The Continuing Saga of The Pirates of Dark Water: part 2

Author: Angelamii

It has been three days since the castle, skull island had fallen into the dark water. Everyone was relieved to see it go down. Especially Ren. He knew of the turmoil that Tula had suffered by Dimitri’s control. And what might have happened if Dimitri had made her open the doorway. And the what made him cringe even more was that Dimitri almost made her his queen. But that wasn’t what was bugging him. For the last couple days, she had been having nightmares; visions. Stuff like that. He would hear her screaming at night. She would always keep saying that he would return. Ren of course didn’t believe that. He knew that Dimitri had fallen into the dark water. But Tula wouldn’t believe it and neither would Allistair. He believed that since Dimitri was already dead, the dark water wouldn’t have killed him. Allistair was still thinking about this, when Ren approached him. “Allstair, we’re getting ready to leave. Do you want to come with us. I think Tula would like that. I have noticed she has been relying on you for the last couple days.” “He laughs when he hears this. “I don’t think I would call it relying, son of Primus. Your the one that she has been relying on. You she has told her nightmares to. You were the one who was there when she needed someone to dry her tears. And you were also the one, to send the nightmares away.” “True.” says Ren. “But what else can I do? She still thinks he will be returning, but I can’t see how. He did fall into the dark water. No one survives the dark water.” “You and Tula did, right?” “Well yes,” says Ren. “But I had the jewels, and Tula fell in. The only reason why she survived was because the dark dweller wanted to use her to get to me. But Dimitri. No that’s impossible! She’s not thinking straight.” But then hears someone come into the room. It was Tula. “I’m not thinking straight! How can you say that?! This man was inside my head! He said we were linked! I can still hear him crying out! He is still alive I know it!” She then walks up to him and says, “I thought I could trust you, rely on you. I was wrong. Your just like Ioz and the rest of the men I had to put up with!” She then runs out of the room. “Tula wait!” He then runs after her. “I’m sorry!” It takes him awhile, but he catches up to her.

After he grabs and touches her shoulder. He turns her around and says, “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean it that way. You know I care about you. I just think that Dimitri is gone. He can’t come back.” He then pulls her into his arms. “I won’t let him hurt you.” But as he holds her, she looks up at him and says, “what if he can?” “Then I will deal with that, when the time comes.” He then lifts her chin and kisses her. And while they were kissing, Ioz comes into the room. When he sees Ren kissing her he stops for a minute. And for a while, he just stands there watching; finally he clears his throat, forcing Ren to step away from Tula.

“Ioz?!” When Tula hears this she turns around to see Ioz smiling at her. “Well, I..” but he never gets to finish because as he is about to say something to her, he looks at Ren; and sees the look on Ren’s face Ioz then changes his mind and leaves the room. Tula then turns to Ren and says, “you won’t always be here to stop him. You know that. I know he has finally excepted me as a warrior, but sometimes I wonder if he really does. Especially now since I have become your fiancé.” “What did you say?” Tula then smiles. “You heard me.” “What made you change your mind?” “It was you.” said Tula. “What you did. What you said. Everything. I knew you were fond of me. I just thought maybe it was pity or you just wanted to protect me.” “Then when did you know?” “It was when you came into my room and held me. You were always there to hold me.” she then walked up to him and said, ” I also remember how you let me to sleep in your arms. And that was when I knew. Seeing that you didn’t try anything while I was recovering. You never took advantage of me. I knew then I could trust you.” “But….” but she stops him in mid-sentence by placing her finger on his lips. “I wanted to thank you for taking care of me, I just didn’t know how. But now I do.” She then walks away from him, and starts moving towards the door. But as she reaches the door, she turns around to him and says, ” Ren, son of Primus, I Tula of Andorus love you, and I want be your wife.”

At first, Ren doesn’t say anything he just stands there. But then, he runs over to her and lifts her in his arms. “You mean it?” said Ren. “Yes Ren.” He then swings her up in air and swings her around the room laughing. But as he was swinging Tula around, he doesn’t notice Niddler fly by the room. And when Niddler Ren lifting Tula up in the air. He stops in his tracks. “Ren…?” Ren then turns around with Tula still in his arms. When he sees Niddler he puts Tula back down on the ground. “Oh, hi Niddler.” Niddler is dumbstruck. “What’s going on? Why are the two of you so happy? Tula?” She then smiles and Ren and walks over to where Niddler is hovering. “Ren has asked me to marry him, and I said yes.” When Niddler hears this he flies over and gives Tula a big hug. He had always liked her. He also knew how much Ren liked her, and now it was official. “Niddler? Nidd..ler?” “Oh I’m sorry Ren. Yes?” “I want you to go back to where Ioz and Allistair are. Tell them I have an announcement to make.” Niddler then nods his head and flies to give Allistair and Ioz the message.

Meanwhile as Ren and Tula watch Niddler fly away, Ren then places his hand on Tula’s face and gently caresses it. “I’m so happy Tula. I can’t wait for you to be my wife. You mean so much to me, and soon all of Octopon will know it to.” He then kisses her. And as they kiss Niddler has reached where Allistair is watching Ioz loading the Wraith.

“Ioz, Allistair! Stop what your doing! Ren has something he wants to say to you!” “What is it monkey-bird?” said Ioz. “You’ll see,” then Ren comes into the room holding Tula’s hand. Ioz. Allistair, Tula and I have something we have to tell you.” “Ok boy what is it?” asks Ioz . “Tula and I are going to get married!” “What!?” Ioz says. He then drops the box he is holding. “Was Ren mad? He couldn’t be serious.” But when Ioz looks back over to where Tula and Ren are standing, he can see from the look on Ren’s face he was quite serious. “He didn’t like it, but if that was what Ren wanted, so be it.” he says to himself. And he was still thinking about this, when he heard someone call his name. “Ioz..Ioz!” “What he then turned to see Niddler looking down at him. It seemed he had been thinking so much about Ren he hadn’t noticed Niddler fly next to him. “What do you want Monkey-bird?” said Ioz. “Aren’t you happy for Ren, Ioz? I think its wonderful Ren has asked me to be his ring-bird. He will probably want you to be his bestman.” When Ioz heard this he laughed. “Sure monkey-bird, sure. Now help me load the Wraith. We still have a quest, remember. And speaking of that, Ren what about the quest? Are you going to get married first, or finish the quest?” Ren then smiles and says to Ioz, “First we’ll return to Octopon and give Jenna the wonderful news. Then afterwards we’ll finish the quest for the rest of the four treasures of Rule.” “And Tula?” Tula then looked at Ren. “He wasn’t going to keep her from helping from finding the last of the treasures, was he?” But then Ren looks at her. “I know what your thinking Tula,” he then gently caresses her left cheek. ” Of course your coming with us. I don’t want to leave you out of my sight, that is until we get the last of the treasures.” He then kisses her softly on the lips.

Meanwhile as the two love birds are happily showing their affections with their friends, the Dark Dweller has brought Dimitri to his domain, but this time Dimitri is now just a wondering soul. When he sees the Dark Dweller he turns to him and says, “Why have you brought me here?” The Dark Dweller then laughs. “And here I thought a being of your intelligence you have would tell you why I brought here.” Dimitri then smiles. “Oh I get it, your mad because I had your pet Morpho killed. What a pity.” He then laughs. “Oh you laugh now.” says the Dark Dweller, but now since I brought you to my domain, you belong to me.” When Dimitri hears this, he walks up the gushing ooze and says, “No! You cannot control me!” But the Dark Dweller begins to smile. “On the contrary I do control you. See if you want to return to the surface, you need me to get you there, that is if you want to still open that doorway of yours.” “I’m listening.” The Dark Dweller then smiles and tells him his plan of taking over Mer as well as getting rid of the Son of Primus.

I’m listening,” said Dimitri. The Dark Dweller then shaped itself into a normal sized man about Dimitri’s height. He then walks over to where Dimitri is standing and says smiling. “How would like to be able to open your doorway to your world and get your woman at the same time?” At first Dimitri just stands there. But then smiles and says nonchalantly,”what woman?” “Oh you know what woman I mean, creature. Don’t try to fool me. Once you entered the dark water your thoughts were mine, and don’t worry you can have her; that is after I get rid of the boy.” “Aren’t you worried about the treasures of Rule?” Yes, but if I stop the boy from finding them, the boy wont’ be able to get rid of the dark water.” Dimitri then begins to laugh. “So you read my mind, I see. I underestimated you. You are a brilliant creature. I didn’t give you enough credit. But I’m sure there is a catch. What do you want in exchange or is there more to your plan?” “My plan is this: I will give you a kind of human form that will allow you to return to the surface; then you will be able to find the wench as well as the boy. Are you interested?”

At first Dimitri doesn’t say anything, he just stands there and folds his arms across his chest. But then finally he agrees. “Good! Now just stand still and close your eyes!” “Why?” “Just do it. I’m going to cover my liquid over you so I can change your form.” The Dark Dweller then covers Dimitri with his liquid changing Dimitri’s demon form to a pale white man wearing a black suit that a nobleman would wear. He then moves back, allowing Dimitri to see his new form. “So what do you think?” Dimitri then looks at himself and smiles. “I like it!” “Good. Now you will need help.” The Dark Dweller then creates with its dark liquid three kinds of demons. “They look like harpies.” “Harpies? Oh.” He then laughs. “Oh I see what you mean. That is what you call them. These are not harpies, but if you wish to call them harpies so be it. These creatures are of evil origin. They came long before the House of Primus was formed. They died of diseases, hundreds of years ago. They will serve you well.” Dimitri then smiles at the Dark Dweller and says, “Let’s get started!” Meanwhile, Ren and Tula are getting aboard the boat, but as they get aboard Tula stops halfway up the plank. “Ren, who is going to give me away. My father..” She then begins to feel tears fall from her eyes. Ren then stops and turns around. “Don’t worry Tula we’ll find someone.” But unknown to Ren Allstair is listening. “Don’t worry my child. I have already taken care of that.”

After setting sail for Octopon Ioz asks Niddler to steer for a while. “I want to talk to Ren for a second, so take over for a while, but don’t’ let it get to your head.” he said while holding Niddler by his neck. “Gulp!” He then took over the steering wheel, and watched Ioz go over to where Ren and Tula were standing; and from what he could see Ren had his arms around her with her back to him. He then walks up to them. “Ren could I talk to you for a minute, alone?” Ren then turns around and looks at Ioz. “Alright Ioz.” He then kisses Tula softly on the lips and follows Ioz into the cabin.

After they get inside Ioz closes the door behind him. He doesn’t want the others to hear, especially Tula. “Ren we need to talk.” “About what Ioz?” says Ren. “Are you sure your not rushing into this? What I’m trying to say is, why pick Tula. Why not my sister, Solia? You liked her, and she is a lot better then Tula.” At first Ren doesn’t say anything. He just looks at him. Ren then puts his arms behind his back, and says, “I take it you don’t approve. Is that right?” Ioz then smiles. “Well it doesn’t matter. I don’t care what you think. And anyway, you knew how I felt about her. So it doesn’t matter what you say or do. I have made my choice. I know Jenna approves of Tula. She told me herself. And besides that she can take care of herself. She has proven that in the past.” Ioz has to nod when he hears this. “Alright Ren, you have me there. I just don’t like.” He then starts to go towards the door, when Ren stops him. “Ioz do me a favor, I know you don’t approve of Tula, but do me a favor and give her some slack. And if I ever hear that you hurt her, you will have me to deal with!” Ioz is shocked when he hears this. He knows Ren can’t take him, but its the look that Ren gives him that makes him wonder that Ren would still might try to do it anyway. “Alright Ren. I’ll back off for now.” He then leaves the cabin.

After he leaves the cabin Ren comes out. Tula runs over to him. “Ren is everything ok?” “Of course it is.” “What did you and Ioz talk about? What is it about me?” Ren smiles. “Look you let me worry about Ioz, okay?” At first she doesn’t say anything, but then nods her head in acknowledgement.

After a couple days the Wraith lands at Octopon’s harbor. When it docks Jenna is waiting for them. She waits patiently as the plank is lowered onto the dock and Ren and his crew come down the plank. But then suddenly she notices something, Ren is holding Tula’s hand. “Had something happened?”, she asked herself. After Ioz, Allistair, and Niddler come off the plank Ren and Tula come down. Ren then releases Tula’s hand and goes over and hugs Jenna. He then introduces Jenna to Allistair.

At first as Jenna shakes Allistair’s hand she doesn’t recognize him, but then when she gets a closer look at his face she does. “Oh Allistair! How long has it been?” Allistair smiles. “It has been a while, hasn’t Jenna.” Allistair then turns to Ren. “Son of Primus, I’m not sure if you knew this or not but Jenna is my sister.” “What?! I can’t believe it! Jenna is this true?” “Yes.” she said. “But I haven’t seen you since,” she then puts down her head. He then places his hands on Jenna’s shoulder. “Its alight Jenna, because of Ren Chantal’s soul can now rest in peace. Dimitri is gone.” But as he says Tula walks up. She doesn’t believe that. She can still sense him. She can’t figure out why, but she still can.

“Oh,” Ren smiles. “Jenna I have wonderful news! Tula said yes.” “What?” At first she just stands there, but then it clicks. “You mean! Oh Ren I’m so happy!” She then hugs him and Tula. But as she does so she sees Tula’s face. “My dear aren’t you happy?” “Oh yes.” she says. “It’s just..” but she never gets to finish because Ren stops her by saying, “Tula, it’s ok.” He then puts his arm around her. “Jenna its a long story. We’ll talk more about it later. Right now I want to show Tula the royal treasure room, so she can pick out her ring.” “I have a better idea.” says Jenna snapping her fingers. “Go inside the lighthouse and wait for me.” “Why can’t we go inside the House of Primus Jenna?” asks Allistair. “Oh, they’re still some repairs to be done. I’m sure it’ll be done in a couple days, and now we also have a wedding to prepare for!” She says smiling. She then follows the others inside the lighthouse, escorts them into a large room and tells them to wait for her there. After a few minutes she comes back holding a small chest. She then hands it to Ren. “Open it Ren.” He does so and inside is a pink sapphire ring. “Oh Jenna it’s beautiful!” “That is the ring your father gave your mother. He gave it to me after she died. He asked me when you found the one you wanted to marry to give you this ring.” He then takes the ring out of the chest and takes Tula’s hand and places it on her finger. “Now its’ official! Now we’re truly engaged!” He says smiling. “Why not make it more official.” says Allistair smiling at Tula. It doesn’t take long because Ren then takes her in his arms and gives her a passionate kiss.

