The Mirror of Truth

Author: Son of Dangermouse

On the Wraith, Ren, Ioz, Niddler and Tula are being chased by the Maelstrom.

Bloth: We will soon be upon the boy and get that compass from his cold dead hands, fire at will! I want that compass! Bloth shouts.

Konk: They in big trouble now, they’re going through the wild wind caves of Pamara.

Back on the Wraith.

Ren; We can’t lose them, But that fish-lipped Bloth will not get this compass while I still breathe.

Ioz: Duck!!!

A Fireball from Bloth’s ship hits the Wraith and starts a fire, making a big hole in the ship.

Tula: I thought you could steer us out of here Ioz!

IoZ: I can, woman!

Tula: Then do it! We can’t last much longer!

Ioz: (mumbling) Chungolongo woman….

Ren: There’s a cave entrance, we can pass thru up ahead!

Niddler: Bloth is almost upon us!

Ioz: That’s the wild wind cave of Pamara, very dangerous, but it’s probably better than being out with these Dartha Eels.

They steer into the caves, losing Bloth.

Bloth: Blast! That boy has gotten away from me again! Konk! Take the scout ship and go after them and if you don’t get the compass you will be thrown to the Constrictus Again!

KonK: Ye-yes Master

As Konk boards the scout ship and heads into the cave he looks down at his peg leg and remembers the day he was first thrown to the Constrictus….

In the tunnel the Wraith is flying thru with intense speed.

Ren: We won’t last long in here. We must find an exit.

Ioz: There’s a fork in the tunnel. Which way should we go?!

Tula: left!

The left tunnel suddenly collapes and is blocked.

Tula: Better make that right!

Ioz: Hang on!!

The Wraith goes down the right tunnel and is sucked out to the open sea.

Back in the cave Konk’s ship get’s sucked thru another cave area and is blasted right back to Bloth.

Bloth: Konk! Bloth shouts. I thought I told you to go after them!

Konk: I did, but these Jetatan caves threw me out again!

Bloth: Get back in there and go after the boy!

Back on the Wraith the crew steers toward an all to familiar island, Andorus.

The island looks like the scourge of Dark Water never touched it.

Tula: Andorus… just like I remember it, Taron has done a great job in restoring her.

They land on Andorus.

Niddler: I’m going to get some Minga melons, I’ll be back soon.

Niddler flys off.

Tula: I wonder where Taron is? I would expect he’d be here to greet us.

Suddenly the bushes rustle and out pops the form of the Blight.

Ren: The Blight! I thought it was sealed under ground.

The Blight attacks, Ren ducks and kicks it with a flying kick which sends it flying backwards.

Ioz draws his sword.

Ioz: I just hope we can deal with it, last time was different.

The Blight attacks again. Ioz holds it off with his sword but the Blight overpowers and throws him. He slams backwards into a tree and passes out.

Ren: Ioz! Ren shouts.

The Blight rears it’s claws ready to slash at Ren, just then Tula jumps and pushes him out of the way, but her arm is scratched by the claw of the Blight which leaves dark black gashes on her arm. She collapes.

Ren: Tula!!

The blight advances, Ren pulls out the Compass and the Compass shines a light on the creature which sends it away.

Ren goes back and revives Ioz and they both go back to see Tula in a fevered state lying on the ground.

Ren: What has happened to Tula?

A form comes out of the wilderness. It is Taron the ecomancer.

Taron: She has been scratched by the Blight she will soon turn into a evil creature if we do not find a cure.

They hear groans and see that Tula has changed a little, her nails are becoming sharper and her teeth are getting longer, hair is growing all over her body.

Ren: She’s becoming a beast! What can save her Taron?

Taron: Only one thing… the Blight!

Ren stands there shocked.

IOz: I thought the blight was supposed to be evil how are we supposed to get it’s help.

Taron: Let me explain. Long ago the Blight was a spirit of life and prosperity but one day the ground shook where the spirit was and brought a geyser of dark water out which turned the spirit into the Blight, Those were dark times. The spirit, once a beacon of light, was now a spectre of evil. We Ecomancer’s banished it below but when you went down the Blight was still sealed. When you got the second treasure, though, Tula’s magic entombed the Blight, but he has escaped and the only chance Tula has is if we can restore the Blight to it’s origanal form.

Ren: So how do we cure Tula and stop the Blight?

Taron: There is only one way to save Tula, after we sealed the Blight, we Ecomancer’s created a mirror that would turn the Blight good again but that was just before the dark water consumed Andorus so it was never completed but the Compass and you Ren should be able to complete it.

Ren: Where is this Mirror? Taron: In the Home Tree, at the very top, there is a room we Ecomancers laced with protective magic that even though Andorus was destroyed by Dark water the unfinished mirror was protected from the water’s evil, now it waits to be completed.

Ren: I will be off then.

Ren heads in the direction of the tree while Taron and Ioz move Tula back to the Wraith.

Ioz: I hope Ren can find the mirror soon for Tula’s sake…

Taron: I hope so too.

Ioz: While we’re here we might as well fix the Wraith.

They get to work repairing the Wraith but while in the cabin where they put Tula she transforms into a great werecreature which crashes thru the door, startling Taron and Ioz.

The screen changes to Ren at the base of the tree he pulls out his sword and using it as grip starts climbing the tree.

Back on the Wraith Ioz and Taron are trying to keep the werecreature at bay but the creature roars and with a sweep of it’s claws sends Taron and Ioz overboard, the creature then runs off into the woods.

Taron and Ioz burst out of the water and climb back on the Wraith.

Ioz: What was that creature Taron?

Taron: That was Tula. The evil of the Blight has turned her almost into a full creature of evil.

Ioz: With how she was acting I’d think it was ALL evil!

On the other side of the island, Niddler is happily eating Minga melons when the creature appears and scares him off.

Niddler flies back to the Wraith.

Ioz: Where have you been monkeybird?

Niddler: Trying to save my feathers from a foul creature.

Taron: What did it look like?

Niddler: It had a long tail, drooling snout and had pointy ears and it was big. I have never seen anything like it!

Taron: I’d expect you wouldn’t… that was Tula.

Niddler: Tula! but how did she get to look like that?

Taron: The blight!!

Niddler: You mean that evil creature, I thought Ren sealed it under ground last time we were here.

Taron: He did, but it has escaped and is now on the loose on Andorus.

Niddler: Where’s Ren?

Taron: He has gone off to retrieve a special mirror that should heal the Blight and Tula from their current states.

Niddler: Where?

Taron: At the top of the Home Tree. Hurry! If you fly you should be able to help him.

Niddler flys off and the screen pans to Ren climbing the tree, he stabs his sword into a place just above him, but the wood is weak and the area he is on cracks and he falls. Niddler sees him fall and swoops down catching him just before he is about to hit the ground.

Ren: Thanks Niddler!

Niddler: Anytime! With my help we should be able to get to the top of the tree. and i expect a few minga melons from this too.

Ren and Niddler climb to the top of the tree, their is a single large platform but no entrance. just a minga melon tree with many ripe minga melons.

Niddler: Well were here but there’s no entrance, but there’s a lot of food.

Niddler flys over to the tree and pulls on a minga melon, but it won’t budge.

NIddler: (straining) this …thing… doesn’t… want… to… come off!

Niddler keeps tugging at the melon but can’t hold on much longer. The tree whips back and the branch and the melon disappear inside the tree.

To be continued…?

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