Tula’s Past: part 1

Author: Elizabeth “Tula” Halvorson

Tula,Ren,Ioz,and Niddler have just found the 9th and 10th treasure of rule and now need a break. The port they are at is to far from Andorus and Octoponso they decided to rest at a near by Island. As they are about to cast off a letter carrier stops them and asks for Tula.

LETTER CARRIER: Ahoy is there a Tula of Andorus aboard.

REN: Yes my good man may I ask what your business is with her?

LETTER CARRIER: Just a letter that’s all your highness.

Ren takes the letter and hands it to Tula, The three of them (Ren,Ioz,and Niddler) stair at Tula as she reads the letter. The next thing they know Tula falls to the ground crying they run to Tula’s side.

REN: Tula are you alright?

TULA: My father, my brothers and there wives, my nieces and nephews, my whole family alive. (she continues to cry)

IOZ: What by the two moons are you talking about Tula?

TULA: This letter is from my father who has just seen Terron a month ago. I can’t believe there still alive, I thought everybody was dead.

Tula can’t stop her tears of joy for she thought that she would never see her family again. There was a bit of bad news though, Tula’s father had remarried Lipka, Tula’s jealous aunt. Both Tula’s mother Zoë and aunt Lipka were cousins to the King of Andorus. Tula’s father Able had fallen in love with Zo%eb the minute he had laid eyes on her. Lipka thought that Able would marry her instead. (Side Note; Lipka is going to have a slight Cray like attitude but a lot more cruel. Able has a gentle, loving attitude. Just picture him to be like Michael Crawford ‘was in Phantom of the opera, efx, sings a really good version of O’holy night’) When Tula’s parents got married Lipka unlike cray stayed around just to remind her cousin that she wasn’t the only woman who loved her husband. The King had Lipka and her husband Baird and their infant daughter Matti sent to Barstow. (Its like England and Asia all rolled into one minus all the high tech stuff.) Which is were all The Andorians live now with the exception of the supreme ecomancers. They had gone back to Andorus to bring there island back to life and to make sure that this time the dark dweller does not destroy the island again. The King of Andorus and the King of Barstow have made sure that Able and Tula’s brothers and their families were taken care of. Able is now not only the king’s advisor but also a famous singer. Tula thought does not care about Lipka she has to see her family. Tula doesn’t even need to ask Ren if they could go because he already has his nose buried in a map to see how far Barstow they already were.

REN: We should make it by tomorrow afternoon, that’s if you want to go?

TULA: NOYG”TAT REN! I haven’t seen my family in years I have to see them epically Duncan he was only three the last time I saw him. Besides I promised my mother.

Ren and Ioz glance at each other with a look of question but Niddler understands what Tula is talking about.

TULA: I don’t want to talk about it, lets go I really got to see my family.

As they sail towards Barstow Tula just couldn’t stop talking about her family, a side nobody’s ever seen from her. They learned that Tula had five brothers one of them being her twin. Her oldest Brother Fisk is 28 who is a solder with 4 children. Then there is Raini 25 he owns a fabric business with two children with another on the way. Then came Tula’s twin brother Paxton also 17 and just married the King of barstow’s daughter princess Jazlyn. Then there were Tula’s two trouble making pranksters for brothers Dansan 11 and Duncan now 5 how Tula hops he remembers her. On her mother’s death bed Tula promised her mother that she would take care of Duncan and never let anything happen to him. That night Tula could not sleep Ren decided to stay up with her.

REN: (Standing by Tula and kissing the side of her neck and holding her close to him) I never seen you this excited before I can only imagine how close you are.

TULA: You don’t know the half of it especially ma and Pax. When we were both born they thought I was dead. I wasn’t crying or moving so they just let me be then Paxton was born 3 minutes after me and as soon as he started to cry I did to. We would always cause Fisk and Raini (she started to laugh and cry) Oh we were horrible to each other always playing pranks on each other. I remember my papa coming outside one time cause we were rough housing and I got hurt really bad. Papa told us that we would be the death of are mother and that he would be old and gray before his time.

They laugh as Tula Talks about her past with her father and brothers. Ren noticed that Tula did not talk a lot about her mother.

REN: What about your mother,what was she like?

