The Atani

A humanoid race of tall, slender, albino-like beings with pale skin and red eyes that live in an immense spidery, tunneled cave.

Also known as the Pale Warriors, the Atani have a reputation as being reclusive and formidable warriors. They follow strict laws and dole out severe punishment.

Bloth has waged an indirect with the Atani since the Year of the Black Tide. The tunnels provided the Atani with physical protection, but Bloth sank numerous trade ships from other nations and fleets to the point that none will risk trading with the Atani anymore.

Ren and his crew accidentally intrude on the Atani kingdom while escaping Bloth’s forces. They are apprehended by a stern, well-trained group of soldiers, and taken to meet their king, Obrik, to whom they are extremely loyal.

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