That recent screenshot redraw meme

Just sharing a couple of pieces of my own quick, intentionally sketchy art lately–these are redraws of screengrabs from The Game Players of Undaar (such awesome action poses in that episode!). The screenshot’s on top and my art’s on bottom.

Longtime visitors may remember that I used to draw a TON many years ago, all the way through my undergrad years, but somehow fell off the bandwagon (I guess photography while I lived abroad, followed by visual design while in grad school and working, had been my major visual outlets). But I really don’t want to let this slip. This meme was an awesome excuse for me to try my hand at this again, and to try painting the characters in a slightly darker and more detailed light than early-90s American animation allowed.

ARTISTS: you totally should try this yourself! And if you do, send me a link or a copy of your art and I’ll post it to the blog!

Ioz and Tula - The Game Players of Undaar (screengrab redraw)

Ren vs. the Korb - The Game Players of Undaar (screengrab redraw)

🙂 Thanks for humoring me.

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