The Convergence Trilogy: Episode 22 – Divided We Fall

Authors: Avagon and Solia

(Scene opens where the final episode left off, with images of the heroes at the lighthouse, preparing the Wraith to set sail and saying goodbye to Jenna, who holds the Living Treasure.)

Voiceover by Jenna: Farewell, my prince. May calm seas and favorable winds speed you safely on your journey, for there is much at stake. I fear you will face even greater dangers on your quest, and many more obstacles await you in the uncharted realms ahead. May you take strength from the devotion of your friends, for together you have the power to save our world…

(Scene shifts to the interior of the Wraith, where Ioz is studying a map of the world. The map shows all of the known lands of Mer, as well as several large areas of uncharted waters. Ioz’ finger traces an incomplete pattern on the map, following their route to find the first eight treasures. He is still frowning at the map when Tula enters the cabin.)

Tula (curiously): What are you looking at?

Ioz (hastily rolling up the map): Nothing.

Tula (hurt): You still don’t trust me, do you?

Ioz (sighs, evading the question): I was just thinking about the next treasure.

Tula: And…..?

Ioz (not looking at her): And I had an idea about where to look, that’s all.

Tula (surprised and pleased): Really? (But then her face falls, and her tone becomes sarcastic.) But I suppose it’s “men’s business,” right?

(Ioz doesn’t answer, just looks at her for a moment. Then he turns and spreads the map back out on the table. Tula suppresses a triumphant grin and joins him at the table. He points to the map and gruffly starts to explain.)

Ioz: I think there may be a pattern we can use to find the rest of the treasures. (His head is bent over the map and he misses Tula’s look of surprise before she, too, bends closer.) We know the Dark Dweller had them scattered so that no two would be close to each other, and the first eight have all been found in these regions here (pointing to the map). That means the other five should be spaced evenly around these uncharted areas here. (becoming more excited about his theory) If we sail in this direction we’re bound to find something.

(Tula is openly staring. Ioz has never directed so many sentences to her at once before, unless they were generously sprinkled with oaths. At the same time she is impressed by his insight. Ioz catches her gawking and realizes that he’s revealed more of himself than he meant to. His attitude changes abruptly.)

Ioz: It’s probably nothing. (He starts to roll up the map again.)

Tula (placing her hand on his to stop him): No! Ioz, I think you may be right. (Seeing his uncertainty and…is that vulnerability?) Even smool-brains get lucky every once in a while.

Ioz (reassured, slipping back into familiar territory): Well if you think you can do better, wench, be my guest!

(There’s no real ire behind his words, though, and the two share tentative smiles. At that moment Ren walks in and immediately notices the changed dynamic between them.)

Ren: There you are! Whose turn is it to… (He trails off, clearly surprised by the rare state of truce.)

(Ioz and Tula glance at each other uncertainly before she motions for Ren to come see the map.)

Tula: Look, Ren! Ioz knows where to look for the next treasure!

Ren: What!?

Tula (smiling): I know. And for once the big bilge-tosser actually makes a little sense.

Ioz (glares at her, muttering good-naturedly): Keep it up, woman, and it’ll be you I’m tossing…into the ocean!

Ren (interrupting before it gets ugly): All right, all right… what did you find, Ioz?

(The three companions examine the map together as Ioz starts to explain again.)

*commercial break*

(Scene: The Wraith. Ioz is at the helm while Ren and Tula adjust the sail. They finish and jump down to the deck, where Ren grabs Tula’s arm to pull her aside.)

Ren: Can I talk to you for a minute?

Tula (guessing what he wants): Sure.

Ren: What happened with you and Ioz? You haven’t tried to kill each other since we left Delpha.

Tula (raising eyebrows with a smile): I think he’s finally managed to accept me since I proved I’m not a traitor. Gods know it took him long enough!

Ren: Well, I’m glad he did. Maybe now we can have some peace around here. Seems like every time I turn around he’s done something to upset you.

Tula (sighs): I know. It bothers me because I know he doesn’t have to act like that. He could be a lot more considerate, if he knew how to show it. (glancing over at Ioz and shaking her head sadly) It’s just frustrating when he doesn’t try to live up to that.

Ren (nodding): I understand. (He puts his hand on her arm and tries to be cheerful.) But he’s getting better. (jokingly) I think you’re wearing him down.

