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  • I think it’d be great even just to have them play the old episodes on Adult Swim a few times through. But I’d like to see the series finished myself.

  • I’d love to see a live-action movie, but I’d only want to see it from a very small selection of directors. Namely either Peter Jackson or Guillermo… more Guillermo though as he’d be able to nail the visual style perfectly.

    My choice of actors:

    Bloth – Michael Clarke Duncan

    Ren – Gackt

    Tula – Salma Hayek

    Ioz – Danny Trejo

    Konk – Peter Dinklage & voiced by Tim Curry (no replacing that voice)

    Niddler – Voiced by Frank Welker (once again)

    (I’m going to be doing a fake movie poster at some point for fun)

    I’m not interested in them revisiting the animation mainly because they animate like crap now-a-days and the few companies that animate excellent quality movies that wouldn’t butcher it too much are either from Japan or Korea and I think that would narrow the audience considerably. Beyond that the choices are Bluth or Disney and they would murder it… so unless a new animation studio with some quality rises up…

  • Some of your images through-out the site don’t seem to be working.

    I only mention it as I’m trying to get as much visual refrence for the show as possible before I tackle this fake movie poster project I want to do. The shows themselvels are of great use, but it’s hard to really examine shapes and details in finished anamations alot of the time.

    Sorry to hear about the stalking/harrasment you seem to be recieving… Stuff like that weirds me out; I’ve had simmilar experiences.

  • Whoops! Sorry about that–I haven’t really browsed through in a while, so I had no clue. Thanks for letting me know! What images are broken? Could you give me URLs?

    Are you illustrating this poster from scratch? I’m looking forward to checking it out, and I agree that it’s tough to get details from downloaded videos and screenshots sometimes. Feel free to e-mail me with specific questions and I can try to help you out, too.

    And thanks…I don’t mean to come across as some kind of attention whore by mentioning it here, either. I just want to explain why I may not be as forthcoming for a while as I usually try to be.

  • Thank you for the responses. :o)

    I do disagree with one thing–not all current animation is crap. The big studios are churning out a ton of junk but there are and have been some great gems out there that aren’t so anime/Asia-heavy. It’s possible to do something good, even in this overly-commercialized day and age.

    Kind of on that train of thought, I also wouldn’t want something fully CG-realized…as much as I love visuals and computer graphics, and as much as I truly worship Pixar Animation Studios, I think that would totally rob the show of a lot of its uniqueness.

    (anyway, carry on!)

  • That’s alright, I run a server from the root level so I know it can be difficult keeping everything in working order.

    All the style guides for Mantus except the action poses.


    Emmy consideration Poster

    Niddler Costume

    Most of the Sega game screenshots appear corrupted

    SystemA: A handheld PoDW game.

    That’s all I’ve run across so far. There’s small tools out there that hunt down all the broken links on a site though I believe. I can hunt one down for you if you like.

    I’ll be using refrence, but it will be mostly from scratch. I’ll be using the actors I mentioned in the previous post as a basis and then inventing and adding in charater make-up details and the like. Speaking of which if you have a better suggestion for an actress for Tula please fire-away, it’s suprisingly difficult to track down fitting actresses for “ethnic” looking parts. I’ll definitely send you a copy when it’s done.

    I don’t think it really comes across that way. So no worries.

  • Certainly, and thank you for creating such a wonderful site. 🙂

    I certainly would like to know of these gems as I’m always hungry for more animations to watch.

    It seems the biggest pitfall of modern animation (and actually alot of TV, movies, and some games as well) is that they seem to make the main character cocky, annoying, and unable to learn from mistakes on purpose.

    I agree, I love CG, but it would be robbed of much at the hand of 3D.

  • I would like to see an animation remake or continuation. However, it should either be made by the original company Hanna Barbera or YTV related (or both). YTV does a pretty good job with animation.

  • Drakkenfyre
    15 years ago

    Sunday June 17th is Father’s Day in the US, a holiday, probably contributed to fewer hits.

  • I have yet to see the site have any down time, I’ll let you know if I do though.

  • Steve
    15 years ago

    Same- I havn;t noticed any downtime, but I’ll mention it if I do.

  • Me and my friends are actually in the process of writing a script for one final “Dark Water” movie… we would animate it in Flash and see how it goes… we might divide it up if the script goes too long, but… that’s how I see it anyway, 😉

  • I’d say animated.. and perhaps a remake somewhat like certain films like the Omen and Night of the Living Dead; more or less just like the original series run..

    But this time round, they’d better finish it! haha

  • I knew it was Father’s Day. 😛 The only holidays where I get fewer hits to any of my sites are major ones like Christmas or the new year; the rest of the year people are still visiting. I think it was actually an issue with the tracker and not the site, but I’ve read a couple of comments on forums where people have said my site was down when they tried to access it.

    Thanks, guys!

  • Ranidia
    15 years ago

    I would be terribly pleased to have them continued in traditional animation. I love seeing the art style in motion for traditional cartoons.

  • Thank you for getting that stuff back up! 🙂

    I had so set the poster idea aside while I work on some other stuff, but I’ll keep you updated and show you progress shots too if you like.

  • Johan
    15 years ago

    First of all, I wish they would finish the series.

    After that, they could continue in the same style. I think it’s perfect as it is. 🙂

  • Yeah, I’d like to check that out! Please do keep me updated. Thanks!

  • DarthPez
    15 years ago

    Thank you for keeping this site going, even though the show is not going any longer. If people think it’s creepy and weird to have a website about an older TV show, why are they looking at them? Anyway, I’ve checked the site periodically for a number of years, and am glad it won’t be forgotten about.

  • Lionfish
    15 years ago

    Hey keep it up. Thanks to your efforts, I’ve recently rediscovered PDW and it’s been a massive nostalgia trip for me. Root for a movie. I’ll sign up for it!

  • Great job, I wish that more classic shows had websites with this much dedication. Keep it up!

  • just swinging by to say thanks for the effort and to show some respect for this website and the author. it’s great that some people out there are keeping old cartoon treasure alive.

  • Nathan
    15 years ago

    I like the updates a lot. You have a great site. Keep it up. Thanks for your efforts.

  • I have just discovered the series through a friend of mine (it rocks! highly decent writing for a cartoon series) and the site via wikipedia and think it is great that something like this is online! Please, keep up the great work… Regards from Vienna, Austria.

  • Arekusu
    15 years ago

    Maan this page is awesome! Can’t believe that there’s a page of this series, I grew up watching this in my dad’s video store xD, so cool, recently I watched all the episodes again, and I’m still amazed by this serie, definitively I’d love to see the end of this, so cool, I’ll keep it safe in cd’s for watching them with my childs xD not yet, but maybe in like 10 yrs more I’ll

  • Kendal
    15 years ago

    First off I love that you have this site set up. I agree continue where it left off with original animation. Second choice live action film. Short list of directors, namely Scorsese. Others: Jarmusch, Coens, Cronenberg (under no circumstances let Tarantino get hold of it- i like him but and his love for anime and the like, but not for this). Somehow get Daniel-Day Lewis a role and we’re good to go. Peace

  • Kendal
    15 years ago

    Also the film could begin with the closing moments of the last aired episode and merge into live action. Or start at the beginning of the story. By the way, the DVD for the series needs to come out already.

  • Damnit. I totally would have loved to have gone to this convention and met you, discussed PoDW adn stuff. that really would have kicked ass. where was this?
    seriously, a part of my “inner child” would have been eternally satisfied.:)
    but yeah, it certainly rules that you got to do this. and about the last blog entry, I think it rules that you still keep this site going! if it wasn’t going, there would seriously be something missing from the whole internet. anyways, take it easy.
    p.s: this is that Jesse guy you spoke to on email.

  • Yeah, I remember you! DragonCon happens in my hometown of Atlanta, over Labor Day weekend every year. And thank you. 😀

  • Gar! you’re very welcome, Smitha.

    but seriously, this is such a great site, and really does hold a place in the hearts of those of us that used to watch the show.

  • sounds cool.

  • haha.
    hmmm. yeah. same with movies…
    I am in no way saying that the 80’s/90’s cartoons weren’t, like, “good cartoons” in a sense…a sense of like…idk…production or whatever. but one point to be made is like…some of us just appreciate stuff that is weird, and out there. it may not be like, “4 stars” or really critically acclaimed, but we still love it because it is kick ass to us.
    the filmmaker Quentin Tarantino said something about films, about what inspired him and Robert Rodrieguez to make Grindhouse, were crappy horror flicks. he said something I can’t quite remember, but it started with “If you can’t appreciate good trash, then…” so yeah. and im not saying these cartoons we like are trash, just they may not be as “critically acclaimed” and have like, super-good production, but we still love them. because they’re fun and hold a place in our hearts.

  • I see what you mean, because I like shitty movies like Pet Sematary 2, and (dare I say it?) Street Fighter. now I forgot what else I was going to say haha. but yeah.
    they’re not films to shock a century, but they’re fun. they’re enjoyable. and yeah.

    this one guy was talking about the film Street Fighter…and he said he loved it as a kid, but “didn’t exactly know a good movie from a bad movie” at that time. I mean, is it like, there’s an actual factor that determines a good movie from a bad movie other than if you enjoyed it or not? seriously. the people that bitch about films and cartoons sucking and stuff are peopel that bitch about anything that is short of being “phenomenal” in that kind of sense. seriously.

  • damn. I hope it does not look like i’m stalking your site. haha. But I must comment, that SWAT Kats, and Gargoyles were badass cartoons.

  • Sadko
    15 years ago

    Animated, preferably, because then they could get away with a LOT in regards to setting, character design, creatures, etc. But only if they managed to keep the dark under/overtones of the original show.

  • Well I personally would love to see an animated version of this wonderful series done by Warner
    brothers corp. Hana & Barera are both gone {dead} now & their animation taken over by Warner Bros any ways. I think it would be a good series to run now since every thing now a days is about Pirates anyways.
    I say now is a good time as any to bring this series back to life & into the views of the public already yearning for more Pirate action! 😀

  • I agree completely. The snobbery of the so called “old timers” really gets to me sometimes.

  • On another note, I think you wight get a kick out of this.

  • This was posted from a bulletin board at youtube. I don’t know if it’s true.

    Date: August 13, 2007, 10:39 AM
    got bad news; the news said September is the month that youtube will be deleting vids with copyright material and with copyright they mean almost everything from youtube (especially anime)
    please help me spread the word.

  • Hola!
    15 years ago

    beauty site!

    “Piratas de las Aguas Negras” was/is great!

  • Thomas B
    15 years ago

    I drop by this site every once in a while, and it’s really nice to see it still active. I hope the series will get the respect it deserves some day. Maybe the script could be released and someone else could pick up the animation. There are DVDs available?

  • thomas
    15 years ago

    make the show the same way it was back in the good olde day.. or 1 verry long movie! i would pay GOOD money to see the end of a childhood series that i never got to finish! i was 10 and i feel like there is a void! haha well ill talk to ya later!

  • Thank you! And yes, it was/is. 😀

  • calvin
    15 years ago

    for some reason i haven’t been able to find your email address…
    anyway, jus wanted to say that i love the site and its great that you keepin ”the memory alive” even though the show has long been over.

    ps. me never thought you were a guy – saw the pic and you pretty cute 🙂

    -Calvin (South Africa)

  • Allen
    15 years ago

    I noticed that under “The Unexplored” section it was not possible to post new entries. This may be a site problem or a browser issue, I don’t know – but I was slightly saddened that I couldn’t put in my two cents on how I thought the series should have ended. 😛

  • Well, under Images, the Animated Gifs come up ‘Not Found’ as well as everything in the subcategory of Episodes, i.e. Movies, Audio Clips, etc. I notice now, though, that all of those are also under Downloads as well, so I guess that doesn’t make them broken just…extraneous non-working duplicates, there. I’ll keep checking for other things to note. No rush, certainly.

    This is certainly my staple PODW site and one of the best if not the best in my opinion. Thank you so much and keep up the great work!

  • hmmm. interesting. Just decided to stop by the site, see what was new. It’s cool that you’re back in the US.

  • Thanks for the comments, guys!

    Allen–I meant to take the form down because I was getting bombarded with spam through it, but I guess I forgot to update that page…thanks for catching that. Feel free to just e-mail me your thoughts, and I can add them to the site.

    Stef–yikes! Thanks for pointing those out!

    Jesse–hey there! Thanks for stopping by. Pretty much nothing’s new with the site…I can’t remember when the last time was that I did a real update. I’ve just been too busy lately, unfortunately…

  • it’s cool, don’t worry about it.
    as long as the site’s up, that’s all that matters. 😉

  • Monica
    15 years ago

    I think it should stay animated. I’ve only watched one episode so far and I’ve fallen in love with the characters. To see them look differently I think would take away a bit of the show even if it was just a change to live action. A movie maybe nice but I would like to see episodes. As many as it takes to finish the story.

  • abyss
    15 years ago

    Glad to find fans that still remember the old series 🙂

  • Lisu-chan
    15 years ago

    First of all, you too a HAPPY NEW YEAR! I stumbled across your site, and secondly I have to thank you, because I was fan of this show, but by the lack of screening, just forgot it.

    So thank you so much! *bows*

  • Hi, I just recently realized that I did used to watch this show when I was a kid and this is the perfect website to get my PoDW fix! 🙂 Thanks so much for still having this website up and continuing to update it. Just curious, did you ever complete a PoDW cosplay? xD

  • Lisu–thank you for stopping by! I’m glad you like the site!

    Alice–thanks for visiting! I did attempt the Tula “butterfly” costume (from episodes 1-5) at DragonCon in Atlanta 6-7 years ago. A couple of people actually recognized the character, too! It was a lame costume, though. I suck at sewing/costuming and am not quite as thin as I was, so I won’t be trying again any time soon. Are you considering doing any PoDW cosplay?

  • I agree with DarthPez about the irony of people on here deeming that you need to move on as if they were forcefully placed on this site and didn’t actively navigate themselves to it. Ha! Furthermore, I don’t think that most of the activity here constitutes reminiscing (not that there’s anything wrong with that). FanFic doesn’t just keep the series alive but adds to it, and most of your entries contain stuff that none of us knew about even when the show was RUNNING (like storyboards, unreleased toys, etc.). Plus, the very presence of this site increases the likelihood of something happening related to this series, whether it be a remake, finale, DVD release, or whatever. Thanks for all your hard work in keeping this great site going.

  • bobby
    15 years ago

    any news if the dvds will come out “this” century

  • No news at all on official releases. Any news I hear would be posted ASAP.

  • Woman aboard a pirate ship? Yeah, it doesn’t make much sense, does it? 😉 I recall pirates actually barred women from coming on board because they’d start fighting over the women.

    It’s funny how unrealistic mixed-sex groups in the premodern era are, when you think about it.

  • Hi! I’m a french fan since 1996 and I’m very glad to see that this cartoon is still alive in the heart of so many fans. You do a great job on this website, keep on working;-)

  • April
    14 years ago

    I would love to see Pirates as a live action movie. Even though I do hate how Hollywood has produced some bad adaptations of comic books with over the top action and bad casting (i.e Halle Barry as Storm in X-men) Pirates of Dark Water would be great on the big screen.

    The Director: Ridley Scott, David Fincher, or James Cameron

    Ren-Paul Walker or Wentworth Miller

    Tula-Kate Beckinsale

    Ioz-Gerard Butler

    Bloth-Michael Clarke Duncun

  • Really glad to see that you’ve updated the site, Smitha. congrads on the stuff you have found. 🙂

  • hello, it’s a cartoon! not to mention there’s only 2 guys aboard that pirate ship. and, they make regular stops at islands. lol.

  • Dustin
    14 years ago

    Glad you’re still updating the site!

    This is awesome news that PoDW was released in Japan! Would you happen to know if it was released on Laserdisc?

    I just recently got the American released “Saga Begins” Laserdisc (which is of wonderful quality), and if it has been released on this format in Japan (hopefully w/bilingual soundtracks) I’ll definitely go through the rigors of trying to track that down!!!

