To those of you who’ve emailed/contacted me…

I wanted to apologize, in case any of you happen to see this. My grandmother passed away at the end of May, after two months of attempting to recover from a major stroke. I was driving to her rehab center in Ohio almost every weekend between late March and late May to help take care of her, and it’s taken me a while to recover physically and mentally/emotionally from this whole experience, and to get back on top of things.

This isn’t meant as a pity-party–I just want to apologize and explain, because I’m still very much behind on a lot of my emails, and as some of you know, I tend to let PoDW-related emails pile up for a couple of months before replying to them in bulk. I’m also facing more big events in the months ahead, so it’ll be a while yet (and I seriously doubt there’ll be any site updates for the remainder of the year, beyond these occasional blog posts, unfortunately)…but I’ll at least try to write back soon!

Hugs to you all. Hope life is treating you all well!

2 Responses to “To those of you who’ve emailed/contacted me…

  • victoryleo19
    8 years ago

    Sorry for your loss 🙁

    Hope you get better soon, don’t rush it, we all appreciate everything you do with this website!

  • *hug!* Thank you for that. Sorry it’s taken me 2 months to even approve your comment–but I truly appreciate it.

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