Tula’s Past: part 2

Author: Elizabeth “Tula” Halvorson

FISK: Tula can we speak for a moment.

TULA: Yes, excus me Zamir.

ZAMIR: Anything I should know about.

FISK: (Handing Zamir Lipka’s journal) What happened to mother is all in here.

Tula and Fisk walk away her brothers are already outside waiting for Tula. The view is beautiful outside on the pourch you could see the ocean for miles, so crisp and clear. Tula was not outside though to admire the view she needed to know what happened to her mother.

TULA: What did you find out?

FISK: What we all expected that Lipka killed mama through some from of poision.

RAINI: Does it say what kind of poision?

FISK: No but it says were she hids it.

PAXTON: So now what do we do?

TULA: Hang her with it.

ABLE: Children I know its a nice day but you need to come in. (Tula and her brothers go inside. Able stays outside for a moment thinking of his children’s mother.) Oh Zoe how I wish to see the children with you again. Besides I have a good feeling about are daughter and Ren. I’m sure Tula would love to have you here now for your advice,she always took it.

As Tula and her brothers were walking back in Ren grabs her arm, he startles her but Tula about it cause it was kind of funny.

REN: Can we take a walk?

TULA: Sure, papa I’m going to walk around for a little bit.

ABLE: Not to long though.

Tula nods her head as if to say I under stand. When they leave the room Ren takes a hold of Tula’s hand and bringd it up to his mouth for a kiss. TUla then turns around and kisses Ren back but on the mouth. They finaly get to there destnation the warter fountian in the middle of the palace.

REN: What did Fisk have to say?

TULA: She did it but Lipka does not say with what, but she did mention were she hides the poision.

REN: I”M so sorry there was a part of me that wished that……..

TULA: I know Ren, I know. I had the same wish that it wasen’t true. That my mother….(She begings to cry)

REN: It will be alright.

TULA: (Through her tears)It hurt so much when my mother died, now it hurts ten times more as if a wound has been reopened.

REN: We should start to head back when I was talking with Wilton he said that he had an important anoucment to make.

They started to walk back to walk back to the king of Barstow’s chambers. Little did they know that Lipka was spying on them the whole time. When they got got back to Wilton’s chambers he was ready to make his anoucment.

WILTON: My friends tonight we will hold a great ball in honor of Prince Ren and his friends for trying to save are world from the dark warter and its master the dark dweller.

Everybody starts to clap espically when Wilton adds that today was also declared a holiday.

JAZLYN: Tula I think my clothes might fit you we look about the same size.

TULA: Thank you.

Jazlyn then takes Tula to her room so that she my try on some gowns. The King of Barstow, Able, and Zamir Take Ren and Ioz to be fitted for some nicer clothes.

NIDDLER: Hey what about me?

ABLE: Silly monkey-bird feathers are all the clothing a bird needs.

NIDDLER: Funny that you say that.

ABLE: Why Niddler what do you mean.

NIDDLER: Tula told me that one time too.

Able laughs as they walk down the hall meanwhile Lipka goes to talk with Matti.

LIPKA: (Slaps Matti) You insabordanet child.

MATTI: Scared because your little secert is out?

LIPKA: How dare you speak to me that way. Daughter I want you to listen and listen good or it s your life. Tonight at the ball I will make an anoucment that Ren has proposed to you. Now you better play along and leave with your cousin because if my secret is found out my own cousin, my own flesh and blood will have me tried and put me to death for murder. Its bad enough that my only child has betrayed me.

MATTI: (Crying) I hate you!

MAtti leaves the room crying and looking for Fisk so that they could both approch the king togther. She already know that FIsk passed her mothers journal to Zamir but knew that he would not read it until it was to late. Down the hall Tula and Jazlyn are trying on gowns for tonights ball, while they do this Tula starts to ask Jazlyn and her twin brother met.

JAZLYN: Its really funny I was in the market and I had paid for some jonda fruit but I didn’t pay for the clip in my hair. The merchent started to yell theif, theif gaurds I have a theif. When I tried to explain to him that I was his princess the merchent did not want to hear it. So along comes your brother and asks whats the trouble was. The merchent had told your brother that I had stolen a clip in y hair. He then, your brother called the merchent a j’tatan fool and paid for the clip. When the merchent asked your brother why he said thatt pax turned to the merchent and said because only a J’tatan fool would not recongiez the Princess of Barstow.

TULA: That defently sounds like Pax to me.