  • Thank you! To be honest, I’m not sure. The first I heard of any Japanese releases at all was these VHS auctions. I’ll probably be keeping an eye on Yahoo! Japan Auctions from now on (though the rigors of payment and shipping are kind of stressful), so if I see anything I’ll certainly post about it here.

  • Pretty cool, had no idea they made one for Japan!

  • Ha~? Sugee.

    Chotto hen da ga, tottemo kakko-yosasou n’da wa. NIHONGO NO VERSION WO MITAI.

  • Aa, kanji ya kana ga taipu dekinai ne.

    Hen ja nai yo. Hontou ni omoshirokatta! Atarashiku ya chigau koto wo mitara, chotto odoroiteita ne. Zehi dejitaru ba-jon (version) wo tsukutte, upload suru yotei desu.

    (Translation: Ah, I guess we can’t type kanji/kana here.

    It’s not weird at all. The Japanese version was really interesting! I will admit that I was surprised by the “new” and different things. I totally intend to create and upload a digital version.)

  • Some of the lost content can be retrieved by digging through the page histories. Some of the additional pages are deleted however so that’s going to take some work to put back online.

  • abyss111
    14 years ago

    Entirely depends on what your trying to put together.

    Is it a collect of all your sites, or just P.O.D.W related?

  • Sorry, I thought the entry made that clear, but in rereading it, I can see how you might be confused. This is just for this site, the PoDW one.

  • DarthPez
    14 years ago

    For renaming the site, it’s still kind of geeky, but maybe you could use a location from the show for the site’s name, since this site is a location on the internet. “The Abbey of Galdebar” or “The Port of Pandawa”.

    If you don’t want to use names from the show, maybe something that alludes to its content like “Thirteen Treasures” would work. Since this site is the only one I know of with such original content, and has lasted so long (12 years is like forever on the internet) “Safe Haven from Dark Water” fits in my opinion.

  • Dustin
    14 years ago

    Hmmmm . . . how about “The Alien World of Mer”?

  • I liked it mostly but the loose ends with Zuko’s mom, Toth’s family and, ultimately, whether there will ever be any more Airbenders left me wishing they’d create a fourth series called ‘The Book of Air’.

  • Lee Agosta was a friend of mine from college — one whom I’ve, unfortunately, lost touch with.

    Can you send me his email?

  • This took awhile…
    The 7 Seas of Mer
    Bloth and Company
    Travels of a Renegade Pirate
    Octopon Vintage

  • Smitha
    14 years ago

    The creators did state that they are open to the idea of continuing the series somehow, but there isn’t going to be a Book 4. And you’re right, they didn’t resolve Toph’s family situation, though I kind of doubt she would go back. What I really wanted to see was an explanation of Iroh’s journey to the spirit world–they brought it up in season 1 and then just dropped it.

    They’re making a trilogy of films, though–M. Night Shyamalan is working with the Avatar creators on them. Each film covers one book/season.

  • Smitha
    14 years ago

    Thanks so much for the suggestions!

    Pez–haha, 12 years IS kind of a long time for the web. And in general–I started this site when I was 15 and I’ll be 27 in a few weeks. I hadn’t really thought much about referencing locations like that–I’ll keep that in mind.

    Cas–those are pretty original; Octopon Vintage in particular is pretty interesting. 🙂 Thanks for putting so much thought into it.

  • Scott
    14 years ago


    I just wanted to reiterate what you said about Roddy McDowall and Frank Welker voicing Niddler. When “Dark Water” premeiered on FOX as a 5-part mini series, Roddy McDowall did indeed voice Niddler. When the series was picked up by ABC the following season, the inital 5-part miniseries was re-aired, and Frank Welker came into the studio and dubbed over Roddy McDowall, who declined the invite to continue the role (after his money demands were turned down). From Episodes 6 – 13 of season 1 and the remaining 8 for Season 2, Frank Welker continued in the role.

    You probably already know all of this, but I worked at the Studio during this period and have a VERY good memory of all that happened.


  • Awww, shucks. Sucks to hear you won’t be doing it anymore. Hope the meetup goes well, Andorus, and hope you’re taking care. ~Long Live the Adventure.

  • Smitha
    14 years ago

    The evolution of your MySpace profile name has been fun to watch. 😉 Thanks for checking in! I’ve hit a few rough patches but am all right on the whole–hope you’re well, too.

  • Timothy Reilly
    14 years ago

    Yes! I have watched The Game Players of Undaar episode just yesterday. In fact I watch one episode of The Pirates of Dark Water every Saturday on DVD as a discipline, and I the episode
    above was episode 17 which means it is almost over…too bad. I am an avid fan, consider it a Hanna & Barbera masterpiece too bad their is only 21 episodes. I love it.

    Timothy Reilly

  • Amanda
    14 years ago

    Happy birthday! I hope you had a really great one. How did you make the shirt btw? Iron on or fabric paint?

  • abyss
    14 years ago

    Happy birthday 🙂

  • Amanda–I had it made at Kinko’s years ago. I don’t remember what process they used to make it, but just that they only would take white shirts. It’s not screen printing, anyway.

    And thanks, Amanda and abyss. 🙂

  • Well, happy birthday then!
    I luv this site! I used to watch the tv series when i was i child. I’m from Mexico and I’d lik to get a subbed version or smthng. I hope you can help me ^_^

  • I thought I would post this link I’m not sure if you’ve seen it already or if anyone else has posted it. Consider it a birthday present of sorts …

    First Time Comment
    Long Time Fan

  • Mary–thank you! Someone contacted me years ago about creating a Spanish fansub, but I’m not sure what ended up happening with that.

    Drew–thank you very much! I have seen that painting up for auction; over the years it’s steadily come down in price, but it’s still a little too expensive for me. 🙂

  • DarthPez
    14 years ago

    That’s pretty interesting… To be honest I never thought that deeply about it before, although I did like the ‘mythology’ or ‘epic’ aspects of the show. The Dark Dweller being this all powerful evil, unlikely people need to work together to defeat it, that sort of thing.

    I can see different noble traits to go with treasure now that I think about it. Ren gains the first through courage, the second through empathy, fighting for the Monkey Birds. He gets the fourth by giving the healing flower to that bowl-guy, as a form of sacrifice. Hmmm…

  • That is interesting.
    perhaps, that’s what was meant the whole time, and what it would ultimately have come to.
    i think that’s what i believe, we may never know, but i believe, in some distant world, far beyond the sky, the oceans, that’s what the truth is.

  • Dustin
    14 years ago

    Hello! Naught to do with your post, but I wanted to show you this. My friend and I decided to do some Pirates of Dark Water costumes for AnimeUSA last month. Wanted to share a pic or two with you (myself as Ren, my friend Tarissa as Tula):

    Keep up the great work with the site!

  • Sell me copies of your Pirates of Darkwater DVDs.. =)

  • DarthPez–yeah! You could say he gets the 3rd through perseverance or strength of will (or just sheer physical strength), after making his way through the Andorian underworld.
    And your point about unlikely forces working together to defeat the DarkDweller strikes on something I noticed recently. Bloth is just as afraid of the Dark Water as Ren is, or at least, just as aware of its deadly capacity. You see how scared he gets when Ren contaminates his ship with some of the Dark Water he collected for Cray in “A Drop of Darkness.” And even as early as “Victory,” he tells Mantus that once he has the Treasures he can control all the Dark Water in the world. So WHY does he pair up with Morpho, the DARKDWELLER’S SERVANT? Does his hatred of Ren really transcend his lust for power?

    Dustin, those are great! Thank you for those links! What kind of reception did you get? Did a lot of people recognize the costumes?

    Eric–they still need a bit of work, and I don’t have any cover or CD art to go with them. I just threw them together as a hasty personal thing. A lot of the bootleg sellers have put together a decent package, with CD labels and cover art, so it might be worth your while to investigate those (and most of them don’t charge more than $30 for the whole series).

  • callmevil
    14 years ago

    Pirates of dark water is my Favourite cartoon show of ALL time.. i still remember that one afternoon where turn on the tv and saw the logo came up on screen and i thought.. “What happend to Tail Spin!!’ then watchin the first episode of PODW, i thought OMG this is better than Tail Spin!! sighhh watched it every week until the show just died… how i wish the maker would at least make a book for this.. i want to see all the treasures !!!

  • Dustin
    14 years ago

    Thank you!

    The costumes were actually pretty well-received. We got a lot of “Oh my God! You’re from The Pirates of Dark Water!” reactions, and quite a few pictures taken of us. I’m planning on re-doing the costume as it didn’t quite turn out the way I wanted.

  • Farseer Lolotea
    14 years ago

    If it were to be brought back, I’d prefer to see it animated in a similar style.

  • Farseer Lolotea
    14 years ago

    I’d figured out Ioz’s insult (corpulent = a highfalutin’ way of saying “fat”) the first time I heard it, FWIW. 😛

  • crap….wish they would complete the series. I wonder what the author had in mind for the PODW crew, before it was taken off the air. maybe someone should make a facebook-group and try to collect some money with the purpose of finally making the last episodes. try and email the author about it?lol:)

  • seven31
    14 years ago

    ciderpress’ post is great. Too bad it had to be written.
    I’m very disappointed in the casting. MNS became a fan of the series because his daughter identified with Katara. Sad. I hope he had nothing to with the casting and that he will quit the project for her, if not his principles.
    …on a side note…
    Mindy Kaling’s character, Kelly Kapoor, on the US version of The Office is neither a convenience store employee/owner nor a doctor. What are your thoughts on her character?

  • Expect this to be more rambly than concise.

    For a white person, I think I understand where you’re coming from. I think this is a matter of, “Well, skin color shouldn’t matter, but it does matter.” (Also keep in mind I don’t see someone and try to figure out what they are ethnically, so that tells you a little about me).

    I’ll say off the bat I didn’t find characters like Tula and Elisa Maza cool because they were darker skinned than say, She-ra – I liked the shows they were in. I liked that they were female (and until they wussified Tula) and didn’t end up captured (Okay, She-ra’s debateable but her show is meant for a much younger demographic) every 2.57 seconds. In that same breath, as a young girl I really liked Tula compared to say Ioz or Ren why? Probably because she was a girl – and when you read a lot of sci-fi/fantasy and you realize how rare someone’s not just there for eye candy, I think you latch on (as well as ultimately no one could be cast good enough for said character). In that regard, I remember being young and being really disappointed in most cartoons that the blonde girl in a group would always be captured, whereas her nerdy brunette counterpart would typically help the guys out in the fight.

    I think that’s one of the reasons you have a valid point – I haven’t watched Avatar past like an episode (everyone says I’ll like it; I say I’ll watch it in a few years when I’m not so busy) but I can tell by the artwork there’s some heavily inspired non-european themes. Keeping in mind with what you said about a live PODW movie (other than I think the races of Mer were intentionally blurred so that you could have characters make mistakes/develop without running into said problems – I find a do this a lot in my own fiction) I found myself wondering if I’d have the same reaction if some of the actors were Asian/Aboriginal and had more contemporary caucasian features (bare with me, I have a hard time telling Francophones from Anglos so) or, conversely, you took a stereotypical white role and cast an Asian in it (someone said something about ‘now that we have a black president, there’s no reason we can’t have a black James Bond’ and that rubbed me the wrong way because Obama’s skin color has nothing to do with his eligibility for presidency, much less cultural acceptance) because I’m not one of those people who think, “Well, we need biodiversity on this cast!” I’d argue the opposite in many cases – cast as to what makes sense given the demographic – if that means 90% of the cast is Metis, so be it.

    As for examples you gave, I’ve only seen a handful of episodes of Dragonball Z/brother in law is stoked about it, and I rolled my eyes when I found out Rossum was playing Bulma, but that wasn’t so much a racial thing so much as her previous choice of roles.

  • you’re not the only person who’s fuming about this decision.

    I have to wonder just what the f* happened? It’s all too clear the main characters are in no way Caucasian, and YES, as you said, they were in no way fit in a mere stereotype, and yet Shyamalan and that casting agency involved just.. pushed in (forgive the expression, don’t wanna step on toes) a COLOR-BLIND cast?

    It really doesn’t make any bloody sense.

    But then, neither does that idea of Jesse McCartney as Zukko. I mean, seriously??

    Couldn’t they have looked deeper? Searched for potential actors who would fit the role with alot less seams?

  • Thank you for the thoughtful responses, and sorry for the delay in approving them!


    seven31–unfortunately, I don’t think that’ll happen. :/ Racism (that word has a lot of strength to it, but it can be quite subtle as well) isn’t just limited to any one group. I like to assume that minority groups will stick up for other minority figures, but that isn’t always the case.

    And I actually haven’t really watched the Office. I shouldn’t have painted all US TV shows with one broad brush…the more I think about it, the more I realize there are a number of South Asian ladies (and guys, too) on TV in various capacities, like news anchors, and then there’s Padma Lakshmi on Bravo’s Top Chef. It’s just that the ones that came to mind immediately, on primetime TV, happened to be science/doctor-types. (Kal Penn on House, Parminder Nagra on ER, the dude on The Big Bang Theory, Sendhil Ramamurthy on Heroes…)


    Leia–I adored She-Ra when I was younger, too. But I think that because I was a little older when both PoDW and Gargoyles came out, I became aware of the fact that the female leads in both had brown skin. The way you perceive things like that is a little different when you have darker skin yourself…it’s not something I expect any of my Caucasian friends to empathize with me on, and I really don’t mean to sound like I’m saying, “you’re white so you wouldn’t understand.” And it’s not like I’m hung up on the fact that I’m brown-skinned, but being a minority does filter your perception of some things in some ways.

    The Obama/black Bond thing is sort of silly, but Obama rising to take the highest position in the United States has given many people hope. He truly has shattered a barrier and many societal stereotypes by winning this election. He’s not automatically fantastic by virtue of having won–he still has to prove himself in office–but he more or less has nowhere to go than up, considering the mess GWB is passing on to him.


    Ravn–I totally agree. I don’t understand why they didn’t search more intensively, either…granted, nearly all the main actors had worked on other Nick productions recently, but race isn’t as important for most of them (except for elderly characters–that little vocal nuance really helped with older characters who look more “traditional,” like Iroh). Outward appearance is far more important in live action than in voice acting on the whole.

  • Rudedog
    14 years ago

    Setting aside the points of the post for a moment, you have my accolades for quite an impressive fansite. I’m currently trying to run a Dark Water based D&D campaign and I’ve found quite a few little tidbits to help me flesh out the world.

    As for Avatar, the mere existence of that level of writing in a cartoon (much less on Nick) is frankly unbelievable to me. Very few cartoon characters have any three dimensional characters, much less a whole cast of them. Not to say the animation was anything less then amazing, but I stay with shows for the plot and the characters and Avatar delivered right up until the end. It’s refreshing how much ground American animation productions have made on the Japanese now that we’ve loosened up a little. I mean, could you even imagine a cartoon hero and the main female love interest actually kissing on screen in an American cartoon when you were little?
    Even in the 90s it would have been at best a peck on the cheek.

    However, one thing I’ve learned is not to expect too much out of Hollywood. It’s a repeating theme that anything original and smart mutates into a retarded mongoloid when it comes into contact with that place. It’s especially disheartening when the series creators are given some degree of creative control and then don’t stand their ground. Wendy Pini has been battling what Hollywood would do to her creation for decades and while it’s sad that THAT movie is still in pre-production hell at least we didn’t get something we’d all hate. It’s all too easy for a studio to write off a property as unappealing to the masses when their horribly botched, overly focus tested take on it bombs. After all, it’s never the fault of pushy studio execs when something fails, right?

    Anyway, yeah. Great job, agree with you on all points, best of luck with your endeavors.


  • How much would it take to git the last shows of the pirate of darkwater done or how could some one up tan the right or way to get the show done so every would be happy.If so I got a very creative mind that I already know all the show ends.please reply to me if you can thank you

  • Below is the link to the blog of Floro Dery, his website is deleted because AOL discontinued already AOL Hometown. You can see some of “The Pirates of Dark Water” and many of his new illustrations in his blog.

