A (tongue-in-cheek) creative challenge, and going behind-the-scenes

I recently learned that the following domains are available. I challenge (dare, really!) any of you creative people who see this to create something inspired by the following names…


.* = .com, .net, .org, and so on.


No prize or anything–but if you do actually create something, email it to me and I’ll happily post it here!

(It turns out piratesofdarkwater.com is available and going up for auction, but the minimum bidding price is close to $200! Sheesh…let’s just save that for whoever creates a kickass reboot of the show, shall we?)

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Also, I may as well note here…I recently heard from Lane Raichert, one of the writers on PoDW episodes 1-5 (not much besides just letting me know that he was redoing his website and the PoDW section was coming down for a while). And that got me thinking…something I have never thought much about doing was to reach out to the people who worked on the show. I’ve always been far more interested in the creativity of this universe, the worldbuilding aspects, and so forth, but it never even occurred to me to actively reach out and contact the behind-the-scenes crew. (Other fans have, though! Mr. Raichert said that he’s frequently contacted about PoDW, which is awesome. Also, conceptual artist Floro Dery is probably the one exception, as far as my contact with the PoDW production team–he has reached out several times with gorgeous examples of his brilliant work from the show.)

This is something I want to do more of, going forward. The show’s over 20 years old now, and some of the creative team were at least halfway into their careers when they worked on it–and some have, sadly enough, already passed away. It’s time to really get moving, to get stories about how it all came to be!

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  1. I would love to hear from any of the people who worked on the show. That’s an awesome idea! I remember trying to email one of the concept artists years back but I don’t think I ever got a response. I can’t believe it’s been 20 years now. Still one of my all time favorite shows.

  2. It will be great to contact Glenn Leopold. Glenn Leopold worked on most of the episodes of Pirates of Dark Water. I remember contacting Laren Bright who cowrote Episodes like Victory, Andorus, and A Drop of Darkness. He was a very nice person. Although Alan Burnett is listed as Story Editor for the show from episode 6 to 13, still he didn’t work on Episode 6 and Episode 7. This was pointed out to me by Laren Bright. Mark Young was Story Editor from episode 1 to episode 7. For episode 6 “Andorus”, Laren Bright and Kristina Luckey wrote the script. Peter Lawrence worked as the story editor for this episode along with Mark Young. But Peter Lawrence is credited as one of the writers for this episode in the screencredits.

    From what I learned, Pirates of Dark water was cancelled long before the last 4 episodes were released on television. This was because Fil-Cartoons (Overseas Animation) took great deal of time in Animating episodes for Season 3 (The Dark Disciples to The Living Treasure) episodes. Because of this, the animation of last 4 episodes wasn’t finished on time which led to the cancellation. Not because of poor ratings.

    When the last 4 episodes of this show were aired in May 1993, the crew of Pirates of Dark Water (Glenn Leopold and others) were already in the middle of the production of SWAT Kats.


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