CONTEST: Win an unopened copy of the PoDW RPG!

Firstly: a representative from Warner Bros. has asked me to remove links to videos/torrents of full episodes of the show. This unfortunately includes foreign-language editions. If you have any questions on this, please feel free to contact me.

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Anyway, on to (fun) business!

A very kind collector of RPG materials has donated an unopened, mint-condition copy of the Pirates of Dark Water RPG module by Lee Agosta, with the intent of passing it on to a fan who would really cherish owning his or her own copy. The RPG includes the World Book, a fold-out full-color map of Mer, and over 100 pages of creature/species information. (If you’d like a preview, much of this material is in the Buried Treasure section, minus the creature sheets, which I have been notoriously slow about scanning/uploading…again, sorry about that.)

Entering is really easy: just leave a comment here or e-mail me (subject line: PoDW RPG contest) with the following:

1. Your name (or a unique alias)
2. Your e-mail address
3. Your location (not address)
4. (just to humor me, really…) Why you want to win the RPG set – are you a collector of merchandise related to PoDW, animation, or RPGs? Have you run PoDW RPG campaigns before or would you like to? Or “just because?” 🙂

Like the DVD contest, this will be a random drawing, and this is open to fans anywhere in the world. The last question really is just out of curiosity, because I’m really interested in seeing what all you are interested in.

DEADLINE: TBD, but probably the end of the year? I only want to wait till after the winter holidays to mail this: I have run Secret Santa campaigns online in years past, and sometimes up to half the participants’ gifts were lost in transit. Not to mention, there are a ton of gamers and roleplayers out there, and I’d like to allow more time for word to get out.

Good luck!

20 Responses to “CONTEST: Win an unopened copy of the PoDW RPG!

  • Dakota Thrice
    12 years ago

    1) Dakota Thrice
    3) United Kingdom
    4) I’m a collector of RPGs (actually getting round to playing them all is another thing altogether), as well as a great fan of PoDW (and my subtitling is on par for being as delayed as your scanning). PoDW would allow for running a spectacular seafaring campaign and owning a copy of the RPG would make it significantly easier than either trying to adapt it to an existing system or trying to write a new one.

  • Mirjam Apostolova
    12 years ago

    1. Mirjam Apostolova
    3. sweden
    4. I have always loved PoDW. I have always felt a sorrow for the shows cancelation, but thinks it would be cool with a RPG set of the world. I have tried old school RPG with some friends and loved it, and this would be a dream come true to own.

  • 1. Tiffany R
    3. Los Angeles-ish.
    4. The other day I was asked for a wishlist of things I wanted for the holidays/my birthday, and for some reason the first thing out of my mouth was, “For Hanna-Barbara/Warner Bros to wake up one day and revive The Pirates of Dark Water so that I can finally see them find all 13 treasures.” This sparked a conversation between my friends (who also loved the show, or who were reminded of the show after forgetting all about it, or who had never seen it but want to see it now) and I said that the Pirates of Dark Water RPG is the ONLY RPG I’ve ever wanted to play. “There’s a Dark Water RPG?!” they said. I’d come across your site YEARS ago (which is how I’d found out about the RPG existing!), so I Googled to see if it still existed and if you still had some of the RPG info up, and I’m so glad it does and that you do. And lo, as it so happens, there was the contest to possess a copy of the RPG — right after I said it’s the only one I’d ever wanted to play, and gotten people interested in playing it. Serendipity? Here’s hoping it works out for me.

  • I LOVE PoDW. I just stumbled onto this site today and I have no bookmarked it. I used to love watching this show and I’m very dissappointed they never finished it. I love playing RPGs and this would be an AWESOME one to own.

  • 1. Your name: Dejon W.
    2. Your e-mail address:
    3. Your location: Northern California
    4.Well obviously if I’m here I’ve always LOVED PoDW, and having the chance to keep the story living would be amazing, not to mention passing the characters along to my nephews.