  • Steven Rhodes
    13 years ago

    One note on desired content, the remainder of the HB Style-Guides would certainly rock! As well as a pitch for a possible Fanart section. For those many fans that would like to display their work. Personally, as a aspiring Video Game Developer, I have a particular interest in the possibility of a new game! I’ve got thousands of ideas, but would like to include as many REAL elements from the show as possible. It’s just a shame it would still only be half the story… ( Cliffhanger from hell!! )

  • Steven–thanks for the comment! A friend of mine in Seattle owns the HB style guides, and has slowly but surely been scanning and sending those to me. (We actually started chatting when I e-mailed him after he outbid me on the eBay auction for these guides, haha.) I’ll see if I can bug and/or bribe him to scan them any faster. 😉

    As for fanart–there have actually been fanfic and fanart sections for many years! Check out the “Fans” link to check out the By The Fans section. 🙂

    Good luck with your game planning–did you have a specific platform in mind?

  • Since I found your site, I’ve been sketching out (literally and textually) ideas for the completion of the storyline…and I’m beginning to think that if I could buy the rights to PoDW from Warner Brothers, I could publish a manga. I don’t know how much they would ask for said rights, though. A few thousand dollars? I don’t have that much at the moment, though. I wonder if a PayPal fund with contributions from other PoDW fans would work. (Assuming, of course, they like the directions I’m going with the story! ^.^;;)

  • EDIT: Sorry, the URL in my comment was incorrect. I’ve also updated said URL with extensive notations about how I’d rewrite/finish PoDW. Feel free to read it if you’re interested! I don’t know if Smitha is OK with lots of comments about it being posted here, so please send them to my G-mail address, .

  • ANOTHER EDIT: Gah, I fail at HTML coding! My G-mail address is “aasterling”.

  • These are brilliant~ Thanks for keeping up with the site diligently~ It makes fans like myself very happy to come across new information. I’m excited to see the rest of that book of yours.

  • Nathan
    13 years ago

    So was the 5 part Dark Water miniseries actually an official part of FoxKids or did it just air in syndication and happen to be on a lot of Fox stations?

  • Aravis
    13 years ago

    Referring to a much older post:
    I’ve finally seen the light that is Avatar, and am greatly dissapointed that Katara and Sakka(?) are being played by anglos. Not only that, but the actor playing Sakka is 25…is 25 the new 15, and no one told me?

  • Nathan
    13 years ago

    I saw a Press Kit that was on ebay for PODW only a few weeks ago. It looked really, really cool, but I accidently missed out putting a final bid on it by couple minutes. I’d be very interested if the press kit had any interesting tidbits that we may not know about the show. Has anybody seen the Press Kit for the show before?

    I’m doubting the damage rumor to the masters. The show was shown on cable tv not too many years ago.

  • Wallen
    13 years ago

    Its nice to see something you’ve been a part of go on when all is done. I was among the hundreds of Assisant animators (IB)who work on the production of Darkwater. The animation was mainly done in FilCartoons-(subsidiary of Hanna Barbera). If you have followed the show, you’ll notice that the charaters do not always look like themselves. Ren as an example may look old or young in the screen. It was because, may scenes were created by training IB’s. I among them. The Happy days of youth 🙂

  • Nathan–man, that would be an amazing find! I’m kind of sad I didn’t see it so I could pounce on it and (eventually, heh) put it online, haha.

    Wallen–wow, thank you for the comment! I did notice that the style would change from episode to episode, and that some of the later episodes maybe didn’t have as “solid” a feel as the first 5, but didn’t think much of it. It’s always an honor to talk to someone who actually worked on the show. 🙂 Are you still involved in the animation industry?

  • Milli–aww, thank you. 🙂

    Nathan–I’m not 100% sure about that. (Are you the same one who’s e-mailed me about the syndication info before?) From what I understand, at least according to, episodes 1-5 aired on ABC, and then 1-21 aired on Fox Kids. But I could be wrong–I’m not really sure where to obtain that info.

    Aravis–well, to play devil’s advocate, often times older actors portray younger kids, but…yeah. The teaser trailer came out last week; what did you think of that?

  • !!!

    Omgoodness I’d be so thrilled to buy some DVDs. You have no idea how long I’ve been wanting to get DVD versions of this series <3

  • Web Pirate
    13 years ago

    Thanks for having this awesome site. I was watching the eps on youtube last night and I remembered how much I loved this series as a child. I think Cartoon Network will be at Comic-Con this year. If I have time, I’m gonna swing by their booth and see if they have any plans on putting it on DVD. I’m a part of the entertainment industry so hopefully they will hear me out..

  • Nathan
    13 years ago

    Smitha, yeah I did e-mail you once about that. I put this post up to see if any of your readers might know. You accidently switched ABC and Fox around in your post.

  • Milli–actually, other sellers have been offering bootleg DVD versions of the show for a while. 🙂 Whatever they offer is probably better than whatever I might be able to, since they’ve had the time to come up with proper menus, cover art, and all that, so check it out!

    Web Pirate–nice, keep me posted. 🙂 Since Cartoon Network’s part of AOL Time Warner, who technically owns the rights to the show (since they acquired Hanna-Barbera), it doesn’t hurt to ask! Thank you for the comment!

  • Brilliant, brilliant~ I’m late, but it always makes me happy to see you update this site. Hoorah for PoDW fans~! <3

    Anyway, this just occurred to me, but do you find it odd that almost every animal living in Mer is carnivorous? Wouldn't they all die out…?

  • Haha–thank you for the comment!

    And…hmm. The first two animals that came to mind were monkeybirds and the margar (the 8th Treasure), both of which are herbivores. As for the rest…I think I need to go rewatch some of the episodes to see. Besides the constrictus, what other animals did you notice as being carnivorous? Not to question you–just trying to remember!

  • George Slavov
    13 years ago

    That’s fantastic! I can’t believe how closely it resembles Dark Water, and “No one in the area can recall seeing anything like it before.” I’ve been desperately trying to find more news about this as the article was published a month ago, but I can’t find anything. Surely people have figured out what it is by now?

    Yesterday, something made me recall my fond childhood memories of this show and I ended up watching all 21 episodes back to back. I also stumbled on your fan site in the process. Great find!

    Just in case you’re curious, I’m 23 and from Bulgaria. I only say that to assert just how far and wide Dark Water has spread! =)

  • George Slavov
    13 years ago

    Moments later: It’s just run of the mill algae… =/

  • Haha, I figured as much. 🙂 The story’s a month old. I just was amused by it, really.

    Thank you for the comment! It’s always cool to meet other fans, especially around the world. 🙂

  • Statos Atrius
    13 years ago

    Haha too awesome! 😀

  • Mainly from the RPG book: all the creatures are carnivorous. Even in Magic: The Gathering, the beasties weren’t ALL meat-eaters. Hehehehe~

  • I still cling to the hope that it is what we think it is. Hehehehe~
    The scientists are just concerned for our well-beings so they’re passing this terrible new nuisance off as simple algae. I’m suspicious of you, scientists…

  • Alleonh
    13 years ago

    I pop by the site occasionally to see the new updates and I was happy to hear that you had a successful VHS-DVD conversion! What format is it in? PoDW is a show I’ve always wanted to make music videos for, but I’ve never been able to find good quality footage D=

  • Statos Atrius
    13 years ago

    That is some awesome pictures! If you ask me there is way to little artwork of Bloth though. He is by far the most intresting character in the series, if you ask me. ;o)

  • Ack. That really sucks. I know what it’s like to loose lots of data for websites and stuff. Really sucks.
    Ohh~ It’s very difficult to find good PoDW artwork~ I’m doing a fan comic of it, but it won’t be published for a bit here~
    Thank you for sharing those~!

  • Statos–oh, I agree! Ren gets the most fanart for obvious reasons, and Tula’s a close second; everyone else is woefully neglected by comparison.

    Milli–thanks for the sympathy. 🙂 I’d love to see your fan comic when you’re done! Please keep me posted on how that goes.

  • Thank you for this site!

  • puük
    13 years ago

    Well, I would LOVE something like a live action movie trilogy!!! But first I would very much like to see the last five treasures found!

  • Statos Atrius
    13 years ago

    Wow! How verry generous! Awesome!

  • Thanks for the video clip. I use to wonder about that episode too. On another note, I just finally got around to seeing Le tourbillon noir – the french opening. I don’t know why it took me so long for me to see it. But if I remember it right, I think I saw that clip in 1989. I honestly think this show started a lot earlier than people realize.

  • Actually, it is indeed from 1991-93. 🙂 A lot of people like to lump it in with the 80s since a lot of the other nostalgic action-adventure shows came out then, but this did come out a little later.

    If you’d like proof, check the end credits for the early episodes–there’s a copyright date of 1991. IMDb and confirm it, too, and some of the behind-the-scenes/planning documentation that’s up on the site is dated to 1990 (the Series Bible, for example).

  • Aspirin
    13 years ago

    Thanks for video. Where anything can download all the episodes in Japanese?

  • Real dark water!..omg. I must get to Alaska so that I may put this liquid death on ebay!
    -when are we going to see a Pirates of Dark Water movie!I’ve been waiting decades.

  • Cvetan
    13 years ago

    Now with the help of this gye the site will be more famous for those who interested in the PoDW ! 🙂

  • Wow, really nice to see the storyboard! Awesome that you had the time and patience to upload them all. 😀 We love you for it!

  • Oh~! How thrilling~! This will actually help a lot in the comic I’m doing. Thank you~! This site is excellent and I’m very, very happy it’s being kept up with.

  • Happy New Year to you, too~! School’s been rough on me this year, so I wish you the best~!

    If PoDW was ever remade, I hope and pray that it’s not done in the horrible, horrible ‘stylised’ cartoon animation that’s being done to EVERYTHING nowadays. Transformers was absolutely ruined by turning it into ‘kiddie food.’ Ugh. I mean, wtc is up with Bumblebee’s mouth?? Anyway, sorry–ranted a bit there. I am just so utterly opposed to the new style of animating nowadays.
    I’d hope that PoDW was re-made as a more teenage/young adult cartoon in the same semi-realistic style. I just loved the 80’s/90’s toon animations~

    Anyway, rambling! Thanks again for the site~

  • Nathan
    13 years ago

    I’d really like to see an official complete series (and mini-series) DVD release of this show some day. The show would make a good movie, maybe that would spur the release of this show to DVD. Or WB could release the DVD when the 4th Pirates of the Caribean comes out to capitalize on that.

  • I love you for this. I recently fell back into love with this show and I can’t tell you how much this site has helped me remember it. You’re a doll. <3

  • I’ve been looking for it to purchase for quite some time now, and I am so, so excited about finally seeing clips of the miniseries I’ve heard about for so long. You know. When you get around to it… with your life and everything.

  • Thank you for commenting, everyone. 🙂

    Milli–dude, I totally agree. Hopefully it’ll get the more serious treatment it deserves, since it was more serious than a lot of shows that came out around the same time.

    Nathan–that would be great. Seriously, with the recent surge in both 80s/early-90s stuff AND pirate stuff, I don’t get why this show continues to be overlooked.

    Nay–I’m trying to figure out if that was sarcastic or not. 😉 I know I whine about being busy a lot, haha. But it’s meant more as an apology than anything else!

  • Aww! I’m glad you all enjoy them!

  • Hello,

    A few years ago, the comic 8-bit theater made a funny reference to PoDW. I haven’t kept up with 8BT much since then, and I can’t seem to find the actual comic anywhere (tho I didn’t try TOO hard), but I at least have a bit of proof to show for my efforts:

    I swear I’ve seen PoDW mentioned other places as well, but right now this was all I could recall…

  • Ohh, yeah, I forgot about that one. I was thinking in more professional and mainstream media outlets, but that of course isn’t meant to discredit the series, etc. that have become popular online.

  • Ha! No, no sarcasm intended. I know all about school getting in the way of precious free time, and when you do have some free time and can work on backlogged projects, you’d just really…rather not. Like right now when I should be programming or drawing, or I could be working on my book as long as I’m slacking off school, but instead I’m obsessing about the DarkWater miniseries again. This is a much more constructive use of my time.

  • CrackedMan
    12 years ago

    Is it just me, or does anyone else think that Ren and Cade look strikingly similar?

  • Cvetan
    12 years ago

    Look what I Found ! 😐 Is this was really the cast for seazon 2 which never aired ot it’s falce this ?

  • Nope–this is the cast for the episodes that are already out. Season 2 = episodes 8-13 (or maybe 8-21, depending on who you ask). There were a lot of guest voices to play the minor characters.

    To reiterate, there are no “missing episodes”–production halted after episode #21 and nothing was done after that. Check the FAQ for more info. 🙂

  • Dirach
    12 years ago

    This is great, thanks very much. I can see the underlying all-around images from some of the pirate pictures. Do you plan to eventually post all the drawings? that would be great

  • Nathan
    12 years ago

    Hopefully, we get a Pirate of Dark Water question or two in there.

  • Man, I’m so disappointed. I remembered the event Sunday, then I forgot. I wanted to ask about Megas XLR on DVD. I thought that was a very popular show that died too soon – Just like PODW.

    Thanks for asking about PODW. But looking at their responses, they all pretty much said the same thing – “no plans to release TITLE”. It said that at least 10 times. Seems like they’re playing it safe with the economy. And that’s the worse thing they can do right now.

    The DC titles and 2 other franchises get the green light. But the action shows are so-so. I wonder what it’s going to take for them to make a serious commitment to action shows of the 80s, 90s and today.

    At the very least, I’m happy to see that they “continue to evaluate the Hanna Barbera classic animation”. Emphasis on classic. Thanks for the update. If they need help packaging HB classics, PLEASE let me know.

  • How many I time look this serial and heart with happiness begins knocks faster. Time you will not return also a serial not to finish, but I will try to make ???.? I will try to make comix book if not who cannot complete a cartoon film that it I will make.

  • Cass – yeah, pretty much, unfortunately. Even in the part I didn’t transcribe, I don’t think Megas XLR came up.

    Actually, a number of other 80s and 90s shows have been released on DVD. I wish there were some kind of breakdown of animation DVD titles, though, by decade and genre, to be able to sort it out.

    Ed–thank you for the comment. 🙂 If you do make a comic book to describe how you think the story should end, please send it to me–I would love to see it!

  • I would love to see Pirates of Dark Water on DVD. I have great memories of this show and I loved the animation. I felt the visuals were great and as an animator, I think a release would be great reference material. Please release it! Is there a petition we can sign?

  • I don’t understand – if we show why we want a remake of the show nad DVD release and show our motivations – is this help to really make DVD release for PoDW ?

  • Dave–there was one floating around a while back, but I think it really lost steam a few years ago:

    Slashhh–this request of mine isn’t part of an active campaign to bring PoDW back or release it on DVD. I’m writing a paper for a class and have decided to write about PoDW, and just wanted some feedback from other fans on why it’s important. And then it got me thinking about how, if somebody asked us, “Why do you want this? Why is it important? Other shows were more popular, so what is it about this one that makes it worthy of revisiting?” that it would be good to have an answer for that. That’s all this is. 🙂

  • Littlenorwegians
    12 years ago

    I just came upon this site and I’m more than impressed with what I see. I’ll gladly sign any petition, bother any right holder, etc.

    I really want this, and the lust for a DVD is even bigger when I see that others are motivated.

    Hmmm, as for your paper, well. I think there are a few points you could make.
    You’ll have to point out the qualities of the series well and point out that these are treasured childhood memories as well as original story that still holds water to this day. Also point out that it’s actually profitable for the rights keepers to distribute it (See it from both sides).
    That it’s unfinished and it would be good to interview the original developers for some closure.

