A large, fire-breathing, bipedal dragon, and a crucial figure in imparting the mantle of the Treasure Quest to Ren.

Alomar is a friend of Primus and one of the two guardians of the Compass. Along with Primus’s spiritual attendant, he resides in the Abbey of Galdebar.

As Primus died in Ren’s arms on the shores of Octopon, he told Ren to seek Alomar; unthinking, Ren assumed Alomar was a man. But Alomar’s appearance serves as a lesson to Ren, showing him that things are not always as they seem.

Alomar breathes fire over a wall to reveal a set of runes. Through them, he explains the Quest for the Treasures of Rule to Ren. But just moments later, Bloth’s pirates break into the abbey. Alomar offers to hold them off to give Ren and Niddler a chance to escape, and he dies at their hands.

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