A nature-oriented island of Mer that is the home of the ecomancers, the Third Treasure of Rule, the Blight, and Tula.

At its peak, people lived in true harmony with nature. The Home Tree was a massive structure within which many families lived, including Tula’s own. And the it was through the roots and branches of the Viva Tree that the supreme ecomancers have interacted with the natural elements of Andorus throughout, and saved the island in the past.

The supreme ecomancers used to keep some kind of order throughout Andorus, but what happened to their order(?) is not explained. One way or another, Dark Water went on to ravage Andorus, destroying its plant life and decimating the River of Randor. It isn’t known whether Andorus’s residents fleed or were killed, but the island was rendered virtually devoid of life.

The population of Andorus seems to have a bad reputation, according to a comment made by Niddler about not trusting Tula due to her Andorian origin. (I conjecture that it’s related to their flight from the island: refugee crisis?)

The king of Andorus dispatched Tula to track down Teron, one of the supreme ecomancers, and to enlist him to use his powers to restore Andorus.

When Tula’s own ecomancer powers come to light just as the crew finds their way to Andorus, Teron and Tula work to use their powers to regenerate Andorus. They succeed in pushing out the toxicity of the Dark Water’s influence and bringing the lands back into bloom, but a wave of negative energy overtakes Tula. Teron heals her and conjectures that it is the Blight that’s to blame: the ecomancers had banished it to Andorus’s underworld, but the Dark Water revived it.

Teron, one of Primus’s original seven captains, hid the Third Treasure of Rule in the underbelly of Andorus. It is during Ren’s efforts to retrieve it that he and Tula encounter the Blight both physically and magically.