Fan Fiction

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Desperate Times

Fun with Fangirls

The Continuing Saga of The Pirates of Dark Water

  • Author: Angelamii
  • 1 · 2

The Convergence Trilogy

The Mirror of Truth

  • Author: Son of Dangermouse
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  • Author: Frank
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Ren’s Past

  • Author: Jenny “Jennynot” Bradley
  • View

The Net, The Shell, and the Sword

  • Author: Laura
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Tula’s Past

  • Author: Elizabeth “Tula” Halvorson
  • 1 · 2

Pirates of Dark Water: The Origins

  • Author: Michaeljack
  • View

The Dark Journals


  • Author: Seria
  • View

Gargoyles: Seven Seas of Myrr

  • Author: Stephen R. Sobotka, Jr.
  • View

Fan-made Role-Playing Game

  • Author: Vin Diakuw
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