Tula (laughs): Maybe.

(At the wheel, Ios looks down and sees Ren and Tula conversing seriously on deck. He watches them talk for a moment, then her laugh drifts up to him and he notices the way her face lights up. A strange, defeated look flickers across his face, but he quickly turns away and assumes his usual stern expression. A moment later he notices Niddler flying back towards the ship.)

Ioz: Ren! Niddler is coming back!

(Ren and Tula wait for Niddler to land and greet him excitedly.)

Tula: Did you see anything?

Niddler (out of breath): I’m starved! All this scouting is working up an appetite.

(Ren hands him a minga-melon and they wait with growing impatience for him to finish it.)

Ren: Well, what did you see, Niddler?

Niddler: There’s land ahead, some large islands I think. I was too far to see much.

Ren: Maybe when we get closer the compass will-(He is interrupted by the shaft of light that suddenly beams from the compass, pointing straight ahead to the islands.)

Tula (gleefully): Look, Ioz, you were right!

Ioz (trying to appear his normal blustery self): Of course I was right!

Ren: Come on, Tula, full sail ahead!

(The Wraith swiftly approaches the islands and veers towards the largest one. Ren climbs to the crow’s nest and takes a closer look with his spyglass to see where the compass points. The beam ends in the middle of a large but desolate village. He climbs down to join the others at the wheel.)

Ren: It must be in that village somewhere. (He looks thoughtful.) Strange, I didn’t see any people.

Tula (sensing danger, uneasily): Something’s not right here. Perhaps we should wait until nightfall to enter the port.

Ren (nods): Good idea. I don’t want to take any chances.

(Dusk. The Wraith glides into the empty port and the crew cautiously disembark, looking for signs of life. The houses and buildings are in good condition but look as if they have been unoccupied for some time.)

Tula (shivering): I don’t like the look of this place, Ren. Something bad happened here.

Ren: Me, neither. (He pulls out the compass to show the way.) Let’s find the treasure and get out of here.

(The heroes start walking toward the center of the village, unnerved by the eerie silence. Suddenly there is a rush of motion, and they find themselves surrounded by a band of rough-looking men, each wearing ragged clothing and brandishing a weapon. A man who appears to be their leader addresses the group. We’ll call him…Korgus.)

Korgus: Halt, intruders! Drop your weapons!

Ren (raising his hands): Wait! We mean you no harm. We are-(His sentence is cut off by a grunt when one of the men jabs him in the stomach with his staff.)

Ioz, Tula, and Niddler: Hey! (They move to defend Ren but come up short with spears at their throats.)

Korgus: Save your breath, boy! (To his men) Take them away!

*commercial break*

(Scene: Korgus’ underground base camp. Ren and Niddler are lashed back to back to a post, Tula and Ioz tied to one nearby. Korgus and his men are gathered by a fire, in the midst of a heated discussion, periodically gesturing towards the prisoners.)

Tula (in a low voice): What do you think they want with us?

Ren: I don’t know, but it doesn’t sound good.

Ioz: Well I say we don’t stick around to find out. (He starts struggling against the ropes.)

Tula (gasping in pain): Ioz, stop, you’re choking me!

Ioz (freezes): Sorry.

Tula (startled by an actual apology): Just see if you can reach the knots, okay?

(They both start fidgeting their hands trying to find the knots. Suddenly they both blush and jerk their hands away from what was most definitely not the ropes.)

Ioz and Tula: Sorry!

Ren (unable to see over his shoulder): Any luck over there, you two?

Tula (still embarrassed): Not yet. You?

Niddler: Nothing! All I’m doing is rubbing my feathers raw.

Ren: Shhh! Someone’s coming.

(Korgus approaches the prisoners accompanied by his bodyguard.)

Ren: I demand that you release my crew at once! We have done nothing to you!

Korgus: Silence, worm! I make the demands here!

Tula: What do want with us?

Korgus (laughing): You should feel honored, for two of you will be our next sacrifices to Zotaur.

Niddler (squawking in alarm): Zotaur?

Korgus (enjoying their fear): No one who has seen the creature has survived to tell of it. For every cycle of the red moon it emerges at dawn from its lair to feed, and if we do not provide a sacrifice it will destroy us all.

Tula (horrified): You sacrifice your own people?

