Ren’s Past

Author: Jenny “Jennynot” Bradley

The court of Octopon is, like many royal seats, traditional. Among the many taboos is that a royal price, especially a regent, must always marry a Princess. Primus broke the rule, sacrificing may ‘friends’ and allegiences to marry Livraya, a ‘lower class’ girl from the forrests of Octopon. After many miscarriges, Octopon rejoiced when a long term baby was conceived. However, Livraya died during Ren’s birth, and Primus became inconsolable. In his grief he blames Ren, and sent the young baby away to Jenna, Livraya’s friend, for ‘protection’. Primus then tried to bury his grief by searching for the mythical Treasures of Rule

Ren grows up inquisitive and soon meets the local people near the lighthouse. Asa teaches Ren how to swim (properly) and together they rid the waters around the lighthouse of the harmful monsters which plauge it. Together they find the Gowrons an ancient, diminishing race who dwell within the cliffs of Octopon. He befriends them and ‘replaces’ the gap within his life for a father with Gowron, the leader. Ren learns his first magic through the ceremonial ‘dances’ the Gowrons use to evoke power for protection against Darkwater – and any other evil force. Intent on teaching him more, Gowron takes him to various old mages and Power masters so he can learn more intense magic. Together Ren, Gowron and Asa rid the continent (Octopon) of dangers in the form of evil mages, monsters, Darkwater etc, with Ren gradually getting better and better at magic. To begin with his tecnique is similar to the most common form of magic – Monoform. Magic can be broadly split into ‘black’ and ‘white’, which is not, steryotypically, a symbolic representation of ‘good’ and ‘evil’. It’s who uses the magic that determines how good or evil it is. Magic works on Mern by bouncing off various forms of ‘magic particals’. The denser the partical, the darker the magic, the more power can be obtained, the more skill and danger involved in using it. Monoform relys on drawing a single type of partical, and using that. This reduces the danger from mixed commands acting differently on different partiacals while still retaining the stength the magic. However, thourough knowledge of all magic particals and their properties is needed to use it effectivly. Through learning Monoform Ren became easily aquainteted with all the magic forms on Mer in his eagerness to become better at what he was so clearly talented in. Even young (and we’re talking seven here) Ren showed incredible potential. In the middle of this came Dancing, which Ren was also adept at. He soon became incredibly talented at it, learning as fast as Tora’k (Head Dancer) could teach him. He soon became interested in the ancient Dances, how they worked, and the ancient Power they evoked. He used ancient magic to send himself back in time so he could learn firsthand. He became skillfull at handling the ancient, stonger forms of Power. He also became good at using higher levels of stonger magic and har concentation at the same time – doing several things at once. Then, due to a tragedy, everything changed.

Ren had come to look upon Gowron as his father in all the ways his real one wasn’t – being there for him for example. Inadvertantly he was ‘taking Gowron away’ from his own son Yarrow, who was very young. It was the winter of Rens eighth year. The three of them were exploring a cave which contained suspiciously large quantities of Dark Power. They encountered a powerful sorcerer who trapped them behind a powersheild. Despite Ren’s stongest efforts they could not escape. This enraged the sorcerer, who noted Rens age and skill and saw his evident potential as a threat. Evil as he was, his soul eaten by the overwhelming strength of Dark Power, he decided to remove the threat by killing those closest to Ren so he could thrive off his pain. Asa he deatomised, placing his millions of particals into the Abyss – a portal with no end and no escape. He tortured Gowron infront of him – killing him slowly. Before he died, Gowron called out to Ren – telling him to protect his wife and son, and not to take revenge because it ate your soul. Desolate and inconsolable (like father like son) Ren became unreachable. He blamed himself – for not being stong enough to protect his friends. Yarrow brought Ren back, becoming Rens lifeline back to salvation. Slowly Ren recovered his strenght again. He used his dancing techniques to bury his feelings to create a poo of emotion within him, enabling him to evoke purer Power whilst Dancing. He became obsessed with getting stronger – so he would never lose those close to him again. Those people became Yarrow, whom he looked uponm as his ‘son’, ‘brother’ and friend, and Gowron’s wife, Kur’ay, as his ‘mother’. Ren’s whole style of magic changed. Difficult and dangerous to master but unstoppable when used efficiently used, WillPower became Rens Power. Unlike Monoform, WillPower draws all magic particals at once enabling a much more varied and stonger combination of tecniques. However, lack of concentration means death or worse, as the power is unchained and wild. Ren became incredible at this, but his soul always demanded he get strong – until no one could beat him. Although only a young noviet he was strong enough to attract the attention of Arraraydon, the Dark Lord. Not as bad as his name suggests, Arra nurtured Rens potential and capabilities. Ren became anexpert, unstoppable. He attained rank as one of the Three, Arraraydons three advisers. (Koran knew Power signs and words, Throsar knew every creature on the planet, and Ren knew Power and Dancing). Ren also became head of the Mage Order, attaining the Blackbelt of the High Mage at thirteen years old. Only one in the world can hold the office, with a large amount of purple mages who will kill for the Power the office brings. Ren also became, unofficially, Lord of Dancing – renound for his expertise and excellent technique.

Ren taught Yarrow all he knew. Yarrow was Ren’s Child Prodegy – like him with incredible potential. Ren became stronger and stronger, gradually mastering Creator Power – semmingly invisible magic the sheer force of the particals enabled it’s holder to do whatever he wished. Ren, unfortunatly, became overconfident. Good at what he did he finally believed nothing could stop him – that he was invincible. In his sixteenth year the Dark Crystal cracked and was close to exploding – with enough force to destroy half a continent. Ren went inside it with his mind to fix the crystal – but was to late. He refused to believe it and, ignoring Arras orders to leave, remained inside it. It exploded. It was a tribute to his body that he survived, his ‘mind’ absorbing the force of the crystal and saving the continent. He was not unscaythed however. His memory of magic was wiped – he had the memory of a four-year-old. He had forgotten everything. Arraraydon realised that forcing his memory would kill him – his braincells already incredibly fragile due to the explosion. The Dark Lord barred all who knew Ren until his memory had fully returned.

Prymus finds Ren unaware of his past or his powers, which could easily destroy Darkwater. (He was unable even to use them until his entire memory was returned). In his ignorant and naive state he set out to save a world. The big question is whether his power will ever fully return of whether he will be crippled forever. Already returning (in the episode where Tula enters Darkwater he says he feels something from the Treasures of Rule – Power) his memories return will dictate the final episodes of the Treasures of Rule.

*     *     *     *     *

Ren will refuse to rule Octopon. Established in the world he loves he feels only hurt and anger towards the father who abandoned him until he was ‘required’. He will return to the Gowrons and live as a wiseman, an Adviser – not a King. Magic (Power) is forbidden in the political court of Octopon – another Taboo. It is seen as the ‘evil art’ not one that requires hours of dedication to master. He could never give up everything he has ever worked for for a world that abandoned him and who hate the Gowrons as ‘monsters’. Ren won’t tollerate the arrogance of his real family for that of those who raised him – so he leaves them and lives content with the Gowrons doing what he loves.

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