Contest update, and new hosting server

(If you’re seeing this, that means the domain has propagated and is pointing at my new web host. Woohoo!) Please let me know if anything’s broken or not working as it should–thanks!

RPG module contest entrants: the gentleman who sent me the RPG wanted to clarify something: the RPG has been opened and repackaged. But it’s pretty much in pristine condition and everything is intact. If that changes anything for you, please let me know–I apologize for the misinformation.

Another brief update: I installed some new image gallery viewing code across the image section. It should create a “lightbox” effect and let you move quickly through the images now, instead of clicking on each thumbnail individually.

2 Responses to “Contest update, and new hosting server

  • RavnDream
    12 years ago

    Hi, I noticed I cannot view the comics anymore. Some of them just don’t open, and others dumped me in the ERROR 404 page.

  • Oh, yikes–thank you for letting me know! It’ll be another till I can fix it, but I definitely will as soon as possible.

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