Korgus: For the good of the whole, of course. (Smiles evilly) Fortunately, you and your friends arrived just in time to spare us that loss this cycle, and the next.

Ioz (disgusted): You cowards! Why don’t you just kill the beast instead of skulking around like bilge rats on your own island?!

Korgus: Fool! No one can kill such a creature–it is protected by dark magic!

Ioz (scoffs): Bilge! This woman is more man than you cowards!

(Tula looks shocked. Korgus’ face contorts in rage.)

Korgus (shrieking): Silence!

(He strikes Ioz hard across the face. Tula winces in sympathy as his head slams back against the pole, but Ioz shakes it off and glares again at their captor.)

Korgus: We will see how brave you are tomorrow at dawn, when Zotaur awakens! (He points at Ioz and Tula.) You two will be the sacrifice!

(As soon as he is gone Tula twists her head to look at Ioz. He is still fuming, but doesn’t look to be hurt that badly.)

Tula (under her breath, masking her relief with sarcasm): Well you certainly have a way with people. Didn’t your mother ever teach you when to keep your mouth shut?

Ioz (angry and in pain, retorts automatically): No, she just left us! (Then, realizing what he just said, he shuts his eyes in frustration and slumps defeatedly. Once again he has let his anger get the best of him and revealed something he preferred to keep private.)

Tula (quiet for a moment, then softly): I’m sorry.

Ioz (shortly): It’s not important. Try the ropes again.

(Tula sighs, knowing the discussion is closed, and strains again at the ropes as Ren and Niddler have been doing during her conversation with Ioz. She thinks about what he just said, suddenly understanding her gruff crewmate’s bitterness towards women. For the first time Tula realizes how little they really know of Ioz’ past. She wonders what other secrets he might be guarding. There is a depth to him she is just beginning to see, and Tula feels herself becoming inexplicably drawn to the person she has started to glimpse behind Ioz’ rough exterior.)

Ioz (under his breath, exploding in frustration): Chongo-longo! It’s no use. These jitatin knots are too strong.

Ren (sighing defeatedly): Ioz is right. We’re only making them tighter. (He twists suddenly to look at Tula.) Tula, can you use your powers?

Tula (nodding): I can try. Maybe if I can shake the ground and loosen these posts…

(She closes her eyes, concentrating. The others watch expectantly, but nothing happens. Tula’s eyes flutter open.)

Tula (puzzled and upset): I don’t understand.

Ioz (sharply): What’s wrong?

Tula (frowning): I don’t know…it felt like something was blocking my powers.

Ren: Wait a minute. Didn’t Korgus say something about Zotaur and dark magic?

Tula (understanding): Of course! The creature is probably one of the Dark Dweller’s minions.

Ioz (musing): He must be guarding the treasure.

(The companions look at each other as best they can, filled with a new sense of urgency. They have to escape and get the treasure, but how?)

Niddler (despairing): I have a bad feeling about this…

(An hour before dawn. The heroes are silent, not quite defeated but unable to come up with any possible means of escape. Presently several of Korgus’ elite enter the chamber and surround Tula and Ioz. There is no time for parting words before the islanders’ clubs knock them both unconscious. Ren and Niddler can only struggle helplessly against the ropes and watch as their friends are dragged away.)

Ren (agonized): NO! Tula! Ioz! No!

*commercial break*

(The surface, a large clearing on top of a hill. Tula and Ioz, still unconscious, are tied to a large pole–again–in the middle of a ceremonial semicircle of spears. The ground is stained with the blood of past victims of the sacrificial ritual. A faint light begins to tint the air with red, signaling the approach of dawn. Ioz stirs and opens his eyes with a grimace. His face darkens even more as he takes in their bleak surroundings.)

Ioz: Tula? (trying to cover his worry) Wake up, wench! (His fingers find her hand to squeeze it gently, in contrast to his rough tone.) Tula?

Tula (coming to with a groan of comprehension): Noy jitat! Not this again!

Ioz (grimly): I already tried the ropes–no good.

Tula (still hopeful): What about the post? If we could get it free and cut the ropes with those spears at least we would stand a fighting chance.

Ioz: Are your powers still blocked?

Tula (after a moment’s concentration, angrily): Yes. We’ll have to go with brute force.

Ioz: On three? One, two, three.