  • Off the top of my head

    Social messages
    -It’s one of a few shows about ecological damages to a planet – dark water contaminating the world
    -It shows how greed can prevent people from doing the right thing – Bloth wanting the artifacts for himself
    -It shows a diverse cast, including animal rights and equality of females
    -It focuses on slavery and freedom – that one episode of monkeybirds

    -Hand drawn animation as oppose to CGI
    -Had several moral stories throughout the series
    -Written for audiences of all ages to understand
    -The all important feel good show – and how many shows today can claim that? Other than The Last Airbender, not many.

  • Littlenorwegians
    12 years ago

    Sounds great, but point out that the show is subtle, please. A lot of shows (Forgotten shows) had pretty much the same messages, but were very preachy and boring.

    Make sure that it doesn’t sound like a pirate themed Care Bears 😉

  • I love your site! I’ve been checking it out since 2006. I hope they release it as well. I’ve always loved the show.

  • Thanks, everyone! These are fantastic! 😀 I’ve run a draft by my prof, who’s really liking it so far, too.

    Littlenorwegians–there’s huge interest in a DVD release. 🙂 I will say that I have never really made an attempt to mobilize the fans, but the vast majority would love to see the show released or revisited somehow.

    Your points are really valid–I’m not sure how to back up the profitability side, besides just saying that lots of people would buy it…though bootlegs do sell pretty well (all the DragonCon vendors I’ve talked to who stock them say that they always sell quickly).

    And I definitely did emphasize the “subtlety” part, don’t worry!

    Cass–oh, the ecological point is a good one! There’s a lot of symbolism with water, too, since water represents purity in many cultures and myths. I have worked those and the moral angle in (the gender/animal equality one is intriguing–how rare is it that you see a character being so blatantly chauvinistic, only to have her fight right back?), and showed that they’re three-dimensional characters, not flat good and evil.

  • Thanks. I will try to make the book of comics. Understand will end ?????? should so for some reasons 1) it is necessary to find ?????????? treasures of rule, 2) to show a scene where at Ren a full sword (well it could be seen in game from Sega), 3) on to tear up a bum to the Keeper of darkness (The Dark Dweller) and Bloth, but understand ?????? there should be grasping I while since 2009 in December till our days do sketches 1 ? and 2 ? releases (if want that can look when will be time will throw) 4) is necessary to finish history of alchemist Morpho, 5) as company Sega has finished this Saga a game kind, not a sin to take such episodes of levels Citadel (I think that is possible to show as pirate Ioz tried to leave a trap with live corpses while Ren and Tula, Niddler are engaged in searches of a crystal and to make the character which was with a damnation Dark water to take for example Death at it will be the request 3 hero while Ioz suffered with corpses. To bring alchemist Morpho to use it for this purpose to forward a damnation, on it.) Bobo Mountain (in this part it is possible to show as protagonists with natives of island as they have got out of traps have sufficed and under went to statues at which 10 treasure), Sunken Bridge (in this episode it is possible to make so the sword of the father of the prince was shone and felt force of a splinter of a blade, the young prince has addressed to the character to the storyteller which has told as to find a blade, Ren has found it, but in Andorus has begun new fight with titans of elements. The storyteller has warned Teron that the prince has found a sword and already in a way), Andorus (about that that the main characters tried to stop a part by means of a sword titans of elements) well good imagination, months thought out, pancake Hanna-Barbera and Turner Entertainment, Marvel Comics could not finish a serial even Cartoon Network and that not in conditions ????????? to me if not who. I come from Russia and have seen 1 season mounted in a feature film at the age of 5 years and reconsidered its hours then during 2 season strangely enough but I could not find a series Panacea and a current in the Internet have found, further after 13 episodes did not translate a serial, all actual 2 seasons knew that a current and the keeper of darkness (The Dark Dweller) is destroyed, in 2008 I have learnt that there is 3 season looked on subtitles and after these news that in the absence of financing a serial and I have not been finished was in a shock… Well we will look can is not worse it will turn out. =)

  • like a few comments above me, i too just stumbled on to this site, quite nice by the way.

    a dvd realese would be great, with one of the creators giving diclosure would be awesome, i say though,maybe they could do a comic series on the events ofter the last episode. lol wishful think i think.

  • Kensan_Oni
    12 years ago

    Why do we want Pirates of Dark Water on DVD?

    Pirates of Dark Water is a lot of things to me. It represents the best effort ever done by the Hanna Barbara company, with a quality and a story better then any other they have produced before or since. It also represents the best Fantasy Animated Series, one that is only matched by the more recent Avatar: The Last Airbender series. It also represents the last of the great Western Developments before Eastern Cultures rise and dominated in the studios.

    PODW needs to have the respect to digitize and preserved for future.

    I think a re-envisioning might destroy a beautiful thing, but I wouldn’t mind seeing it done for a new generation anyway. Pirates of Dark Water is the best Fantasy Animated Series, and this needs to be done.

  • Another thing I thought about is how similar PODW and Avatar are.

    -They both have 3 main characters – 2 males, 1 female
    -Both females have ecological powers/ water bending
    -Both shows have a balance of Humans and Nature
    -Both shows have monkeys in it – a monkeybird and a lemur
    -Both shows involve traveling – either by sea or by air
    -Both shows involve ethnic characters

    In many ways, PODW was a predecessor to Avatar. By seeing the entire series of Avatar, we can sort of imagine what the ending would have been with PODW.

  • Deathtone–thank you! A comic continuation or some other form of disclosure would be cool, for sure.

    Kensan_Oni–thanks for the comment! I kind of agree that I’d rather not have it be “revisited.” Continued, sure…in an ideal world, they’d try to do it in a similar style to the original. I’m nervous that any possible continuations won’t preserve the look and feel of the original, though. But this is all obviously hypothetical.

    Cass–hmm, those are interesting parallels, but I don’t know that I agree that A:TLA could suggest the ending of PoDW. I’ve joked with some friends that Tula is almost like an Avatar herself, since she can control the elements (and nature, beyond that), but beyond those basic surface similarities among the casts, the series and details diverge from there. Plus, the A:TLA creators have no ties to the PoDW production team that we know. Their idea for the show came from their interest in martial arts and eastern cultures, and it all evolved from there. PoDW does have Asian and Middle Eastern influence in the character and concept designs, but I haven’t seen anything detailing what truly influenced it. What some people HAVE pointed out, though, is that Titan: AE (by David Kirschner, the creator of PoDW) does bear a striking resemblance to PoDW, so if you’re looking for a “that’s how the show might have ended” example, I’d suggest checking that out instead. 🙂

  • hei cefaci sunt fanul
    tau rend itlegi?

  • RavnDream
    12 years ago

    Yeah, ticked me off, too, when I found out DML (PODW uploader) had his/her videos deleted and then suspended long after that indignity.

    What “other ways to get the show” would you recommend? I’m a bit leery on, y’know, virus pits…

  • Cody4258
    12 years ago

    I love that people are still fans of this show/story. I loved it when it was running in the early 90s.

    I’m truly shocked that there is no re-syndication on WB Kids or something.
    Hopefully, if the outcry is large enough, some of the execs at WB or their subsidiaries and/or affiliates will at least pull together and release a DVD for the series.

    The realist in me doesn’t see any extra episodes to totally end the show- Maybe WB could hire on a few writers to finish the story with a two-hour finale or something, but I just don’t see them hiring an entire production company to finish the story in succession as intended. I would assume that WB would consider this “costly overhead,” without any guarantee that its sales would garner a profit.

    To me, any closure would definitely be more pleasant then just an abrupt ending, as it is now.

    The nine limited edition comics that were released were really interesting, and I guess that could still be a possibility; but closing the show out through print would be a last resort, in my opinion. I think the series episodes should end with real animation as it was intended.

    Glad this site is up. I will be sure to return soon. Thanks.

  • Ravn–so far I haven’t run into (or heard about) any issues with most of the BitTorrent downloads out there. There are also streaming versions of the episodes–I have links to a few in the sidebar here on the main page. And there are bootleg DVDs (there are links to those on the links page)–I’m technically not supposed to advocate them, but in light of there not being any releases…

    Cody–I do agree in that I also prefer an animated end to the show. 🙂 As for WB Kids, it feels like it’s rare for older shows to appear on any major network these days, but it baffles me why they don’t even include it on Boomerang anymore. The comic continuation was an interesting idea and a nice way to revisit some characters and locations, but I do have some issues with it (too much flowery rhetoric, for one) and kind of expect “more” from any future revisitation of the show (that’s just me being picky, though–I’d love a revisitation but would not be cool with just anything that came out, you know? There are so many bad readaptations out there right now).

  • Andre
    12 years ago

    Post the letter! Should be a fun read!

  • You know, a strange thing happened recently. There was a report on the internet about WB creating a remake of Thundercats. Loved that show. My only concern is that it will be broadcast on Cartoon Network in 2011.

    Now I want to give CN a fair chance. But when they aired the New He-Man series, that show didn’t get attention it deserved. And it was actually one of the better shows at that time.

    But anyhow, maybe by some sheer luck we can see a remake of PODW. Right?

  • Solomon/TheSaintsDead
    12 years ago

    Im new to this site but I have been a fan of PODW since the beginning.
    I am also a toy maker/toy customizer and I’m the middle of recreating the cast, bad and good guys and wraith, I may one day make the Maelstrom but thats would be a hell of a piece, i would like to send some pics for you to see but for some reason I cant use the links on this page, you can contact me at the email above. thanks and i hope to hear from anther fan

  • DarthPez
    12 years ago

    I found the other half of the sword once, I can’t remember exactly where it was but I seem to remember having to walk off of a platform in mid-air (the floor was invisible) in order to get to a secret room to find it. Sorry it’s kind of vague, haven’t played it in a long time… I hooked by Sega back up recently after it spent some time in the basement though, I ought to go look for it.

  • Nathan
    12 years ago

    I noticed got their episodes pulled. That is pretty annoying unless WB is all of a sudden planning to do a DVD release in the future.

  • Solomon/TheSaintsDead
    12 years ago

    yeah I noticed that too, it sucks but i would love DVDs of all 21 episodes

  • steven
    12 years ago

    how did this happen?

  • Solomon–oh, my e-mail address is intentionally not a link, to avoid spambots. If you just retype it into the “To” field of your e-mail client, that should work. 🙂 Or do you mean that messages to me get bounced?

    Nathan–yeah, you and I were both in the chat that night…they delivered their “no” awfully quickly. It seems weird that they would lie about it when they were forthcoming with other titles. But it’s also weird that they’re cracking down on this copyright. I do hope that our mentioning it in the chat didn’t bring this about, but I think their decision to pull the episodes from YouTube predated the chat.

    Steven–I’m not sure. :/ I did update a plugin, so maybe that caused it, but that plugin never caused me any issues before. Everything seems to be okay, though.

  • Andre–thanks for the reminder! I’ll try to do so soon.

    Pez–thanks! The guy who requested it actually ended up finding it and sent me a detailed description, which I’ll post here soon. 🙂

  • Cass–one can only hope! I loved the 2000s He-Man remake, and I did hear about the Thundercats remake. There have been rumors of various kinds of remakes over the years, and there was a comic a few years ago that must’ve paved the way…it was one of those shows that was never truly forgotten, though.

  • It’s completely understandable to be frustrated about the casting choices. However, the one thing that this movie has going for itself is that it will be in 3D.

    Now, I’ve always thought of 3D as a fad, but this year has got to be the year of 3D. And with all the 3D movies rolling out this year, it will still stand to benefit. Even if it has a poor audience turnout, even if DVD sales are sluggish, it will still benefit because of the 3D effects. And I think Hollywood was planning that all along. Sad to say…

  • Alexia
    12 years ago

    Ever since I saw Lady in the Water, I’ve seen Mr Night Shyamalan as a young hack, someone who takes way himself too seriously and for that reason shouldn’t be hired by Hollywood. Yes, yes, The Ring, but the Ring was a remake of a successful, existing horror movie. I am not surprised he has destroyed the casting of this movie as well. He probably believes he is “too good” to hire Asian actors, which is a shame.

  • I think you are just a racist in disguise. It does not matter who the actor is. What matters is if the people watching are willing to use their imaginations to allow an actor to give the performance they were granted. It is difficult to get a decent part and when someone is hard working and earns a spot to perform…they should give their all and the audience should be willing to just sit back an enjoy.

    The movie was good and will likely go see it again.

  • Cass–yeah, no kidding, what’s up with all the 3D this year? Though I’ve heard from people who did see the movie that the 3D in Avatar was just added as an afterthought and isn’t very well done.

    Alexia–I don’t think Shyamalan did The Ring, actually…? I’m not sure, though. And actually, I don’t know that Shyamalan himself did choose all the main cast members, but he has stated publicly that he approves of the casting and doesn’t seem to get that this is about perpetuating historic racism in Hollywood.

    Anon–“Use their imaginations?” To picture that the light-skinned actors look like the Asian and Inuit characters in the original? When they could have just cast Asian and Inuit actors to begin with? Or would it have been better if the light-skinned characters put on dark make-up to resemble the original? That’s called yellowface (or brown/black/redface, depending on the ethnicity), and it’s a phenomenon of historic racism that’s existed in Hollywood for decades, with the intent of excluding actual Asians and pantomiming them in horribly offensive ways. Please read this:

    Actually, Mako, the original voice of Uncle Iroh, was one of few Asian actors to make it in a white-dominated world, and though he was often put in subservient roles, he handled them in such a way as to make viewers respect him. He and many others working on the show are/were strong activists for appropriate Asian representation in Hollywood.

  • Well, I just saw the movie today in 3D. I MUST say that overall it was horrible.

    The good news – the casting wasn’t whitewashing. The cgi effects were wonderful and the scenery was nice. Also the costumes were adequate, so the visual details were okay.

    The bad news – the movie was mostly miscasted. The ethnicities were completely inverted. Just about every dark-skin person was light and every light-skin person was dark. Only Aang and Iroh were, more or less, cast right. I also get the feeling that Aang and Katara were too young.

    The plot was bad. I know season 1 had to be condensed into a 2 hour movie, but it could have had better choices. There were history rewrites in the movie which made certain segments unnecessary. For instance, Kioshi Island was SOMEHOW part of the Earth Kingdom and it was conquered by the Fire Nation. So they staged a rebellion there to free the town. But there were no Kioshi warriors and more importantly, there was NO ISLAND. It just became a town. I understand that Shyamalan made some rewrites, but still.

    The fight scenes were horrible. The only one that was decent was the one without the airbending. They relied too heavily on the 3D effects. There were awkward pauses in the fight scenes. If you’re fighting an opponent, you wouldn’t expect them to just stand around. You’d expect them to move or get out of the way. But that wasn’t the case. They just paused.

    The 3D effects were so-so. The movie was too zoomed in on the characters. So you couldn’t really get a broad-view of the movie and all the 3D elements of it.

    The dialogue was awful. Here’s an example.

    Zuko- I’ve captured all the elderly in this village. Will you be my prisoner or will I have to kill them?
    Aang- Okay I’ll be your prisoner.

    That’s it. No fight scene. No arguement. No conflict. Nothing. That’s basically the dialogue throughout the movie. And only one comedy scene.

    Overall, it was the same characters, but they were acting out of character. There was no character development. The rewrites threw off the pace of the movie. Too much fighting and too much 3D. In the end, it was just a mess.

  • I don’t feel it was racist. The original casting would have been in a way but really, people went PC on it and said that it had to be more diverse. So suddenly the Fire Nation (Japan) became India which judging from the performance of Iroh, worth it. Even Zuko was believable.
    As for the actual quality of the movie, meh.
    I mean I enjoyed it, but I knew what was going on from the show. I hated how they chose to pronounce things, and I feel the movie had about an hour cut from it.
    Katara was HORRIBLE. The exposition padded scenes dragged while at the same time, were rushed it was weird.
    Also the narrations were unneeded and annoying.
    BUT, Iroh kicked butt, Zuko was emo, Aang was a emotionally complex kid (despite his verbal acting his facial expressions were great) Yue’s death was actually better than in the cartoon… ect.

