The key to finding the Treasures of Rule. When it’s within a certain proximity of a Treasure of Rule (at least several miles), it emits a narrow, bright blue beam of light, and a shrill ringing sound, in its direction.

The origin of the Compass is unknown, and neither is how King Primus came to possess it.

When Bloth ambushed Primus’s forces, the king entrusted his spiritual attendant to escape with it. From there, the priest made his way to the Abbey of Galdebar and to Alomar, keeping watch over it for 17 years. When Ren made his way to the Abbey of Galdebar, the priest passed it to him, saying: “In darkness and in light, this shall be your guide.”

The Compass has pointed to objects other than the Treasures of Rule on several occasions:

  • Episode 8, The Beast and the Bell: Kirroptus, a servant of the Darkdweller, conjured an image of King Primus to rise from the sea in front of Ren. In response to that magic, the Compass started shooting off random beams of light (one of which severed a length of rope that held a sail aloft), before finally fixating a beam on the spot from which the image of Primus rose.
  • Episode 18, The Pandawa Plague:
    1. the Compass shone a beam down on the monkeybird queen, who was drowning off the Octopon coast.
    2. Ren was held prisoner in the old slave tunnels of Pandawa. He used the Compass to fire beams of light to burn through the ropes binding him.

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