Music and merchandise finds

Happy spring, Northern Hemisphere citizens! Time to share a couple of recent PoDW Twitter finds:

For those of you familiar with the Sega Genesis PoDW game, somebody put together a great clip of himself performing the Sega game’s Janda Town theme music. The layering of the different sounds and lines is really great and spot-on. Check it out!

Also, Ian has set up a RedBubble site with apparel with the PoDW logo on it! The only thing: he’s using a version of the video game logo that may be a little blurry/artifacted when it’s enlarged. But it still looks great, and RedBubble provides some pretty cool options: varieties of shirt types, colors, and sizes, to fit your taste. At SF conventions I attended in the past, I always made it a point to wear a PoDW shirt and/or bring the up in panel discussions, to get it back on people’s radar one way or another. The more people who do stuff like that, the better the odds are that eventually enough people interested in a reboot of the show will get noticed. So…you never know. 🙂

And if I haven’t linked to this yet, Nate has done in a few months what I haven’t gotten around to in many years, and ripped a few video clips of the Dark Water miniseries–specifically, 2 clips with Roddy McDowall voicing Niddler (something I know a lot of you have been really curious about), as well as the miniseries opening.

Oh! OH. I DID make an update…to the contact page. (Better than nothing, right…?) It was horribly outdated–I’ve removed my Facebook link (I deleted–not disabled, but fully deleted–my profile last summer), and added links to Twitter and my (pretty outdated) personal website. I’ve also cleaned up the language somewhat, and apologize sincerely if anything on there was a little too blunt or offputting.

That’s it for now. I’m quite busy…preparing to move this summer for the 3rd time since November (I’ve had surprisingly horrible luck with living situations during my 1.5 years in Boston), playing in a lot of orchestra/opera concerts, presenting at a conference in a few weeks, and looking forward to finding some free time in the summer for personal and/or portfolio-padding projects. (Like this site, perhaps?) Now that the sun no longer sets by 4:30pm, life is pretty wonderful again. 🙂

I hope you’re doing well, too!

2 Responses to “Music and merchandise finds

  • Rebecca
    9 years ago

    Thank you so much for sharing those clips! It reminded me of how wonderful the first episode is. I think I almost like Roddy’s Niddler slightly better than Frank’s but that’s only because I think it would have made him a bit more unique and I enjoyed the more serious tone of him. Seems to fit with the monkeybird attitude as a whole more than the comic releif. I understand why they changed Niddler’s, though. Have to have some kind of slapstick-ish comedy in the cast.

    And that cover of Janda town is gorgeous and calming. I truly hope that someday PoDW will get the conclusion it deserves. We can dream, I guess.

  • Rebecca
    9 years ago

    Also forgot to mention; I created a PoDW subreddit on I was surprised I couldn’t find one already made (maybe I shouldn’t have been that surprised…) Been feeling mighty nostalgic for the show as of late.

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