Dusting this off yet again…

Wow, this has to be some kind of record for me. Sorry for going so long without an update…but thank you very much to those of you who sent me kind messages in the interim! I will catch up on those correspondences eventually…

If you haven’t guessed, life has been really eventful over these last five (eek…) months. For those who care, this summer I have done the following:
– completed my master’s degree (WOOO!)
– spent a week in June hiking around the Santorini volcanic caldera (off the coast of Greece, with some lovely folks from South Africa and Germany, via VolcanoDiscovery–highly, highly recommended!)
– intentionally took the summer off, and spent most of it looking for a job and exploring Pittsburgh (probably the most underrated city in the US–it is truly a gem and I miss it dearly.)
– did a bunch of traveling, mostly for job interviews (Denver, Washington DC, New York, Boston…whew), but met friends and had fun in the process
– dated a pretty wonderful guy for a couple of months 🙂
– moved back to Atlanta (my hometown), upon my Pittsburgh lease ending
– turned 30 years old
– accepted a job in mid-September in the greater Boston area (yaaaay!), and, within the next 2 weeks, packed up all my things and relocated from Atlanta to Boston a couple of weeks ago
– started my new job last week!

I’m still in temporary housing for at least the next week or so, but hope to move into more permanent digs fairly soon (and have all my stuff delivered from Atlanta shortly after; I’m currently living with 2 suitcases, a backpack, and my violin). And work is going pretty well so far, too–I’m working as a user experience designer for an engineering software company. it’s always wonderful working with people who treat each other as people and not just cogs in the system, and this company has some great personal and professional practices.

Hopefully you all have had a good summer! I can’t believe it’s been this long since posting here–even if I don’t have much in the way of updates to post (though to be honest, I actually do have some great images and content to add, thanks to the efforts of some talented and dedicated folks), it’s just nice to reach out and say hello to you all. You’re a great, chill, friendly group, and it’s always a pleasure chatting with you all.

Anyway, in more PoDW-centric news…heh, really, not much to report, as usual. August 30th marked the 1-year anniversary of the DVD release, and sales seem to still be going strong as word continues to get out there that the show is out on DVD. I still am entertaining notions of re-architecting and redesigning the site from the ground up, but this design will probably persist for a while longer. Hopefully once the rest of my stuff arrives, I can get back to scanning in the rest of the RPG creature pages. I hereby am setting a goal of finishing them by year’s end–you all can hold me to that. 🙂

And with that, time to sign off for the night…it’s a work night! (Such a weird feeling. Getting used to contiguous 8-hour days has been surprisingly tough, after two years of a much more open-ended schedule.) Take care and have a good night, everyone!

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  • Wow sounds like quite a busy summer!
    Congrats on finishing up your program and all the traveling you go to do, and on your new job!

    But, Boston, really? It’s way too cold there … but I guess you ecomancer types can make it as comfortable as you need to be 😉

  • This is still an amazing site. So glad you update it.

  • I’ve been a long time viewer, not sure If I’ve commented before but I wanted to say thank you for keeping this show alive with this website. I loved the show as a youngster and love it now. One of the most under-rated animated shows out there.

    I wish the second season had set the same pace as the first – they were getting so many treasures of Rule that by the time the show ended we could have had a beautiful conclusion.

    I wish they would publish some books or something…The world of Mer is something I have a hard time leaving behind.

    BTW I can’t remember if I sent you this information awhile ago or if I was just THINKING about sending it, but someone on DeviantArt actually made Ren’s compass – I’m sure they’d be willing to make you one too as a commission.

    Congrats on the things going on in your life – To call me a “late bloomer” when it comes to life is something of an understatement. I am glad to hear of someone pressing forward with how things are today.

    Kudos on everything and I hope you continue to find success. I also hope this site will be up for years to come.


  • Geeky guy: amazingly, the winter was even milder than places much further south of Boston! I guess the city wants me to stick around…but we’ll see how next winter is, haha.

    Dexter: 🙂 Thank you!

    Mike: thank you for the comment (sorry for taking so long to approve it)! You’re right, the seasons do have different paces–I don’t know what the true rationale for that was, beyond worldbuilding and bowing to popular demand in terms of the kinds of things people wanted to see to keep the show on the air (?? that’s pure speculation). But it’s a shame. And thank you also for the life comments–in some ways I’d also classify myself as a late bloomer. 🙂 But everyone works at their own pace, you know? I hope that you get to have the experiences and adventures you want at a pace that’s comfortable for you–though sometimes it does take pushing a little beyond your comfort zones to do so, but again, no two people’s lives and circumstances are the same. Still, hope things rock for you!

  • Hi there,

    I’m new to this site and just stumbled on it when I was trying to find some stuff out about one of my favourite childhood cartoons.

    I am very happy to see that you have gone through such effort to keep this classic alive.

    Nice job on the masters (thumbs up)

    I am also studying I’m in my last year of my graphic design degree. I love to design, I design t-shirts in my spare time. When I have time I will make a design for Pirates of the Dark Water but it is a little tough for me at the moment because of my work load.

    By the way I am not trying to promote myself or anything. So please don’t think of me as a douche =D

    It annoys me that this classic is nearly forgotten, it should be finished off or remade.

    Hope your doing well, and please continue to update this site I will try my best to spread the word amongst my friends who used to watch it years ago.

    From London with love

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