A light green and orange creature resembling a small dragon. They’re seen primarily as a form of transportation by Bloth’s men.

The dagrons featured in the show are primarily used by Bloth’s pirates for transport away from the Maelstrom. Mantus is responsible for training/breaking in newly acquired dagrons, and he does so with a cruel and harsh hand.

Besides domesticating ones for Bloth’s crew to ride, Mantus also trains attack dagrons, which pursue a subject relentlessly with the intent to kill. He claims that a single attack dagron is worth twenty men in battle.

It’s revealed that some dagrons are people who were transformed into the beasts via magic by Onda, the self-proclaimed Dagron Master. After arriving on an island just off the treacherous Lightning Coast that was rife with dagrons, he systematically killed and sold all of them. To maintain his lucrative business, he turned to magic to keep his supply going (potentially via other pirates who washed up on the island, as Ren and Niddler did). Several of them comprise part of Bloth’s dagron fleet.

In the opening scene of the very first episode, a wild dagron is seen flying over a stormy sea before a leviathan leaps out of the water and eats it.

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