Personal plug: anime/manga merch on eBay (and some other goodies)

Hi, everyone! Please forgive the non-PoDW content, but I’ve just posted some manga and anime books/animanga to eBay. I’m moving in a month and looking to offload stuff I’ve been meaning to sell for years. Anyway, do take a look and place a bid if you’re interested. 🙂 I really appreciate it!

So, yes, personal update: Boston has been a challenging experience these past 2 years, and a job opportunity has suddenly opened up in Pittsburgh that looks wonderful in every way. So I’m taking a chance (well, not really, as I’d lived there during grad school and love the city) and packing up my life here and moving on. I will definitely miss the people I’ve met here–including a couple of pretty wonderful PoDW fans!–but sometimes you just have to go with the flow to find your happiness.

Okay, here’s a little PoDW content for you, courtesy of Twitter…

Tomasz Rozejowski just tweeted this afternoon to share an impressive Tula figurine he’s created. It’s great to see her finally get some attention, since there was never an official action figure of her! He hopes to do similarly styled figures of Ren and Bloth as well.

Also, Shane has gotten the linework and initial colors for a sexy/sultry Tula tattoo! (If he sees this…I hope it’s not creepy to check out a stranger’s Instagram account–after finding one picture, I peeked to see if there were other WIP images. It looks great, though.)

I’ve also been messing around with re-creating the PoDW logo in Illustrator just to keep my own digital skills sharp. Maybe I’ll post the final product whenever it’s done–it’d be great to make a sticker for my laptop cover or something. 🙂

Okay, that’s it for now–so much to plan and do in the next 4 weeks. Hope you’re all having a great summer!

5 thoughts on “Personal plug: anime/manga merch on eBay (and some other goodies)”

  1. Hi, stopping by to look for some themed graphics. The Tula almost looks brandname. I don’t figure she’s for sale, which is a shame because the detail on her looks like she was made from a mold…which I’m sure she wasn’t. Would be neat to pick her up, and on the second picture that’s some pretty epic art there. I don’t know if I’m bad enough to tattoo one of the cast on my knee personally, but I appreciate this kind of thing all the same. Yeah also, I’ve been curious about some of the unsaid pronunciations of the world, aside from the obvious Octopon and Janda-town…like Mantus’s home island, Bloth’s and other people’s, the races/creatures listed in the booklet. I’d be curious if you heard anything official only because I may be doing a creative PoDW-themed project in the future. 🙂 Thanks for the update, all the best!

  2. Good luck with your move!

    Once you’re settled in, if life gives you a break to focus on PoDW shenanigans again, would it be possible to see full scans of the concept art, as opposed to the photographs up on flickr?

  3. Long time abuser of your site, first time commenter. I have been running a roleplaying game based on PoDW for going on 5 years, using your site as a godsend for the information you have collected, and my group of players is intent on defeating the Dark Dweller and bringing closure to a series we all adored. I noted one of the last times on your site that the RPG pages with the creature bios stop around 68, and you mention elsewhere that there are 102 pages. Is it at all possible to get a copy of the RPG info? I’ve been stringing people along for years in this game, and I’d like to be able to throw all the Merian creatures at them. Thank you very kindly and best of luck with your move.


  4. Sorry to post this here, but your Fan discussion board is having a few ‘page not found’ issues when trying to submit:

    Ioz totally could have gone for Tula. Those naysayers that are solely listing, “But Ioz is so old…” aren’t considering normal relationship dynamics that can develop. Obviously Tula cares for both, but that’s a given when you float around on a boat with someone for long enough.

    Most imporantly is the immaturity aspect of Ren. I’m running a World of Darkness campaign and have so for several years, exploring the mysteries of Mer’s seas and lands. My group has fleshed out items of Merian culture that would have always been overlooked in a children’s cartoon.

    Prostitution being a huge one. I was iffy on letting a player possibly ruin a childhood show of mine, but what I was presented was too enriching of a backstory for the local evening riders of Mer.

    The alien world of Mer is inherently evil, gearing itself since the corruption of Dark Water towards the more violent aspects, and areas of the world that may not come to light as often as they exist.

    But, to my point, when Ren, only having what Jenna had taught him and the few books available to him, came eventually upon Melody, a “beautiful” 6’3″ transvestite. You can understand how Ren, never having the chance to see a man behaving in this way in his solitary lifestyle, was a bit thrown off. As we explore more and more the character of Ren, while he is daring, and smart, he occasionally does get ahead of himself of hit items that he generally would have never come across, and he occasionally gets bewildered. If he sees a monster he hasn’t seen, whatever, it’s a monster, he attacks it; he’s brave. But a crossdressing 250 pound man is not something that he could just hack down because he didn’t understand it. It’s actually a riot each week to see the nonsense Ren has to put up with.


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