Bell of the First Sound

Located on the island of Banjamar, the Bell of the First Sound is a giant, ~15-foot-high structure that possesses an extremely strong power. If a being touches the Bell when it is being rung, the power of the Bell will “absorb” them into its shell and trap them there. The only way they can escape is if the Bell is rung again.

Its location is within a towering temple in Banjamar’s main square.

The Bell is the prison of Kirroptus, one of the Dark Dweller’s fiercest lackeys. During Primus’s own Treasure Quest, he crossed paths with Kirroptus, and approached Kangent, the Banjamaran king, about trapping him within the Bell. After they did detain Kirroptus, Primus instructed Kangent to never reveal details of the Bell to any outsiders.

However, physical entrapment in the Bell does not seem to end magical/extra-sensory powers. Somehow Kirroptus was able to send a psychic message to Ren and his friends – the Compass started shooting beams erratically before aiming at the ocean, and a wall of water rose and took the shape of King Primus, who instructed Ren to ring the Bell to end the Quest forever. After inadvertently freeing Kangent, the creature revealed to Ren that the message was his doing.

The power of the Bell is not limited to trapping evil; Ren himself began to be pulled in while in the process of re-trapping Kirroptus.

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