TULA: (Holding back tears) She was the most wonderful woman anybody could ask for in a mother.

REN: What happened to her?

TULA: I don’t really know and what I do know I don’t want to talk about. I’m going to go to bed now, good night.

REN: Good night.

Ren feeling incredibly stupid about opening his big mouth starts to mutter curse’s at himself.

REN: You smull brain, Kreldeating J’taten fool, ontarian ox. Next time why don’t you ask Tula if she watched her mother die.

Ren also started to wonder why Tula was so quiet when it came to her mother; “they must have been very close” he thought. The next day they could see the coast of Barstow Tula was so nervous and excited she didn’t know what to do. She paced the ship “should I change, do I have enough gifts for everyone, will Duncan remember me.” Tula promised her mother that she would take care of baby brother . Her mother was so sick that she could hardly hold Duncan by the time he was one.

IOZ: Tula were about to dock and it looks like you have some people waiting for you out there.

TULA: Ioz I don’t think I can do this.

IOZ: Your just nervous Tula thats all you’ll be fine.

TULA: Your right Ioz, its nerves.

NIDDLER: Come on you guys lets go I’m hungry and want to stretch my wings.

TULA: Were coming Niddler.

As they walk off the wraith Tula notices three young women and they some how look familer. (ok if you ever seen the video “scrubs” by Tlc thats what the girls are dressed in, actually they look like TLC.) Tula then notices there faces its Yaffa, Tova, and Hoa, Tula’s childhood friends. The four girls scream and embrace in a group hug and start to cry and speak in their native Andorian ( I imangen the langue to sound like arbic or indian but you can’t quit put your fingure on it.) As they take a carage up to Tula’s house Tula and her friend talk about the adventures she’s had with Ren, Iaz and Niddler. When they pull up to Able’s house Tula is amaized.

TULA: Its the size of a place.

REN: The king must really like your father.

IOZ: Scapango!

NIDDLER: You said it Ioz.

YAFFA: I told you Tula just like back on Andorus.

HOA: Your father was always a good adviser to the king.

TOVA: Besides Tula remember just just how close your mother and the king were, you know she was his favorite cousin.

TULA: Yeah I know.

Tula, Ren, Ioz, and Niddler are greated by her fathr and step-mother Lipka. Tula and her father embrace and cry, she then stops and intraduces Ren, Ioz, and Niddler.

ABLE: Hello, please come in and rest I’m sure your quit tired. Lipka have some warm drinks made. (Turning to Tula’s childhood friends.) Thank you girls come on in I know the four of you still have a lot of catching up to do.

In the kitchen Lipka tells the maid to make some tea in a very obnoxis way,the I’m better then you are tone. Matti enters the room “so much like her father,weak.” Lipka thought.

LIPKA: Your step-sister is here with the prince of Octpon.

MATTI: So he loves Tula, why are you trying to make me like you. I respect what Tula and Ren have I just wish you could to when it came to aunt Zoe and daddy.

LIPKA: (walks over to her daughter and smacks her) Now you listen to me, your father was weak and so is Able. You show Tula or any of Able’s children and grandchildren any kindness I will disown you and you will be pennless.

MATTI: Yes mother I understand.

Lipka leaves the kitchen and acts like nothing has happened and brings out the tea for everybody and trys to join in on the conversation. Ren, Tula, Ioz, and Niddler are in the middle of telling Able and the rest of Tula’s family about the time they ran into the Delpha Warriors and the living treasure. They all start to laugh, Lipka’s lound obnoxius laugh kills the mood.

LIPKA: Tula so why didn’t you stay with these um Delpha Warriors?

TULA: It was a trick, I made them think that I was joining them so that I could get closer to the 8th thresure of rule espically since they made a visitor to their island a slave.

IOZ: Besides with out Tula…..

REN: We would have never known that the 8th treasure was alive.

NIDDLER: Not to mention all the other trouble she’s gotten us out of.

LIPKA: Wellhow nice of my step-daughter.

Tula gives Ren,Ioz,and Niddler a sheepish thank you grin.

TULA: Papa could we please see the rest of the house.

ABLE: Of course Tula of course at the same Time I can show you and your friends to your rooms.

