Unreleased PoDW action figures, and Victory storyboards

Hi! Long time, apologies, keeping really busy…the usual spiel. 🙁 I promise I haven’t given up on the site, even though an actual update is unfortunately nowhere in sight. Maybe one of these days…

But anyway, at last, I’ve got a couple of cool things to share.

FIRST: Floro Dery, conceptual and storyboard artist for the Dark Water miniseries, posted a gorgeous set of storyboards for the final scenes of episode 5, Victory (arguably one of my favorite parts of the entire series–how dark and intense it is!). They’re all on Facebook, so you do need to have a Facebook profile to view them.

SECOND: There have been rumors of unreleased PoDW action figures that Hasbro was planning, and there’s finally a photo of a few of them online, courtesy of an eBay auction:

Hasbro 1992 Toy Fair - PoDW action figures

This is one of two pages devoted to PoDW from the 1992 Hasbro Toy Fair catalog. (I’ve e-mailed the seller to ask for a photo of the other page.) Listed are:

  • Ioz: with Push-out Arm-Sword and Removable Battle Armor!
  • Swar: with Color Changing Tattoo!
  • Ren: with Sea Sled with Working Squid Shooter!
  • Grimrot: with Glow in the Dark Features!
  • Strand: with Twin Spinning Arms Feature!
  • Bloth: with Removable Battle Armor!
  • Nimbo: with Real Working Bow-and-Arrows Weapon!
  • Kiroptus: with Multiple Rotating Wings!
  • Scorian: with Rotating Head-mask Feature!
  • Octoquid: with Spin-around Tentacles Action!

Interesting. 🙂

So there are the three obvious ones: Ren, Ioz, and Bloth are all major characters.

There are some interesting minor/one-off character inclusions in here: Scorian and Swar (from episode 11, The Collection–Ioz’s old pirate rivals), Kiroptus (from episode 8, The Beast and the Bell), and Strand (had a brief cameo in Zoolie’s gaming house in episode 4, Betrayal, and a bigger role in episode 13, The Darkdweller).

And there are a number of unknowns. “Grimrot” bears an odd resemblance to Joat, but we’ve never seen him/it. I feel like “Nimbo,” or some variant on his character design, was in the background in a couple of episodes, but with no real importance. And “Octoquid”…yeah, definitely not, haha. It makes me wonder if these are characters that would have had more prominent roles in future episodes, or if they were created from early concept artwork, or if they really only existed as merchandise.

There are already 3 bids on the catalog or I’d have tried to win it myself–I’ll bet there are other collectors who want it more than I do, since I’m really only interested in seeing the PoDW content in there.

In other news…the Warner Archive may indeed be interested in releasing the Dark Water miniseries to DVD, if they can find high-quality versions of the episodes. I’ve only got 1-4 (in English, anyway)…do any of you out there happen to have the episodes on some old but untouched VHS tape somewhere?

Hope you all are doing well, and enjoying the spring/fall (for northern/southern hemisphere visitors, respectively)!

5 Responses to “Unreleased PoDW action figures, and Victory storyboards

  • Thrilled to have found this place. I thought I was the only one that loved this show, or remembered it.

  • Interesting! Thank you so much for keeping this website updated!

  • Long time gazer and first time poster! Keep the updates coming, I know how it is when it feels like nobody checks out you’re blog/website! Anyways, just thought I’d stop by and thank you for building this cool site!

  • Thanks so much for the comments. 🙂 I’m really glad to know that people are stopping by and still interested!

  • I was always disappointed that they never did an action figure of morpho, tula, or solia. but i m a long time reader of this page!

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