    Is it a racist movie, no. Is it a good movie, no.

    Is it a delightfully bad movie, yes.

  • Nathan
    12 years ago

    One possible outlet for a PODW DVD is Shout! Factory. They recently bought the rights from WB for Max Headroom and Norm, so it is possible that they could do deals in the future for other WB shows. Somebody created this thread in the Shout! forums. I recommend posting in it if you are interested in a possible Shout! release of it.

  • Sephren
    12 years ago

    In retort to the original post, can you name me 10 asian movies with an american/western cast? No? What about just one? Also it’s a Shyamalan movie, ofcourse it sucks, but it’s not racist nor has it ever been racist to cast a “fictional” characters. There was tv show, now there’s a crap movie, suck it up. Plus do you then also think it racist to have american voice actors on the tv show? In a nutshell it’s Shyamalan, you can’t polish a turd nor it’s offspring. Dark water rocks!! Peace out!!

  • For people who still maintain that the film was not racist, I would appreciate if you would read this in full. Please feel free to contact me to discuss this further, because I really want to make sure people understand that we are perfectly earnest, serious, and justified in making these claims. I deplore people playing the race card needlessly. This is not one of those cases.

    The creators of the TV series specifically set out to make this a show rooted in Asian cultures, featuring Asian characters. I’m not making that up: it’s in the A:TLA series bible and they have reiterated it many, many times in interviews and the like. The show is based heavily in Asian cultures and involves fantasy elements: it is NOT a fantasy show with “Asian flair.”

    Think about it: the characters’ names and clothing are Asian. The architecture, writing system, martial arts/bending forms, food and eating utensils, and every other aspect of the show you can possibly think of are Asian. So considering the deep Asian roots that pervade every single aspect of the show, why would the characters’ races be white?

    However, when the casting calls went out for the main heroes, they asked for “Caucasian or any other ethnicity.” They stated their preference for white actors up front. It wasn’t that the white actors were the best ones for the parts. (Jacksone Rathbone, who played Sokka, made comments about how he had to get a tan to play the part. Brownface, anybody? And Shyamalan commented that he liked Noah Ringer for Aang because he “had an Asian look to him.” Instead of going for “an Asian look,” why not actually get an Asian actor?)

    Just because Aang doesn’t “look” Asian in the animation, that doesn’t mean he’s automatically white. Asia is home to 1/3 of the population of the entire planet. There is an ENORMOUS amount of ethnic diversity there, which is apparent in the very wide variation of skin tones and facial features. For example, there are North Indians who have brown hair, blue eyes, and fair skin, yet they’re fully Indian. Not all Chinese, Tibetans, and other East Asians have “yellow” skin and “slanty” eyes.

    Beyond just the creators’ “cosmetic” intent, though, the cultures of each race in the show are essential in explaining the motivations of the characters that embody them:

    Aang’s character design was modeled off a Chinese boy (Mike and Bryan, the creators, have totally affirmed this). His personality–his way of handling conflicts, his vegetarianism, his outlook on life–it’s all rooted in Tibetan Buddhism. Look at his clothing and look at his mentors and the other air nomads. Monk Gyatso, Aang’s mentor figure, is named after the Dalai Lama, whose real name is Tenzin Gyatso. The way the air nomads chose Aang to be the Avatar is EXACTLY the same way the Dalai Lama is chosen: by choosing several key artifacts from among a large selection.

    Katara and Sokka are very clearly based off Inuit cultures. You can see it in their clothing, the food they eat, the culture that the water tribes themselves embody, the ships, the structures and buildings where they live, all of it.

    The Earth Kingdom is based off a wide swath of various modern and historic cultures within China (which is a very, very ethnically diverse country), as well as India (Guru Pathik) and Korea (in episode 2 of Book 2, the female doctor and her mother are wearing hanboks, traditional Korean dresses).

    Zuko and the Fire Nation embody feudal and imperialist Japan and China, in the government style, the social hierarchy, the clothing, and the architecture. Zuko is obsessed with reclaiming his honor, which was a really huge deal among East Asian cultures historically (and still is to a degree). And check this out: the Fire Nation’s conquest of the world was based off Japan’s imperialist “Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere” from WWII.

    As for the voice actors, there in fact are a bunch of prominent Asian and Asian-Americans who lent their voices to the show, in major and minor roles. The main three protagonists may not have been Asian, but they were stars on other Nickelodeon shows, so their casting for a Nickelodeon production did make sense. (Dante Basco, who played Zuko, is a Filipino-American and has also acted in other Nickelodeon productions.) And the creators also stated that they didn’t want to rely on stereotypical Asian accents, because they were avoiding historically stereotypical practices that Hollywood had engaged in over the years. But you can see it in the language that’s used, the honorifics and other aspects of the dialogue.

    Not to mention, how does somebody “sound Asian?” If you were to only hear my voice, chances are you wouldn’t guess that I’m Indian just based off that. And there are many instances of grown women voicing young boys (Bart Simpson, Jimmy Neutron, Ash from Pokémon, Naruto, and so many others), and other situations where liberties are taken in casting voice actors.

    Also, speaking as an Asian-American–the issue is not, “why can’t white people play Asians?” The issue is, “why can’t Asians play themselves?” It is not a matter of “being PC.” Hollywood’s record on minority representation is not very great, and they have historically discriminated against Asians, whether excluding them, relegating them to minor roles, or stereotyping/typecasting them. It’s not purely historic, either: look at the Prince of Persia. Look at the recent Dragonball movie. And Mickey Rourke will be playing Genghis Khan in a film adaptation in the next few years.

    There’s also the matter of the heroes being white, the villains being dark-skinned, and all the other Asians being relegated to (virtually) nonspeaking extra roles. Considering the diversity of the show, how can anyone claim that’s not racist? And it doesn’t matter that Iroh and Zuko ultimately come around; both Zuko and the Fire Nation are depicted in the film and the marketing as being villains. What does it matter if the so-called diversity of the cast only exists among the bad guys, while the protagonists are all white? Think about the image that paints.

    The creators have not spoken out against the casting, or commented directly on it in any way, except to say that they would probably have done things differently if they had a choice. This is because they had to sign a non-disclosure agreement. However, many other members of the production team have not signed any NDAs and have been very vocal online against the casting of the film, precisely for all the reasons I have mentioned.

    Once again, if there’s anything I haven’t touched upon or that you think is unclear, please contact me. I didn’t bring this up to pick a fight: I want to discuss and explain and educate.

    Thanks for reading. 🙂

  • Andre
    12 years ago

    It seems like the movie sucks so I won’t let it tarnish my memory of the animated series.

    It’s a real shame they didn’t do justice to it.

    Interesting news of an animated sequel though. Not sure what to think of that yet.

  • jakeface
    12 years ago

    man, i just came to this site looking for stuff on podw, but as a white anti-racist activist, i have to chime in.

    i think what most people have trouble is in distinguishing racism from bigotry, so when people freak out and protest that The Last Airbender isn’t “racist”, they actually mean bigoted, in that no one is going around using racial slurs like “chink” or “nip” or whatever. and i mean, thank god for that, but the absence of racial slurs is not the same thing as absence of racism.

    racism is a complex social and economic (and in some cases legal) system that disempowers people of color while simultaneously granting a level of privilege to white people. this movie perfectly embodies that. hollywood is run by powerful white people, makes films for the white middle-class majority of this country, and thus the filmmakers are more likely to cast white people as the heroic protagonists of The Last Airbender. simultaneously, talented asian actors have been denied the opportunity to be the hero based on the fact that they aren’t white, and will also be paid much less for their role as the “dark” villains.

    i appreciate Smitha for being so on point about this. i know nothing about the last airbender, and it’s always good to be reminded of how pervasive racism is in our media.

  • I remember white-washing being an issue for Legend of Earthsea, a miniseries adaptation of the first two books of the Earthsea series by Ursala Le Quin. The series’ main characters were deliberately described as being of different ethnicities but the entire cast was white (though one actress was half Chinese).

    Changing the race/ethnicity of a character is not racist by itself, but I consider altering the race of a character in poor taste if the creator specifically went out of their way to portray/describe them as a specific race or ethnicity.

  • I’m not sure how this movie is racist. Is it insulting – sure, that’s obvious. Is it some sort of implied racist – maybe. Thankfully there are no racial slurs, but is miscasting the same as racism? That would mean that the casting director/writer/producer (and whatever title he also has) is racist towards himself. And I just don’t see how that’s possible. Having dark-skin people playing evil characters would imply that the director M. Night is also evil himself – being that he is basically the same race/ethnicity as the evil characters. I don’t think that’s what he was going for.

    Also keep in mind that Zuko starts off as an evil character and then later redeems himself in season 3. So having a dark-skin person considered to be “evil” might make sense in the first movie, but it wouldn’t apply to future sequels (assuming that this will be a trilogy series).

    Regarding the protagonists, I have mixed feelings about that one. On the one hand, the dialogue was so bad that I wouldn’t want Asian people playing those characters. On the other hand, I would have been proud to see this movie casted correctly. It was disturbing to see how the races/ethnicities were inverted in this movie. I’ve heard of having “creative differences” but this takes the cake. I’m not sure how a movie can have both white-washing and dark-washing in the casting.

    The tv show was meant to be Asian and Inuit. If this movie was a true tv adaptation, it would have remained that way. But that’s just not how the director wanted it. That’s why there were so many noticeable differences and I think that’s why many people (including the serious fans) were pissed off. Just to note, it wasn’t just the protagonists that were white. The entire Water Tribe was white. Therefore, in this movie, the Water Tribe was of White descent while the Fire Nation was of Indian descent. That would make it a complete re-write of the tv series.

    As for Hollywood itself, yes there is that nasty history of white-washing movies. Dragonball and Streetfighter come to mind, and that’s another subject altogether. But there have been movies like Mortal Kombat and Rush Hour that were played by a leading Asian actor. Both movies are old and Hollywood has regressed since then, but it is still possible to have leading actors of Asian descent.

  • Jake–thanks for your vote of confidence. 🙂 By the way, I don’t think you should feel the need to qualify your comments with “a white anti-racist activist” (unless you actually do frequently speak out against racism in society, in which case, rock on!)–the outcry over this film is from a really diverse group (ethnicity, gender, age…), and in many cases, it just takes sitting down with someone and explaining in detail why this is an issue for them to come around. 🙂

    Cass–you do bring up a really good point. Is the actual film–the plot, the acting, etc.–racist? Probably not. They aren’t lampooning aspects of the cultures they’re depicting. However, racism doesn’t just exist in stereotypical portrayals of other languages and cultures. We do know the casting was racist, but it’s changed a fundamental point that the original series was making: that of racial diversity and harmony.

    In the show, Aang, Katara and Sokka, Toph, Zuko, and Suki are all from markedly different groups, yet they demonstrate that they can overcome their cultural differences (not that there were many real points of conflict, but there were differences) to come together in the end to defeat the villain. In the movie, all the good guys look one way and all the bad guys* look another (darker) way. (Well, at least so far.) That creates another message entirely.

    There’s also the message we all are aware of that the casting has brought about: that Asians aren’t good enough to be protagonists and to portray themselves on-screen. White-washing IS a form of racism, by signaling that audiences prefer to see white rather than minority protagonists.

    * I do know that Zuko joins the good guys–I think it’s such an excellent redemption story. 🙂 But for the purposes of the film, they marketed Zuko as a villain. So it’s easy to use that example.

    And M. Night has claimed again and again that he has no issue with the casting. Either he’s just being willfully ignorant or he really does not understand how damaging this depiction is. Either excuse is…really, really sad.

  • Thanks for the comments!

    Andre–I appreciate that. The reviews and the critics are in almost unified agreement that the movie’s horrible, so it’s best to just steer clear from it. (The few “fresh” commenters on RottenTomatoes are either known contrarians are people who are saying, “well, if you set aside the crappy stuff, the rest is good!” Seriously?)

    I’m really psyched for the story of Korra. 🙂 It should be interesting–it seems to have some steampunk elements to it (the Fire Nation’s industrialism combined with the rest of the world’s technologies, perhaps?).

    Ben–yes! The Sci-Fi (SyFy? ugh) Channel’s Earthsea’s another example of that. I haven’t read LeGuin’s books but definitely heard about the controversy.

    And yes–it’s one thing if the race isn’t relevant to the character’s story. But in A:TLA, the race of each character dictates so much about how they think and act.

  • Just a quick note to say, love this site. You’ve got such an amazing collection of info about the greatest cartoon ever. I featured you on my blog – – have look!

  • kinjo
    12 years ago

    im just sad that as a kid, who was totally into it, i never got to see past the 7th crystal, i bought the figurines and everything and even now im 25, still feel cheated that never saw how it played out..

  • Charlie–thank you very much for the kind compliment and the feature! I really appreciate that. 🙂

    Kinjo–did you only see through episode 13? There were actually 21 episodes made, and they did find the 8th treasure out of 13. It’s too bad it never went past that, though.

  • I see the link to buy the DVD brings me to a site where I can only get it if I’m a USA citizen. I live in Canada – where else can I buy it from?????

  • Ericha
    12 years ago

    I just got mine in the mail today! My best friend and I were super excited (she saw the first run of the show as a child while I saw it in reruns on Cartoon Network in High School.) My fiancé, however, had never seen it before, so we were pretty anxious to share our childhood memories!

    The cover art is pretty standard fare (I’ve seen fan made covers that look a bit better…) but the DVDs themselves are pretty bare bones. You can tell they’re “made to order” like the website says. The picture quality is pretty good though. I’m sure some people can be really picky about things like that, but I was happy enough with the quality given. It’s probably not up to par with most shows on DVD, but the visuals were crisp enough on my fiancé’s widescreen computer monitor. It would’ve nice to have a few extras…commentary, interviews., ect., but I’ll take what I can get!

    As for the show itself? Well, we only managed to squeeze in two episodes, but they were certainly enjoyable! We joked about Bloth seemingly coming onto Ren, how so many burly pirates wear fuchsia (as well as some creepy bondage gear), how Ioz got away with calling Tula and wench and (possibly) smacking her on the butt and how awesomely Ren abuses the jump kick and tosses everyone into what looks like an acid pond. 🙂

    Despite what this may sound like, we enjoyed the heck out of those episodes and my bf and I pouted when my fiancé called it quits for the night for bed. Overall, I’m very pleased with my purchase…and I can’t wait to feel that twinge of dissapointment when I get to the last episode and realize there is no more.

  • Just some guy
    12 years ago

    I did order it before Aug 31. But I didn’t get my shipment confirmation until a few days into september, and then the holiday weekend and what not it didn’t arrive until Tuesday Sept 7.

    In the past 48 hours, I watched through the first two discs.

    DVD Box – thankfully it was sturdy (thick plastic rather than cheap plastic or cardboard) so it will stand up to shelf life.

    DVD Box art – while appropriate for the show, for some reason it didn’t excite me (maybe the colors are too saturated or something).

    DVD contents (not counting the show) – the menu is graphic-less and literally two words “episodes or play all” … that caught me off guard at first. I don’t know what I was expecting, but just not used to such a plain DVD menu (not good or bad, just surprising). And no bonus features (though I wasn’t expecting any). There are also no paper inserts or anything like that. Just box and DVDs. But it was the episodes themselves I really really really wanted

    Episodes – graphics and sound were pretty much the same quality as if I were watching the show on TV back in early 90s or on cartoon network. For the first disc I used the same TV I used to watch it on back then and it really did seem the same as back in the day. I then watched the second disc on one of the newer TVs in the house (which is a larger screen with more resolution) and you could tell it can’t hold up to the large high resolution screens.

    Overall first impression — I’m more than happy just to have the series. And I can’t wait to watch the other two discs when I have more time this weekend.

    Disc 1 is the first 5 episodes
    Disc 2 is the second 5 episodes
    Disc 3 is the next 6 episodes
    Disc 4 is the final 5 episodes.
    (and in case it needs to be said, all contents are full screen rather than wide screen format)

  • Thanks for the detailed reviews! My set just came in yesterday and I totally echo all your comments.