After a couple minutes Ren releases her and she looks at the ring on her finger. “Ren it’s so beautiful!” She then looks up at Ren and smiles. But as Ren and Tula have made their love official Dimitri and The Dark Dweller have begun their campaign so Dimitri can return to the surface. “Dark Dweller how long will it take for you to put me on the surface. I want to start as soon as possible!” “Patience Dimitri, I want to find the right place to set up the doorway to open to your world. Wait for me here.” The Dark Dweller then fades into its liquid substance searching through its liquid form for the perfect place for the plan to work. He knew he needed a place where a sacrifice can be made. He also knew that Dimitri wanted to make the woman called Tula his, but he wasn’t going to allow that. He had other plans for her. He wanted her to work for him, not Dimitri. And after everything was set, he would get rid of Dimitri. He was just another soul he had found. But unknown to the Dark Dweller, Dimitri had found one and had hidden one of his spell books. “Oh he still was going to open the doorway, just as he had said he would to the Dark Dweller, but there would be one slight difference, he was going to control the Dark Dweller as well as have the woman become his queen.” he said to himself as he watched the Dark Dweller fade into it’s liquid lake.

Meanwhile as Dimitri prepares him for his change and return to the surface, Ren, Ioz, Niddler, and Tula prepare the Wraith for leaving Octopon’s dock. And as they are setting up the dock Ren looks and Tula and thinks about the night before. After he had announced their engagement and the others had turned in, he and Tula had gone out to the dock to watch the sunset go down. He smiled at himself, “Father even though you are not around, I know how you must have felt when you found my mother; because that is how I feel about Tula.” But as he thinking this Ioz is walks up to him and taps Ren on the shoulder. “You’re not thinking about Tula again, are you?” he said in a sarcastic voice. “Right now you should be concentrating on the quest!”

At first Ren doesn’t say anything, but then he turns to Ioz and says, “You don’t like me bringing Tula, do you? Well your not in charge, I am.” He then places his arm on Ioz’s shoulder and says, look, I know you may think that my mind is on Tula; it is, but I am also thinking about the last four treasures.” He then turned towards where the Wraith is pointing. “The minute we leave the harbor the compass will point to the next treasure. So relax.” Ioz then mumbles something else, but then nods his head in agreement. “Al right, you seem to know what you’re doing, for now anyway.” He then walks away from Ren. Soon after they the dock, Ren goes to the front of the Wraith and points the compass out at the open sea. Suddenly a blue light comes out of the compass. “Follow the light Ioz, steer the Wraith towards to where the light is pointing!” Ioz does so. But as they do, unknown to them the dark Dweller is getting ready to send Dimitri back to the surface. ” When you reach the surface, you will placed in the city of Octopon. But before I change you, you must remember one thing when you first see yourself you may not recognize yourself.” Dimitri nods his head. “Just get started. I have a world to conquer!”

At first the Dark Dweller then just stares at him, but then covers Dimitri’s entire body with it’s liquid hands. After about a minute or so, the Dark Dweller moves up towards the surface of Mer’s sea and with careful accuracy places Dimitri on the surface. He then slides back into the sea, making sure no one sees him. After the Dark Dweller leaves Dimitri looks at his reflection on the sea, and to his surprise and amazement he sees he has completely changed. “Amazing! When I take over this pathetic world, I have to find out how the Dark Dweller does this trick.” He then smiles. “Excellent now all he needs is a boat. He needed to find an island perfect for his temple so he can open the door to his world. He looks around the dock, and that’s when he sees Konk flying on a dagron. “Perfect! That creature will do nicely.” now all he needed was to get the creature to come back down. “I wonder if I can still control others like I could when I was a vampire?” He then looks straight up at Konk and concentrates on him. “Come to me small one! Come to me!” he says in his mind. He then opens his eyes, to see the dagron was coming down to land. “Excellent.” He then waits for Konk to get off the dagron and come up to him. When Konk reaches him, Dimitri asks him where his master is. Konk points towards where the Maelstrom is docked. “We need supplies.” says Konk. “Oh you’ll need more than supplies fat one, I want you to take me to your master Bloth. He is going to have one more thing on his boat, me!” “Yes master.” says Konk. He then leads Dimitri to where the Maelstrom has been docked.

Meanwhile as Konk leads Dimitri to the Maelstrom, the Wraith has landed near a small island. Ren then points the compass to where the light is pointing, and to his amazement it’s pointing at a large mountain. But unknown to them on top of the mountain lives a large dragon; and behind this dragon there was a cave, and in this cave was where one of the treasures of rule were hidden. The dragon was guarding the stone.

After they set on land, Ren, Ioz, Niddler, and Tula start looking around the island. Ren knew the treasure was somewhere. Suddenly they heard thunder, at least they thought it was thunder. But it wasn’t, it was the dragon. It had seen them land, and now seeing them on the island it was now flying over them; it’s wings flapping so hard it sounded like thunder. At first, they all think a storm is coming when Tula begins to sense the creature flying above them. But unknown to Tula, the dragon has also sensed her presence as well. “Ren!..” but she never gets to finish because then the dragon swoops down and grabs her. “Tula! Not again. Bring her down lizard!” But the dragon just looks down at him smirking at him with its catch. “Let me go, please! We mean you no harm.” She then places one hand on her head, and on the creature’s leg. And is if by command a bluish-light comes surrounds her. It then touches the dragon’s leg. “Please we mean you no harm. Please put me down.” But the creature doesn’t obey her.

It then brings her to the top of the mountain. “We have to get up there! “Ioz get the hand-glider! We have to rescue Tula!” “Easy lad, easy. I know your worried, but let’s calm down first, okay?” Ren then nods his head. He knew Ioz was right, but Tula. “I just hope she is al right.” But just as he says this, Tula is trying to make friends with the dragon. She tries again to use her ecomancer abilities, and this time it works. The dragon this time obeys her commands. She even begins to sense why it had grabbed her. “Show me was is it you have to show me.” It then leads her into its cave and to Tula’s amazement, she sees a pink light. “It couldn’t be!” She then runs over to where she sees the pink light, and it is a pink jewel. “It has to be one of the treasures of Rule.” She then turns to the dragon. “Is this what you wanted to show me, my friend?” The dragon nods. “I don’t understand, how?” She then again places her hand on the dragon, but this time on the dragon’s head. She then uses her powers so she can merge with the creature’s mind.

After a couple minutes she pulls her hand away. “Ah.. I see, that’s why. It was because I put my hand in the wrong place.” But then as she is in contact with the dragon she finds out that Teron was it’s friend. ” You were a servant of Teron’s. He must have instructed you to sense ecomancers, that is why you brought me here.” She then pats the dragon on its head. Now take me back to my friends.” The dragon nods it’s head in agreement. It then puts its head down on the ground and Tula gets on. It then flies back down to where Ren, Ioz, and Niddler are trying to climb the mountain.

“Ren, Ioz! Look its that monster again, and look Tula is riding on it’s head. Tula then instructs the creature to get Ren, and put him on it’s head to. It then also grabs Ioz by the collar as well and they fly back down to the Wraith. “Tula, how?” Ren says, as the dragon puts him next to Tula. She then hands him the pink jewel. “This is why Ren. Somehow Teron must have trained this creature to sense and find ecomancers because that’s why it took me. It wanted to show me where one of the treasures were.” Ren then smiles and takes the jewel from her hand. “What would I do without you Tula?” he says smiling at her. “I don’t know Ren, but I’m glad we don’t have to find out.” She then taking a chance kisses his Ren on the lips. “What was that for?” he smiled. She just smiles, and then placing her hand on the dragon’s head once more sending more of her ecomancer energy around his head, “put us down near the boat.” It then nods its head and flies down to where the Wraith is docked.

And as they go down Niddler flies by, shocked seeing Tula control this large beast. He knew she could control dagrons, but this creature was no dagron. “Wow Tula! Your getting better with your powers!” he yells to her smiling. “Thanks Niddler.” she says. The dragon then lands by the Wraith, kneeling its head to the ground so Tula and Ren can get off. She then instructs it to release Ioz, who after being released gives Tula a dirty look and mumbles something walking back to the Wraith. After he has gone up the plank Tula, Ren, and Niddler laugh hysterically. “You did that on purpose, didn’t you?” she smiles after controlling he laughter. “Maybe.” she says. They then also get aboard the Wraith. And as they go aboard Tula stops and turns to where the creature is flying back to its home on top of the mountain. “Tula?” “Hmm.” She then turns to see Ren looking at her as if questioning what she was doing. “What?” He then smiles. “I guess I’m just amazed how much your powers have grown as well as your skill in controlling it.” “True, I admit I have gotten better, but after a while it still takes a toll.” She then walks over to Ren. “We had better get going. Ioz is probably driving Niddler crazy.” Ren then takes her arm and they go aboard the Wraith.

After getting the boat in ready to sail they set another course for another treasure of Rule. Ren and his crew continue their search for the last three treasures of Rule. But as they do this Dimitri has arrived at the Maelstrom. When they begin to walk up the plank to reach the deck of the Maelstrom Dimitri sees Mantus standing at the end of the plank, as if blocking it. He then waits until Dimitri and Konk reach the end of the plank, when he grabs Konk by the collar, and says, “What are you doing Piglet?! You know how Lord Bloth feels about excess baggage!” he says as he looks at Dimitri. “I’m sure you and I can make an agreement my friend, I believe even more so that your Lord Bloth will want to see me. I have a proposition for him.” “And that is?” says Mantus. “If your Lord Bloth brings me to a certain destination, you will receive a prize, no man has ever seen.” “Oh really!” says Mantus. “Do you have it with you?” Dimitri laughs. “I can’t tell you that my friend, now why don’t you lead me to where Lord Bloth is so I can discuss the details with him.” Mantus then leads Dimitri to Bloth’s cabin. He then knocks on the his captain’s door. “Lord Bloth you have a visitor!” A few seconds go by before Bloth opens the door, and when he sees Mantus and stranger. “Mantus what is the meaning of this? You know how I feel about unwanted passengers! Now throw him overboard!” and as Mantus is about to call one of the large crew members over Dimitri walks up to Bloth and says, “Lord Bloth before you throw me off, I wish you would hear me out, please. I think you might like what I have to say.” he says firmly. “Oh..” says Bloth lifting his hand stopping the crew man. “I will talk to you then. Come inside and we will discuss it.”

After Dimitri and Bloth go inside Konk walks up and says, “where is Lord Bloth, and how did Konk get here?” Mantus is shocked when he hears this. “You idiot!” he says slapping Konk on the head. “Don’t you remember you brought a man to see Lord Bloth!” Konk still doesn’t remember. “The last thing Konk remembers is flying dagron and looking for boy. Suddenly Konk is here, but Konk doesn’t remember.” “Hmm.” says Mantus. “Interesting. Maybe this stranger did something to you.” He then lifts up Konk and looks him over. There were no marks on his body from a needle. “Did you drink anything with this stranger, Konk?” “No.” says Konk. “Konk was just flying Dagron when somehow Konk fell himself drawn to stranger. Don’t know why either.” Mantus then turned from Konk. “Whoever this stranger is, I wonder what he wishes of Lord Bloth. I will have to ask him later what the stranger wants of him as well as tell him of my concerns about the stranger. But as Mantus is thinking this, Bloth is already under Dimitri’s control. He was a little harder this time, he guessed maybe because Bloth was in his own environment that he seemed to have a stronger will then he had at Dimitri’s castle.

Dimitri then has Bloth stand by the table while he searched through his maps. The Dark Dweller had told while he was changing his appearance that there was an island that had been used by Ecomancers in the past. It took him awhile but then he found it. He then brought it over to where Bloth was still standing. “Pirate!” he said as he spread out the map. “Look at this map! Do you know where this island is? And if so, can you get me there? And don’t lie to me! Your mind is mine. There is nothing you can do except obey my commands!” “Yes master.” says Bloth. The fat pirate then looks at the map. He then looks at Dimitri and says, “I know where this place is. I can take you there.” “Good, now I’m going to bring you of this hypnotic state, but when I do all you will remember is you and I had made deal where you had agreed to take me to this island. And that I had paid you a large value of money to get me to this destination, but nothing more.” He then snaps his fingers and Bloth comes out of the trance. “Do we have a deal Lord Bloth?” Bloth then turns to Dimitri and shakes his hand. “Of course. Wait here I will give the orders to change our destination to Island of Lost Souls!” Bloth then leaves his cabin.

After Bloth leaves the cabin, Mantus goes inside and sees the stranger looking at one of the maps. “Find anything interesting, stranger?” “What?” says Dimitri as he looks up. “Oh, it’s you Mantus. I didn’t see you come in.” “Who are you? And why are you interested in Lord Bloth?” “This concerns you,” says Dimitri. Dimitri then begins to laugh. He then walks over to where Mantus is standing. He then puts his hands on his shoulders and says, “My friend I know you don’t trust me, and I respect that, but at the moment I can’t tell you what and your Lord Bloth discussed in this room. But just in case, to ensure that you don’t get in the way, I will tell you this, if everything goes according to plan, you might be taking over this boat. How do you like the sound of that?” At first Mantus just stands there. He can’t believe he’s hearing this. “You do want to take over the crew, Bloth is getting old, and soon the crew will need a new captain. Wouldn’t you like that captain to be you?” Mantus is shocked by this. “And how would you do this?” Dimitri laughs. ” “At the moment, I cannot say but for just trust me. When your Lord Bloth gets me to my destination and everything is taken care of, you will be handsomely rewarded.” Dimitri then walks away from Mantus staring at him. And as Dimitri walked away, he knew he had Mantus right where he wanted him. Mantus was exactly as he expected; ambitious, and intelligent. The exact qualities he was looking for. Once he got rid of Bloth, he could use Mantus to continue on with his plan, that is after he opens the door to his world; and Tula by his side.