JAZLYN: So tell me how serious is your relationship with the Prine of Octopon,Ren.

TULA: ( She blushes) I don’t think I can find the words right now. I should have known this question was coming but I didn’t …….

JAZLYN: Don’t worry I under stand you can never find the words to describe not only your lover but soul mate , your very luckly. Oh try this one on, its perfect.

Tula looks in the mirror to find herself in a long flowing cream colored dress. The sleaves and bodice fit her figure real well but the skirt just poof’s out.

JAZLYN: Wait its missing something , ah here it is. (Jazlyn places a tearra on Tula’s head) now its just right.

TULA: (Amaized) This is just to much, I like it but…….

JAZLYN: You look like royality and get used to it I have a good feeling that one of these days you’ll be queen of Octopon.

Fisk and Matti meet up in the hallway and Matti is still crying. She grabs her cousin’s arm and tries to drag him down the hall.

MATTI: Come on we have to go and talk to Zamir. Come on we got to go.

FISK: Matti cousin calm down, whats wrong?

MATTI: Its mother she’s angrie we have to see Zamir.

FISK: What are you talking about?

MATTI: Mother slaped me and told me to go along with her plan. She said that at the ball tonight she would anounce that Ren asked me to marry him insted of Tula. Fisk I think she’s got something else in mind.

FISK: Let’s go.

In the grand ball room at the palace Ren, Zamir, and Wilton are greating all of there guest and Ren couldn’t be any more bord. Ren knew as King he would have to do the same thing greating Nobles and there families as they were anounced and shaking there hands one by one he hated it. Ren also was getting a little inpatient with Tula she never took this long to get ready and he really wanted her to save him and now but Ren is not disapointed. At the top of the stair case is Jazlyn and Tula but his eyes only fall on Tula. Ren swears that he is looking at an angle he goes to meet the girls at the stair case Ren holds his arm out for Tula.

REN: You look beautiful.

TULA: Thank you but I feel funny in this gown.

Music starts to play Ren looks at Tula and holds his hand out to her and motions towards the dance floor.

REN: Would you care to dance?

TULA: I would love to.

They dance while Ioz and Niddler watch and smile. Ioz and Tula my not get along and Ioz half the time can’t stand Tula but she was his friend and he was happy for both his friends. Lipka is also watching but she is not happy and looks at her step-daughter with icey eyes. Lipka then looks over to were here cousin King Zamir is at to her supries she also see’s Matti and Fisk talking with Zamir.

LIPKA: He Knows! (whispers angerly)

ABLE: What did yousay dear?

LIPKA: Oh, nothing husband. I’m going to goin Matti, my how lovely Tula looks tonight.

Able looks over to his daughter he has never seen Tula so happy before that was before Tula’s mother died. Able starts to feel a ache in his chest it’s his heart breaking as he thinks of his late wife. How much Tula looked like Zoe. His daughters hair, her eyes everything thats Tula’s was Zoe. “Ren is a lucky man” Was all that Able could think of. Ren and Tula walk outside to get some fresh air. The moon shone on the evening sea it was breath taking. Ren holds Tula close to him and they Kiss.

REN:(quoting “LOVE” from I Corinthians 13:4-8 NIV)

Love is patient,love is Kind. It does not envy,
it does not boast, it is not proud. It is not rude
it is not self-seeking it is not easily angered, it keeps
no record of wrongs.Love does not rejoice in evil
but rejoices with the truth. It always protects,always
always trust, always hopes, always persevers. love never fail.

TULA: Ren that was beautiful.

REN: I was saving that for a special ocasion like tonight. There’s something I like to ask you.

TULA What is it Ren? You can ask me anything.

REN:(Down on one knee and holding both of Tula’s hands.) I’ve loved you since the day I meet you when it seemed like you just showed up out of no were from below deck. I’m asking you to be my wife, my queen, Tula will you marry me?

TULA:(Taken back just a little) Yes a thousand times yes I’ll be your wife.

Ren gets up and embraces Tula they kiss and start to make plans for the future. Zamir walks out to were ren and Tula are he also needs to speak with his cousin before Lipka gets to her.

ZAMIR: Sorry to inerupet but Tula its Lipka. I just spoke with Fisk and Matti.

TULA: This can’t be good.

REN: What ever it is Tula I’ll stand by your side.

