Borca/Borka paste

Spelling unconfirmed

A yellowish multipurpose paste with a distinctively unpleasant scent.

  • Episode 3, Break-Up: when Ren and Niddler’s ship is wrecked by the Maelstrom, a falling barrel of borka paste breaks and smears over them.
  • Episode 4, Betrayal: the borka paste slathering Ren and Niddler keeps Bloth and Mantus from recognizing them.
  • Episode 14, The Dark Disciples: Ren, Ioz, and Niddler actually try using it as a binding agent here. They’re attempting to patch a hole in the Wraith’s underbelly caused by a fireball from the Teeth of Moltus.
  • Episode 18, Sister of the Sword: Ren makes a hole in the hull of The Wraith so he and Solia can breathe underwater. He tells her that a little borka paste can fix it.

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