Meanwhile as Dimitri makes his plans, Ren and his crew are already on their way to the next treasure. Ren then walks over to the front of the Wraith, and again points the compass away from him. Suddenly the compass shoots out a blue light, but it isn’t aiming forwards; it’s pointing downwards. “What, the..Ioz, Tula, come here!” They then rush over also to see the light pointing into the ocean below. “It seems another treasure is down there.” says Ioz. “Who is going to go down there?” Ioz then laughs. “Well your not going down there,” he says sarcastically. “That’s enough Ioz! I will not have you treat her that way! Do I make myself clear?!” Ioz then looks at Ren’s face. He had seen this face before, and it wasn’t a good sign. “Alright Ren.” he says as he lifts his hands up in surrender. “I’ll go. Tula you stay here. And Ioz, you keep your mouth shut. If I hear one complaint from Tula when I come back up, you and I will have to have a nice long talk, and it won’t require conversation.” Ioz then nods his head and steps back. They then watch Ren jump into the ocean.

When Ren reaches his destination, to his shock he sees a large serpent. It was long and green. But that wasn’t what surprised Ren. He knew of these serpents, but this one was different. And it was because the compass was pointing right at it. He then swam closer, now the compass was pointing towards the serpent’s chest. “The treasure must be inside. But why would a serpent eat a stone?” And that’s when it dawned on him. “It must have eaten a treasure of Rule that evolved.” he says to himself. “And since the treasure is inside you, that means you must die.” He then swims towards the serpent, hoping to surprise it, but it has seen him. It grabs him with it’s tail and squeezes him, trying to knock him out. He tries to struggle, but he can’t get free. He also knew he didn’t have time left; he would out of oxygen soon; and as Ren is struggling Tula is pacing back and forth. Suddenly she feels something. “Ioz! I can sense danger! Ren is in trouble!” “Your overreacting wench.” but she is sure. She then uses her ecomancer powers so she find out what has happened to Ren. The energy then slides down from her head and into the water.

It soon reaches the serpent who has Ren in it’s clutches. Sensing something is wrong, she then to jumps into the water. Ioz tries to stop her, but by the time he gets to her she has already jumped in. “Ren! Hang on. I’m coming.” She then desperately swims towards Ren. When she reaches where Ren is, she sees the serpent. At first she tries to pull Ren loose, but she isn’t strong enough. She has to do something. She knew Ren was running out of air; and that’s when it hit her. “She could use her ecomantic powers, but that would mean she would be using all of her strength. She hoped Ren would know this, so he could get her back to the surface. She then touches the serpent with her hand, and using her ecomantic powers, she forces the serpent to release him. It takes a few moments, but then it finally releases him.

After he’s free, Ren notices Tula pass out. He rushes to her side, and grabs her. He then holding her with one arm wrapped around her waist swims up to the surface. He also knew he had to hurry, it wouldn’t take long for the serpent to reach them. He soon reaches the surface. “Ioz! Hurry take her! He’” he says trying to catch his breath. “Ok lad, hang on.” Ioz then takes Tula from Ren’s arms, but as he takes her, she wakes up. “I’m ok. Let me go Ioz.” but as he releases her, she begins to swoon. He tries to grab her, but she pushes him away. And as Ren is about to get on the Wraith, he is grabbed by the serpent. “Ren! Hang on!” She then again tries to get to him, but this time Ioz stops her. “No Tula! Stop! You can’t help him in your condition! Your too weak!” “But I’ve got to stop him!” and that’s when it hits her. “I have an idea Ioz.” She then shoots her ecomantic energy from hand at the beast. “Creature! Release my friend.” it does so. “Now come to me!” it does that to; and by this time with Ioz’s help Ren is back aboard the Wraith.

After seeing that Ren is safe, she then turns her attention back to the serpent. She then again touches the serpent. “My friend.” using her ecomantic energy; ” We don’t want to hurt you my friend, but you have inside you a treasure of Rule. Please give it to me and you may return to your home.” At first, the serpent just stands there, but then suddenly it upchucks a small creature from it’s body. And to everyone’s shock, the creature is still alive! It then leaps into Ren’s arms. “How is it possible?” “I don’t know Ioz,” says Ren, “but somehow, this creature uses the power inside it to keep it alive. The serpent then returns back to the sea. After the serpent returns back to the sea, the little creature jumps from Ren’s arms and into Tula’s. “Isn’t he cute! I think he evens looks like the one we saw on that Amazon Island.” “Yes he does.” It then runs into the cabin with Ioz, Tula, and Ren staring at it in wonder. “Well at least now, we only have two more treasures to go. He then again points the compass again towards the front of the Wraith and it again shoots out a blue light. “Steer towards where the light is shooting towards Ioz.” Ioz then nods his head and they head for the next treasure of Rule.” And as Ren and Tula put their arms around each other, Dimitri is already near his destination; to where he plan of conquest will begin.

Meanwhile as Ren and his crew are heading for the next treasure of Rule, Dimitri is being told by Bloth that they should soon be near the island that Dimitri had wanted to go to. “Excellent Lord Bloth! Now after we get to the island, I need you to do me one favor, but this favor will not be under my control. And I also think you may enjoy this!” He then snaps his fingers, and suddenly Bloth opens his eyes. Bloth as if just coming into the cabin crosses his arms across his chest in a mockish of saying, “What do you want now pose,” looks at Dimitri. “How would you like to help me rid your world of the boy called Ren?” “What?! How? Tell me more stranger.” Dimitri laughs as he hears this. ” After we land on the island and I get off, I want you and your crew to get the boy, by the time we reach the island, they’re will be some items I need from a friend of mine. After I get these items, I will then give you instructions where to find the boy and his crew.” Bloth then smiles, “go on, you have my attention.” Dimitri then laughs even harder. “This fool was so easy he almost felt guilty for putting him under, hell he should have kept him under and continued on with his plan, but no matter everything he needed to get done was getting done anyway.

“After I tell you where the boy is, I want you to bring me one of the crew, you can do what you want to the rest, how does that sound?” “I like the way you think stranger.” Bloth says smiling. “Good.” “And whom do you wish me to bring back for you?” “The one called Tula.” “That wench!” Bloth then laughs, but then he looks at Dimitri. And the way Dimitri looks at him, Bloth suddenly gets the idea that this wasn’t a joking matter. “Ok..ok.” he says raising his hands in a surrendering pose, “you got it.” he then leaves the room. “At least if everything goes according to plan, I will be rid of that fat fool shortly!” He then goes back to study the map the Dark Dweller had given him before it had returned to the sea. And on this map, he saw the island, the same island he found in one of Bloth’s maps. He knew this was the place for where he could perform the ritual, and soon he would rule this planet, with Tula by his side. He then laughs again looking out onto the sea.

Meanwhile as Dimitri is planning his next move, the Wraith has approached an island. But this island was different. It seemed to appear out of nowhere. At first they don’t even notice it, until Tula puts her finger to her forehead and says, “Ren! I sense danger!” and that’s when she points to where the spot the island. “Where did that come from?” says Ioz. “Its not on the map.” Ioz then goes inside the cabin and checks the other maps, and isn’t on them either.” Ren I have checked all the maps, and that island isn’t’ on any of them.” “But how?..” and has Ren is about to say something else, Tula then grabs Ren’s arm. “Ren! Someone’s there! Someone is on that island!” Ren then gets the telescope and points it toward the island. But when he focuses on the island he is amazed but it isn’t the man he sees but a large variety of flowers, and all in different colors. “Oh Ren it’s so beautiful! Do you think we could go pick some?” she says smiling at him. Ren laughs. “I guess it would be alright, but only for a couple minutes,” and that’s when it happens. Suddenly the compass begins to go wild. The blue light then shoots out towards the island of the beautiful flowers. “Ren do you think, maybe we have found another treasure of Rule.” “It sure looks like it.”

He then tells Ioz to land the Wraith near the island. But when they get off the Wraith and start to search for the missing treasure, Tula suddenly begins sense something. At first she thinks she is imagining it, but then the sensation she feels gets stronger; As if she had a headache her head started to pound. She then began to feel dizzy.. When Ren sees this, he rushes to her side. “Tula what is it?” She tries to tell him, but the pounding, and the pain, she then crumbles to the ground. Seeing this, Ren catches her halfway. He then while holding her in his arms says to her, “Tula, wake up! C’mon now wake up!” He then holding her with one arm taps her on one side of her cheek. She then finally wakes up. “Ren I’m ok.” and that’s when notices the dirt on the ground. “That’s the same kind of dirt that I saw Teron say he was feeding on. And its’ also the same kind of dirt that I used when I found out I was an ecomancer.” she says to herself. “Ren” she says as he helps her from the ground. “There is an ecomancer here.” “How do you know?” She then points to the dirt and explains to him about it being the same kind of dirt she used when she found out she was an ecomancer.

At first Ren doesn’t say anything. At the moment he mind is elsewhere. He was more concerned that she was alright. He keeps one arm around her to make sure she is still steady, but Tula pulls free. “I’m fine Ren. Really, I’m ok. You can let go of me.” He then nods and releases her. And as they are walking through the flowers. But unknown to Ren and his crew there was someone one the island. And he was watching them as they walked through the beautiful flowers. He then looks down at the stone in his hand, it was because of the stone he had become this way. He remembered how Primus had warned him not to touch it, that it was cursed. But it was so beautiful, sitting there.” He remembered the first time that he, Primus as well as the rest of the crew had landed on the island. Primus was sure they had found a treasure of Rule. The compass had pointed to this island, so he was sure it was there. But when they got to the island, all they saw were flowers. Beautiful flowers. Pinks, blues, purples. Almost a rainbow of colors. You could spend hours and he meant hours picking the lovely blossoms. He remembered how Primus didn’t like the looks of it. At first he didn’t say anything when we reached the island, but then he started to act strange. We weren’t sure why but suddenly he told the crew to go back to the ship; that he would search for the treasure. Magnus also remembered how Avagon tried to stop Primus but he wouldn’t listen. When she couldn’t convince him, finally after making sure the rest of the crew were out of ear-shot he said that he had a funny feeling that this island may not be what we think it is. The flowers could be a decoy. He wasn’t sure. He wanted to look around and if there was a treasure on this island only a member of the house of Primus could get it. Magnus hated that! Why couldn’t someone else get it? It had always had to be Primus. He also thought maybe Primus would being overly cautious. He wanted to prove that there was no danger and that he was overreacting. He even suggested to Primus that he would help him look for it and if he found it he could show Primus how silly he was.

But he was wrong. When they did find the treasure it was surrounded by a bunch of large plants called The Pernicious Pitcher Plants. They were almost six feet tall. They were both amazed how tall they were. When they looked into the hole they saw a glowing object inside of it. At first Primus bent to get a better look when he did. Magnus noticed how the compass shot out the blue light as if it had spotted a Treasure of Rule. But when Primus tried to get it, Magnus rushed and pushed him aside and yelled to him. “I’ll prove you wrong! You’ll see!” He then reaches into the hole and grabbed the stone and pulled it out of the hole. And to his horror when opened his hand the stone now looked like a bulb and that’s when it happened. The bulb started to glow a bright light, almost a rainbow of light.

Suddenly the tall plants started to hover over them. It hovered closer and closer nearly touching them. And that’s when Magnus noticed his mistake which now he blamed Primus for. He pushed Primus out of the way just in time to save him, but now himself. The Pernicious Pitcher Plant shot spores at him, and he was suddenly covered in them. Primus tried to brush them off, and when he finally did, he was struck in horror to his friend and crew mate changed into (pick name of creature later). He then looks over at Ren and sees him with one of the crew members, and from what he could see they seemed quite affectionate towards one in other. “Interesting. The son of Primus has grown into quite a man!” Magnus grips his hands into a fist. “Because of you Primus I am like this, and if I can’t get my revenge against you, I will gain revenge against your son!”

He also knew about Captain Bloth, and that he was also looking for the treasures of Rule. He couldn’t let him get the treasures. He had to have the son of Primus get them. But how was he going to hide the treasures of Rule.

He looked around the island, and all he could see were the flowers that grew on the island. And it always amazed him how even with the dark water, these beautiful flowers could grow in such an abundance! He had to put the jewel somewhere, but where. He knew Tula would find it, especially since she was an ecomancer. But how could he have communicated with her; ecomancers weren’t telepathic. Could it have been the stone?” he said to himself. He then looks at the three crew members, maybe he could separate them. And if these were close friends of the Son of Primus, maybe hurting them will be a way of making him pay for his father’s deed to him. If only the boy’s father had just allowed to get the stone; he wouldn’t look like this, and he would have been rich with all his deepest dreams.

And as he watches Prince Ren and his crew Dimitri was busy setting for the next part of his plan. As he studies the map he thinks about his master. And he didn’t mean The Dark Dweller. Suddenly one of Bloth’s crew members runs into the cabin. “Dimitri! We have spotted an island, and it may be the island you have been searching for!” “What?!” he yells to the crew member. He then jumps up from the chair and runs outside. When he reaches the bow he sees the island that Dracula as well as The Dark Dweller had described. The island was beautiful. It had three large pillars in front of a small temple. He also had learned from the Dark Dweller the island had been removed of its human contents. But even though it killed all the humans on the island, it left the temple as well as the pillars untouched. There had to be a reason, but why? Could this Dark Dweller could have been a god? Maybe?” he wasn’t sure.

