Checking in: PoDW back on the air + contest winner

Firstly, congratulations to Rachael Thomas for winning the RPG set! (Amazingly, I still have not mailed it to her, but totally will this week. :P) I apologize for taking so long to announce the winner.

Also, according to Twitter, PoDW is back on Boomerang as of last night (unsure of the time–check your listings!). This looks to be roughly at the same time it aired before: it seems like they’re rotating a few early-90s shows in that same time slot, which actually kind of makes sense, since nothing is stagnant this way and multiple shows get exposure a few times a year.

Also, hi! It’s been a while–I hope February was kind to you all! I am halfway through my final semester of grad school, and currently buried under thesis/school/final-semester/job-search hell right now, so updates will be scarce till I graduate in mid-May. (If you happen to actually be interested in my rather mundane life, I do post occasionally to my blog and am also on Twitter. Be warned: I geek out over stuff most people don’t care at all about. Like volcanoes.)

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  • hey folks…check out Warner Archive’s Facebook page and their comments about a possible release of the mini-series version “Dark Water.”

    Warner Archive: We’re trying to do exactly that. Initial inventory searches came up with no elements of the original versions. However, one of our dedicated archivists is on a mission to find any elements for the original versions, in order that we can resurrect the original mini series as first shown. We are hopeful that he will find the treasure we all seek!

  • Littlenorwegians
    12 years ago

    Mini-series, what do they mean by that?

  • I believe they mean the original PoDW series that came before the longer more well known series. There’s info on this website about it.

  • Hello,
    One day, I found this web site. And now, I have found it again, just to show it to my brother.
    I see that you did a lot of job to support the web site about such wonderful cartoon.
    I just wrote this comment to tell you that you are the best. Keep doing and do not stop posting some blog posts there. I would be glad to read them.

    Thank you so much!

  • Littlenorwegians
    11 years ago

    You and be both, Vest.

  • Vest and Littlenorwegians: thank you both very much. 🙂 I really appreciate that.

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