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As mentioned on the main page, I watched The Saga Begins when I was doing errand-ish stuff this afternoon. I also discovered that the TV our VCR is currently hooked up to has a Closed Captioning feature, so of course I turned it on, and I was astounded at what I either couldn’t figure out before this, or what I discovered that I’d (possibly) had wrong all this time. I also discovered some other interesting things I’d missed before, partly due to the muchly improved audio (since it’s a commercial release and not just a copy or taped off TV). Some of these are incredibly nit-picky, so I beg your pardon in advance. ;o)

The Quest:
– stupid little thing, but Ren kind of gasps or inhales sharply before saying, “There, by the rocks!”
– The captions spell it as the Abbey of Galdabar and not Galdebar.
– The close-captions spell his name as Conck and not Konk, but I think this is an error.

– it’s spelled “Scut pango,” not “Scapango,” according to the captions.
– incomplete, but the captions somewhat shed light on Ioz’s first string of curses: “Oh, I’d like to noy jitat the spoo flang diffen!” (There are words between each of those last 3, as well as following the phrase, that the caption left out.)
– Tula’s very spirited curse at the beginning–I have never, ever figured it out till today. It’s actually, “Noy jitjat jitat, let’s knock the tufts from their wimpets!”
– When Ren suddenly turns the Wraith to slam into one of the scout ships and overturn it, he shouts, “Put that in your scrollops!” (I’ve never figured out that last word till now.)
– Obrik offers Ren and his crew “one night of safe haven”–I always thought it was “safe leave.”
– The captions also spell it as “Obric” with a C and not a K.
– When Ioz hands over the gold he stole from the Atani, he grumbles, “All right, but I didn’t take any curbersec scrolls.” I always thought it was “curbiseque,” whatever that means. 😛
– At the end, the captions list Ioz’s curse as he tries to hook a stray gold plate as they sail off as, “Noy jitat jitjat jut!”

– At the beginning, Ioz shouts, “Starboard tack, Ren! Hard!” I thought it had been “deck” and not “tack.”
– When they sight Dark Water, Ren shouts, “Ioz! More slack to the jib top!” I had the term wrong before, I think.
– Konk’s curse when realizing they can’t outrun the Wraith on the open sea is, “Goda-rash!”
– The slaver offers Ren “6 pugots” for Niddler–it’s spelled as “pugats” in a later episode though.
– The main slaver snarls, “Jadwah! Not again!” when the rebels appear–I’d always thought it was “Chatva” or something.
– When the slavers bring out the monkey-bird queen, we hear cries of, “Oh no!” and “Have mercy!” and I never figured out this last one till tonight: “Master, don’t!”
– The adjectival form of “jitat” is spelled “jitatan” (and not “jitatin” as I’ve thought) according to the captions.
– I’d spelled it Jargus, but the captions spell the Pandawa “ruler’s” name as Jargis with an I. (They also accidentally misspell it as Jarvis later. ;o) )
– The securitat at the end, after the Wraith starts to get away, shout various things, including this I’d never quite figured out before: “Sink them! Sink the cursed slave lovers!”
– Tula, mournfully, murmurs, “Ioz, if we hadn’t left him–if we only hadn’t–“–I’d missed the first “if” and heard the last “hadn’t” as “had” all this time.

– Mantus apparently shouts “Mek-tang!” when hailing the dagron riders. I’m not convinced though. ;o)
Bloth’s brigmaster suggests various forms of torture for their new prisoners (Ren and Niddler)–the third is apparently “thumbheads;” I’ve listened to this line dozens of times and turned up nothing before. ;o) And immediately after, Mantus snarls, “And might I suggest your immediate withdrawal!” I’d heard it as “you’re an idiot with drawer.” ^^;
– The slave hold is called the Cramadorm. I think I’ve gone between Kravidorm and Kramadorm; I don’t remember. ^^;
– In the fight between Bloth’s slaves that Ren witnesses, the one opposite Avagon is named Nurguth.
– In the flashback to the end of Primus’s quest, PRIMUS IS FIGHTING WITH THE FULL SWORD. It’s the same sword that Jenna gave Ren, but it’s WHOLE. So somehow it was broken between his capture and Ren’s acquisition of it…very very interesting. :o) And you do see all 7 of Primus’s captains (5 men, 2 women)–I was watching to see if I could recognize Teron, but I can only guess that he’s the one not wearing a shirt (you only see most of them from the back though).
– When Tula’s commenting about Janda-town, I always thought she said, “Only the scum of the sea-drop anchor here,” but “drop anchor” is the action phrase, not just “anchor.” ;o)
– In Zoolie’s gaming house, Zoolie shouts, “What the rawfendie is this?” (I thought it was “rafendi” with 1 or 2 Fs) and Ioz calls Zoolie an overfed, corpulent son of a sea mule (I thought he said porpulent >_Victory:
– The captions say that when Konk’s dropped into the Constrictus put and Ren pulls him out, he says, “Griggen Jitat. This really stokes my ire.” I just thought the first part was a muffled “Noy” and he was saying “iron” at the end. 😛
– Goija, the fish Niddler likes, are spelled goyja with a Y apparently.
– When Teron’s talking to Tula, he says, “I, a lowly ecomancer…” when I thought he’d said “lonely.”
– When Niddler bites through the rope holding the bone support up to knock Bloth down, I thought he said, “Bones away!” but it was actually “Booms away!”

That’s pretty much it. ^^; I need to go sleep now; my sleep schedule’s been so involuntarily erratic since I got 2 1/2 hours of sleep studying for my Monday midterms. Last night was murder. ;o) Time to go correct that so I can get enough rest for my 6-hour 9-to-3 block of class tomorrow… O:o)

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  • Farseer Lolotea
    11 years ago

    I’d figured out Ioz’s insult (corpulent = a highfalutin’ way of saying “fat”) the first time I heard it, FWIW. 😛

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