It was unknown, but for now Dimitri was happy for what he had been brought to. The temple would be perfect for the ceremony as well as the ritual. “There was just two problems I have to contend with,” he said to himself. “The fat pirate and my competition for the girl.” he knew he could easily have the two men kill each other but that would be to easy.” He then started walking around the temple. He knew this place would be perfect for the ceremony. There was just one problem, even though he had gotten one of the spell books out before the castle crashed into the sea; he still needed the other two, but how could he reach them? Dimitri then walked over to edge of the island staring at the blackened sea. “My evil counterpart you may given me this body but you don’t own my soul. My soul belongs to the Great Count Dracula.” and though he wanted to serve his master, he didn’t have the two necessary books he needed to perform the ceremony. They had also had gone to the bottom in the sea with the castle.

He could use the creatures that the Dark Dweller had given him, but that wouldn’t do. They were probably more loyal to the Dark Dweller more then him. That wouldn’t do. He needed his own creatures, but how?” and that’s when it hit him. “If only I could the other spell to create monsters. Monsters from the nightmares of man. But I would only need one creature for this duty. I could use to get the girl, kill the boy as well as the fat pirate.” but after he says this he laughs. He wanted the boy to suffer, and just killing like he had killed Morpho was to easy. He wanted the boy to suffer. The pirate on the other hand was just a bother. An easy kill.” Dimitri then walked over and sat down on floor of the temple. He had to think what was the spell, but he couldn’t remember, but then suddenly it him; the crystal ball. He could use that.

All he needed was to create one, that wouldn’t be to hard. He had done it in the past when Darius was alive. He then got up and walked over to the center of the temple and sat down Indian style; closed his eyes and began to chant. Crystallius Globus De Lucerna Conspici Penes Meus; Sic Je Facre Agere Talis Domere Inubere.” And as he says these words, he claps his hands together and held them tight. Suddenly a light appeared inside his hands, glowing like fire. He then opened his hands slowly saying the same chant again, and after a few minutes a crystal ball appeared his hands. “Excellent! Now to create the perfect monster so I can continue on with my plan!” He then began to laugh, and that’s when it hit him. The Dark Dweller. What about him, as well as the creatures; the harpies had created for him. He could still use them, but would they be more loyal to him or to the Dark Dweller. He didn’t know but that was the chance he was willing to take. He then shut his eyes and said in his mind. “Creatures from the depth of the Blacken Sea, come forth! Come forth to me now!” suddenly three large tall blobs appears.When they approach the island they then take a creature-like shape and become what Dimitri has named them harpies. and stood before Dimitri bowing to him as they approached.

And as Dimitri commands his evil creatures, Ren, his fiancé Tula, Ioz and the monkey-bird are searching the island for the strange occupant that lived there not knowing the danger they were in.

“Ren I can almost sense where this being is…” “Tula what is it?” says Ren to see her pointing towards a large cave and surrounding the cave are purple orchids. The scent was almost intoxicating. They then approach the cave. When they reach the cave, Ioz walks in front of Ren and Tula. He doesn’t like the cave. He had a bad feeling about it. “Ren I’m a pirate and I have seen a lot of things that could easily make you turn dead pale white, but.” “What Ioz?” says Ren. “This cave. There’s something about it, but I can’t put my finger on it.” But Ioz isn’t alone on this; Tula to also gets a strange feeling about the cave. “Ren I hate to say this but I agree with Ioz on this. There is a great evil in this cave. Whatever is in there should not be disturbed.” and as she says this she shivers as if a cold breeze swept over her. But just as Tula felt this cold breeze Ioz notices a small sign hidden behind a large green bush. He pushed it aside so he could see what the sign said. But when he did, there was something covering it. He then started to brush the dust off the sign when Tula grabs his arm. “No Ioz! Don’t touch it!” He jerks her hand away. “Spooky Wench!” “Ioz wait!” Ren yells grabbing Ioz’s hand. “Tula may be right. I don’t think you should touch it!” “Why should I? What does she know?” and just Ioz says this Niddler calls them.

“Ren! Ioz! Tula! Look the plants surrounding you. They look like they’re closing in all around you!” Tula tries to use her ecomantic abilities to stop the plants. And as she is about to use her powers something strange happens. She notices that Ren’s pouch is glowing. “Ren! Look the’s glowing!” “What?!” He then looks down to see the pouch beginning to glow; then as if a chain reaction had started Ren’s compass to started to glow. The blue light then shot out of the compass. “This must have something to with one of the treasures.” He then walks over, holding the compass and went to touch the sign. “Ren! Wait!” but he lifts up his hand. “No Tula. I want to try something. Bare with me please.” He then as he holds the compass gently brushes off the dust. And as he brushes off the dust, the plants move back, as if afraid. “What’s going on this J’taten island?!” “I don’t know Ioz, but maybe this sign will explain it to us.” After they read the sign Ioz starts to go inside the cave with Niddler right behind him.

And as they walk in Tula suddenly gets a strange feeling. The same kind of feeling that she would received when she was near dark water. “Ren there is danger in that cave. Great evil! We have to stop them from going in there!” But it was to late they were already inside. “Look you wait here, I’ll go in get them.” he said touching her arm. He then went inside, not knowing that the stranger was watching.” Soon Prince Ren, you are your friends will discover the evil in that cave.” he said smiling. He then looked behind him to see his little friends behind him. He wasn’t sure what these creatures were, but after he released them from the cave they obeyed his every command. And as he looked at these little creatures called Gulams how he had found them after he had transformed. It took him awhile to figure out what he had become. He was now a Demonic Strangler. Somehow the plants had turned him into a Demonic Strangler.

He also knew that once they reached the end of the cave they would find the same thing he did except these creatures that were frozen were now released. He then thought that’s when the pirate would see the bright light at the end. He could even see the pirate walking over to the light not knowing the danger he was walking into. He then laughed, soon they would replace these creatures. He then thought about the apparition he had found. And it was the apparition that had kept his little friends frozen. They had been put there originally as guardians for the spirit. But when the dark water had been released the creatures suddenly changed. She had no other choice, but to turn them to stone.” And as he said this one of the little Galums then jumped in his arms and said. “Once he sees her, she will tell him about his little friends and how they had been released. And ever since their release her powers to protect the island from dark water would diminish she would need a new guardian to protect her. And he would have to replace them. But if the creatures were brought back and turned back to stone the island would be safe. And he knew that wouldn’t happen.” he then looked back at the girl standing there waiting for her young prince to return. He knew that the boy would not make it in time. He then ordered his little friends to get the girl, but not to hurt her. The Gulams then ran towards her. He then watched the four little beasts run towards her. When the Gulams got to where Tula was standing the four little beasts jumped on top of her forcing her to the ground. She tries to get up but as she falls back down. The little beasts then shove her hands into the ground making sure she can’t get up. He then appears. “Well done my friends. He then hands them some rope. “You two hold her feet, while the other two tie her hands then her feet.” The Gulams then smile and do just as they are asked; holding her feet while the other two begin to tie her hands. As Magnus watches his friends tie her feet she looks up at him. He smiles at her. He then turns back his attention to the Gulams watching one tie her hands while the other sits on her neck so she can’t push herself up. As she struggles she turns to him and says, “why are you doing this to me?” he laughs. ” The truth. You are my revenge.” “I don’t understand. What have I done to you?” “Not you.” says Magnus. “It’s the boy I am after. Well actually I would rather get back at his father, but he will do. See because of Primus I am this way. And since he is responsible I have to make him pay! He made me look like this. And if I can’t get vengeance on Primus I will get through his son, and your the bait. I want him to suffer as I had. First he will see h is friends turn to stone then he will watch you die!” He then lifts his hand and Gulams step away. He then grabs her by the neck and pulls her up. “Don’t worry your death will come fast.” he says smiling to her as she struggles against his grip.

But unknown to Magnus he is being watched by Dimitri. “So you think your going to use my bride for your revenge. I don’t think so.” He then looks at his minions that had been created. He could use them to keep away the pirates. Yes that would be best.” he thinks.” “But the creature who had his bride, they would never do. He needed a special demon to do this act. He would do it of course but since the change the new body that he had he could no longer change into smoke or into any animal-like form. He needed a creature that could fly.. Something that could get her as well as the kill the creature that had her.” He looked around the island, “maybe he could change one of the creatures here into something”, and that’s when he heard his master’s voice. “Dimitri! Dimitri!” the voice said in a loud whisper. “Master?!” Dimitri then turns and looks around. He still doesn’t see anybody.

At first he thinks he’s hearing things, but then he hears it again. “Dimitri!” Dimitri still doesn’t know where is master is calling him from. “Dimitri use the crystal ball!” “Yes.” And as he looks into the crystal ball suddenly a face appears. “Yes my son. It is good to see you to my son. You have changed, but that is alright.” “But master I can no longer change form.” his master laughs. “Don’t worry Dimitri I know. Remember no matter what happens I will always be with you.” “Yes master. What is it you wish of me?” “I take it you still want the girl, am I correct, my son?” “Yes master. But I have a slight problem, a creature has taken her, and since Darius is gone I have no way of getting to her.” “I see.” Dracula is silent for a moment. “Have you tried to summon or create any creatures from your mind?” “Yes master. These creatures I can use, but they cannot get to the girl.” “How about the creature holding her, can you control him?” “I don’t think so. Something is strange about him. He looks like a beast and sounds like a beast, but he sounds intelligent. I do not understand this.” “Hmm…interesting.” Dracula ponders for a second. “I see. Is he holding her?” “No master. There are small creatures doing this. There are about four of them. They look like small demons.” “Ahh.. I see. This is good. First we must get you a flying beast. Dimitri are there any creatures around you that can fly. Birds; for example.” Dimitri looks around. Suddenly he sees a large bird. It looks like an eagle, but much, much larger.

“Master.” Dimitri replies to Dracula. “I have found one. It looks like an eagle, but it is so big.” “Good. I don’t think it will matter about the exact size. But how big would you say it is?” Dimitri looks at the bird. He even circles it a couple times. ” I think it is as large as you when you are a vampire bat.” “Good. He will do nicely. You will have to make him much larger and almost beast like. He will have to have claws instead of talons. Understand?” “Yes master.” “Good. First I want you to make him as big as a gargoyle. And after you do that then you will change his form, but be careful, sometimes things can happen; so put the creature under your power and make doubly sure it cannot break your control.” Dimitri nods his head in acknowledgement. And as he is about to disappear Dimitri calls to him, “but master, I don’t have my books, the changing spells went down with the castle.” “I see. Relax my son, I already have a solution for that problem. I will give you a spell so you can retrieve the books that you need.” He then has Dimitri close his eyes. Suddenly the crystal ball begins to glow; and a voice begins to come out of the crystal ball. “Dimitri hear my voice, these are the words to summon the books that you need. ” Volumen De Malus, Creare Venire! Venire! but as Dimitri retrieves the words from his master; unknown to him the light from the crystal ball as well as the bright glow has received some attention of its own. “Lord Bloth! Look!” Bloth hearing this turns to see Mantus pointing at the bright light. “What by the two moons is that? Mantus you and Konk take two Dagrons out to find what that light is and where it is coming from?” “Yes Lord Bloth.” says Mantus. He then grabs Konk by the ear whom is trying to sneak away and throws him on one of the dagrons. And as they fly away they hear their lord yell, “Mantus Don’t come back until you find out what that the light is?!” “Yes Lord Bloth!” and they then fly towards where the light is coming from. When they reach the island, they see their passenger standing in front of a crystal ball; and to their amazement the stranger begins to float in the air. “Mantus what is he doing?” “Shut-up Piglet! I want to watch!” Hearing this Konk then turns away and continues to watch the stranger.

Suddenly he is brought back down to the ground. And as he reaches the ground, he opens his eyes and smiles. He now knew what he had to do to get the girl. He then bows before the crystal ball and says, “thank you master. I shall now perform the spell.” “Good my son.” and after saying this the crystal ball then floats back into Dimitri’s hands. He then looks over at the large bird and begins to chant. And as he chants the spell he rotates his hands in a counterclockwise motion. Avis Videre Coram Augere! Augere!” and as he chants the words to this creature it suddenly begins to change. It begins to get bigger as in sight as well as in weight. It is soon as tall as 10 ft tall. It even becomes so big that Mantus has to instruct Konk to move the Dagrons back a little so the large bird doesn’t see them. But it does, and when it sees Konk and Mantus it then begins to flap it’s wings getting ready to fly towards them. But before it can fly, Dimitri yells to it. “No my pet! Wait!” He wants to see what his pet is looking at and that’s when he sees Mantus and Konk on the dagrons.

“Oh so Bloth has sent someone to spy on me.” He then laughs. “That fat foolish pirate.” but then it hits him he could use one of the dagrons to merge with eagle. That would be a good demon.” He then points to his pet and yells, “Bring them to me. I want them as well as the creatures they are flying on.” the Demonbird then bows it’s head in obedience and flies towards the dagrons . When Mantus and Konk see this they try to fly away, but it is no use. And before they can to try to fly away the demonbird grabs them with it’s talons and flies back to it’s master. When it reaches Dimitri, he orders the demonbird to drop them to the ground.

“Drop your weapons you can do nothing to stop me!” and hearing this Konk kneels to the ground hiding his head under his hands begging for mercy. Seeing this Dimitri laughs, but when he sees Mantus’s face he stops laughing. “Your not afraid of me, are you Mantus. You remind me of my now deceased pupil Darius. I can use you when I take over this puny planet. Are you interested?” “What!? You want me?” Mantus now laughs. “What could you possibly offer me that my Lord Bloth has not offered?” Dimitri then smiles and walks over to him. “I can offer you immortality.”

At first Mantus does not say anything and Dimitri knows why. He knows that even though Mantus does not trust him, the immortality has grabbed his attention. “And if I agree to this, what do I get? I want more than just immortality.” Dimitri smiles. “Excellent!” but it isn’t Dimitri who says this. Suddenly a form appears before Mantus. And even though it is an apparition it still stands before him, almost solid. It then bows before Mantus and says in a wicked whisper. “My name is Lord Dracula. Dimitri is one of a thousand children born by me.” he then turns towards his son and says. “I need to take your form. Close your eyes and allow me to enter your body.” “What!?” yells Mantus. “How is that possible?” Dracula then smiles. he then watches his son close his eyes awaiting for his master to enter his body. When Dracula enters Dimitri’s body. He then says in his mind. “Now that we are one I’m going to take over your body, but this is only temporary. Once I bite Mantus I will then return with him and take care of the rest of the crew.” but then he looks toward Konk. “I don’t know what we will do with him. Maybe we will use him as a pet.” he then tells Dimitri that after he reaches the boat he will bite Bloth and get rid of the crew.