    Ericha–HAHAHA. I love the comment about “creepy bondage gear.” 😀

    Some Guy–yeah, I was wondering how the quality of these episodes would hold up on newer TVs. I do have a TV that’s just a few years old and the episodes (I watched episodes 1-3) looked pretty good–not spectacular but definitely pretty solid quality. 6-21, though–still need to check those out.

    For anyone else–please do keep your comments coming! I’d love to hear your thoughts on this set. Were you thrilled? Disappointed? Just happy to have a real set of them? Post any and all comments here!

  • Mike–I’m sorry I didn’t make that bit of news more clear. 🙁 Unfortunately, this release is only available within the US at this time. I got in touch with a WB rep, who said that they’re very much aware of the international demand, but I don’t know what plans they have at the moment.

    So, for now…hang tight, I guess. :/ I’m not “supposed” to encourage downloading the series or buying bootlegs now that there’s a legal copy, but…what can one do if there isn’t a version available for purchase in your area, right?

  • Location: Bulgaria,Vratsa

    Why I like PoDW ? By so many reasons ! It’s such a classic cartoon show,such a good storyline,such a good charecters,such a good colors in this hole world of Mer.Even the clothes of the charecters are so cool ! The storyline is far more inteligent,interesting than TMNT,Biker Mice From Mars and the other cartoon “shows” No wonder the rating in IMDB of PoDW is not under 0.9 ! Even if the episodes were 10,11,12,13 – that’s enough ! What can I say about 21 ?! :} Just the best cartoon show,I’ll show it to my kids someday,they will watch exactly PoDW,not the stupid Ben Ten !

  • Hi,

    first of all thanks for keeping the “dark water” flame alive through your website (I’ve been following it for years).

    1) Marc


    3) Mont Saint Aignan (France)

    4) Why I like PodW: because it’s the most refined cartoon I ever saw. I’ve been a fan for almost 15 years (I’m 23) and I never saw something bigger as far as animated series are concerned. Excellent storyline, charismatic characters and of course a complex universe which is so unique in cartoon history. It’s a deep, sad and yet charming world where you can find a lot of metaphoric elements (the dark water surely refers to oil pollution, the first “BIG” creature in the first episode can be compared to the mythologic figure of leviathan…). To put it in a nutshell, PodW is the 8th wonder of the world:-)

    PS: My english may be wrong, I am French.

  • william napier
    12 years ago

    why i like pirates of dark water it was the one show that was the highlight of my day when i got to watch it having a bad day or a rough day at school i know when i got home i would have 30 mins of bliss and it was the one show my mamaw would watch with me before she passed i use to play podw when i was a kid i had stickers from the show i got at pizza hut and i put the compass on my bike i even had thirdteen treasures of rule i would find with my unlikely but loyal crew of misfits (my cousin) haha but it was just an awesome show good story line interesting characters

  • 1) Nate


    3) Central Texas, USA

    4) I didn’t watch much television growing up because I hated the cookie-cutter style of culture in the 80s. PodW broke the mold in every way, my favourite of which was by having main characters that weren’t sparkling models of morality. There was a dark life-and-death realism in that show that just didn’t exist in media at the time, especially in cartoon shows, and it helped me to realise that people aren’t defined by ‘good’ and ‘evil’ as much as by their everyday actions and personal desires. Overall, it’s just an amazing show to watch!

  • Nathan
    12 years ago

    I’ll enter, but I will send my information via e-mail.

  • Nathan
    12 years ago

    This title will very likely eventually show up at and other online retailers like past Warner Archive releases (ie: Flight of the Dragons), so it most likely will be available to international customers then.

  • I’m from Bulgaria and we didn’t have the Pirates of Dark Water on TV here since a couple of years ago, but I was one of the fortunate kids who discovered them years ago on video! It felt like Indiana Jones grabbing the idol from the teple and running away from the rolling ball behind him – you dig all over the shelf with the cartoons at some small neighbourhood video rent store, one look at the cover is enough to know that this is something very different from the rest of the titles stashed there, you know you’ve discovered a treasure! And grab it, and you run home like the wind, and you’re restless till you put the tape in the player… and that’s when the magic begins! I’m 24 today, and I see more to the cartoon than I saw back then as a kid. I love it and I watch it with the same childish fascination, but I’m also full of admiration and respect for the people behind it – for the creativity, the tallent and the imagination they binded together creating this amazing world! It’s an epic adventure me and my brother and cousin grew up with, and I feel nostalgic about the days when we had no worries and we’d watch it together and get ourselves submerged into the world of the Pirates of Dark Water. I just regret that the show was cancelled and the storyline was never finished, but this kinda adds to it’s mystery and cult status. I’m mighty happy that it is finally released on DVD! I believe it’s a generational thing, and I’d love to show it to my children someday!

  • One day I was sitting at home all alone, bored that there wasn’t anyone around I could play with. I decided to watch some video. I scrolled through our tapes and saw something my brother had been telling me about, but I had never seen – The Pirates of Dark Water. “Yeah, that sounds awesome”, I though, so I put the tape in the VCR and waited… and then the theme kicked in. The intro wasn’t over and I already knew I was in for a great ride!! The show had it all – action, adventure, mystery, humor… It blew my mind with all the imaginative creatures and settings (Bloth’s ship was really amazing!).
    The next day I went to kindergarten and told my friends about it. They looked at me in amazement, how was it possible that they hadn’t seen something so cool. A few days later, one of them already had bought the tape.
    Some years ago I was sitting in front of the TV, chaning the channels when all of a sudden I heard it… the PODW theme song. So me and my brother sat back and prepared to set sail with the “Pirates of Dark Water” one again!
    And thanks to this DVD, I hope many others will be recruited in the quest for the treasures.

  • omg I forgot to post my e-mail:

  • 1) Sergey


    3) Ukraine, Kremenchug

    4) “Pirates of Dark Water” became for me more than just a TV show. A long time ago I had a Sega console and the cartridge with the game. Some time later, I looked the first 13 episodes on VHS (14-21 episodes at that time had not been translated into Russian). Two years ago I downloaded “Txt transcript” from your site and started to make subtitles. One year ago, 14-21 to the episodes appeared Russian voice set available. Thank you for the great work done! Even now, when I’m 21, I sometimes play the game on the Sega and watch the most amazing TV show!

    P.S. Sorry for my bad English, I used Google translate. )))

  • Kim Phan
    12 years ago

    I really like Pirates of Dark Water because it was pretty original. Who doesn’t love a good quest show with interesting action and funny diaglogue (which seem to be lost on today’s youth) ~

    Thanks! Kim
    kimplovely (at)

  • Mitchell
    12 years ago

    My name is Mitch and I live in Florida. I remember the PODW show but it seems like no one else I know does. I remember I used to get genuinely freaked out when the dark water would come. I genuinely felt scared for the characters’ well-being. And OMG the characters. so colorful. Just a great show. Haven’t seen it in too long and would love to own the whole set. Although I know I’ll get all engrossed again only to be slapped in the face with early cancellation. WHY?!?!?!? So glad I stumbled upon this thread. Thanks for the opportunity to be way nostalgic.

  • *I got a HTTP error the first time I submitted this post, so here it is again. Hope it doesn’t double-post!*

    I love Pirates of Dark Water, and I’m glad to have this on DVD, finally! But I’m not blown away by the effort, here.

    The DVD case is nice, with dual two-disc “flipper” holders on the inside. The front cover art would have been good, but the colors are terribly over-saturated…it’s really quite garish. Inexplicably, Niddler has a third fist coming out of his head, and it’s not in pre-existing copies of the same image I’ve referenced. Very strange, indeed.

    In contrast, the back cover looks great, but there’s something there I didn’t see before trying to watch it on my computer: there’s a disclaimer that it’s “expected to play back in DVD video ‘play only’ devices, and may not play back in other DVD devices, including recorders and PC drives”. I almost threw a fit when it wouldn’t play until I tried it in my regular DVD player. I really wish I could rip it to my dead-sexy Super AMOLED-screened cell phone to watch on the go….

    When I got the first DVD in my main player, a static menu presented two options: play all or chapter select. “Play all” goes straight to playing them back, and “chapter select” goes to a grid with the title cards of the first four episodes. Hit “Next”, and you’re treated to a single title card for the fifth episode on the disc. It’s worse than a first-generation DVD with their minimal menus. What’s more, earlier this year, I made a PoDW DVD with a root menu, title menus, chapter selects…everything but the FBI disclaimer (:P) in less than an hour. The episodes don’t even have chapter selects, but, in fairness, I don’t know of any WB cartoon DVD releases that do.

    The video quality is said to be broadcast quality. I’ll take their word for it, but I noticed what looked like slight artifacting in the intro sequence of the first episode. It’s still better than the video source I used on the DVD I made of it–far, far better, in fact–and they said straight-up they weren’t planning on cleaning up the video or anything, so I’m not bothered by it. I knew what I was getting, and it looks as good as we’ve ever seen it.

    With an hour’s worth of attention, a quality menu could have been built to make it look less like a seat of the pants effort. And, given how nice the back cover is, I don’t see why the front cover wasn’t done right. All in all, though, I hate to gripe too much about it, since it was only through a special effort that they made it available in the first place. I love this show, and I’m glad to own a copy of it…even a release shown as little love as this one.

  • Kirsty
    12 years ago

    I live in the UK and still remember watching PoDW as a kid. I still have an old VHS version and I watch it whenever I’m having a bad day- it always makes me smile and reminds me of being a kid. BTW Bloth rules best bad guy ever!

  • Holy crap! Dude! I hadn’t looked closely at the cover AT ALL and totally missed Niddler’s third hand–once the contest has passed I’ll be posting again and will be sure to point that out. What an amazing(ly awful) find!

    Thanks for taking the time to write that review. 🙂

  • zeeshan
    12 years ago

    hi i live in pakistan city lahore my liking to this cartoon series is because of its strong story line which amused me when i was a small child because of this fantastic cartoons i still wana to c them once much to say about this series but cant find more of it in its praise.

  • Scott Grogan
    12 years ago

    I remember this series from when I was a kid. I LOVE IT. I just heard about this DVD set and instantly searched for more info. I found your site so here I am. Great site!

  • Scott Grogan
    12 years ago

    Guess I should do this right, not trying to enter twice.

    1. Scott Grogan
    3. Kernersville, NC, USA
    2. I remember this series from when I was a kid. I LOVE IT. I just heard about this DVD set and instantly searched for more info. I found your site so here I am. Great site!

  • 1. Lisa
    3. Kernersville, NC, USA
    4. Great cartoon I got hooked on when I was a kid with a broken collar bone…

  • Name: mercurybard


    Location: Houston, TX

    Reason I love PoDW? I used to watch it on Saturday mornings as a kid. I loved that it had an on-going story and I loved the mystery surrounding Tula. Years later, and I still remember that scene where she slips that piece of paper into her boot. In all honesty, I thought I’d made the whole show up (my brothers couldn’t remember it) until I mentioned it to my then-boyfriend and he started fanboying Ioz.

  • 1. Jesse Acosta
    3. Spokane, Washington, USA
    4. Pirates of Dark Water is one of my fondest memories from childhood. The series was so unique for it’s time, it stood apart from other cartoons. I even collected some of the Marvel comics back in the day because I loved it so much. If I win the dvd set, I am totally getting into some pajamas, popping the dvds in on a Saturday morning, and eat a bowl of cereal while lying in the living room watching the show. Yes, I’m 28, but that’s how Pirates of Dark Water makes me feel!

  • This is an awesome offer, thanks for giving fans this chance to win! 🙂

    Here’s my entry:

    1. Michelle
    3. Victoria, BC Canada
    2. Pirates of Dark Water had impressive production values for a cartoon of its day: a compelling and well-written story, top-notch voice work, superb animation and art/design, and one of the last great cartoon series after the 80s came to an end. It aimed high (sadly, perhaps too high for its own good) and captivated audiences young and old. So sad it was never properly concluded!

  • william napier
    12 years ago

    its been forever since ive seen the series just bits and peices on youtube but i think that the episode is 13 The Darkdweller where ren is sucked in the the dark relem and the darkdweller tries to trick him by turnin into his father and tell him a back story and then ren gets out and comes to the surface and puts the treasure in the dark water and learns that it dissipates the dark water

  • Thanks for the informations. Hope you got my mail:-)

  • Nathan
    12 years ago

    Too late for me, but the coupon code SCIFI25 will get you 25% off Pirates of Dark Water and other select sci-fi movies and shows at through 11/30. At least, I can use it on Thundarr.

  • Dragovian
    12 years ago

    The DVDs not only wouldn’t play in my PC, they forced a reboot. I was horribly disappointed. 🙁

  • Nathan
    12 years ago

    I’ve watched all the episodes. Other than a few glitches (audio mostly) in I believe the second to last episode on the third disc, the episodes look to be in pretty good shape.

  • Kaedyn
    12 years ago

    Yes PoDW did air tonight on Boomerang, beginning with the episode “The Quest.” As far as I can tell, it will air every night 10:30 pm EST Monday through Friday. I have a dvr so I am recording the episodes.

  • Also I have all the series with a Russian voice track. Just send me an e-mail.

  • Dakota Thrice
    12 years ago

    1) Dakota Thrice
    3) United Kingdom
    4) I’m a collector of RPGs (actually getting round to playing them all is another thing altogether), as well as a great fan of PoDW (and my subtitling is on par for being as delayed as your scanning). PoDW would allow for running a spectacular seafaring campaign and owning a copy of the RPG would make it significantly easier than either trying to adapt it to an existing system or trying to write a new one.

  • Mirjam Apostolova
    12 years ago

    1. Mirjam Apostolova
    3. sweden
    4. I have always loved PoDW. I have always felt a sorrow for the shows cancelation, but thinks it would be cool with a RPG set of the world. I have tried old school RPG with some friends and loved it, and this would be a dream come true to own.

  • The series back again on Boomerang ? That’s a dream come true,it’s like the show rebirths itself :} This show deserves to be airing not only on Boomerang but also on CartoonNetwork ! :}

  • RavnDream
    12 years ago

    Hi, I noticed I cannot view the comics anymore. Some of them just don’t open, and others dumped me in the ERROR 404 page.

  • Tiffany
    12 years ago

    1. Tiffany R
    3. Los Angeles-ish.
    4. The other day I was asked for a wishlist of things I wanted for the holidays/my birthday, and for some reason the first thing out of my mouth was, “For Hanna-Barbara/Warner Bros to wake up one day and revive The Pirates of Dark Water so that I can finally see them find all 13 treasures.” This sparked a conversation between my friends (who also loved the show, or who were reminded of the show after forgetting all about it, or who had never seen it but want to see it now) and I said that the Pirates of Dark Water RPG is the ONLY RPG I’ve ever wanted to play. “There’s a Dark Water RPG?!” they said. I’d come across your site YEARS ago (which is how I’d found out about the RPG existing!), so I Googled to see if it still existed and if you still had some of the RPG info up, and I’m so glad it does and that you do. And lo, as it so happens, there was the contest to possess a copy of the RPG — right after I said it’s the only one I’d ever wanted to play, and gotten people interested in playing it. Serendipity? Here’s hoping it works out for me.

  • I LOVE PoDW. I just stumbled onto this site today and I have no bookmarked it. I used to love watching this show and I’m very dissappointed they never finished it. I love playing RPGs and this would be an AWESOME one to own.

  • Oh, yikes–thank you for letting me know! It’ll be another till I can fix it, but I definitely will as soon as possible.

  • 1. Your name: Dejon W.
    2. Your e-mail address:
    3. Your location: Northern California
    4.Well obviously if I’m here I’ve always LOVED PoDW, and having the chance to keep the story living would be amazing, not to mention passing the characters along to my nephews.

  • I just wanted to stop by and say hello. I just happened to google Tula Pirates of Dark Water and found your site! I’m excited to have found someone else as excited about this cartoon. And because of this site I found out about the DVD release! WOO HOO and Thank You.