As Able shows them around the manission he brings thenm to a grand ball room but not as grand as the one at the palace Able make’s sure to poin out. They look at it in amazment.

TULA: How does the sound carrrie in this room papa?

ABLE: Like an ampatherater.

TULA: Good

Ren,Ioz,and Niddler wounder what Tula is talking about they soon find out. Tula walks into the middle of the romm and starts to sing. (It sounds like hidden track 13 on Alanis Morrisset’s first album jagged little pill, The best occupla song out there.) When Tula is done she starts to walk back to her farther and friends. Ren, Ioz, and Niddler are shocked and it s Ren who breaks the silence when he starts to clap soon Ioz and Niddler follow.

IOZ: Tula that was uh…..

NIddler: Yeah it was….

REN: Beautiful.

Soon after there shown to there rooms, Tulas has all her drwans and stuff from Andorus decroating her room.

TULA: You kept it all.

ABLE: Of course daughter (he kisses her forehead) its also all that I had left of you or thought I did.

PAXTON: (With an ice cube in his hand puts it down the back of her

Tag your it.

TULA: I’ll get you for that.

As Tula runs after Paxton he leads her right into the kitchen and screams as Tova, Hoa, Yaffa and all her brothers and the rest of the family yell “SUPRISE HAPPY BIRTHDAY!” (OK I don’t know if you ever haven seen the Crow but this scene I’ve always imanged that its like that one part with all the trick or treaters are running around Brandon Lee when he says ‘shelly I’m coming home.’ and there all laughing.)

TULA: Pax you remember that little joke you played on me oh about five minutes ago?

PAXTON: Yeah,why?

TULA: Oh just because.

When Tula says this Paxton starts to gst worried espically when she starts to smile. The next thing Paxton see’s is a piece of birthday cake beining smashed in his face. Paxton tries to get Tula back but she ducks and he end’s up hiting Ioz with the cake instead. This starts a whole out food fight with everybody laughing and screaming. Matti trys to join in but Lipka keeps pulling her back.

LIPKA: DO you really want t act like a wild animal like the rest of Able’s children? Stay here an d impress Ren with your maturity.

MATTI: Yes mother.

Matti does what she is told and stays put but she rather be having fun with her cousin’s. Later that night as Tula puts Duncan to bed he ask’s Tula not to leave his side.

TULA: Duncan sweety whats wrong?

DUNCAN: Nothing Tula I just want you to stay with me I missed you.

Tula notices a burise on Duncan’s arm and ask’s what happened.

TULA: Duncan were did you get this?

DUNCAN: (Not wanting to answer looks away from his big sister.) Everything changed when you left you were saposed to keep me safe you promissed me you promissed mama. Now Lipka is here and she hates me and Dasan.

TULA: Did she give you that bruse?

Dunncan just cries and thats all the answer Tula needs.

TULA: Duncan get up, you’ll sleep with me in my room tonight.

As they walk through the hallway they run into Lipka. Duncan clutches on Tula’s leg and tries to hide behind his big his big sister, Lipka starts to yell.

LIPKA: you little and ungreatful ontiran ox get back to your room right this minute.

DUNCAN: No Tula says I don’t have to.

LIPKA: (Micking Duncan) Tuka says I don’t have to . (She raises her hand to smack him) I said get to your romm, I’m your mother now and you will do as you are told.

TULA: (getting angery grabs Lipka’s hand) You touch my brother or even try to fill my mothers shoes you Jounda Town whore I swear I will kill you.

Lipka: You don’t stand a chance against me child, besides I have big plans for “my family” that will leave the rest of you pennless and have my daughter at the prince’s side insted of you.

TULA: We’ll see about that, come on Duncan.

What Lipka did not know was that Ren,Ioz,Niddler,Fisk,and Paxton were all esdroping on Lipka and Tula’s argument. The five of them go over to Tula’s room and knock on her door. They here Tula in there but she does not answer the door, for she is to busy singing Duncan to sleep with a lullbuy there mother used to sing. They are now standing in Tula’s room waiting for Duncan to go to sleep before talking to Tula.

FISK: I can’t believe she is at it again.

Paxton: are you that suprised look how she treated uncle Baird and Matti.

Ren: Does your father know that she does this to Duncan?