“Once that is done I will then leave your body and let you continue on with your plan, but before I do this I have one suggestion. Once you merge the two creates together! Make sure the creature can fly. Even have it fly over the water. Then once your sure then send it to get the girl.” And after saying this Dracula then takes over Dimitri’s body.

Meanwhile as Dimitri merges with his master Ioz and Niddler has found the spirit. But unknown to them Ren is right behind them. When he reaches where they are he sees it is too late, but then suddenly he hears a woman’s voice. “Are you a member of the House of Primus?” “Yes.” he then turns around to see a light take shape. “Good.” “Who are you?” says Ren. “That is not important.” Then the mysterious lady points her apparitional finger towards Ioz and Niddler and says. “You know them?” “Yes. But how?” “Not important.” She then frees them from her spell. Ren then turns towards the apparition. “Who are you?” “As I said that does not matter, but I need your help. There used to be creatures that guarded this cave, but when the dark water surfaced it changed them. I had no other choice, but to freeze them. I thought maybe one day a being would appear to reverse what the dark water had done. And he did. It was your father, King Primus. He was searching for one of the treasures of Rule.” “But how?” asks Ren. “Whenever someone or something lands on this island I can read their thoughts. When your father arrived he had another. This being was an ecomancer. Ecomancer’s are usually peaceful people. Not greedy. But this one was. He wanted the treasure for himself. He cared nothing about what would happen if all the treasures were not found. All he cared about was getting the jewels.

When your father found the spot where one of the treasures were kept this being tried to get it. The sign warned that only a member of the house of Primus could get the treasures, but he refused to listen. And as he reached to get it, the plants surrounding the treasure leaned over him. When he grabbed the treasure spores flew out of the plants and onto the man’s skin. After the Pernicious Pitcher Plant touched him, he began to change. He became a Demonic Strangler. I know Primus must have been shocked by what he saw, because he hid his face in horror. When his friend saw this he touched his face and screamed. He then ran into the cave. And that was when he found my guardians and me. When he saw me he thought I could help him. I said I couldn’t. I think it was an accident when grabbed one of the Gulams. Because all of a sudden it became free. As well as the others. It was like a chain reaction. He then laughed, he almost sounded like he had gone mad.

You must Son of Primus bring the Gulams back to me. Once that is done I again protect this island.” “What will happen if they stay free?” Ren asks. ” The longer they remain free the shorter this island will be. The island is slowly dieing. It is getting shorter and shorter every day. I know it is hard to understand, but you must help me.” says the spirit. “We will.” says Ren. He then starts to leave with Ioz and Niddler right behind him. But before they go, she calls to them one last time. “Wait! Son of Primus there is one more thing you should know. This being has your friend. Your lady. You must hurry. I think he means to kill her.” “But why?” asks Ren. “It is not you, but your father. Since he cannot get revenge against your father. He will take it against you.” Hurry!” when Ren hears this he wastes no time in getting back to Tula. And as he runs he hears Ioz and Niddler begging him to slow down. “I can’t! I won’t lose again! I won’t!” But as he runs towards the entrance of the cave Dimititri is getting ready to set into motion.

Meanwhile back on the island Dimitri and Dracula have finally merged. Dimitri then turns towards Mantus who is just staring at him and smiles. “Before I make you one of us, I want to show you what my kind can do.” he then turns towards Konk and bends down. “Little one look at me!” but Konk doesn’t. “Konk’s afraid!” “It is ok little fool I won’t hurt you. I’ll make the fear go away, now look at me!” Konk finally looks up and when he does Dimitri grabs him by the shoulders and makes him stare into his eyes. “Your getting sleepy, sleepy, until you cannot keep then open.” and as Mantus watches in amazement Konk’s eyes begin to close. Dimitri then steps back and smiles. “Well.” “Interesting Your grace.” says a smiling Mantus. “But I want to see more. Konk’s brain isn’t very big. You cannot do much with him, even Lord Bloth sees him as a fool.” Dimitri then smiles. “Oh really. Let’s see if I can make him more. He then looks back down at Konk. “Konk listen to my voice. Can you hear me?!” “Yes master.” says Konk. “Good. You are no longer a stupid pirate, you are now a monkey-bird. Good. Now look over at Mantus.” Konk does so. “Good. Konk, when you Mantus you actually see a minga-melon; I believe that is what monkey-birds like.” when Konk hears this he smiles and begins to flap his arms. Mantus laughs, but just as he begins to laugh Konk lunges at him and attacks. “What?!” He then raises his arm and back-hands Konk sending him flying almost into Dimitri. Seeing this Dimitri smiles. “Do you believe in my powers now? Now do you want to become one of us?” and before Mantus can make a decision Dimitri walks over and grabs Mantus. He then forces him to stare into his eyes. “You are mine Mantus! Look at me!” Mantus tries to fight the hypnotic glare but fails. Dimitri then raises Mantus’s neck and bites him. He then watches Mantus fall to the ground. He then waits for the change to occur. And after a couple minutes Mantus’s dead body begins to change.

laughs. “Good. He is now one of us.” he then closes his eyes and sees his master in his mind. “Master. We have another.” “Yes my son.” says Dracula. “And by you doing this, it gives me an idea. We’ll use him to get the girl. And remember he only has the beast kill the being, not the boy. I think you two have a score to settle since he was the one that killed Darius.” “Yes master.” Dimitri then opens his eyes.

Once that was done Dimitri calls his new apprentice over. “Mantus! Come here!” “Yes master.” He then shows Mantus how to control the large flying beast, by using his telepathic powers. “Once you have complete control over it, you then when using your powers you also must give him gestures; pointing; snapping your fingers to show the creature where he must go. Do you understand?” “Yes master.” says Mantus. “It is like how I control the dagrons.” “Good. Now let’s you try. Make the creature fly.” “Yes master.”

Mantus then walks over the flying beast and using his new telepathic abilities tells it to fly around the island. The creature does so. But then something strange happens. The creature was now flying near the ocean. Mantus tries to stop it, but it keeps going. Dimitri was afraid of this. This creature was not one of the creatures that he was used to. He hated merging creatures because he never knew what to expect. He even tries to get it to come back, but it refuses. “Come back! Come back!” Dimitri says in his mind. Still nothing. And as they watch Dimitri’s creation fly over the sea a small mass of dark water reaches out with liquid like arms and grabs the beast pulling it down into the sea. And as they watch the beast’s head being pulled down into the dark sea, Dracula says inside Dimitri’s head. “This creature, the Dark Dweller is a creature to tend with. Dimitri we have to hurry.” “But master how? I no longer have a creature to fly Mantus to the island.” “I know Dimitri. Relax my son! Now that I control your body I can summon a creature so you can get on with our plan.” “Yes master.”

And with Mantus watching Dimitri with Dracula controlling his body summons a creature. Mantus then watches in amazement right before his eyes the crystal ball levitates in the air. Dracula then takes the crystal ball and while rubbing it on each side, begins chanting, “Mist of Change come to thee and create an evil of death for me.” And as he says these words over and over the crystal ball suddenly begins shoot out a white like mist out of it’s crystal case. The mist then takes touches the ground and begins to take shape. Seeing this Dracula then starts to chant again. “Droch Mirroch! Now Nightghoul take shape before me!“. And as he chants the mist takes a solid form. And to Mantus as well as Konk’s surprise the creature begins to take shape. Dracula then bends down and points towards bottom of the mist. And as he points he slowly raises his finger as if measuring the shape. And as he does this the creature takes on it’s full form. First the legs. It’s feet like claws of a bird. It’s legs like a demons. Then Dracula then points to where the arms would be. And as he points claw like arms appear. Then the head. It’s face was human like. When Konk sees it he hides under his hands as if trying to hide from it’s horrible glare. The eyes dark red. Seeing these eyes could make any man or woman cringe in fear. Dracula then steps away from the beast. And as steps away bat-like wings appear on the creatures back.

He then calls Mantus over. “Mantus my newest pupil, this is a Nightghoul. This creature is from the darkest of hell. The Great Dark Lord himself used these creatures in the early days of when man and beast fought. It can kill anything or anyone!” He then orders the NightGhoul to bend down so Mantus can get on it’s back. And after he gets on the Nightghoul’s back Dracula then shows Mantus a map that Dimitri had taken from the Maelstrom. He then points to where the island where Magnus is holding Tula and says to him. “Now my pupil go to the island and retrieve this woman. Let nothing stop you! And when you see this beast that hold’s Dimitri’s bride order the nightghoul to kill it.” “Yes master.” says Mantus. Dimitri then watches his new apprentice get aboard the Nightghoul and fly towards it’s destination. “Soon Tula, you and Dimitri will be reunited, and this time nothing will get in our way!”

And as he watches his apprentice leave Dracula transforms himself into a large vampire bat and flies towards the Maelstrom. When he reaches the Maelstrom the crew spots him. He then waits flying over head as one of the crew runs to the cabin. Dracula then waits knowing that Bloth lived in that cabin. And when Bloth came out he would swoop down and grab him. And when Dracula sees him he laughs. ” Dimitri was right. This Bloth is a fool. He would be a perfect sacrifice when it was time to open the doorway.” He then looks at the crew. He didn’t need them. He then looks around, trying to think of something that he could use to get rid of the crew and that’s when he sees it; He then swoops down onto the deck of the Maelstrom and changes back to his human form. He then walks over to the trap and opens it. And when he sees the constrictus. When he sees them he smiles. “These creatures will be perfect. He then using his telepathic powers orders the constrictus out of the trap door. And as the beast squirms out of the trap door, Bloth’s crew run towards Dracula. When they see the constrictus come out they all run in fear. Some jump off the boat; others try to fight. And as they fight Dracula is watching and laughing. “These creatures are so pathetic!” but as he says this Bloth sneaks up behind him and says in a loud roar, “I don’t know who you are and how you got on this boat? But I do know how your getting off!” when Dracula hears this he laughs.

He then turns around looking at Bloth with evil yellow eyes. “You stop me! I don’t think so!” he then while raising his arm throws Bloth into his cabin using his telekinetic. He then begins to walk over to the cabin, and as he hears he hears and ignores the crew’s screams of terror as well as their cries for help. When he reaches Bloth’s body he laughs. He then picks up Bloth by his neck and then changes back into a vampire bat. He then carries Bloth back to the island. When he reaches the island he changes back into human form and drops Bloth to the ground. He then waits for Bloth to wake up. He knows he could easily bite Bloth, but he wanted Bloth awake and struggling. He also wanted Dimitri to have the honor of deciding on what to do with him.

When Bloth awakens from his sleep, he sees the two creatures holding him, he tries to fight but they hold him still. Their claws almost digging into his skin. He then watches in fear as well as amazement as Dimitri begins to glow. Suddenly a form comes from him, and from what Bloth can see it was an apparition. After the process is done, Dimitri opens his eyes and looks at the fat pirate then at his master. He then smiles. “Great master Dracula! Father of Evil! You have done well, but why bring this fat fool here?” Dracula’s spirit then smiles and says, “he is a gift to you Dimitri. Do what you want with him. Kill him slow or kill him fast. Do as you please. You can even sacrifice him if you want to. I now leave you my son, if you need my assistance call me through the crystal.” “Yes master.” says Dimitri. And as Dracula returns back to the crystal Mantus has reached his destination.

And as he flies over the island Magus is slowly squeezing the life out of Tula. But just Tula’s limbs begin to go limp Ren, Ioz and Niddler appear. “Let her go you Dartha Eel!” Magnus laughs. “No! Now watch as your lady dies in my hand.” and as Ren as his friends watch in horror as Tula’s limp body begins to grow still they see a large bird like creature fly down to where they stand. “It’s Mantus!” But then Niddler sees the creature Mantus is riding on. And as he looks at the eyes of nightghoul something comes over him. Almost a panic like feeling. He felt and knew he had to get out of there. He didn’t want to leave Ren, but for some reason this creature made him afraid. It was almost as if nightmares he had as a young monkey-bird had come to life. He tries to fight it, but ends up backing up paralyzed with fear. When Ren sees his friend’s eyes he knows something is wrong. He hadn’t seen Niddler react like that in a long time. “Niddler what is it?!” he calls to his flying friend. Niddler then turns to Ren and points towards the demon flying towards the island.

When Ren sees it he understands Niddler’s fear. He also was afraid, but he had to rescue Tula. He couldn’t lose her again, he just couldn’t. “Ioz!” he yells. “Look!” pointing his finger at the flying beast. And when Ioz sees it his hair on the back of his neck stand up. And right at that time Ioz to, also felt that fear, but he also did not want to give up. They had gone through so much and no J’taten creature was going to stop him. He then took out his sword and looked at Ren and said, “let’s go!” Seeing his friend’s bravery Ren also took out his sword and they rushed to where Tula was being held. And as they run Ren turns back to where Niddler is flying away. He calls to him. It takes awhile but finally he responds. “It’s ok Niddler I understand. Return to the Wraith and bring it closer to the island so we can make a fast escape!” hearing this Niddler smiles and salutes Ren grateful he didn’t have to face the evil looking beast.

But as Niddler returns to the Wraith Mantus has landed the nightghoul on the island. He then gets off and orders the creature and orders the nightghoul to attack. When Magnus sees the Nightghoul flying towards him he is completely caught off guard, but not to much to let go of Tula. He continues to squeeze her neck, making it harder for her to breathe. He can feel her life slowly leaving her body, soon she would be gone! He laughs. He then turns to where Mantus is standing. “I don’t know who you are! But you can’t stop me! And no matter what you do I am going to get my revenge!” And that’s when it happens. The Nightghoul seeing Magnus being distracted by it’s master rushes towards him. He grabs him by the back of his neck and with it’s sharp claws begins to rip making Magnus drop Tula to the ground. He then grabs him now by the neck, lifts him in the air and throws him into the sea. And just as Magnus hits the sea a small patch of dark water appears and it takes him below.

