Contest update, and new hosting server

(If you’re seeing this, that means the domain has propagated and is pointing at my new web host. Woohoo!) Please let me know if anything’s broken or not working as it should–thanks!

RPG module contest entrants: the gentleman who sent me the RPG wanted to clarify something: the RPG has been opened and repackaged. But it’s pretty much in pristine condition and everything is intact. If that changes anything for you, please let me know–I apologize for the misinformation.

Another brief update: I installed some new image gallery viewing code across the image section. It should create a “lightbox” effect and let you move quickly through the images now, instead of clicking on each thumbnail individually.

CONTEST: Win an unopened copy of the PoDW RPG!

Firstly: a representative from Warner Bros. has asked me to remove links to videos/torrents of full episodes of the show. This unfortunately includes foreign-language editions. If you have any questions on this, please feel free to contact me.

– – – – –

Anyway, on to (fun) business!

A very kind collector of RPG materials has donated an unopened, mint-condition copy of the Pirates of Dark Water RPG module by Lee Agosta, with the intent of passing it on to a fan who would really cherish owning his or her own copy. The RPG includes the World Book, a fold-out full-color map of Mer, and over 100 pages of creature/species information. (If you’d like a preview, much of this material is in the Buried Treasure section, minus the creature sheets, which I have been notoriously slow about scanning/uploading…again, sorry about that.)

Entering is really easy: just leave a comment here or e-mail me (subject line: PoDW RPG contest) with the following:

1. Your name (or a unique alias)
2. Your e-mail address
3. Your location (not address)
4. (just to humor me, really…) Why you want to win the RPG set – are you a collector of merchandise related to PoDW, animation, or RPGs? Have you run PoDW RPG campaigns before or would you like to? Or “just because?” 🙂

Like the DVD contest, this will be a random drawing, and this is open to fans anywhere in the world. The last question really is just out of curiosity, because I’m really interested in seeing what all you are interested in.

DEADLINE: TBD, but probably the end of the year? I only want to wait till after the winter holidays to mail this: I have run Secret Santa campaigns online in years past, and sometimes up to half the participants’ gifts were lost in transit. Not to mention, there are a ton of gamers and roleplayers out there, and I’d like to allow more time for word to get out.

Good luck!

DVD winners, Boomerang, and a bunch of links

Firstly, now that it’s finally settled: congratulations to Tony and Michelle, the TWO winners of the DVD contest!

Two, you say? It was a bit of a surprise to me, too. 🙂 It took a while to finalize everything, due to delays on WB’s side in terms of mailing me the DVD for the initial winner (Tony). When they did finally sent it, they sent me two copies. Since I already have my own, I chose another winner at random (Michelle) from among the complete entries. 🙂

A few things of note…

If you have Boomerang: PoDW is back on the air. A. Martin just wrote in yesterday (thank you!), saying that it’s listed in his cable guide as beginning TONIGHT at 10:30pm US Eastern/7:30pm US Pacific. I don’t have cable, so if you do, please do let us know if it does air!
[EDIT: 2010-11-02 10:30pm EST – it is indeed back on Boomerang. Thanks to Kaedyn for confirming the news!]

Also, Sergey has very kindly assembled torrents of both PoDW video game console music AND Russian subtitles for season 3 (episodes 14-21).

And here’s a list of torrents for the episodes in Portuguese, along with the Portuguese episode titles.

Here’s some really unique fan work: really cool 3D fanart of the Wraith by Bryan, and a custom painted PoDW-themed guitar by Tom in Wales. Excellent job, both of you–they really look great. 🙂

And Catalina has put up my scans of PoDW comic #1 on, which actually makes them way easier to read. Great idea! (I’d put up #2-#9 myself if I had time…would anyone be up for doing it?)

Updates will be sparse for the next couple of months–it’s just that time in the semester. I’ve started up my personal blog again, so if you’re so inclined, you’re welcome to keep up with me through that. 🙂 The fall colors are vibrant and already fading here and the weather was below freezing this morning: autumn has arrived in Pittsburgh. Hope the rest of the year is pleasant for you all!