TULA: If he did I don’t think my father would stay with her a minute longer.

DUNCAN: (Wakes up) No don’t say anything she said she would kill me if I ruined her and papa’s marrige. Please Tula you promissed mama you proimssed.

TULA: Me keeping this secret won’t help you Duncan.

IOZ: Besides your father needs to see what Lipka is really Like.

NIDDLER: (Takes Duncan’s hand) I know how you feel scared and alone. I was livining in fear until I met Ren,Ioz, and your sister now I know I’m free from my pain and suferingand so will you once you tell your father.

Tula stands by her window as Niddler talks with her brother.Tears role down her cheeks, Raini and Dasan walk into the room with Matti and right up to Tula.

MATTI: You didn’t fail your mother, I did. Here’s my mothers journal and it tells how your mother died. I’m sorry Tula,I wish I could do something. Wait there’s going to be a ball tomorrow in honor of you and your friends. Mother want’s me to take Ren away from you.

REN: I don’t even know why I’m asking this but why is your mother trying to hurt Tula, her father and brothers.

MATTI: Tula knows the answers just as well as I do.

RAINI: You have to tell them what happend to mama Tula.

TULA: I can’t

REN: Yes you can Tula, you can tell me anything.

TULA: You’ll think differently of me mabey even hat me Ren, I can’t.

REN: Yes you can.

TULA: O.K., When I was 13 my mother had given birth to Duncan, Lipka had been here on Barstow for some time know but she had come home to Andorus for awhile. Ma.. Mama…… (She starts to cry)

Ren walks over to Tula and holds her tight, he kisses the side of Tula’s head.

REN: It’s all right, continue.

TULA: MAMA started to get sick espically when Lipka came over. Nobody could ever prove that Lipka did it (she looks down at the journal) but mabey now I’ll have the answers. On my mothers death bed she had me promiess that I would see justic done and take care of my two younger brothers (Starting to cry) I’ve failed her,I’ve failed my mother.

Ren holds Tula tight and gently rocks her back and forth. Fisk goes over to his sister and takes the journal from her hand.

FISK: Tula please let me read it, I know you promissed mama but the last thing this family is a viglantie.

IOZ: How do we know that you won’t

FISK: Because I live by a code of honor and valor. I with my siblings will make sure justic is done.

REN: Ioz, Fisk is right this is family business. (turning to Fisk and the rest of Tula’s sibs.) We will help you as best we can though.

DUNCAN: ( Gets up and out of bed and goes up to Ioz) do you mean it, will you help.

IOZ: Of course Duncan of course we’ll help.

TULA: NOw time for bed youn man.

Tula picks up her brother and puts him to bed. At this time everybody walks out except Ren, he helps keep a vigil over Tula’s brother. In minutes Duncan is asleep and Tula walks over to the window and looks out at the ocean. Ren walks over to her and puts his hand on her shoulder.

REN: Tula you did not break any promesses, your a good daughter and sister and I love you.

TULA: I love you to, but….

REN: But what?

TULA: I don’t think I’ll be able to continue unless I know my family is safe.

REN: They will be espically after we talk to your father.

Ren then takes Tula into his arms and kisses her.

TULA: Stay with me, help me with Duncan.

Ren just smiles and lies down on the couch in Tula’s room while Tula sliped into her bed. She gives her little brother a kiss goodnight and vows that Lipka would never hurt anyone in her family again. The next morning Tula’s father made an anoucment at Breakfast, They were to see the king of Andorus and the King of Barstow. When they arive at the palace Tula embraces her noble cousin but she was no more royal then her mother. The blood line had been thinig for the past three generations but the King did not care fore Zoe and her children were still family.

THE KING OF ANDORUS: Cousin, how have you been.

TULA: Wonderful Zamir, I must Thank you though.

ZAMIR: Thank you ( Zamir looks over Tula’s shoulder and see’s Ren) Your very welcome cousin. You know the minute Terron had toldyour father and myself that you had joined up with the Son of Primus….

TULA: your horable cousin but still thank you. I never thought that…

ZAMIR: Tula you should know better your father and brothers and mother….

TULA: (Looking back at Ren whois talking with the King of Barstow.) You don’t know what its like out there and to hear a kind word is worth more then anything that I can imangen.

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