(They both strain against the pole, trying to pry it from the ground. After several exhausting attempts they realize it will not budge and lapse into miserable silence. A moment later Ioz pounds his fist against the post in frustration.)

Ioz: By Kunda, there must be a way out of this! We have to get that treasure and get off this chongolongan island!

Tula (trying to keep the despair from her voice): I know, but I can’t think of anything else to do besides wait and hope we figure out something when Zotaur arrives.

Ioz (grumbling): I hate waiting! I’d rather be fighting Bloth’s entire crew right now than stuck here waiting for some monster to eat me! (He falls silent with a frustrated sigh.)

Tula (recognizing an opportunity to learn about Ioz’ past): You never did tell us how you ended up working for that fish-lipped kreld-eater.

Ioz (closed and defensive): It’s a long story.

Tula (softly): I’m not going anywhere.

Ioz (with a deep breath, wondering why he’s letting himself tell her): After my mother left my father had to look after Solia and I by himself. He did a lot of odd jobs, but we were always in debt, so as soon as I was old enough I started working as a cabin boy. My father heard that Bloth paid the highest wages, so we both signed on to crew for him. (Distant) I learned a lot about sailing and fighting in the beginning.

Tula: How old were you?

Ioz: Fifteen when we first joined. (bitterly) We crewed on that stinking ship for seven years.

Tula (hesitantly): What happened?

Ioz (remembering): The crew used to have fighting games after every big haul. There was always a lot of gambling and betting, with everybody trying to win everybody else’s share of the loot. One day I ended up fighting Strant, and I won. He was furious. The greedy bastard had placed bets on himself with a bunch of the crew and wound up losing most of his gold. (smirks) He never did have much of a head for gambling, the smool-brain.

Tula: That doesn’t surprise me. That bounty hunter is broader between the shoulders than he is between the ears. (prodding gently) Then what?

Ioz: After that Strant really had it in for me. I didn’t pay much attention because we’d never gotten along anyway. But he was determined to get his revenge. (His voice grows hard and angry.) One day Strant went to Bloth and told him my father had been stealing from him. By the time I heard what was happening it was too late. Bloth flew into a rage and killed my father. I tried to avenge him, but I couldn’t fight the entire crew. So I stole a dagron and escaped.

Tula (surprised to find herself blinking back tears): I’m sorry. (with conviction) Someday they will pay.

Ioz (sighs): I know. (He pounds a fist against the post.) But not if we die here!

(As if in answer, there is a loud rumbling noise and the ground begins to shake. The creature is stirring in his underground lair.)

Tula: Zotaur!

(She starts struggling again, and to her surprise feels the pole shift slightly. The violent shaking has begun to loosen it.)

Tula (excitedly): Ioz, did you feel that?

Ioz (also struggling): It’s coming loose!

(Working together, they begin throwing themselves from side to side against the ropes, hoping to dislodge the pole even more. Finally it slides out of the ground, just as a thundering roar echoes around them. Still dragging the heavy post between them, Ioz and Tula move awkwardly to the semicircle of spears. Between the two of them they manage to pry one out of the ground and maneuver it to cut their ropes. They are almost free when movement catches Tula’s eye.)

Tula (urgently, unable to tear her gaze from the approaching beast): Hurry, Ioz!

Ioz (almost frantic, sensing her desperation but unable to see the monster): I’m trying!

(An instant later the ropes give way and the two spring free. Tula immediately pries another spear out of the ground, not wanting to be completely defenseless. Ioz turns, still gripping his spear, and gapes in horror at the creature looming towards them. The beast is enormous. Even from a distance it towers over them, and the ground shakes with each step of its massive clawed paws. Two heavy curved horns sprout from either side of its head above a mouth lined with razor-sharp fangs.)

Ioz (realizing the danger of remaining out in the open): Come on!

(He grabs Tula’s hand and pulls her after him to the relative cover of some boulders. Huddling together, they watch the monster lumber to the top of the hill and pause at the sacrificial site, turning its hideous head from side to side and sniffing the air.)

(Cut to Ren and Niddler tied up in the underground chamber, listening to the monster’s roars and feeling the ground shake.)

Ren (horrified): By my father’s sword, they’ll be killed!

*commercial break*

(Cut to Ioz and Tula watching Zotaur from their hiding place, noticing the monster’s slow, deliberate investigation of the area.)

Tula (in hushed awe, relieved): He’s blind!

