Testing out RedBubble

Check it out! For the moment, there are stickers and smartphone/iPad cases available with the PoDW logo. (As much as I love that dark red background, it’s too bad it won’t let users choose various colors–I’ll upload different cases with different background colors soon. Also, no t-shirts because I’m boycotting American Apparel for their horrendously sexist/exploitative/prejudiced advertising and other questionable business practices. Unfortunately, RedBubble/Zazzle/Society6 all use AA shirts, so…crap. Any suggestions for alternate websites/vendors?)

A note: for some digital illustration practice (and to kill time at my last job), months ago I decided to re-create the PoDW logo in Adobe Illustrator. It’s taken a bit of tweaking every so often, but I’ve finally got it as close as I’m going to get it. In addition, I’ve made greyscale and b&w/outline versions as well, and hope to put up more stickers/merch/etc. with all the logo variations. (EDIT, 2:45PM ET – just put up the greyscale and B&W logos, too! Would love input/suggestions on/for background colors.)

(And shout-out to Brittany and Ian for their other PoDW Redbubble work! Totally not meant to step on Ian’s toes, but now you have both a regular and a pixel version of the logo to choose from.)

And my ultimate goal is to make these vector files of the logo public under a Creative Commons license, so anyone and everyone can use them to create their own wares! As I said on RedBubble, the more PoDW swag there is out there, the happier our generation of geeks will be. (And the more attention the show will get, which may have a positive ripple effect…)

– – – – –

In other news…nothing to report. My grandmother’s having some major health issues, so I’ve started spending my weekends helping her while she’s in a rehab facility (proximity to relatives is one of the numerous reasons I wanted to be in Pittsburgh again), so that’s kind of robbed me of most of my free time. The site redesign’s definitely in the back of my mind, and I’ve been exploring less onerous CMSes to work with as well (WordPress is great, but kind of a beast). Little by little, it’ll get there…!

Hope you’re all doing well. Peace and hugs. 🙂

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