  • …I don’t think I could describe what the series as a whole meant to me as I was growing up still searching for a place in the world. A spark of creativity birthed from a fantasy world of cartoon heroes and heroines could only be described as the birth of what I do. Gaming since middle school, running games nearly every weekend since high school and college. I am a 26 year old who can best be considered a storyteller, long had I search for this RP and in such a rural area of findings one that was in a good condition, which is harder then one might think. Stumbling up the fact that you have a contest, more then makes me again wish for a time when this cartoon aired. A gift not just for myself but all my players as well, we’ve played nearly every roleplay game and before I pass the control of the group to a friend this game would be the one I want to end my storytelling on. Thank you for this site and keeping it up, if you can find who still owns the rights to the show let me know.

  • I love that picture of Niddler with the fisthead! I also love your soapbox message about donating to charity. I could use a higher res scan of that fistniddler, though. Would you be willing to scan it at 300 or 600 dpi? my email, if you’re willing/able, is, and if you send it, i’ll be sure to send you a healthy sampling of my fine art portfolio.

  • Chris
    12 years ago

    1. Chris Mowery
    3. Cleveland, TN
    4. I am an avid gamer and LOVE PoDW. I never knew there was an RPG until recently and the chance to get a cope is just too good to pass up.

  • I found a good expression to describe what you’re talking about: “Facebook slacktivism”. It’s also why I prefer collimation and shielding when x-raying women and occasional contributions to the American Cancer Society to wearing a pink ribbon for a month.

    And “bazooka of Megatron” is a lame attempt at creating an internet meme. Everybody knows Megs doesn’t have nor need a bazooka due to the fusion cannon grafted onto his right forearm.

  • Seebo Garrick
    12 years ago

    1. Seebo Garrick
    3. Indianapolis, IN
    4. I have been a huge fan of PoDW for years and years. I knew that there was an RPG out for it but have never been able to get my hands on a copy. I am in the process of writing a PoDW World for the Fantasy Craft RPG system and I STILL want the original to use as reference and also to actually RUN the original maybe prior to or after my written campaign!

  • Dejon: aww, I’m very glad to have been of help! Hope you enjoy the DVDs. 🙂

    Shwiggie: yep, “slacktivism” sums it up pretty nicely. A friend pointed out that awareness is the first step to taking action, but the internet has ensured that we all have very short-term memories about so many things we see online these days. The meme’s already passed out of Facebook’s collective current memory and new ones have arisen.

    And thanks for clearing up the Megatron thing–I’m not familiar with Transformers. 😉

  • 1. Sean “Chezzo” Osman
    3. Philadelphia, PA
    4. I’d love to be able to reference the PoDW material for creating game worlds. I hope mine could be a tenth as rich and amazing as Mer.

  • Kyrian Dundragon
    12 years ago

    1. Kyrian Dundragon
    3. North Salt Lake, UT
    4. Even years later, I still remember watching PoDW as a kid, and I’m a huge fan of RPGs. I have several players that would enjoy a change in pace from what we normally play.

  • Rebecca
    12 years ago

    I just recently found out about the DVD release and almost fainted. Haha! I’ve been a fan of PoDW since I was 9 years old in 1991. Couldn’t believe it. I have visited your wonderful site before this as well.

    I wanted to just leave a comment saying that they apparently fixed the fist in the newer version of the DVDs! I just got mine in the mail a few days ago and noticed it wasn’t there. Maybe they read this post of yours? Heh.

    Anyway, thanks for being sucha dedicated fan. Nostalgia is a wonderful thing.

  • Rebecca
    12 years ago

    (If this contest is still okay to enter, of course).

    1. Rebecca Breeden
    3. Virginia, USA
    4. I’ve loved PoDW since ’91. Definitely my favorite “old school” American cartoon. I love RPG, too. I mostly would love to have it because I love to collect rare items from fantasy worlds I love. Books, cartoons, games. My mind draws from my childhood days of imagination to this day. I own a lot of rare goodies from many other series and I’d love to add this to it. And my wallet wouldn’t weigh any less this time!

  • Jessica C
    12 years ago

    1. Jessica C.
    3. Okemos, MI
    4. My friends and I are avid gamers and always looking for new games and settings to play.

  • 1. Grosu Catalin
    3. Romania
    4. Oh… I missed this contest. Anyway… It was my first cartoon that I saw on the TV (I think on Cartoon Network) when the TV-Cable was installed in my apartment (I think the year was 1993). Back then as most people know, the intro was a little different. If you ask me what intro I like, I would say that intro. From my point of view is the best. Now if you ask me, what was your favorite cartoon as a kid and now? With no hesitation I will say The Pirates of Dark Water. It have something special that other cartoons don’t have: the adventure, the pirates, the stories, the jokes and much more makes this cartoon to be unique for his era and unique now. Hanna and Barbera did a great job and from my point of view will be the best cartoon artists of all time. I hate byes and what I can say is I’m very happy that this site exist (you did a great job Smitha bringing all the lost treasures for the fans); I’m very happy that this cartoon was not forgot because of you all the fans in the world and I’m very happy to know that I’m not the only hardcore-fan of this cartoon. Take care all and don’t forget: the search for Thirteen Treasures of Rule will continue.

  • Daniel sellers
    12 years ago

    Hell yah sounds awesome. However. I would be afraid to open perhaps.
    But that’s ok too I’ve got a bookcase filled with old RPGs.

  • Still open? I will take a shot. I am an avid gamer, and my passion has shown its head, as I produce and host various gaming podcasts to show my passion. I am also involved in publishing, so I’d like to get a hold of this!

  • Sorry, I forgot to place my location, I live in Scranton, PA.

  • Lisen
    12 years ago

    Nice to hear that so many entered the contest. It will be thrilling to see who won 😀

  • x2495iiii
    12 years ago

    Where will the winner’s name be posted? Sorry if it’s obvious, but I can’t seem to find it.

  • Valkem
    11 years ago

    Yeah, I agree about the “slacktivism.” It’s nothing new, you see people wear ribbons and so on. Aside from feeling good, or showing that people half ass care, it doesn’t do much. Is there anyone that doesn’t think 90+% of Americans are against child slavery.

    To me it’s like wearing a pink ribbon for breast cancer, without donating or raising funds for the research.

  • swatz
    11 years ago

    I wanted to join, but didn’t want my email posted for everyone.

  • x2495iiii – sorry for the huge communication lag! I contacted the winner privately (and just posted her name publicly, now that it’s been confirmed).

  • Valkem – exactly. Actually, just a couple of days ago I saw a great and really apt Failbook post that made fun of this whole thing. 🙂

  • Swatz – whoops; you could have e-mailed me your info, too! Most of the participants ended up doing so. I totally understand that people don’t want to post this stuff publicly, so e-mail is always an alternative option to public comments.

  • Nathan
    11 years ago

    hey folks…check out Warner Archive’s Facebook page and their comments about a possible release of the mini-series version “Dark Water.”

    Warner Archive: We’re trying to do exactly that. Initial inventory searches came up with no elements of the original versions. However, one of our dedicated archivists is on a mission to find any elements for the original versions, in order that we can resurrect the original mini series as first shown. We are hopeful that he will find the treasure we all seek!

  • Littlenorwegians
    11 years ago

    Mini-series, what do they mean by that?

  • Rebecca
    11 years ago

    I believe they mean the original PoDW series that came before the longer more well known series. There’s info on this website about it.

  • Hello,
    One day, I found this web site. And now, I have found it again, just to show it to my brother.
    I see that you did a lot of job to support the web site about such wonderful cartoon.
    I just wrote this comment to tell you that you are the best. Keep doing and do not stop posting some blog posts there. I would be glad to read them.

    Thank you so much!

  • Oi! 😀 Good luck with your degree! *cheers you on*

  • Good luck! And congrats ahead of time =)

  • Littlenorwegians
    11 years ago

    I understand, mate.

  • Littlenorwegians
    11 years ago

    You and be both, Vest.

  • Faisal
    11 years ago

    Congrats on finishing up!!!

    Sounds like a good excuse to party — I’ll bring the Minga Melons!!! 🙂

  • I’m a total dork for having not been back to the site in such a long time I missed this amazing contest!

    11 years ago

    Hello, I’m sorry I can not write in that topic, but I want to ask is anyone has the cover of a 4-disc box movie “Pirates of Dark Water”? It is very necessary …!!!!

    11 years ago

    I want to ask is you have to cover a 4-disc box cartoon “Pirates of Dark Water”? It is very necessary …!!!!

  • Thanks, everyone. 😀 I’m done! And it feels amazing.

  • Vest and Littlenorwegians: thank you both very much. 🙂 I really appreciate that.

  • Hyululu
    11 years ago

    Hoy there! Sorry to hear about your spambot troubles. Hopefully they’re worked out by now?

  • Wow sounds like quite a busy summer!
    Congrats on finishing up your program and all the traveling you go to do, and on your new job!

    But, Boston, really? It’s way too cold there … but I guess you ecomancer types can make it as comfortable as you need to be 😉

  • Dexter
    11 years ago

    This is still an amazing site. So glad you update it.

  • larry
    11 years ago

    How on earth did you get these??? Would you consider selling / duplicating them? This was my all time favorite cartoon. I literally had tears in my eyes when they released the DVDs lol

  • I’ve been a long time viewer, not sure If I’ve commented before but I wanted to say thank you for keeping this show alive with this website. I loved the show as a youngster and love it now. One of the most under-rated animated shows out there.

    I wish the second season had set the same pace as the first – they were getting so many treasures of Rule that by the time the show ended we could have had a beautiful conclusion.

    I wish they would publish some books or something…The world of Mer is something I have a hard time leaving behind.

    BTW I can’t remember if I sent you this information awhile ago or if I was just THINKING about sending it, but someone on DeviantArt actually made Ren’s compass – I’m sure they’d be willing to make you one too as a commission.

    Congrats on the things going on in your life – To call me a “late bloomer” when it comes to life is something of an understatement. I am glad to hear of someone pressing forward with how things are today.

    Kudos on everything and I hope you continue to find success. I also hope this site will be up for years to come.


  • Geeky guy: amazingly, the winter was even milder than places much further south of Boston! I guess the city wants me to stick around…but we’ll see how next winter is, haha.

    Dexter: 🙂 Thank you!

    Mike: thank you for the comment (sorry for taking so long to approve it)! You’re right, the seasons do have different paces–I don’t know what the true rationale for that was, beyond worldbuilding and bowing to popular demand in terms of the kinds of things people wanted to see to keep the show on the air (?? that’s pure speculation). But it’s a shame. And thank you also for the life comments–in some ways I’d also classify myself as a late bloomer. 🙂 But everyone works at their own pace, you know? I hope that you get to have the experiences and adventures you want at a pace that’s comfortable for you–though sometimes it does take pushing a little beyond your comfort zones to do so, but again, no two people’s lives and circumstances are the same. Still, hope things rock for you!

    10 years ago

    Thrilled to have found this place. I thought I was the only one that loved this show, or remembered it.

  • Interesting! Thank you so much for keeping this website updated!

  • Long time gazer and first time poster! Keep the updates coming, I know how it is when it feels like nobody checks out you’re blog/website! Anyways, just thought I’d stop by and thank you for building this cool site!

  • Thanks so much for the comments. 🙂 I’m really glad to know that people are stopping by and still interested!

  • Sarah
    10 years ago

    Hello, Andorus I think you are awesome for making this website on such a wonderful show from many a childhood! I commend you for stepping out on something not many people think about, and should. Alas, I’m sorry if I have been guilty of misrepresenting characters at times, I think many people don’t mean to send a hurtful message, they just love the characters for their role in the story and we all make mistakes, especially if you’re an artist or a writer…it’s really not easy to get all the details right. I love PoDW because it was one of the now very few shows which still has appeal today. Ren, Tula, Ioz, and Niddler-these heroes you can love because they are not defined by stereotypes, and even challenge them. I’ve noticed how some think Niddler is all about food but I think he was especially unique in that his people were once enslaved.

    Racism exists in media and the media is pressured by it’s audience, so thus you get the copycatted shows with little or no positive message-value because there’s money in selling to a certain fanbase…yes. The best thing you can do to stop hate is to teach someone with a new way of thinking. If the attitudes of people in general showed a more friendly and united perspective on other countries and cultures instead of saying things like…”oh that tragedy is going on in THAT part of the world, it doesn’t effect us at ALL…” we’d have a more diverse and supportive culture. Encouraging someone to think, to learn, to grow in what little ways we can helps and what a better way to stand up for what we believe in-inspiration is a big part of that.

    Thank you and keep spirit. =)

  • Sarah
    10 years ago

    After exploring some of this stuff more and in regards to my previous comment with respect to Smitha and the original creators: Pirates of Dark Water is a show anyone should be able to participate and take part in, whether it’s fandom is Asian/African/Spanish/Caucasian/Indian, and so forth. From a realist perspective, Segregation tears us apart no matter where or what background you come from and I would hate to see that happen to something special like Pirates of Dark Water.

    I want to clarify – if you are trying to spread the word about the show (like I do at times) I feel it’s a little different than trying to bend the characters of the show into something they are not. The thing that upsets me personally about fandoms today is you can take a good series like Avatar:The Last Airbender and you will get tons of fans who disregard the meaning behind the show and are more concerned with the powers of the characters, or the weaponry. This is true in every fandom from Harry Potter to Zelda and it has not so much to do with to do with any one fanbase that wants more challenging entertainment but the attitudes we’re being taught in any forms of media. It’s this love of flashiness and shallowness in the plot that doesn’t allow people to take a thinking mind to the things they see and it’s something we’re all to blame for in some way. The problem is some people simply don’t care at all anymore, about anything-including the events that effect us overseas, (I got that “doesn’t effect us at ALL” quote from some unnamed people in my life!) and it’s a bigger generational problem than any one fandom. It would be really nice if someone could have a representative who would talk these things over with the major networks and help them to see some of these problems, until then this has my full support. Also, Mrs. Smitha, I am so sorry for calling you Andorus-I got so used to seeing the name on your website that I called you otherwise. ^^;

  • Sarah
    10 years ago

    The last thing to be said is, even if we’re not directly responsible for discrimination or bias, our hearts and prayers should go to having a more open world. Smitha, I also have to thank for inspiring to me to be less selfish and to think about the things I say and do. There are many negative acts in the world that cause much grief but there are just as many positive actions we can do to change it, it’s not something that should be forgotten.

  • Long time lurker, great website! Absolutely spot on with your viewpoint too! As I kid, I was always MORE intrigued that the main characters had a different style to them. I also considered Ren to be (Mandarin?) or possibly some king of South Eastern Asian in origin. I agree with pretty much your entire assessment, great website and keep up the good work!

  • Sarah
    10 years ago

    Smitha, I apologize for leaving so many comments. I just want to let you know one of your links is broken. Should, be

    Also, is there a better way to go about fighting this, besides reposting on Facebook? Group or something that will let the major networks know the nitty-gritty on why this is bad? (The ones that do care, considering what was done with the Avatar movie despite protest) I really love what you’re doing here but with the interest in Pirates of Dark Water waning I imagine a lot of people won’t see this or even know why it’s being done. (It took me a bit to truly understand what you were getting at in the beginning. Sorry about that.) Thank you again for opening my eyes on this.

  • First of all, great site. I’ve checked it on and off through the years and am very excited to see you’re still updating. And this update in particular is very important and poignant.

    Second- I can’t agree more with your post. In animation, you’re creating a setting and cast of characters- everything from scratch. The medium allows you take control over details that a live action production couldn’t dream of toying with. If you read up on the productions of Pixar movies, for example, you’ll see that there is artistic intention behind a lot of seemingly invisible decisions. And while many TV cartoons are not afforded the time, nor the money, to ponder tiny details, (I’m sure that shows like Street Sharks were not as concerned with mise-en-scène as with the sale of action figures) the character designs are a giant detail. For these reasons, I’m sure that creating a diverse cast of characters for PoDW was a deliberate decision. One with the intention of creating a more inclusive show that bucked traditional hero/villain roles. The whitewashing of these decisions is a disservice to the show, and is giving in to the subtle racism that pervades society.