Ioz (whispering): Look! (He points to the blood-red jewel suspended from a thick leather cord around the creature’s neck.) The Treasure!

(They duck behind the rock again as Zotaur howls in rage, raking his claws against the ground where they had been standing only minutes ago and scattering the spears like toothpicks. Ioz and Tula glance at their own spears, realizing the futility of such puny weapons.)

Tula: We’ll never kill him with these!

Ioz (hissing): We have to do something, and fast! Look out!

(Ioz shoves Tula behind him as the monster turns its blind head in their direction, nostrils flaring as it catches their scent.)

Ioz (breaking his spear over one knee and casting away the extra length): I have an idea. Just keep him busy!

Tula: What?! Ioz?

(Their voices have given them away, and for answer Ioz only pushes her out of the way as the monster’s massive claw comes crashing down towards them.)

Tula: Ioz, no!

(She realizes his intentions too late to stop him, and scrambles to her feet as he leaps onto Zotaur’s paw and begins hauling himself up towards the monster’s neck, holding the broken spear between his teeth. Tula feels a surge of pride in her crewmate–whatever qualities Ioz may lack, raw courage is certainly not one of them. The beast starts thrashing wildly, howling in rage and waving his limbs to dislodge his attacker, and Ioz struggles to hold on. Tula grips her spear and charges toward Zotaur with an angry cry.)

Tula: Leave him alone, you overgrown mutant!

(Her furious slashing at the monster’s foot barely leaves a scratch, but she does succeed in drawing Zotaur’s attention away from Ioz. She darts back and forth in front of him in what she hopes are confusing zigzags, hurling insults and jabbing whatever part of him she can reach with her spear. Ioz uses the welcome distraction to claw his way up onto Zotaur’s back.)

Ioz (panting, to himself): Keep it up, Tula!

(In the next instant Ioz has reached Zotaur’s neck and seized the cord that holds the treasure. He quickly starts to cut the leather with his spear, but Zotaur senses what he is doing and rears his head angrily, and Ioz has to hang on with both hands to avoid being flung off.)

Tula: Oh, no you don’t!

(She begins hurling rocks at the monster’s face, hardly expecting to hurt him but hoping the annoyance will shift his anger back to her. Zotaur swipes at his face, shrieking in irritation. He stamps his foot, and Tula falls to the ground before him.)

Ioz: Tula!

(He makes a final slash at the cord around Zotaur’s neck and it at last comes free in his hands. There is a blinding flash of light and Ioz is thrown from his perch. Meanwhile, Tula has regained her feet to face the monster again, but to her amazement Zotaur has begun to shrink. Within moments the towering beast is reduced to a meek-looking creature no bigger than a dog, and as Tula watches it scampers quickly out of sight into the forest. She drops her spear with a sigh of relief, but her fear returns when she sees Ioz lying motionless on the other side of the clearing.)

Tula (running to fall to her knees beside him): Ioz!

(His eyes snap open at the sound of her voice and he sits up quickly to face her. Too quickly, and Tula reaches out to steady him gently.)

Tula: Take it easy, Ioz. That was some fall. (alarmed) You’re bleeding! (She reaches towards the gash on his temple.)

Ioz (pushing her away): It’s nothing. (But his hand comes away from the wound covered in blood. He quickly changes the subject.) What happened?

Tula: I’m not sure, but it looks like the treasure was the key to some dark spell that created the monster. When you removed it the spell was broken and Zotaur turned back into a normal beast. (admiringly) You saved our lives.

Ioz (shrugging): Well…you weren’t so bad yourself.

Tula (standing): I guess we make a pretty good team after all. (She offers a hand to help him up.)

Ioz (gruffly): Maybe. But we still have to rescue Ren and Niddler. (He reaches for her hand but stumbles when he tries to stand.)

Tula (worried): Whoa! (helping him sit back down) Better let me see if I can heal that cut, now that the spell is broken.

Ioz (dizzy, but still stubborn): Don’t waste your powers on me.

Tula (exasperated): Just hold still and let me help you!

(She kneels beside him and tenderly touches the wound, closing her eyes as tiny blue sparks shimmer around her fingertips. Ioz closes his eyes too, holding perfectly still while the blue light tingles around his head. After a moment Tula takes her hand away and they stare at each other.)

