I saw it in reruns on Cartoon Network in High School.) My fiancé, however, had never seen it before, so we were pretty anxious to share our childhood memories!

    The cover art is pretty standard fare (I’ve seen fan made covers that look a bit better…) but the DVDs themselves are pretty bare bones. You can tell they’re “made to order” like the website says. The picture quality is pretty good though. I’m sure some people can be really picky about things like that, but I was happy enough with the quality given. It’s probably not up to par with most shows on DVD, but the visuals were crisp enough on my fiancé’s widescreen computer monitor. It would’ve nice to have a few extras…commentary, interviews., ect., but I’ll take what I can get!

    As for the show itself? Well, we only managed to squeeze in two episodes, but they were certainly enjoyable! We joked about Bloth seemingly coming onto Ren, how so many burly pirates wear fuchsia (as well as some creepy bondage gear), how Ioz got away with calling Tula and wench and (possibly) smacking her on the butt and how awesomely Ren abuses the jump kick and tosses everyone into what looks like an acid pond. 🙂

    Despite what this may sound like, we enjoyed the heck out of those episodes and my bf and I pouted when my fiancé called it quits for the night for bed. Overall, I’m very pleased with my purchase…and I can’t wait to feel that twinge of dissapointment when I get to the last episode and realize there is no more.

  • Just some guy
    9 years ago

    I did order it before Aug 31. But I didn’t get my shipment confirmation until a few days into september, and then the holiday weekend and what not it didn’t arrive until Tuesday Sept 7.

    In the past 48 hours, I watched through the first two discs.

    DVD Box – thankfully it was sturdy (thick plastic rather than cheap plastic or cardboard) so it will stand up to shelf life.

    DVD Box art – while appropriate for the show, for some reason it didn’t excite me (maybe the colors are too saturated or something).

    DVD contents (not counting the show) – the menu is graphic-less and literally two words “episodes or play all” … that caught me off guard at first. I don’t know what I was expecting, but just not used to such a plain DVD menu (not good or bad, just surprising). And no bonus features (though I wasn’t expecting any). There are also no paper inserts or anything like that. Just box and DVDs. But it was the episodes themselves I really really really wanted

    Episodes – graphics and sound were pretty much the same quality as if I were watching the show on TV back in early 90s or on cartoon network. For the first disc I used the same TV I used to watch it on back then and it really did seem the same as back in the day. I then watched the second disc on one of the newer TVs in the house (which is a larger screen with more resolution) and you could tell it can’t hold up to the large high resolution screens.

    Overall first impression — I’m more than happy just to have the series. And I can’t wait to watch the other two discs when I have more time this weekend.

    Disc 1 is the first 5 episodes
    Disc 2 is the second 5 episodes
    Disc 3 is the next 6 episodes
    Disc 4 is the final 5 episodes.
    (and in case it needs to be said, all contents are full screen rather than wide screen format)

  • Thanks for the detailed reviews! My set just came in yesterday and I totally echo all your comments.

    Ericha–HAHAHA. I love the comment about “creepy bondage gear.” 😀

    Some Guy–yeah, I was wondering how the quality of these episodes would hold up on newer TVs. I do have a TV that’s just a few years old and the episodes (I watched episodes 1-3) looked pretty good–not spectacular but definitely pretty solid quality. 6-21, though–still need to check those out.

    For anyone else–please do keep your comments coming! I’d love to hear your thoughts on this set. Were you thrilled? Disappointed? Just happy to have a real set of them? Post any and all comments here!

  • *I got a HTTP error the first time I submitted this post, so here it is again. Hope it doesn’t double-post!*

    I love Pirates of Dark Water, and I’m glad to have this on DVD, finally! But I’m not blown away by the effort, here.

    The DVD case is nice, with dual two-disc “flipper” holders on the inside. The front cover art would have been good, but the colors are terribly over-saturated…it’s really quite garish. Inexplicably, Niddler has a third fist coming out of his head, and it’s not in pre-existing copies of the same image I’ve referenced. Very strange, indeed.

    In contrast, the back cover looks great, but there’s something there I didn’t see before trying to watch it on my computer: there’s a disclaimer that it’s “expected to play back in DVD video ‘play only’ devices, and may not play back in other DVD devices, including recorders and PC drives”. I almost threw a fit when it wouldn’t play until I tried it in my regular DVD player. I really wish I could rip it to my dead-sexy Super AMOLED-screened cell phone to watch on the go….

    When I got the first DVD in my main player, a static menu presented two options: play all or chapter select. “Play all” goes straight to playing them back, and “chapter select” goes to a grid with the title cards of the first four episodes. Hit “Next”, and you’re treated to a single title card for the fifth episode on the disc. It’s worse than a first-generation DVD with their minimal menus. What’s more, earlier this year, I made a PoDW DVD with a root menu, title menus, chapter selects…everything but the FBI disclaimer (:P) in less than an hour. The episodes don’t even have chapter selects, but, in fairness, I don’t know of any WB cartoon DVD releases that do.

    The video quality is said to be broadcast quality. I’ll take their word for it, but I noticed what looked like slight artifacting in the intro sequence of the first episode. It’s still better than the video source I used on the DVD I made of it–far, far better, in fact–and they said straight-up they weren’t planning on cleaning up the video or anything, so I’m not bothered by it. I knew what I was getting, and it looks as good as we’ve ever seen it.

    With an hour’s worth of attention, a quality menu could have been built to make it look less like a seat of the pants effort. And, given how nice the back cover is, I don’t see why the front cover wasn’t done right. All in all, though, I hate to gripe too much about it, since it was only through a special effort that they made it available in the first place. I love this show, and I’m glad to own a copy of it…even a release shown as little love as this one.

  • Holy crap! Dude! I hadn’t looked closely at the cover AT ALL and totally missed Niddler’s third hand–once the contest has passed I’ll be posting again and will be sure to point that out. What an amazing(ly awful) find!

    Thanks for taking the time to write that review. 🙂

  • Just some guy
    6 years ago

    I don’t know why but I felt compelled to post this…

    This is the same “Just some guy” that posted above.

    Just yesterday on the 3rd DVD itself (not on the episode, but on the physical DVD), the printed title for “The Dagron Master” episode is misspelled as “The Dragon Master” I feel silly for not having noticed that for all these years! 😀

    Anyway, that’s just a minor thing as you know what it’s trying to say and it doesn’t affect the episode itself.

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