After she is dropped Tula begins to cough. She then rubs her throat. She then looks up to see the nightghoul staring her. When she sees the red eyes staring at her she begins to feel funny and as she stares she becomes dizzy and faints. Ren tries to get to her, Mantus raises his arm and by using his telekinetic powers Ren is thrown backwards into Ioz knocking them both into the ground. He then walks over to Tula and carefully picks up her up. He then walks back to the nightghoul and makes it lower it’s head. He then puts her gently on it’s back and gets aboard behind her. Mantus then orders the nightghoul up into the air. “Let her go Mantus!” “No son of Primus! My master has chosen her and he shall have her!” “What?! Did he say what I think he did. You can’t mean Bloth” he yells. “No you fool! It is Dimitri who has chosen her!” Ioz and Ren are shocked. They can’t believe their ears. They thought Dimitri died when Marcus stabbed him. “How is it possible?” “It does not matter now!” yells Mantus. He then now using hypnosis commands Ren and Ioz to fall asleep. He then flies back to the island where his master awaits.

And as Mantus flies back Dimitri is looking around the island. He hadn’t really looked at it before. “This could be perfect place for my castle!” he says to himself. “The ritual, the marriage ceremony as well as the opening to my world. Soon master your dream will come and I will rule this planet in your name and I will have Tula at my side.” but then out of nowhere he hears laughter. “You want that stupid wench?!” it was Bloth. Dimitri then walks over to where Bloth is being held by his minions. “I wouldn’t laugh if I were you. Your time is growing short. If you wish to die quick and with mercy I would keep quiet if I were you! Your life means nothing to me! I would kill you now, but I need your body for the sacrifice!” hearing this Bloth gulps and puts his head in down. He then walks over to the temple. Most of it had been turned to rubble, but it didn’t matter he could still use it anyway. And as he stares at the remains of the temple it hits him, he didn’t have the ring. The ring he was going to put on Tula’s finger. It had gotten lost somewhere in the chaos that had followed. He needed something to proclaim his love to her. Suddenly he something shining in the middle of the temple. He quickly walked over to where he had seen it shine. When he got to it he pleased to see it was a gold chain. ” It must have belonged to the people of this island. And now I have it! This chain will be perfect! But as he looked it he noticed something. In the center of the chain was a gold setting where a stone might have been. He needed a stone to put in the center. He then checked his pockets. He didn’t have one. He had to have a stone!” He then began looking around the island. He even searched through and around the temple, but he could not find nothing.

And as he searches the island he finally sees it. Bloth had seen it to, but he pretended not to notice it when Dimitri did. But Dimitri sees his face, “maybe this was one of the treasures of Rule the boy was looking for.” he smiles when he thinks this. “And now he had it!!” he smiles as he picks up the stone. When he looks at it, he notices it is an opal, but not like any opal he had ever seen. It glowed all different kinds of colors. It was beautiful. It would suit Tula perfectly.

He then placed the stone in the setting and waited for Mantus to return with his bride. He couldn’t wait for her to return.

And it did take some time, but finally Mantus did appear over the horizon with his gift to his master. When he finally could see his master he waved and called to him. “Master! I have the girl!” hearing this Dimitri smiles and tells him telepathically, “Good Mantus. Did everything go as I had planned?” “Yes master” After he lands and gets off the flying demon he lifts Tula in his arms and carries her to his master; but unknown to them the dark water has started to appear in front of the island. And inside the dark water the Dark Dweller was watching. “He didn’t like what he was seeing. Dimitri was double crossing him! He would have to make Dimitri pay, but first he would give Dimitri a chance to rectify the situation

When Mantus approaches Dimitri Tula is still unconscious from nearly being killed by Magnus; the Demonic Strangler. “Bring her to me Mantus.” he does so. But when Dimitri sees her limp body he becomes concerned. “What happened Mantus why does she sleep?” “I am sorry master.” says Mantus “but when I arrived the creature was trying to kill her. But I think she is alright, because when the creature dropped her she began to cough. She even looked up at me, but when she saw the nightghoul she fainted.” “Oh I see. Let me have her. So I can revive her.” Mantus then hands Tula over to Dimitri. And with holding her with one arm to hold her steady he slowly begins to revive her.

At first nothing happens, but then her eyes begin to flutter. When her eyes open she is at first unsure of her surroundings, but then sees Dimitri. She screams in fright and tries to get away, but by this time Dimitri has both arms around her holding her tightly. “Let me go! Let me go!” she yells, but he does not release her. She tries to punch with her fists as she tries to push herself away from him, but he laughs and holds her tighter. “You are mine! I have waited so long for a girl like you. You escaped me once, and but not again!” “But I am not yours!” she says defiantly. “Ren and I are engaged!” but Dimitri laughs and holds up her chin to make her look at him. “It does not matter. I don’t care if you announced to the world that you love the boy! You are mine now and he can do nothing to stop me!” He then laughs. ” Now look into my eyes!” she tries to look away, but he holds her chin making her look at him. And after a couple minutes Tula’s eyes begin to droop. She then goes limp in Dimitri’s arms. “Tula, my love can you hear me?” “Yes.” “Good.” He then tells her to stand. She does so. He then places the necklace around her neck and walks her over to the crystal ball. “Master she is here.” Suddenly the crystal ball begins to glow. “Excellent! Soon my dear you will be one of us and you will rule by Dimitri’s side!” and as Dracula is telling Tula this the Dark Dweller appears. Seeing Dimitri talking to his master had made him angrier. He then calls to Dimitri. “Dimitri! You J’taten fool! How dare you betray me!” Seeing the Dark Dweller Dimitri calls over Mantus. “Hold her and until I return.” He then gently caress the left side of her cheek and says in a seductive voice, “You are mine. No matter how hard you have fought you are now mine!” He then walks over to where the Dark Dweller is waiting. He laughs. “I no longer need you! Be gone!” hearing this the Dark Dweller raises himself higher and says in an angry tone. “I saved you! Gave you a new body and now you betray me! And now you order me to leave! No! Now you pay!” he then hovers almost over Dimitri nearly covering with his dark shadow. “You have one last chance to stop this, but if you refuse you will pay!” Dimitri laughs. “There is nothing you can do to stop me! My powers have returned. After the doorway to my world opens my people will come through and when they do I will rid this world of your pathetic existence!”

“This is your decision so be it! I will return at dawn, and when I do your end will come!” he then sinks back into the dark water. And as he does Dimitri hears Bloth start to cry. Hearing this he walks over to Bloth and slaps him. “Why do you cower you fool?!” “Don’t you get it!” yells a frightened Bloth. “You cannot stop the Dark Dweller! You have killed us all! We don’t stand a chance!” he then drops to the ground and holds his hands to his face and for the first time Bloth begins to cry.

But meanwhile on the island where Ren and Ioz are still under Mantus’s hypnotic spell when Ren hears a male voice calling him in his mind. “Ren! Ren! Wake up! You must wake up!” and after a couple minutes Ren’s eyes begin to flutter. He then shakes his head and comes out of the trance.

“What? How?” and that’s when it hits him. He remembers seeing Tula in the clutches of a beast, but where was she now. He calls for her. Suddenly again he hears the same voice. “Ren! Ren!” it was Allistair. “Ren can you hear me?!” “Yes! But where are you?” “Ren stop talking and listen to me. Mantus has become a vampire. I saw Dimitri bite him through my crystal ball. He is now under Dimitri’s control.” “But Dimitri is dead.” at least Ren thought he was dead. And as he thinks this Ioz is also coming to. “Ren?! What’s going on? Where is Tula? And where is that creature that was holding her?” says Ioz. “I don’t know.” says Ren. But just as he says this he hears someone else calling him. And this time it wasn’t Allistair. Ren then looks around. Suddenly he sees a small patch of dark water in front of the island. He then walks up to it. And when he reaches it, the Dark Dweller appears. Seeing him Ren squeezes his fist. “What do you want you Dartha Eel?!” The Dark Dweller laughs. ” I am not here to fight you boy. I want to make a truce with you. You and I both have the same enemy. And even though you and I are mortal enemies I wish to make a proposal to you.” at first Ren says nothing but then nods his head. “I’m listening what is your offer?” “At dawn I’m going to rid this world of Dimitri, and his minions. And even though I am the reason to which I regret gave Dimitri his second at life I still want him gone.

It does not matter what he and I had planned, but he has betrayed me and now he must pay. Now to the deal. At dawn I will cover this island where he has taken refuge. You have until dawn to retrieve your woman, but if you don’t get there in time, she will die with him.” “I don’t understand? What island Why should I trust you?” ” The Island of Lost Souls. You have to. That is if you want to get your woman back! Remember you have until dawn.” saying this the Dark Dweller. He then slowly disappears in the sea below. After the Dark Dweller seeps back into the dark water Ren turns to his friend and says, “let’s get back aboard the Wraith. Niddler probably by now has the boat ready to set sail. We also need to make a plan.” but as Ren walks back to the Wraith he remembers what the spirit had asked him. “He had to get the Gulams, but how.” Suddenly he hears Allistair’s voice. “I will deliver the Gulams to the spirit. You have to rescue Tula!” And after they return to the ship Ioz walks over to the bow and looks at the sun. It would be dark soon. They needed to make a plan and fast. And as Ioz and Ren try to come up with a plan to rescue Tula Dimitri is preparing the ritual to open the doorway to his world. And as he prepares he looks at Tula standing next to Mantus. Her eyes closed still under his hypnotic control. He smiles to himself. “Soon my bride you and I will be together forever, and you and I will rule over this world.”

But as he prepares the Dark Dweller is watching. He cannot allow Dimitri to do this, his control over this planet will end. But then suddenly he sees it, the necklace around Tula’s neck. “The stone. He couldn’t believe it! The last treasure of Rule and it was around the ecomancer’s neck.” he then thinks to himself. “I wonder if Dimitri knows what he has, and if he did it would not matter because soon his life would be over. And with the last treasure of Rule lost his control over Mer.” but as he says this Ren has come up with a plan. “Ioz, Niddler! I think I have plan. I know how to rescue Tula, but the timing will have to be exact and we can’t make any mistakes.” “I understand Ren.” says Ioz. “What do you want us to do?” Ren then points to the handglider. “We’ll use that to rescue her.” “But how are we going to do that with Dimitri watching.” asks Ioz. “Easy. We’ll have Niddler distract them. As long he doesn’t look right at Dimitri and Mantus he’ll be fine.” Niddler doesn’t like the sound of it, but because of Tula he agrees to it.

Ioz then suggests they get some sleep, but Ren refuses. He is worried about Tula. The idea of Tula being under Dimitri’s control angered him so much he didn’t think he would be able to sleep. Ioz then walks over to Ren and says, “Ren I know your worried about her, but if you don’t get any sleep you won’t be good for her if your dead on your feet. If you want you can take the first watch, then I will; then Niddler, ok?” he then places his hand on Ren’s shoulder. He knew he had to keep Ren focused as well as calm. He wouldn’t be any good to him or Niddler if he was all strung out. At first Ren doesn’t say anything, but then finally agrees to what Ioz suggests. And after that Ren stood the first watch. A couple hours later Ioz comes up, and as looks to the sky he sees the sun begin to rise. It was almost dawn! When Ioz sees this he calls Ren to the bow. ” Wake up Niddler! The sun is beginning to rise. Dawn is almost here! We have to set the plan into action now!” Hearing this Ren nods his head and runs to wake Niddler. They then run up onto the deck and take down the handglider. They place it on the deck. Ioz then steers towards the Island of Lost Souls.

When they arrive Niddler takes off and as he flies off towards the island he winks at Ren. When he gets there he starts to make a lot of noise. And as he does so Ioz is looking through the telescope. “What do you see Ioz?” “I can see Tula. She’s standing next to someone. Wait it’s Dimitri.” “Let me see.” He then takes the telescope and focuses it. When he sees he to sees Dimitri. But then he sees something he wishes he hadn’t seen. And through the telescope he watches in horror as Dimitri covers her body with his cloak. “That Dark Eel! He’ll be pay for this!” Ioz then smiles. “Yeah he will and we better get ready, because soon the Dark Dweller is going to be making an appearance and I want to be at a safer distance.” but as he says this he smiles. “He also had seen Bloth and Konk. Soon they would only be a memory.” He then laughs. “Wait a minute! Bloth and Konk are there to?” “Yeah. Look again you’ll see them.” Ioz then shows where Ren should look at. And when Ren sees this he is in shock. “We have to save him! As well as Konk.” “We don’t have time! Now let’s go!” “But Ioz!” “No time! C’mon! Niddler is about to make his run and we’re just about out of time! Look!” He then points to the sun. It was now almost on top of the sea.

And as Ren and Ioz prepare to fly Niddler has starts his run. First he flies over Dimitri’s minions screaming at them. He dives and swoops down over them making them duck. And because of all the racket he is making Dimitri leaves Tula. When he sees Niddler he calls Mantus. “Get him! Stop that monkey bird!” and as Mantus tries to capture Niddler; Ren and Ioz make their run. They leap off the bow of the Wraith and fly towards the island. When they reach it Ren sees Tula is still lying on the ground. He looks for Dimitri making sure that he wouldn’t interrupt the rescue. There was no sign. They then quickly jump down on the island and as Ioz keeps an eye out for Dimitri Ren lifts Tula in his arms and places her in the hand glider. And just as Ioz is getting aboard they hear Dimitri yelling, “Stop! No!” “Hurry Ioz we have to go now!” and just as they begin to run Ioz looks back to see a large tidal wave of dark water approaching the island.

