CONTEST: Win a copy of the PoDW DVD set!

The contest is now closed. I will be contacting the winner shortly via e-mail. Thank you to everybody who entered!


Thanks to a kind offer from Warner Bros., I am happy to announce a contest for you all! The prize: a free copy of the PoDW DVD set.

It’s super-easy: either post a comment here or e-mail me (subject line: PoDW DVD contest) with the following pieces of information:

1. Your name (or a unique alias)
2. Your e-mail address
3. Your location
2. Why you like Pirates of Dark Water

There is no right or “best” answer, just as long as it’s genuine and relates to the show!

This is open to fans anywhere in the world. If you’re located outside the US, WB will mail me the DVD set, and I’ll mail it to you.

The contest is open until next Friday, the 17th of September, at 5:00 PM Eastern US time. At that point, comments will be closed on this thread. The winner will be chosen through a random drawing and contacted via e-mail. (Note that you will have to give me your real name and mailing address if you are selected.)

(PS: for those who weren’t aware: yes, I am female! 😉 )

19 Responses to “CONTEST: Win a copy of the PoDW DVD set!

  • Location: Bulgaria,Vratsa

    Why I like PoDW ? By so many reasons ! It’s such a classic cartoon show,such a good storyline,such a good charecters,such a good colors in this hole world of Mer.Even the clothes of the charecters are so cool ! The storyline is far more inteligent,interesting than TMNT,Biker Mice From Mars and the other cartoon “shows” No wonder the rating in IMDB of PoDW is not under 0.9 ! Even if the episodes were 10,11,12,13 – that’s enough ! What can I say about 21 ?! :} Just the best cartoon show,I’ll show it to my kids someday,they will watch exactly PoDW,not the stupid Ben Ten !

  • Hi,

    first of all thanks for keeping the “dark water” flame alive through your website (I’ve been following it for years).

    1) Marc


    3) Mont Saint Aignan (France)

    4) Why I like PodW: because it’s the most refined cartoon I ever saw. I’ve been a fan for almost 15 years (I’m 23) and I never saw something bigger as far as animated series are concerned. Excellent storyline, charismatic characters and of course a complex universe which is so unique in cartoon history. It’s a deep, sad and yet charming world where you can find a lot of metaphoric elements (the dark water surely refers to oil pollution, the first “BIG” creature in the first episode can be compared to the mythologic figure of leviathan…). To put it in a nutshell, PodW is the 8th wonder of the world:-)

    PS: My english may be wrong, I am French.

  • william napier
    9 years ago

    why i like pirates of dark water it was the one show that was the highlight of my day when i got to watch it having a bad day or a rough day at school i know when i got home i would have 30 mins of bliss and it was the one show my mamaw would watch with me before she passed i use to play podw when i was a kid i had stickers from the show i got at pizza hut and i put the compass on my bike i even had thirdteen treasures of rule i would find with my unlikely but loyal crew of misfits (my cousin) haha but it was just an awesome show good story line interesting characters

  • 1) Nate


    3) Central Texas, USA

    4) I didn’t watch much television growing up because I hated the cookie-cutter style of culture in the 80s. PodW broke the mold in every way, my favourite of which was by having main characters that weren’t sparkling models of morality. There was a dark life-and-death realism in that show that just didn’t exist in media at the time, especially in cartoon shows, and it helped me to realise that people aren’t defined by ‘good’ and ‘evil’ as much as by their everyday actions and personal desires. Overall, it’s just an amazing show to watch!

  • Nathan
    9 years ago

    I’ll enter, but I will send my information via e-mail.

  • I’m from Bulgaria and we didn’t have the Pirates of Dark Water on TV here since a couple of years ago, but I was one of the fortunate kids who discovered them years ago on video! It felt like Indiana Jones grabbing the idol from the teple and running away from the rolling ball behind him – you dig all over the shelf with the cartoons at some small neighbourhood video rent store, one look at the cover is enough to know that this is something very different from the rest of the titles stashed there, you know you’ve discovered a treasure! And grab it, and you run home like the wind, and you’re restless till you put the tape in the player… and that’s when the magic begins! I’m 24 today, and I see more to the cartoon than I saw back then as a kid. I love it and I watch it with the same childish fascination, but I’m also full of admiration and respect for the people behind it – for the creativity, the tallent and the imagination they binded together creating this amazing world! It’s an epic adventure me and my brother and cousin grew up with, and I feel nostalgic about the days when we had no worries and we’d watch it together and get ourselves submerged into the world of the Pirates of Dark Water. I just regret that the show was cancelled and the storyline was never finished, but this kinda adds to it’s mystery and cult status. I’m mighty happy that it is finally released on DVD! I believe it’s a generational thing, and I’d love to show it to my children someday!

