CALL FOR HELP: organizing the site’s content

Do you have a few minutes? I’d love your help with a little activity.

This is an exercise called card sorting. I’ve created separate cards for the individual sections of this site, and I’d like to ask you to sort them in a way that you think makes sense to you.

There are NO RIGHT OR WRONG ANSWERS. Repeat: NO RIGHT OR WRONG ANSWERS. This is all about your opinion on what’s important and what’s not, and this will help me organize the site’s info in a way that makes sense for you all. If you have thoughts on content that’s not important to you, that’d be helpful, too!

Once again, you can access the card sorting activity right here.

If you have any questions or comments, you can comment here, or email me if you prefer to do so privately.



What I’ve been working on…

(Thank goodness for Illustrator’s pencil tool, to let me “sketch” these straight into vectors…so much easier than carving out every little detail with the pen tool!)


It feels like these images have held a lot of sway for a number of fans. I’ve seen people reference them in various ways over the years and marvel at the meanings behind the symbols. (These are the background “sigils”/”seals”/”coins” in the end credits of episodes 1-5.) So it seems only right to make vector files of these, so people can use and remix them as they see fit.

I’m definitely working away at a bare-bones redesign of the site (content/layout/interactions first, styles and graphics later), to use as a portfolio piece. My intention is to post the vector files of the logo and these 5 “coin” images there under a Creative Commons license. (SVG should do it, right? Would you all need any other file formats?)

Do you have any other images or symbols you’d like to see vectorized? (The Compass and the Treasures of Rule come to mind, but beyond that I don’t know.) Let me know!