    Keep up the good work. It was great to read how the show affected you on a personal level as an Indian American. And also, no offense to any Street Sharks fans. I never really watched the show. I was more of a TMNT fan.

  • Sarah: thank you for your heartfelt and enthusiastic comments. 🙂 And please, feel free to keep commenting to your heart’s content! My hope with posting this was that at least one person would have an “oh…wait…wow” moment, as you did. It was a long time coming for me, too, and it’s one of those realizations that continues to unfold and evolve as you look at pretty much everything around you with this new lens now. But please don’t feel plagued with guilt–again, awareness is the first step to positive and lasting change. 🙂

    Thanks for the heads-up about the broken link–I’ll fix it soon!

    To be honest, I wasn’t expecting to reach a massive audience with this. My aim with this post was to propagate the same message that far better established groups, like Racialicious and Racebending, have already been putting out there. But are you asking about spreading this message of racial awareness, or spreading awareness of whitewashing in PoDW specifically? There isn’t a centralized fandom by any means, as we all know, and I’d wager that most fans of the show haven’t visited this site. I mean, I’m very appreciative of anybody wanting to repost anything I’ve written on Facebook or elsewhere (I’m no longer on Facebook myself; I deactivated my profile 2 months ago). But I don’t know the best way to spread this message, besides calling out these issues repeatedly until others take notice. Pushing them on others and taking a strongly activist stance would most likely backfire–presenting them in a neutral, public way so people can take what they will is probably the most innocuous way to do it.

    Alex and Ben: thanks so much for your comments. 🙂 (I do have to wonder how race pervades shows that don’t have human characters…TMNT did have strong Japanese themes, at least. But I wonder if color somehow plays a role in other series, like in favoring light-colored characters over dark-colored ones, whether or not they have human flesh tones. And there I go, taking a totally tongue-in-cheek comment and making it all serious…)

    Cheers, everyone! I really appreciate that you understood what I was trying to say with this.

  • PS: Ben, I love the Digital Pirates of Dark Water series. 🙂 I thought I recognized your style straightaway from your index page illustration. It’s cool to finally “meet” you!

  • Sarah
    10 years ago

    Smitha, your message did have impact. I’m sorry if my words were confusing. I originally thought you were talking about racism in Pirates of Dark Water, which really threw me for a loop. I always thought Tula had more Asian and Middle-Eastern influences and I always drew her appropriately. The fact that anyone would intentionally turn something so great into something it was definitely not…just never occurred to me before you brought it up. So thank you for sharing it with me so I can think about it in the future. I love Pirates of Dark Water, and I have such great respect for you for loving the show enough to provide resources on it. I too am a long time lurker, sorry for any discomfort I may have caused.

    I am honored to finally “meet” you too. I think it’s really lovely Tula inspired you as a proud Indian-American. I’ve always been interested in exploring cultures and customs around the world, one of the reasons I love PoDW is because it is such a diverse story with believable characters. I admire you for your dedication, and I wish more creators would care about the fans of the imaginative worlds they have put into works. I’ve found writing helps me find a better focus on my own life and aspire for something new, so I enjoy honest input on all of my work. I love how strong you are on the issue of race, but not pushy. I’ve always had a dream all the people in the world could join in one big huggy-reunion! Maybe someday…

  • Haven
    10 years ago

    I always thought this was one of the many little things that made the show extraordinary. Both that so much of the cast (including, I think, the main character) were nonwhite and that it was so casual about it, to the point of literally never coming up.

    With every inexplicably revived franchise that hits the theaters, I’ve wondered “why can’t they revive PoDW instead!?” But if that would cause it to get the racebending treatment, that might be worse than leaving it as it is.

  • Gotta say, I think this is reading way too far into it. I mean, the fact that Back To The Future didn’t hire LIbyan actors and had them speak Libyan doesn’t make it a racist movie. I mean…Biff is white as wonderbread and probably the biggest asshole in movies. He’s racist, he rapes women, he runs over people. The black guys at the end, I mean. WHo gives a damn? Not to mention the toys were made overseas. I just invested way too much thought into this. Much respect.

  • Thanks for the comment, Jesse. 🙂

    So to clarify, I’m not saying that BTTF is inherently a racist movie. (Of course Biff is the asshole antagonist of the film–no question there!) But I’m calling out subtle usage of things like that scene with the Libyans and saying that’s what’s not cool. My issue isn’t that they’re using non-Libyan actors and not actually speaking Arabic; it’s the fact that those characters are nothing but a stereotype and caricature, and that whole plot point of two wannabe bombers killing Doc could have existed without bringing race into it, and without caricaturizing said race.

    It seems like I’m reading a lot into it, but really, I’m not. It’s these subtle images that are the most insidious–the obvious egregious ones are easy to decry, but little things like this sneak under people’s radars and can sometimes subtly influence their perceptions. And the fact that people even thought to make and use images like this is very problematic in and of itself.

  • I was always disappointed that they never did an action figure of morpho, tula, or solia. but i m a long time reader of this page!

  • I am hoping that they will finish the story one day. But I only beg that they keep same animation style and not resort to anime. Not that i dont like it, I just feel that some cartoons should stay in their true form

  • Hi there,

    I’m new to this site and just stumbled on it when I was trying to find some stuff out about one of my favourite childhood cartoons.

    I am very happy to see that you have gone through such effort to keep this classic alive.

    Nice job on the masters (thumbs up)

    I am also studying I’m in my last year of my graphic design degree. I love to design, I design t-shirts in my spare time. When I have time I will make a design for Pirates of the Dark Water but it is a little tough for me at the moment because of my work load.

    By the way I am not trying to promote myself or anything. So please don’t think of me as a douche =D

    It annoys me that this classic is nearly forgotten, it should be finished off or remade.

    Hope your doing well, and please continue to update this site I will try my best to spread the word amongst my friends who used to watch it years ago.

    From London with love

  • Sadly Warner Bros didn’t want to let the video stay on Youtube. Shame on you Warner Bros… for what? a clip?

  • Sheeda
    10 years ago

    I watched this show as a little girl and loved Tula’s character because she did more than hold her own against the men. She did become a bit more feminine but I attributed it with her ecomancer abilities as far as being nurturing and caring. Teron wasn’t exactly the most masculine character, so maybe that just comes with the territory. It was a shame that the series ended so quickly…love the website by the way. 😉

  • the NPC
    9 years ago

    Hey. Your facebook isn’t linked anymore. A while ago I messaged you on your facebook and I asked you about the pirates of darkwater rpg. I mentioned that I was going to do a video review of the show. I finally did it and I thought I would pass the link on to you. Here you go

  • Cloudraker19
    9 years ago

    Great article! This whole show is still one of my all-time favorite memories as a kid watching it on tv on Saturday mornings. I hope some day you do get a forum back up and running! This is one of my favorite sites to visit and browse. It’s amazing there are so many fans in so many countries. Thanks for keeping the dream alive!

  • I was up and it crossed my mind to see if this site was still around. Really excited to see that it is and is still being updated and frequented! I used to come here back in the early-mid 00’s, but I definitely haven’t been in awhile cause I did NOT know about the DVD release! I need to put in an order ASAP. Thanks for all the hard work over the years, I hope this message finds you well! God bless.

  • Fidelia Papin
    9 years ago

    For the first few years of Cartoon Network’s existence, programming meant for Cartoon Network would also be simulcast on TBS and/or TNT in order to increase the shows’ (and Cartoon Network’s) exposure; examples include The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest, Cartoon Planet, and 2 Stupid Dogs.”

  • Rebecca
    9 years ago

    Thank you so much for sharing those clips! It reminded me of how wonderful the first episode is. I think I almost like Roddy’s Niddler slightly better than Frank’s but that’s only because I think it would have made him a bit more unique and I enjoyed the more serious tone of him. Seems to fit with the monkeybird attitude as a whole more than the comic releif. I understand why they changed Niddler’s, though. Have to have some kind of slapstick-ish comedy in the cast.

    And that cover of Janda town is gorgeous and calming. I truly hope that someday PoDW will get the conclusion it deserves. We can dream, I guess.

  • Rebecca
    9 years ago

    Also forgot to mention; I created a PoDW subreddit on I was surprised I couldn’t find one already made (maybe I shouldn’t have been that surprised…) Been feeling mighty nostalgic for the show as of late.

  • Just some guy
    9 years ago

    I don’t know why but I felt compelled to post this…

    This is the same “Just some guy” that posted above.

    Just yesterday on the 3rd DVD itself (not on the episode, but on the physical DVD), the printed title for “The Dagron Master” episode is misspelled as “The Dragon Master” I feel silly for not having noticed that for all these years! 😀

    Anyway, that’s just a minor thing as you know what it’s trying to say and it doesn’t affect the episode itself.

  • Cloudraker19
    9 years ago

    I would love to hear from any of the people who worked on the show. That’s an awesome idea! I remember trying to email one of the concept artists years back but I don’t think I ever got a response. I can’t believe it’s been 20 years now. Still one of my all time favorite shows.

  • Konway
    9 years ago

    It will be great to contact Glenn Leopold. Glenn Leopold worked on most of the episodes of Pirates of Dark Water. I remember contacting Laren Bright who cowrote Episodes like Victory, Andorus, and A Drop of Darkness. He was a very nice person. Although Alan Burnett is listed as Story Editor for the show from episode 6 to 13, still he didn’t work on Episode 6 and Episode 7. This was pointed out to me by Laren Bright. Mark Young was Story Editor from episode 1 to episode 7. For episode 6 “Andorus”, Laren Bright and Kristina Luckey wrote the script. Peter Lawrence worked as the story editor for this episode along with Mark Young. But Peter Lawrence is credited as one of the writers for this episode in the screencredits.

    From what I learned, Pirates of Dark water was cancelled long before the last 4 episodes were released on television. This was because Fil-Cartoons (Overseas Animation) took great deal of time in Animating episodes for Season 3 (The Dark Disciples to The Living Treasure) episodes. Because of this, the animation of last 4 episodes wasn’t finished on time which led to the cancellation. Not because of poor ratings.

    When the last 4 episodes of this show were aired in May 1993, the crew of Pirates of Dark Water (Glenn Leopold and others) were already in the middle of the production of SWAT Kats.

  • Hi! Thank you very much for all your hard work all these years, I’m really glad to have fellow fans of this memorable show! I read in wikipedia ( that the series will be rerun in Boomerang in September 2013 (I hope not just in USA but in Mexico as well)

  • Sarah
    9 years ago

    Hi, stopping by to look for some themed graphics. The Tula almost looks brandname. I don’t figure she’s for sale, which is a shame because the detail on her looks like she was made from a mold…which I’m sure she wasn’t. Would be neat to pick her up, and on the second picture that’s some pretty epic art there. I don’t know if I’m bad enough to tattoo one of the cast on my knee personally, but I appreciate this kind of thing all the same. Yeah also, I’ve been curious about some of the unsaid pronunciations of the world, aside from the obvious Octopon and Janda-town…like Mantus’s home island, Bloth’s and other people’s, the races/creatures listed in the booklet. I’d be curious if you heard anything official only because I may be doing a creative PoDW-themed project in the future. 🙂 Thanks for the update, all the best!

  • Good luck with your move!

    Once you’re settled in, if life gives you a break to focus on PoDW shenanigans again, would it be possible to see full scans of the concept art, as opposed to the photographs up on flickr?

  • Long time abuser of your site, first time commenter. I have been running a roleplaying game based on PoDW for going on 5 years, using your site as a godsend for the information you have collected, and my group of players is intent on defeating the Dark Dweller and bringing closure to a series we all adored. I noted one of the last times on your site that the RPG pages with the creature bios stop around 68, and you mention elsewhere that there are 102 pages. Is it at all possible to get a copy of the RPG info? I’ve been stringing people along for years in this game, and I’d like to be able to throw all the Merian creatures at them. Thank you very kindly and best of luck with your move.


  • Definitely willing to help on many agendas, just let me know how I can be of assistance. I’ve got a group of friends that have been playing the PoDW rpg with me, just basing it on a different system. I can always write up some of the random hijinxs that have occured within the alien World of Mer. This is my third attempt at playing through this campaign, everyone always has a blast, they love the world and the maps, and I’m always being begged to run it when I have free time.

    This recent playthrough has also lasted the longest. Let’s just say pirates don’t mix well with saving the world. But there’s always an interesting story after a gaming session, that much is always true.

  • Sorry to post this here, but your Fan discussion board is having a few ‘page not found’ issues when trying to submit:

    Ioz totally could have gone for Tula. Those naysayers that are solely listing, “But Ioz is so old…” aren’t considering normal relationship dynamics that can develop. Obviously Tula cares for both, but that’s a given when you float around on a boat with someone for long enough.

    Most imporantly is the immaturity aspect of Ren. I’m running a World of Darkness campaign and have so for several years, exploring the mysteries of Mer’s seas and lands. My group has fleshed out items of Merian culture that would have always been overlooked in a children’s cartoon.

    Prostitution being a huge one. I was iffy on letting a player possibly ruin a childhood show of mine, but what I was presented was too enriching of a backstory for the local evening riders of Mer.

    The alien world of Mer is inherently evil, gearing itself since the corruption of Dark Water towards the more violent aspects, and areas of the world that may not come to light as often as they exist.

    But, to my point, when Ren, only having what Jenna had taught him and the few books available to him, came eventually upon Melody, a “beautiful” 6’3″ transvestite. You can understand how Ren, never having the chance to see a man behaving in this way in his solitary lifestyle, was a bit thrown off. As we explore more and more the character of Ren, while he is daring, and smart, he occasionally does get ahead of himself of hit items that he generally would have never come across, and he occasionally gets bewildered. If he sees a monster he hasn’t seen, whatever, it’s a monster, he attacks it; he’s brave. But a crossdressing 250 pound man is not something that he could just hack down because he didn’t understand it. It’s actually a riot each week to see the nonsense Ren has to put up with.

  • Who ended up winning this? I have been looking for the complete set of character sheets and the creature guide for years. I found a few bits years back, then supplemented those with this wonderful website, but it still seems like I’m missing a bit of the creature information (unless Mer’s creatures all happen to survive with name’s starting with ‘M’ or above).

    Definitely someone let me know if they have the remaining pages, I have Alee through Mermaid/Merman.

  • Hey, found your site while reminiscing about PoDW. I used to watch it on VHS as a kid – the local Piggly Wiggly where I grew up in WI had a couple of the tapes, but I never watched all of the episodes. I saw something on reddit that reminded me of Bloth’s ship, and it all came flooding back to me, so I found your site. Just figured I’d say hi!

  • Straften
    8 years ago

    Thank you so much for posting the OST to the Genesis Title. The music of that game is dear to my heart, I would have paid for them if you were selling them. Thanks again for the upload, I’ve been searching for over a decade!

  • Thank you entirely! I just wandered in again to check on the Worldbook and practically got giddy when I saw all the way to ‘Z’. This will really help me flush out the world with the proper inhabitants. You’re absolutely amazing, thanks again.

  • well as part of the few of my country to have te privilege of visiting your site im very thankful that u with all of the other fans have kept this story alive, i love your site !!!

  • victoryleo19
    8 years ago

    Sorry for your loss 🙁

    Hope you get better soon, don’t rush it, we all appreciate everything you do with this website!

  • *hug!* Thank you for that. Sorry it’s taken me 2 months to even approve your comment–but I truly appreciate it.

  • Cristian
    7 years ago

    Would there be a way to get these vector images? I love PODW and I’d love to have them!!

  • I’m sorry, I didn’t get how to use it! XD
    I still love the show very dearly, and I still hope it gets a remake! 😀
    I love you for keeping this site alive after so long!
    *I send you kisses & huggs*

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