  • One day I was sitting at home all alone, bored that there wasn’t anyone around I could play with. I decided to watch some video. I scrolled through our tapes and saw something my brother had been telling me about, but I had never seen – The Pirates of Dark Water. “Yeah, that sounds awesome”, I though, so I put the tape in the VCR and waited… and then the theme kicked in. The intro wasn’t over and I already knew I was in for a great ride!! The show had it all – action, adventure, mystery, humor… It blew my mind with all the imaginative creatures and settings (Bloth’s ship was really amazing!).
    The next day I went to kindergarten and told my friends about it. They looked at me in amazement, how was it possible that they hadn’t seen something so cool. A few days later, one of them already had bought the tape.
    Some years ago I was sitting in front of the TV, chaning the channels when all of a sudden I heard it… the PODW theme song. So me and my brother sat back and prepared to set sail with the “Pirates of Dark Water” one again!
    And thanks to this DVD, I hope many others will be recruited in the quest for the treasures.

  • omg I forgot to post my e-mail:

  • 1) Sergey


    3) Ukraine, Kremenchug

    4) “Pirates of Dark Water” became for me more than just a TV show. A long time ago I had a Sega console and the cartridge with the game. Some time later, I looked the first 13 episodes on VHS (14-21 episodes at that time had not been translated into Russian). Two years ago I downloaded “Txt transcript” from your site and started to make subtitles. One year ago, 14-21 to the episodes appeared Russian voice set available. Thank you for the great work done! Even now, when I’m 21, I sometimes play the game on the Sega and watch the most amazing TV show!

    P.S. Sorry for my bad English, I used Google translate. )))

  • Kim Phan
    9 years ago

    I really like Pirates of Dark Water because it was pretty original. Who doesn’t love a good quest show with interesting action and funny diaglogue (which seem to be lost on today’s youth) ~

    Thanks! Kim
    kimplovely (at)

  • Mitchell
    9 years ago

    My name is Mitch and I live in Florida. I remember the PODW show but it seems like no one else I know does. I remember I used to get genuinely freaked out when the dark water would come. I genuinely felt scared for the characters’ well-being. And OMG the characters. so colorful. Just a great show. Haven’t seen it in too long and would love to own the whole set. Although I know I’ll get all engrossed again only to be slapped in the face with early cancellation. WHY?!?!?!? So glad I stumbled upon this thread. Thanks for the opportunity to be way nostalgic.

  • Kirsty
    9 years ago

    I live in the UK and still remember watching PoDW as a kid. I still have an old VHS version and I watch it whenever I’m having a bad day- it always makes me smile and reminds me of being a kid. BTW Bloth rules best bad guy ever!

  • zeeshan
    9 years ago

    hi i live in pakistan city lahore my liking to this cartoon series is because of its strong story line which amused me when i was a small child because of this fantastic cartoons i still wana to c them once much to say about this series but cant find more of it in its praise.

  • Scott Grogan
    9 years ago

    I remember this series from when I was a kid. I LOVE IT. I just heard about this DVD set and instantly searched for more info. I found your site so here I am. Great site!

  • Scott Grogan
    9 years ago

    Guess I should do this right, not trying to enter twice.

    1. Scott Grogan
    3. Kernersville, NC, USA
    2. I remember this series from when I was a kid. I LOVE IT. I just heard about this DVD set and instantly searched for more info. I found your site so here I am. Great site!

  • 1. Lisa
    3. Kernersville, NC, USA
    4. Great cartoon I got hooked on when I was a kid with a broken collar bone…

  • Name: mercurybard


    Location: Houston, TX

    Reason I love PoDW? I used to watch it on Saturday mornings as a kid. I loved that it had an on-going story and I loved the mystery surrounding Tula. Years later, and I still remember that scene where she slips that piece of paper into her boot. In all honesty, I thought I’d made the whole show up (my brothers couldn’t remember it) until I mentioned it to my then-boyfriend and he started fanboying Ioz.

  • 1. Jesse Acosta
    3. Spokane, Washington, USA
    4. Pirates of Dark Water is one of my fondest memories from childhood. The series was so unique for it’s time, it stood apart from other cartoons. I even collected some of the Marvel comics back in the day because I loved it so much. If I win the dvd set, I am totally getting into some pajamas, popping the dvds in on a Saturday morning, and eat a bowl of cereal while lying in the living room watching the show. Yes, I’m 28, but that’s how Pirates of Dark Water makes me feel!

  • This is an awesome offer, thanks for giving fans this chance to win! 🙂

    Here’s my entry:

    1. Michelle
    3. Victoria, BC Canada
    2. Pirates of Dark Water had impressive production values for a cartoon of its day: a compelling and well-written story, top-notch voice work, superb animation and art/design, and one of the last great cartoon series after the 80s came to an end. It aimed high (sadly, perhaps too high for its own good) and captivated audiences young and old. So sad it was never properly concluded!

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