He then yells back to Dimitri, “Hey if I were you I wouldn’t be worrying about us! I would be worried about that!” he then points to the tidal wave. Dimitri then turns around just as the tidal wave reaches it’s peak. “Noooooooooo! Not now! Not like this!” but it was too late. And by the time Ren and Ioz fly away from the island the dark water splashes onto the land. Ren then watches in horror as he sees Niddler flying trying to escape Mantus’s clutches. He wants to call out, but he knows there is nothing he can do. But then suddenly Niddler hears Dimitri’s scream. He turns to see why he is screaming and sees the tidal wave of dark water. He then flies higher in the air so much so he is safe from the dark water. He then waves to his friends showing them that he is safe. After they reach the deck of the Wraith Ioz takes out the telescope and points it at the island. And from he sees he shakes his head. They never had a chance. He then puts down the telescope and lowers his head. He then turns back to Ren who is holding Tula up.

Finally she opens her eyes. At first she doesn’t recognize him, and begins to scream. “No! Let me go! Let me go!” He then shakes her by the shoulders and says, “Tula it’s me! It’s me! Stop it! Stop it! Look at me!” Finally she shakes her head and looks again. When she sees him she begins to cry. Ren then opens his arms and she falls into them sobbing. And as he holds her he looks at Ioz and he sees him smiling. He then walks over to him, and pats Tula on the shoulder. “It’s over Tula. They’re gone. They’re all gone.” ” All of them?” asks Ren. “Yeah Bloth, Konk and even Mantus. They’re all gone. They never had a chance. I doubt they even knew it was happening when the tidal wave hit. I don’t think we’re going to have to worry about them anymore.” Ren then turns his attention to Tula. “It’s finally over.” Ren then walks Tula back to the cabin, at first walking with her supporting her weight then lifting her up in his arms carrying her to the door. And as he opens the door he hears Ioz calls out, “look it’s Niddler!” Ren looks up to his friend and smiles. He is glad his friend is safe. He then opens the door and carries Tula inside. Once inside Ren walks over to the bed and sits leaning against it with her lying against him. “It’s over Tula. He can’t get to you anymore.” he then rubs her back as she sobs quietly. Finally after a while she stops. She then pushes herself away from Ren and sits up. He then does the same thing. “Ren? Is he really gone this time?” “Yes Tula.” he says pulling her closer. “This time he won’t be come back.” He then lifts up her chin and kisses her. A few moments finally go by before Ren releases her. “You know Tula, I think the worst is over. Now all we have to do is find the last treasure of Rule and then you and I can married.” But as he says this he notices the chain that Tula is wearing. Lifting it in his hand, “Tula where did you get this?” hearing this Tula looks down at the chain. And all of a sudden she grabs the chain and pulls from her neck. She then throws it to the ground. “Dimitri put it on me!” she says. She then puts her hands to her face. “Easy Tula, take it easy.” but just as he says this, the compass begins to go mad. “What the?” hearing Ren say this she lowers her hands. She to sees how the compass is acting. “It’s the chain!” “No.” says Ren. “It’s the stone in the center of the chain. It’s the last treasure!” he then pulls the stone from the necklace and squeezes it in his hand. “We’ve won Tula! I think we have finally won!” He then grabs her and hugs her. She then pushes back and looks down at the ring. The ring he had given to her when he had proposed to her. He smiles. “Yes Tula.” he says taking her hand. “Once we’re rid of the Dark Dweller you and I will be married!” She then jumps into his arms and kisses him. Ren’s arms then wrap around hers exchanging in a passionate kiss. But as Ren and Tula are kissing unknown to them the Dark Dweller is slowly following them; it’s dark fluid seeping behind the Wraith. And as he follows the boat Ren is stepping away from Tula. For a while they just smile at each other. It was almost over, once they reached Octopon Ren would set his plan into action.

After they get to Octopon, they dock the boat and walk down the plank. When they get off the plank the four crew members see Jenna and her brother Allistair waiting for them. “Ren! How was your search? Did you find the last four treasures of Rule?” “Yes Jenna I did. And I have even better news! We no longer have to worry about Bloth anymore.” but as he says this he looks down. Deep down he knew no one deserved to die the way he did. Not even his worst enemy deserved that fate. Tula and Niddler also put their heads down as if sensing what Ren was feeling. They to felt the same way, that is except for Ioz. He believed fate had been the key. The people that Bloth had killed in the past. Not just Ren’s father, but Ioz’s father to. Ioz then smiled. He was remembering what his father had said before he had died. His father, like Ren’s father had fallen into the sea. He to had been taken by the dark water, but as he had died he had yelled to Bloth that one day he would die the same way. They all then went into the lighthouse.

Once they were inside Ren explained his plan. He was going to have Niddler fly him towards the Dark Dweller, and throw the last four treasures into him. At first he thought Jenna would be pleased, but to his surprise she reacted differently. “I don’t want you to do this Ren! It’s to dangerous! You could easily fall into the dark water!” Ren then walks over to her and places his hands on her shoulders. “True it is dangerous, but I have to do this. The faster we get rid of him the faster Tula and I can be married. She and I then can take them our place as rulers of Mer.”

At first Jenna just stands there. She doesn’t know what to say. She then turns to Tula. “How do you feel my child? Especially since you and Ren are engaged?” Tula then walks up to Jenna, and she to puts her hand on Jenna’s shoulder, almost on top of Ren’s. “I actually agree with Ren.

Do you remember Ren telling you about when I had fallen into the dark water? Well after falling and being merged within him I could sense his presence as well as his fear. I think that the Dark Dweller is worried now. He might even be afraid that Ren figured out where the last treasure was hidden.” And just as she says this she sudden grabs her forehead. “Ren I sense him! He is near. I can feel the dark water coming near the island!” Ren then runs over to Niddler and says, “We have to do this now!” He knows what Ren is thinking; and to him it’s suicide. But then he looks at Ren. He knew that there was no other choice. He then looks up at Ren and

said, “Ok! Let’s do it!”

The wait wasn’t to long because then suddenly there was a quake. Everyone ran to get shelter. Jenna and Allistair crawled under one a table with Niddler right behind them. Tula and Ren held each other under the door and Ioz ran outside. He was worried about the Wraith. The ropes might get untied by the quake. But when he got to the ship nothing was wrong, but then he saw the dark water surrounding the island of Octopon. He then ran inside. “Ren! I think we have company! If your going to do your plan you better do it now! Because we have dark water all around us!”

Hearing this Ren yelled for Niddler and they rushed outside. Tula tried to chase after them, she had to wanted to watch to make sure Ren was alright, but Ioz stopped her grabbing her arm. “No Tula! This is Ren’s fight. He is not just fighting for your honor, he’s fighting for us all.” They then watched as Niddler picked up Ren with his feet-like talons flew Ren over the dark water.

Once they got near it Ren noticed a large mass of dark water watching and following them. It had to be the Dark Dweller. He knew he had to get him to come out and up towards him. It was the only way to get a clear shot. It had to work, it just had to. He didn’t know why he knew he just knew. It took a while, but finally the water started to grow up in size. Suddenly he appeared. He was laughing. “So this is the end, eh boy!” He then laughs as he sees the pouch in Ren’s hand. He remembered the last time Ren had tried, he needed his friends to help him stop him, but this time he was alone. “Foolish boy! Is this the best you can do?! The last time you tried you had your friends to help you, but this time your all alone!” He then looked at the monkey-bird and laughed. “Oh I was mistaken, you have that creature with you!” The Dark Dweller then laughs even harder; and that was when Niddler got really really mad. “Get him Ren! No one, But no one talks about me like that and gets away with it!” Ren then smiles and winks. Niddler then flies even higher.

Ren then waits, until he saw the right spot. He then throws the pouch into the Dark Dweller.

“He then yells at the top of his lungs. “Great Treasures of Rule, Rid this world of dark water so our people can be free!” At first nothing happens. The Dark Dweller then starts to laugh. “The boy’s plan had failed!” he said to himself. But then suddenly he started to feel strange. The dark water around him started to boil. “No!” Hearing this the rest of the crew ran out of the lighthouse to see the Dark Dweller melting into the sea. “Look!” said Tula. She then points towards the dark water surrounding Octopon. It was all dissolving. They couldn’t believe their eyes. And then it was gone. They then saw Ren and Niddler flying back towards them. Tula then ran towards the edge. “No Tula! Wait!” Ren then gestured for her to step back. And after he and Niddler land did he open his arms to her. She then runs to him and hugs him tightly. Ren was so happy he threw Tula up in the air swinging her around. “He had done it!” And just as everyone was congratulating him he suddenly hears a voice. A male voice. He then turns to see an image of his father. “Father?!” Ren then ran over to where he saw the image. “Hello my son! You have done well! I am not just proud of what you have done to stop the dark water, but even more that you have grown to a proud man! You also have picked a beautiful bride!” The image then pointed towards Tula. She blushes. Primus then gestures her to come over.

“You both have done well! I wish you both the best of luck as rulers of Octopon. I know you two will make great rulers for this planet! Take care my son! Your mother would be proud!” He then vanished before his eyes. Seeing this Ren runs to the edge. “No father don’t go!” he had tears in his eyes. He had so many questions left unanswered. But then he felt someone’s arm on his shoulder. It was Tula. “Ren I know you wanted to say things to him, and to ask the things you never had the chance to ask, but at least you got to see him and get his blessing.” He then pulls her to him and holds her in his arms. “True Tula.” he then pushes her back. “Hey don’t we have a wedding to prepare for!” He then calls Jenna and Allistair over. “Jenna prepare Tula for the wedding! Spare no expense!” He then turns to Allstair. “I want you to send word to all that have survived to come to the castle. I want to invite everyone and I mean everyone to our wedding! Our friends! The people we have met, everyone!” “Of course!” Allistair then bows before Ren to do as he is asked. Ren then walks over to Ioz and Niddler. “Ioz I want you to be my bestman! Go get ready!” Ioz was shocked by this, and for the first time Ren noticed tears in Ioz’s eyes. Ren then turns to Niddler. “Niddler I want you to be my ring-bird.” hearing this Niddler started to jump up and down. “You got it Ren!” he to then goes inside. Ren then after seeing his friends and fiancé go into the lighthouse he looked out to the sea. It was over! It was all over. He then runs inside the lighthouse himself so he to could prepare for the wedding.

It has now been two weeks since Bloth was killed and the Dark Dweller was destroyed. Bloth’s crew were found soon after by bounty hunters and brought back to Octopon for justice. Ren was having a hard time. Being king wasn’t as easy as he thought it would be. But at least he had the wedding to look forward to. Soon Tula would by his side as his queen. He had already sent out word about the wedding and a lot had already arrived. Amazingly as he watched his people come to see him to congratulate on him becoming king, they were still sad. A lot had lost family members to the dark water. He was even amazed to see the Delpha Warriors. He was even more amazed when the queen of the Delpha Warriors, Malu come before him and bowed. “I’m glad you could come Malu I know Tula would be pleased.” “Where is she?” asked the queen. ” Tula, my fiancé,” he said proudly. “Is trying on gowns. Jenna has found so many Tula doesn’t know which one to pick.” “I wish to see her.” “Of course.” he then gestures to one of the guards. He admitted to himself that it wouldn’t be easy taking his father’s place. Some were even unsure of him being their new leader, even more so of Tula since she had no royal blood or breeding, which he did not care about or afraid to come out and say it. He had also told them that if they couldn’t handle working for her as well as for him they could leave. He would not force them to stay.

Meanwhile as Ren was meeting his subjects as well as friends coming to congratulate him on his wedding as well as him becoming king Malu had found Tula trying on some dresses. Malu still did not like the boy, hell she didn’t like the idea of Tula marrying him. The idea of a woman to her a former Delpha Amazon warrior marrying a man was an almost insult to her people. And the truth of the matter was she had not come to celebrate but more sad to say talk Tula out of it. Thinking this she followed he guard thinking how easy it was going to be talking Tula out of marrying Ren, that was until she saw Tula’s face. Because when she saw her she was smiling. She watched as Tula danced and twirled around in the dresses that she was trying on. When Jenna saw Malu she introduced herself as Ren’s guardian. She also thought that maybe if Malu knew that Ren was raised by a woman that Malu would accept him, but when she saw Malu’s face she knew that wasn’t going to happen. And thinking she then her attention to Tula. Now she was afraid that Malu would give Tula a hard time. She also had a feeling that Malu was here to cause trouble and not make amends. Jenna liked Tula. She had always wanted a daughter, and if was almost like a miracle had come when Tula appeared. She also loved helping Tula picking out dresses. It also made her happy to see Tula smiling for the first time and she didn’t want Malu to spoil it for her.

“Your highness.” said Jenna bowing before the queen. “Is there something I can do for you?” “I would like to see Tula, if you don’t mind!” snapped the Amazon Queen. Jenna didn’t like the sound of that and she wasn’t gonna let Tula get hurt. “If you here to cause trouble your majesty then you might as well as leave. Tula is very happy. Happy as I have ever seen her. In two days she and Ren will be married and for the first Tula will be given the respect and love she deserves, and if your here to spoil it you can just leave.” but unknown to Jenna Tula had seen Malu come in and she to had a feeling why Malu was here and she was ready to settle it with her. “It’s alright Jenna I’ll talk to her.” she then walks over and touches Jenna’s shoulder. “I need to get this settled, please. Also I think I have found the dress I was looking for, there is just one problem, it’s not pink.” she says with a mischievous grin. Jenna laughs and smiles. “Well if it’s not pink, we will make it pink. This is your wedding.” she then smiles and leaves the room. She knew the designer well and if he could make it in green he could make it in pink.

“Hello Malu,” Tula says as she bows before her. ” I heard you were getting married. I want to express my greetings to you.” Tula did not believe this for a minute. She then asks the girls whom Jenna had hired to leave. She wanted to talk to Malu in private and what she wanted to say would be between her and the queen. “I’m glad you could come but I don’t think the reason your here is to give your congratulate me is it? Your here to stop the wedding. If that is why you can just leave! Ren loves me! He doesn’t want to control me. He would risk and even would die for me, but I doubt you would understand that. I don’t care about how you feel this is what I want and if you don’t like it that’s fine! I have made up my mind!” Malu is shocked by this. She had never seen Tula so sure of herself, but as she thinks this Ren has come to check on fiancé. When he gets to her chambers in the castle and hears the arguments, he begins to get concerned and as he is about to open the door he stops; “this was Tula’s fight not his. He would be dishonoring her if he stepped in. He would wait till it was over.” then he would go in but not to bud in; but to make sure she was alright.

