Lighthouse (Octopon)

A central fixture of Octopon and the Quest for the Treasures of Rule.

Under Jenna’s care, Ren spent his youth tending the lighthouse’s flame. It was from there that he first saw Primus’s raft foundering by the rocks in the storm. And it was there that Jenna had stored King Primus’s sword and presented it to Ren. It was also there that Niddler kidnapped Ren and brought him to Bloth’s ship, beginning his journey.

Embedded in the heart of the lighthouse is a secret room, accessible through a door whose keyhole only admits Primus’s sword. This room contains 13 panels embedded in the walls. Ren found his way there after obtaining 7 of the 13 Treasures, and the Treasures embedded themselves into the panels. From there, they drove back an oncoming surge of Dark Water. And through the light beam from the top of the lighthouse, the light that shone over the ruins of Octopon began to heal and restore it.

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