ZAMIR: There’s more, Lipka is going to anounce that Ren has asked Matti for her hand in marrage. Now before you say anything Tula I already have Lipka in my chamberss and I have Matti and Your brother at the other side of the palace for safe keeeping.

TULA: Zamir have my father and brothers escorted to your chambers along with Ioz and Niddler. I don’t want to ruin your party.

ZAMIR: I understand cousin but I going to put you and the rest of the family in the room next door to the one Lipka is in. Ren I need you as the bait.

REN: I don’t understand.

ZAMIR: You helped the people of Banjamar by fooling Karuptus back into the Bell Of The First Sound Please help my family besides Lipka won’t even suspect it comming.

Ren agrees to help and is with Tula, Ioz, Niddler and Tula’s family are all escorted to Zamir’s privet chambers.

ZAMIR: Now Ren I hope your ready Lipka does have a drug with her its called Scopolamine. We switched it out with some dyed warte but still be careful Lipka may have a spare.

REN: What will the scopolamine due to me?

ZAMIR: In small doses over a period of time it makes you look like your just getting sick more and more every day until its to late. In large doses like the viles Lipka caries around could cause instant death if the antidote isn’t given right away.

REN: I’m ready.

ABLE: Ren promess me one thing.

REN: Yes Able what is it.

ABLE: Don’t get your self killed your Mer’s only hope.

IOZ: Just call…..

REN: I will Ioz I call if I need any help.

Ren opens the door to were Lipka is. Zamir and his family keep the door slightly ajared just enough to make it look like the door is closed.

REN: Lipka how are you we haven’t had much of a chance to talk much since me and your step-daughter got here.

LIPKA: I sence a little distaste towards Tula anything the matter.

REN: Only that J.’taten wench can’t take no for an answer. I love Matti not Tula and I wouldn’t have blamed you if you did anounce my engament to your beautiful daughter.

Lipka:I knew you would come around to my side. Did you know that My side of the family has more Royal blood then Tula’s or her mothers. Zoe’s father had also married a pesent too, pathic. My parents were both of royal blood and so is Matti her father was a noble.I’ve always beliveed that royality should only marry royality.

REN: But you married Tula’s father and he has nop royal blood.

LIPKA: (Laughing) A marrige of convience. I wanted back in good with my royal family and Able needed a mother for his surly children a perfect match.

REN: I like how think LIpka but how did you elimete Tula’s mother?

LIPKA: Simple a little scopolaminet here and there blame it on the dark warter, easy as pie.

REN:(Grabing Lipka’s hand) Amazing, now I would like to see my bride and I’m sure you would too.

They walk over to were Tula, Zamir, and the rest of Tula’s family is. Ioz and Niddler are are ready to take Lipka down with Zamir and Wilton’s gaurds. As Ren and Lipka enter the room she is schoked and angred.

LIPKA: YOU, you tricked me. Husband, cousin I would never, he made me say it.

ABLE: Then dear wife why the confession in your journal.

AS Able says this he throw the book down at Lipka’s feet.

LIPKA: Were’s Matti?!

TULA: Were you can’t hurt her!

ZAMIR: Gaurds take her away.

LIPKA: NO………….

Lipka then breaks away from Ren’s grasp and as Ioz, Niddler, and the gaurds try to stop her from fleeing Lipka pulls out a dart and stabs Ioz. Ioz screaming and falling down in pain grabs were he was stabed. He panicks is it the warter or the poision, he doesen’t know.

TULA: ioz move your hand let me see if your ok.

IOZ: How will you be able to tell?

TULA: Just trust me ok Ioz.

Tula uses her ecomancer powers to see if the poision was injected. She can’t find any Ioz is safe.

TULA: You’ll be alright only warter.

IOZ: Thank Konda!

The gaurds by now already have Lipka in custody and take her to the doungen. Matti with Fisk enter soon after Tula goes over to her cousin and gives her a hug.

TULA: Its over Matti Its Over.

As Tula says this Matii starts to cry. Duncan runs over to his sister and cousin side and gives them both a hug.

DUNCAN: I’ll be safe now Tula?

TULA: Yes you won’t have to be afried any more.

DUNCAN: Who’s going to help me know though your leaving tomorrow.

TULA:(Looking up at Matti) I know the perfect person for the job.

MATTI:(Turning to Duncan) Come on we still have a party to attend.

As the ball winds down to an end Ren anounces his engaement to Tula. The Ball room is full of apluse tula’s friend Tova, Hoa, and Yaffa run over to congralet there friend.

