The Convergence Trilogy: Introduction

Authors: Avagon and Solia

Disclaimer: We own nothing, scupango!

Authors’ Rant: Why in the name of Kunda is everyone so obsessed with Ren and Tula’s supposed mutual “crushes”? First of all, the show never developed this. Secondly, Tula is older than Ren. But most importantly, who in her right mind would fall for whiny righteous Quest Boy (boring!) when challenging, hunky Ioz is standing there just waiting for the right woman to come along and tame his wild ways?! Allow us to prove our theory by pointing out the striking parallels to the Star Wars Universe. Think about it-the young hero (Luke/Ren) who begins a quest to fight the forces of darkness (The Dark Side/The Dark Dweller & Dark Water), guided by a mystical entity (The Force/The Compass); the headstrong, independent woman (Leia/Tula) seeking to save her people (Alderaan & The Republic/Andorus) with the help of her special powers (The Force/Ecomantic abilities); and the scoundrel (Han/Ioz) with the shady past and the heart of gold who becomes a reluctant participant in the cause. And it goes on…there’s Obi-Wan/Primus, the older guiding figure who dies in the first episode after introducing the hero to his quest; Yoda/Alamar, the alien mentor initially misjudged by the naïve hero; Zoolie/Lando, the charming old friend with a few debts to settle; C-3PO/Niddler, the annoying yet sometimes helpful sidekick; and Boba Fett/Strant, the evil but cool-looking guy with personal issues with Han/Ioz. The character of Bloth is more of a combination of baddies-as Han/Ioz’ former employer he represents Jabba the Hutt, and as Luke/Ren’s arch-nemesis he parallels the Emperor. Do you see our point? We know we’re not wrong about this! So even though Ren and Tula care about each other, it’s more of a sibling bond. Enlightened fans realize that Han/Ioz and Leia/Tula’s constant bickering merely disguises the depths of their true feelings. So read on, and surrender to the power of the true force! Resistance is futile. 😉


     Whether they watched the show because they liked the characters, the plot, or the unique concept, or simply because of the amusing Merese expressions, Pirates of Dark Water fans have one thing in common. Most of us would sell our souls to the Dark Dweller to find out what happens after Episode 21, The Living Treasure. Would the heroes ever find the rest of the treasures, or would Bloth beat them to it? Would Ren ever return to rule Octopon? Would we ever find out about Ioz’ past? Would Niddler ever stop whining about his stomach? Would the animators ever fix Tula’s hideous outfit? (Seriously, what warrior woman actually wears pink?)

After almost ten long years, here are the answers to some of those questions. The Convergence Trilogy miniseries picks up where the show left off, just after the heroes find the eighth Treasure of Rule. Each of the three stories is written in script format, to give the feeling of watching an actual episode. This trilogy contains the first three of ten planned episodes, which will continue in the Enemies and Balance trilogies through a Finale at the end of the Quest, provided there is enough interest from readers and we have time in the future to complete the next seven episodes. So read on to learn the fate of Ren, Tula, Ioz, and Niddler as the high adventure continues!

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