A giant water-dwelling creature that is a cross of a snake and a dragon. It’s a source of worship and lore, and its hide is one of the only materials that resists Dark Water.

In the opening scene of the show, a leviathan leaps out of the stormy ocean to grab a dagron in mid-flight and drop back into the sea with it in its jaws.

Ioz makes reference to “leviathan worship services” in contrast to the scene inside a rough tavern/gaming house.

On the flip-side of this lore, it’s believed that Bloth’s monstrous ship, The Maelstrom, is constructed by the skeleton of a monster leviathan. The bow of the ship, with the hinged jaw that opens to entrap enemy ships, is its skull.

After Ren befriends a baby leviathan, we learn that leviathans swim in familial pods when Tula connects with a particularly large leviathan who ends up being the baby’s mother.

On numerous occasions, leviathan skin is referenced as one of the strongest materials on Mer. It is known widely as one of the only materials that can repel Dark Water, so multiple characters are seen with satchels of leviathan skin when dealing with the Dark Water. Bloth also says that he can use leviathan skin to patch holes aboard the Maelstrom.

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