Ioz (touching his temple and finding no trace of the wound, in awe): You did it…

Tula (smiling): I’ll take that as a thank you. You’re lucky you have such a hard head.

Ioz (uncomfortable with the affection behind her teasing): Right. Let’s go.

(Scene: The underground chamber. Ren and Niddler are alone and fearing the worst in the sudden stillness and silence from above. They look at each other despairingly until a familiar voice turns their heads toward the entrance.)

Tula (teasingly): Come now, you didn’t think a little monster would stop us, did you?

Ren (incredulous): Tula! Ioz! And you got the treasure! How?

Ioz (cutting their bonds): No time for that now, Ren. We have to get you two out of here before those crazy islanders come back. They won’t stay in hiding for long once they figure out we killed their blasted monster.

(The four heroes recover their weapons and make a hasty exit, heading back as quickly as possible towards their ship. Unfortunately, Korgus and his men have discovered what happened and move to intercept them. The companions are almost to the pier when they are surrounded once more.)

Korgus: Not so fast, boy! We never said you could leave!

Tula (angrily): We killed your stupid monster–you don’t need us any more!

Korgus: Stow it, wench! You’re not getting away with our treasure!

Ioz (under his breath, to Tula): Noy jitat! They’re cowards and they’re greedy!

Ren: Wait a minute! We’re not stealing your treasure. We’re on a quest to save Mer from the dark water, and that jewel is the only way to fight it!

(Korgus and his men look at each other for a moment, then break into raucous laughter.)

Ren (frustrated): Really! I’m telling the truth, I swear it!

Ioz (low, through his teeth): Ren, they aren’t going to listen. We need to make a break for it.

Niddler (interrupting in a panicked whisper): We’ve got bigger problems! Look!

(The heroes turn in the direction he’s pointing to see the Maelstrom coming rapidly over the horizon. Meanwhile, Korgus’ men have stopped laughing and press closer menacingly. The heroes grip their weapons, preparing for a fight, and Ren makes one last attempt at reason.)

Ren: You’re making a big mistake, Korgus! Just let us go, and-(His voice dies abruptly as one of Korgus’ bodyguards belts him over the head with his war club and he slumps to the ground.)

Tula: Ren!

(She, Ioz and Niddler are immediately absorbed in the battle, warding off the heavy blows of the islanders and trying to protect their fallen captain. There are too many enemies, though, and with Bloth nearby they need to escape right away.)

Tula (between sword clashes): Niddler, you have to get Ren and Ioz back to the Wraith and get ready to sail! I can hold them off with my powers until you return.

Ioz (overhearing): I’m not leaving you here!

Tula (desperately): Don’t get all protective on me now, Ioz! Bloth is almost upon us and Ren is hurt! You have to go! (He hesitates) Now!

(Ioz retrieves Ren’s sword and lifts the boy off the ground, glancing back at Tula as Niddler grabs hold of them both and flies toward the Wraith. Meanwhile, Tula uses her powers to start a small earthquake, causing the mob of islanders to fall all over each other. While they are thus distracted she turns and runs to the pier to see the Maelstrom bearing down on the island. Her friends have almost reached the ship when Niddler is struck in the shoulder by Mantus’ arrow.)

Tula: Niddler! (She climbs into a dinghy and starts rowing toward the Wraith.)

Niddler (veering dangerously and in serious pain, but still struggling to reach the ship): We’re not going to make it!

Ioz (without hesitation): Drop me!

(Ioz plummets into the sea when Niddler’s claws open and immediately swims the rest of the way to the ship, where the monkey-bird has just collapsed with Ren. Climbing up the side, Ioz turns back to look for Tula, who is halfway there. But they both see that she will not reach the ship in time. The Maelstrom is moments away from cutting her off and overtaking the Wraith.)

Tula (dropping the oars to stand and wave frantically at Ioz): Go!

(Tula closes her eyes in concentration as Ioz clambers over the rail and prepares to sail. He doesn’t see what she is doing until it is too late. Tula has created a strong wind that propels the Wraith rapidly out to sea and blows against the Maelstrom to prevent it from following. Ioz calls out to her in dismay, but she cannot hear him. The Wraith quickly disappears over the horizon, and Tula crumples into the dinghy. The shadow of the Maelstrom’s open maw darkens her still form an instant before the dinghy is swallowed.)

To be continued…

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