“You have made your decision! Fine! But their will be no treaty with my people and yours! I leave you to your wedding!” she then bows and leaves the room. Gratefully Ren had heard her steps and moved out of the way. And it was a good thing he did Malu was livid! She then grabbed her warriors and left almost knocking down Ioz and his friend Scurion coming in the castle. ” I wonder what that was all about?” said Scurion. Ioz knew but he wasn’t going to say anything he didn’t want to get Scurion started. He also remembered what Ren had to told him the day before. “In two days Tula and I will be married. I don’t want you or your friends causing trouble!” and as he said this he was poking Ioz in the chest. That had been a warning and Ren was now king and because of that he was now the law. And as they watched the angry queen leave in a fit of rage Ren was knocking on Tula’s chambers. “Tula, you ok?” hearing her fiancé’ Tula opened the door.

“Ren!” she said happily. “I’m fine. Really.” Ren then looked at her. “Are you sure I heard what Malu said. I’m sure it hurt! Especially since maybe you thought she and you were friends.” He could also tell when Tula was hurting, even just a little. Tula was a strong person, but there were times even the woman warrior could not hide her pain. Ren put his arms around her from behind. ” Give her some time! Maybe when she sees you as queen, she will come around.” Tula then turns and looks at Ren. At first she had a hard time believing that, but maybe he was right. “I know, I know. I just thought she would be happy for me. At least for a woman I thought she would be proud, but that’s what hurts. I have been thinking Ren. Who is going to give me away. Taron is dead, and my father…” which she never gets to finish, cause tears begin to fall from her eyes.

“So it wasn’t Malu, it was the wedding.” Ren then gently brushes away the tears. “Tula I think I may have news to cheer you up. Kahn-jit of the Benjamar Guardians has arrived. He has asked to perform the wedding ceremony. And Allistair has asked to be the one to give you away.” when Tula hears this she lets a out a happy scream. “Really?!” “Yes.” says Ren. She then hugs him, but as they embrace they hear someone clearing her throat. “Shouldn’t you man be handing other duties, and besides it’s bad luck to see the bride before the wedding.” It was Jenna. “Now give your beautiful fiancé one last kiss and get out! I have her dress as well as her color she wanted and I rather not have you see it!” Ren then gives Tula one last long, long passionate kiss, the kind of kiss which takes a girl’s breath away, and leaves the room. And as he walks away Jenna sees Tula sigh in happiness. Seeing this Jenna smiles and says to herself. “Yes!” she then pushes Tula through the door, with the dress in hand. Jenna then walks over and hands Tula the dress. “Well try it on, let’s see how it looks.” she does so.

After she puts on the dress she looks into the mirror and smiles. The dress fit her perfectly. It was a pink wedding gown with thin off-the-shoulder cap sleeves with a full ball gown. Jenna then puts the tiara on her head and smiles. “Now you really do look the part. And as Tula puts on her wedding dress Ren is receiving more visitors. Already he had welcomed Kahn-jit, Ioz’s friend, now his Scurion. The next visitor he received was the queen of the monkey birds along came with her were more monkey-birds. They were here not just to see Tula and Ren marry, but see Niddler be in the ceremony. Ren also had sent out that Niddler would be receiving an award for what he had done, as well as a royal position in the House of Primus’s Royal Court. Even more surprising not just to Ioz, Ren was shocked to see Solia; Ioz’s sister. He had remembered how she had tried to steal him from her. He even expected some kind of flirtation, but she surprised him, but asking if Tula might allow her in the wedding party. She wanted to make amends. Ioz didn’t’ believe her, and to make sure she didn’t do anything he took her aside after Ren said he would talk to Tula. “Ok dear sister, why are you really here?” asked a disbelieved Ioz. “Brother dear how can you say such a thing?” said a smiling Solia. “Because I know you, and also the fact that you were interested in Ren. And there is also the famous saying, “Hath No Fury Like A Woman Scorned!” he said folding his arms in front of his chest. He then took her shoulders and said firmly. “This is a warning, as much as I may not have given Tula the respect I know now she deserves, I will not have you start something at their wedding. Remember he wants her not you! Don’t dishonor Ren, by causing a scene; if you do, I will take you over my knee and hit you so hard it’ll be a month for you can even sit down! Do I make myself clear?!” Hearing this Solia gulps and nods her head. She also knew Ren could have her arrested. She then walked up away from Ioz and went to ask one of the guards where the bride’s chamber was.

And as she was escorted to the chamber Ren received even more and surprisingly another visitor. It was a messenger from Obrik; King of the Pale Warriors. The king could not be at the ceremony, but acknowledged and congratulated Ren and Tula on their wedding. Ren then thanked the messenger and asked if he wanted to stay. The messenger said no. He had to leave right away so he could return Ren’s answer to the king.

After the messenger left Ren leaned back against the throne as he was relaxing he heard someone clear his throat. He looked up. It was Ioz. “Resting are we?” said the smiling pirate. “Very funny Ioz! And besides that where is that sister of yours. I hope she is not here to cause trouble. You do remember how Tula and her didn’t get along.” “Oh yeah, I remember. I took care of that. She has told me that she is here to make amends and make peace with Tula. And I’m going to make sure she does so.” Ren laughs when he hears that. “Oh I wouldn’t worry Jenna has taken compete control over Tula’s situation. I’m sure she won’t allow Solia to cause Tula any problems. And just as the two men laughed about this Solia has reached the bride’s chamber. When she gets to the door she is stopped by Jenna. Jenna had been told by Ren about Ioz’s sister as well as how Solia tried to come between Tula and Ren. Maybe then Solia could bat her eyelashes at Ren, but this time she had Jenna to do with, and Jenna wasn’t going to make it easier for her.

“So your Ioz’ sister. Ren told me about you. I hope your not here to start trouble? Because if you are you can leave right now!” “Your not going to make this easy, are you old woman?” “I maybe old to you my dear, but I still control a lot that goes around here. So if you want to see Tula you have to tell me what is it that you want of her?” “I want to make amends.” Solia tries to smile placing her hands behind her back but Jenna shakes her head. “I’ll ask Tula if she wants to see you.” she then calls over two guards. “Watch her. I want to see if the future “Queen of Octopon” wishes to see her.” the guards laugh. But not as disrespect towards Tula, but to Solia. They remembered how when Ren first took over how he explained things involving Tula. She was a warrior as well as a woman. She could take of them. She had even taken easily two of Bloth’s top sword-fighters without breaking a sweat! Hearing this some guards immediately gave Tula the respect she was intended, those who didn’t asked to fight her to see how good she was. When and each time she defeated them they would bow in respect and offer to protect her.

This to also worried Ren. Not that it bugged him that Tula had to fight to gain her respect of the guards, but that they were easily defeated. After the wedding, he was going to ask Ioz if he was interested in training his guards, as he had trained him and Tula. He had a feeling Ioz would do it, especially for the right price. And just he was planning this move, Jenna was watching Tula swirl around in her wedding dress. “Oh Tula! You look beautiful! Turn around!” she does so. “Tula I’m not just saying this. You look it! Ren will be in awe when he sees you. As well as I suspect the lady standing outside.” Jenna then asks the girls to leave. She suspected whatever Tula and Solia had to say would have to be kept between them. Jenna then tells Tula about Solia; Ioz’s sister. Tula then looks in the mirror and says with a smile, “send her in!” Jenna seeing Tula’s smile opens the door and lets Solia in. When she came in, Solia was speechless. She thought she could easily put Tula down, but seeing Tula in gown as well as the tiara made her cringe. She really did look the part, and Solia felt ashamed for thinking what she had planned to do. She then walked up to Tula and bowed.

“Your highness!” Tula then smiled and said, “I’m not a ruler yet, we are no different. Get up!” She said in a snapping voice. Solia could tell by Tula’s tone she wasn’t going to make it easy. ” I want to make amends Tula. Can you forgive me for all the trouble I have caused you?” Tula still smiling at Solia said, “Oh I forgive you. And as much I would like to get back at you for all the trouble you caused Ren and myself I’m letting it go. And if you want you can be in the wedding you can. You can be one of the bridesmaids. I’ll have the designer that Jenna had chosen make one more dress for you. Then you can join the other girls.” “Other girls?” Yeah. The girls who have been helping me get ready are also going to be in my wedding and your welcome to join them.” When Solia heard this she was completely taken off caught guard and Tula knew it. And Tula knew that by the look on Solia’s face. “Alright I’ll do it!” “Good, but be warned; if you start, and I mean anything during the wedding, or even after the wedding, I will have the royal guards throw you out! Do I make myself clear!?” “Yeah sure.” She then had Jenna get one more gown for Solia. Jenna bowed, and had one of the girls escort Solia out of the room to where one of the chambers where they had the dresses. After they left Jenna and Tula burst into laughter.

The next day was the day of the wedding. Everyone was nervous. Ren’s hand’s were shaking and Tula had the jitters. Ioz and his sister were also nervous. She had picked out a white dress with thin cap sleeves and a long-slit tight skirt. And Ioz whom was never used to looking like a gentleman was also squirming. And even though he wanted to get back at Ren talking him into this, he still felt honored, not many pirates got this kind respect and he knew it. He then looked at Ren who was walking in place. “You nervous my boy?!” asked Kahn-jit the Benjamar priest asked. “Me nervous no? Course not!” he said pulling on his collar. He wondered how Tula was doing, and if she was just as nervous as he was. And she was nervous. After putting on her gown; the tiara and veil. Tula started to feel funny. She could feel her stomach go up and down.

“You ok Tula?” asked Jenna and Solia. “I think so, maybe I’m just nervous, you think?” Jenna then smiled. “You’ll be fine. I’m sure Ren is just as nervous as you. Allistair then came into the room. When he saw Tula he smiled. “You look beautiful my child! If I was your father, I would have been very proud!” Tula almost started crying when she heard this. “Shall we go?” “Yes,” she nearly gulped. The music then started; the doors of the castle opened and with Solia in lead the bridesmaids’ came down the isle. Then came Jenna. After and Jenna took her place across from Ioz. It was now Tula’s turn. When Allistair and Tula came in, Ren was nearly knocked off his feet. Ioz had to grab him from falling backwards. He to was amazed by Tula’s appearance. And as she and Allistair walked Tula had tears running down her cheeks. It wasn’t out of sadness that she was crying, but out of happiness. When they reached Kahn-jit Ren took Tula’s arm from him and they walked up to the podium.

When they reached the podium Tula and Ren both knelt down. Kahn-jit then raised his arms in prayer. “Great Gods of Mer! Throughout the siege of the dark water you kept us alive. We thank you for this! We stand here now to ask of you to allow these two young people whom have decided to marry. A prince of great honor. A woman named Tula; an ecomancer with great honor! These two young people have fallen in love. Allow them to have peaceful and happy lives! We beseech you Great Gods of Mer and thank you!” After doing the prayer Kahn-jit walks over to Ren and Tula and places his hands on both of them. One on Ren’s shoulder and the other on Tula’s. “Stand my children and repeat after me!” “Ren take Tula’s hand and repeat my words, I, Ren; Son of Primus take this woman to be my wedded wife!” “I; Ren take this woman to be my wedded wife! To Have And To Hold from this day forward, for better or worse, for richer or poorer, in sickness, and in health, to be bonny and buxom in bed and at board, to love and to cherish, till death do us apart” He then turns to Tula and says, “Now you my child repeat my words, I, Tula daughter of Lucas; take this man to be your wedded husband.” I Tula, daughter of Lucas take this man to wedded my husband.” “To Have And To Hold from this day forward, for better or worse, for richer or poorer, in sickness, and in health, to be bonny and buxom in bed and at board, to love and to cherish, till death do us apart” “To Have And To Hold from this day forward, for better or worse, for richer or poorer, in sickness, and in health, to be bonny and buxom in bed and at board, to love and to cherish, till death do us apart.” He then asks for the rings from Niddler. Ren takes one and Tula takes the other. “Now my children, give your vows and exchange your rings.

Ren then takes Tula’s hand and puts the ring on her finger. “I Ren; Son of Primus promise to give you my love, as well as my heart. You mean the world to me! I would risk my life and even die for you. You are my destiny as I am yours. And as I gave you this ring I promise to honor you and protect you with my heart as well as my soul!” hearing this almost did her in. She then took the finger from Niddler’s paw and placed it on Ren’s finger and said, “Ren, you have taught and shown me that not all men are disrespectful. You have shown me your heart as well as your soul! You have risked your life.” she pauses for a moment, trying to compose herself. Finally she is able to control herself. “You risked your life to save mine, when I didn’t think it mattered! I wish had the words to describe how you make me feel, but I don’t. All I know without you my soul would have lost.” She then places the ring on Ren’s finger. After the rings are placed on each other’s fingers. Kahn-jit took their hands in his and raised them to the sky.

Great Gods of Mer! I give you Ren, Son of Primus and Tula of Andorus rulers of Octopon!” He then kissed both of their hands. He then after releasing their hands said to Ren. “You may kiss the bride.” hearing this Ren lifted Tula’s veil, brushed the tears from her face; takes her in his arms and gives her a passionate kiss. After a couple seconds Ren releases her. And when he does Tula is grateful that Ren had his arm around his waist; and if he hadn’t she thought she would have fainted. Ren’s kiss had nearly made her breathless. Kahn-jit then turned them around and said to their guests, “I give you now the new Rulers of Mer, King Ren and Queen Tula.” The room then roared their applause. Ren and Tula then walked down the aisle in arm and arm. And after they walked out of the great hall they then went upstairs to the balcony. Ren had been told by Jenna that after he and Tula were married they had to go the balcony and wave to the people of Mer. It seemed a crowd of people had surrounded the castle waiting for the new rulers to come out. When they came out the crowd applauded and cheered. They then after a couple minutes turned and went inside. Ren then gave Jenna control over the kingdom, that was until after the honeymoon.

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