  • …I don’t think I could describe what the series as a whole meant to me as I was growing up still searching for a place in the world. A spark of creativity birthed from a fantasy world of cartoon heroes and heroines could only be described as the birth of what I do. Gaming since middle school, running games nearly every weekend since high school and college. I am a 26 year old who can best be considered a storyteller, long had I search for this RP and in such a rural area of findings one that was in a good condition, which is harder then one might think. Stumbling up the fact that you have a contest, more then makes me again wish for a time when this cartoon aired. A gift not just for myself but all my players as well, we’ve played nearly every roleplay game and before I pass the control of the group to a friend this game would be the one I want to end my storytelling on. Thank you for this site and keeping it up, if you can find who still owns the rights to the show let me know.

  • 1. Chris Mowery
    3. Cleveland, TN
    4. I am an avid gamer and LOVE PoDW. I never knew there was an RPG until recently and the chance to get a cope is just too good to pass up.

  • Seebo Garrick
    12 years ago

    1. Seebo Garrick
    3. Indianapolis, IN
    4. I have been a huge fan of PoDW for years and years. I knew that there was an RPG out for it but have never been able to get my hands on a copy. I am in the process of writing a PoDW World for the Fantasy Craft RPG system and I STILL want the original to use as reference and also to actually RUN the original maybe prior to or after my written campaign!

  • 1. Sean “Chezzo” Osman
    3. Philadelphia, PA
    4. I’d love to be able to reference the PoDW material for creating game worlds. I hope mine could be a tenth as rich and amazing as Mer.

  • Kyrian Dundragon
    12 years ago

    1. Kyrian Dundragon
    3. North Salt Lake, UT
    4. Even years later, I still remember watching PoDW as a kid, and I’m a huge fan of RPGs. I have several players that would enjoy a change in pace from what we normally play.

  • (If this contest is still okay to enter, of course).

    1. Rebecca Breeden
    3. Virginia, USA
    4. I’ve loved PoDW since ’91. Definitely my favorite “old school” American cartoon. I love RPG, too. I mostly would love to have it because I love to collect rare items from fantasy worlds I love. Books, cartoons, games. My mind draws from my childhood days of imagination to this day. I own a lot of rare goodies from many other series and I’d love to add this to it. And my wallet wouldn’t weigh any less this time!

  • Jessica C
    12 years ago

    1. Jessica C.
    3. Okemos, MI
    4. My friends and I are avid gamers and always looking for new games and settings to play.

  • 1. Grosu Catalin
    3. Romania
    4. Oh… I missed this contest. Anyway… It was my first cartoon that I saw on the TV (I think on Cartoon Network) when the TV-Cable was installed in my apartment (I think the year was 1993). Back then as most people know, the intro was a little different. If you ask me what intro I like, I would say that intro. From my point of view is the best. Now if you ask me, what was your favorite cartoon as a kid and now? With no hesitation I will say The Pirates of Dark Water. It have something special that other cartoons don’t have: the adventure, the pirates, the stories, the jokes and much more makes this cartoon to be unique for his era and unique now. Hanna and Barbera did a great job and from my point of view will be the best cartoon artists of all time. I hate byes and what I can say is I’m very happy that this site exist (you did a great job Smitha bringing all the lost treasures for the fans); I’m very happy that this cartoon was not forgot because of you all the fans in the world and I’m very happy to know that I’m not the only hardcore-fan of this cartoon. Take care all and don’t forget: the search for Thirteen Treasures of Rule will continue.

  • Daniel sellers
    12 years ago

    Hell yah sounds awesome. However. I would be afraid to open perhaps.
    But that’s ok too I’ve got a bookcase filled with old RPGs.

  • Still open? I will take a shot. I am an avid gamer, and my passion has shown its head, as I produce and host various gaming podcasts to show my passion. I am also involved in publishing, so I’d like to get a hold of this!

  • Sorry, I forgot to place my location, I live in Scranton, PA.

  • I wanted to join, but didn’t want my email posted for everyone.

  • Swatz – whoops; you could have e-mailed me your info, too! Most of the participants ended up doing so. I totally understand that people don’t want to post this stuff publicly, so e-mail is always an alternative option to public comments.

  • I’m a total dork for having not been back to the site in such a long time I missed this amazing contest!

  • Who ended up winning this? I have been looking for the complete set of character sheets and the creature guide for years. I found a few bits years back, then supplemented those with this wonderful website, but it still seems like I’m missing a bit of the creature information (unless Mer’s creatures all happen to survive with name’s starting with ‘M’ or above).

    Definitely someone let me know if they have the remaining pages, I have Alee through Mermaid/Merman.

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