TOVA: Congrags girl.

YAFFA: But me and Hoa have just one question.

HOA: Yeah

TULA: And whats that?

YAFFA&HOA: Why diden’t you tell us first?

TULA: Me and papa had some business to take care of first.

The four girls laugh and walk over to join up with Ren,Ioz,Niddler,and Tula’s family at there table. They all laugh and talk over past times. The next mornining while Ren and Ioz are getting the Wrath ready Tula and her family are sitting in the palace court room were they are deciding Lipka’s fate.

WILTON: Since this matter of murder happened on Andorus I have no say over it but that does not mean you get off so easily. Because after I render my verdict The King of Andorus will give his. For the abuse and atempeted murder of Ioz, Prince Ren’s Master at arms you are to be in prisoned in the Dungun for life. King Zamir your verdict.

ZAMIR: You did the most horable thing anybody can do to a fellow family member and then you lie about it.

LIPKA: Cousin I can explain.

ZAMIR: SILZNCE! You are no family of mine. You are to be banned from Andorus,striped of your royal tittle and are sentenced to death.

LIPKA: But your highness….

ZAMIR: You are to die by dark warter since thats what you clamed Kiled Zoe.

Court is then ajourened with Lipka screaming for mercy but it falls on death ears. Tula and her family all go to the harbor to say good-bye until they see each other again in octopon for Ren and Tula’s wedding.

ABLE: Take care daughter and please write and tell us of your adventures.

TULA: I will papa.

DUNCAN: Runing up to Tula givining her a hug and a kiss hands her two flowers) One’s for you Tula and the other for mama can you place it…

TULA: I promess to place it were mama sleeps Duncan.

PAXTON: Just remember who threw the cake in my face the next time I see you.

TULA: Just as long as you remember who started it in the first place.

FISK: Bye sis be safe ok.

TULA: I will.

RAINI: You know I hate good-bye’s.

TULA: So then say I’ll see ya soon.

RANINI: See ya soon.

TULA: Get over here trouble.

DASAN: Why I don’t want to give you a hug.

Tula then pulls Dasan over to her and gives him a big hug and Kiss while everybody laughs at the camotion that Dasan is making.

DASAN: Tula stop, yuck your giving me girl germs, stop Tula.

TULA: bye Dasan and don’t give Duncan any trouble or I’ll come back and do the same thing again.

ABLE: Stop picking on your brother.

TULA: Why papa what ever do you mean.(Mischives grin)

DASAN: Bye sis I’ll see you soon.

Tula walks abord the Wrath and flicks the back of Dasan’s ear as she boards the ship. Dasan looks at her sister and yells back at her.

DASAN: I’ll get you back sis just you wait and see.

TULA: Bye Dasan oh and by the way stay out of my room.

As they waved good-bye to Tula’s family Ren has already ploted a course to Andorus.

REN: How did the hearing go?

TULA: Lipka was sentanced to death by dark warter.

IOZ: Sure glad I’m not her.

NIDDLER: Me too.

TULA: I just wish Matti was there to say good-bye she helped so much.

REN: You did promess your father that you would write.

TULA: Yes, so whats that got to do with Matti .

REN: Well write her and tell her Thank you anw greatful you you are.

TULA: I think I just might do that.

A week later the Warith is in Andorus Ren in his crew get off the ship to re supply but Tula has something else in mind.

TULA: Ren walk with me.

REN: Sure were to?

TULA: Its a suprise.

Tula and Ren walk but they do not speak finally they reach there destation a willow tree with a grave under it. It reads; Zoe of Andorus, Loving Wife to Able Son of Mongkut and mother to Fisk,Raini,Tula, Paxton,Dasan,and Duncan. Tula then takes the flower from her hair its the one Duncan gave her for her mother.

TULA: We did it mama we did it.

Tula then places the flower on the grave and sings her mothers lullabuy.

TULA: Go to sleep my sweet angle for the gods are with you tonight to keep you sake and warm. Go to sleep my baby and dream sweet dreams tonight for tomorrow is another day to play away. So until then sleep sweet angle of mine and I’ll see you int he morning.

Tula gets up from the grave and turns to Ren. He holds his hand out to her and they walk back to port. As soon as they get there its time to go. Tula is finaly at peace cause she knows that her mother is now at peace and for this Ren is happy and thanks Matti for Tula no longer a great pain and weight to be lifted from her heart and shoulders.

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